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  1. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    She jerked him back up, enough to rattle the limb in it's socket, and then brought him up high enough so he was looking into eyes. With their hourglass pupils, as they constricted and looked into his eyes. She smiled, or sneered, and then gnashed her beak at him. "Good, Inspector Roshock. We need to speak about the smuggling of things! And that you've been very naught. Ja-hag already spoke..." Her face adopting a bit of an awkward expression. "So please spare me, this extra-judicial behavior, and I want answers now. Or, if you'd rather we go through the processes of intimidation, threats and genuine violence we can." Her expression brightened, which was for most other species, not a pleasant looking thing. "...Or! Or we can go through that. I could threaten you with dropping, maybe play with the notion for hours. Or just rip off your limbs. That also can work... how many knuckles do you have on your fingers?" Pulling him up higher to look at his arms, and whatever had that was equivalent for hands, and she lifted her own to grab at his. "So talking, talking is good. Very good."
  2. Do students ever show up early? (OPEN)

    Corinne had finished up her mountain of food, and was guzzling a glass of milk, holding up a hand, finger extended as if to have a minute. She let drew in a sharp bit of breath, before talking at Cheri then, "Yeah, so go hermit then? Or go public." Her expression severe, brows knitted together and looking a bit like a thunderstorm. Corinne was blessed by being physically attractive, but in the moment it was a cold countenance. "Not eating food that is included in a social setting, or offered to you isn't self-reliance. It's a weird quirk, it's an identifiable thing. Don't break the social contract, if you want to hide." Her eyes wide as she stood to her full height, not slouching like she had been in the seat, and she had her palms opened upwards as she spread her arms wide. "Like, I do ballet and dance, it's been, like, my religion. And acrobatics. Calories are calories. Especially if you've ran for hours, or lifted weights. You lost energy. You replace energy. Totally all there is, pinky swear." She picked up her tray, and sighed then, looking away from everyone else. "You guys are gonna want the moments of normal, before life just sort of... goes barrelling off a cliff, and you those moments come less and less."
  3. Quanta (PL 10) GamerXZ

    Fixed a small format error with the array. Your listed Trade Offs of +2 Attack/ -2 Dam is not reflective on the rest of the sheet. Beyond that the listed Attack is off, as you don't have Accurate for the Array, but specific powers within it, so she is only Attack +10 with Damage and Blast powers in the Array. Also your Toughness is not +10, it currently sits at +8 due to a Con bonus of +2 and 6 Ranks of Protection. So you have a +8 total. For all things with values (Like Super Strength, or Transform, or Create Object, or Blast) we will need those values listed. Like how much Create Object makes, how much they can Transform, range increment of the Blast, what is the Heavy/Max Load for For Space Travel please see the Powers section of House Rules, as we use a different version of the power. You will also want to have the combat block listed as well.
  4. Business, Grant

    Amir's expression changed to a sort of bored thing, as he adjusted his labels, and sighed a bit, picking a bit at a tear at the seam where the sleeve met the rest of the jacket. "What is there to talk about?" He pushed off of the air, and landed in the ruined office. His brows lifted as he looked at her, a bit puzzled by her assertion, more than anything else. "I am fairly certain there are at least three other people that are under my employ that are bullet proof." Casually he put one hand on his hip, the other into his pocket as he surveyed. "Well this will, at least, encourage a redecoration." He didn't know what Dancia might want. "Step away from the window, they are people taking pictures, and frankly my knowing is a non-issue, but others might not be."
  5. Mr Murk

    Discussed with SC regarding narrative/background concerns. APPROVED
  6. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    "Oh shut up." Said as she landed onto a precarious perch, dangling him over it with one tendril wrapped around his legs. "Your identification please. Or I will slip." She didn't believe in anything less than definitive action. Do or do not, after all. It was a standard Xuli'pan philosophy. Part of why they were considered so primitive at times. They were direct, and towards that end, she was the epitome of such. A veritable paragon of the sharpened bluntness of her species. "To clarify, that means I will be dropping you, and I am unclear as to whether I can catch you. But I am game, if you are, find out." Her rasping Galstandard showing a bit of glee, slightly manslaughterish, that Barrier would find distasteful. But there was a reason she was sought out, after all. And the females of her species were an aggressive, boisterous, and oftentimes violent lot. Again, where she fell into a pinnacle, an acme if you will, example of such.
  7. Do students ever show up early? (OPEN)

    Corinne paused in her ravenous devouring of food, managing to look a bit sheepish, considering she was blatantly not being careful with what she was eating. But then her roommate complained about her eating so much and not gaining any weight. Admittedly, she also was working out, extensively. A swallow of a huge mouthful of... something, and she washed it down before she spoke. "Right, so I mean, like I am biased, and stuff. But..." She paused, looking off to the upper right hand corner of her eyes. "Okay, so like... Using your powers at school is okay. Be discrete outside, especially if you're not costumed. But this isn't Harry Potter, no dementors are gonna whisk ya away to Azerbijan. or anything." "As for food... they have almost everything, and we have vegan students. And students who eat only minerals, so I don't think you've got a problem. And frankly sometimes you just need calories, especially if you are working out six hours a day, near everyday." She chewed thoughtfully on a piece of toast, with jam on it. Did she have one earlier, she couldn't remember. "But, Doom Room is the simulator they run us through. I assume for their own sick amusement." She lifted a hand to try and banish their comments, "Listen, not all of us want to be heroes. Some of us had plans, and want to continue towards them... But if you can say... punch out a skyscraper, you should know how to handle yourself." She frowned a little bit, as she looked at them, and then finished her toast.
  8. Bonfire with Vanity

    And the guacamole was a creeping thing. Growing stronger with each bite. Corinne was not a skilled cook, she knew how to make some simple things. Hummus, guacamole. That sorta stuff. Though she eyed the beer, and frowned. She was trying not yell, not to let that growing, snarling voice just lash out at Jann. But if he got here, and other people got here, then she knew that somewhere, the Brohort was heading towards them. And it was enough to get a bit of a cold sweat. Though she banished it, to focus on right now. She'd deal with them if they arrived. She pushed Hannah''s shoulder, "Funny! Though, there is some milk I'd recommend having that first, or the ice cream!" She'd scoop up the guacamole on a chip without much thought to it, and then rolled forward, in a one armed cartwheel that ended up with her doing the splits before the fire.
  9. Mr Murk

    My concern for this character is not mechanical, but rather how niche he seems? (I would cite a minor quibble over his height/weight not match Neanderthal, but that's largely not important) Given he promotes an agenda that could lead to a lot of conflict with PCs
  10. Lunar London

    Corinne scrunched her nose, and made a face, before she let out an ineffably elegant, "F***." So she read it, and re-read it. Again, and again. Uncertain how to get there, in the slightest. Or if she should. This wasn't her life. This was madness she was drawn in because of indiscretions of her mother, and a man she hardly knew! She crumpled the paper, and excused herself. Leaving the dance studio, having dressed in a hurry, and going to the train and just getting it. She was having a hard time breathing, clearly upset and only getting worse as time wore on. She didn't know what to do. So going back to school and showing the teachers seemed like the best idea? She felt like just going to the river and throwing the letter in water. Who the hell was this guy? What was she supposed to do?
  11. Mr Murk

    So... He is a neanderthal from Prime with a connection to the Murk dimension? I understand that is a bit reductionist.
  12. Soviet Kitsch

    On a scale from 1 to Siberia, this was solidly like a chill Crimean morning. And she was running. So no fur. Yet. She got a surge of static, as the Doctor tried to get through to her. But as she approached the stand of trees, the distance ticking down to 0, and she was there. In the middle of things, and looking. The air dead enough that the voices of the swam wasn't getting here. But then that was probably only a temporary reprieve. Fortunately, she could assume that whatever it was was deeper. in the trees, so she didn't have to stop. Until she came across a ditch, that led up to a culvert. Which would likely not be a good spot for something like the setup she had see. What with the dampness, but once she crested the other side of the ditch. She'd see, through the trees, a building there, a shack. Which likely where it was.
  13. [IC] Diaspora: Where None have Gone Before

    "I'd recommend that you find a nice mudball to stay on. Preferably one with an agreeable atmo." Bliss was a spacer. She travelled, because no place felt like home. Her crew had off and abandoned her, not that she was surprised. Honestly. "However, you know better than to leave seven AI or VI controlled ships at our back. I'd rather not crash into a planet because some self-defense protocol triggered and I was the nearest." Her voice rasping, dry. It helped, or didn't help, that her mannerisms lent an air of distance between her and Starshot. That she seemed that level of omnipresent externalized hostility that someone who got paid to hit people, very hard, tended to project. "But, it's your ship." She managed to both show a lack of concern, and very much in a small manner of time.
  14. Thinking of a Place

    "Do they have like Thai peanut sauce chicken pizza? Or, hmmmm, Greek pizza? Or... oh, oh, pineapple-pepperoni-peppers pizza?" Her eyes lit up as she pondered the possibilities, never having had Chicago style pizza before. Then she shimmied, and slide along the ground in an practiced motion. "Well being bothered by on lookers kind of had to be fixed for the dancing thing. And if you aren't out going then you don't get parts." She looked at her friend and roommate, and then cupped her own chest, "Shah, mine would probably go to my thighs, none of the boys really look anywhere except your chest anyway..." She scoffed, and dismissed such things. Of course, if was strangely the one topic Corinne never really broached or seemed to be involved with. Boys, dating, any of that. Even if she seemed without anything resembling shame. "I mean... I'd kinda want some weight there, but... it would make dancing really hard, yanno?" So she pushed out her belly quite a bit, and hugged at it, rubbing it as she waddled along all frog like. "Think it'd realistically end up here, huh, Hannah?" Then she blew out her cheeks, and went cross-eyed as she moved ungainly, and started to do a funny voice, which was a b ad British impression, "Oi... fink be lookin' loike a spiiiii-dah, roight mate?"
  15. Do students ever show up early? (OPEN)

    Corinne slide up to them with a mountain of food, that was perhaps intimidating to most people, but then she was near delirious. Or that's what she told herself at this moment. She moved to sit down next to them. Biscuits, gravy, eggs, potatoes, sausage, ham, fruit, yogurt, and some milk and OJ to finish it off. Given she could charitably be described as willowy the amount of food as was amazing. Taking her seat, she tore into the contents, ravenously. Pausing to wipe some of the country gravy from her chin, or other food from face. "I mean..." She paused considering her words here, " ...like, lots of people you should watch out for..." Then tearing into a scoop of eggs and swallowing it not dissimilar to one might imagine a jackal eating a carcass. "Just, ahm, be like nice and stuff. Should be fine. But, I mean, like the Brohort you might wanna watch out for? Or you might like their attention? They're harmless, just a little bit jerks. The Doom Room is psychotic, but that's for the hero types, I guess. Not all of us are probably gonna be that."