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  1. Moves the ground sphere up. Ad then smacks teh other one into it. Hard, and slams that one back into the jerkface on the ground.
  2. Ref: 1d20+6 10 Fail Ref Dex: 1d20+3 21 But she don't go down easy
  3. ic

    Something struck her and it made her take a step back, and she blinked a little bit, as she was aware of him doing something, and the pain... but... She sneered then as she looked at him. "Fine. FINE!" The shimmering around her became more, sharper, before it burst out in a violent swirling outpouring of energy, as it spiraled around her counter to the pirouette she did, before leveling her eyes back onto him. Her brilliant coruscating power struck at him, and then knocked him down as it hit him in two different directions. "You brought this on yourselves!"
  4. It's selective, and I'd argue that everyone else is covered.
  5. Fixed formatting for power containers. Aquaria has 10PP worth of skills for 9 listed.
  6. ic

    Eventually the fact she had an audience caught Corinne, and she stopped. Panting a little, and a bit sweaty from the routine being done outside, on a warm day. She wiped a hand across her brow as she looked at the other girl, looming as she did, and blinking her blue eyes a bit. She took out the earbuds and let them hang on her neck now as she looked at Mali... "Ahm... didn't catch that? Can you please repeat?" Her other hand moved to the armband where her phone was and she idly turned off the music. The tall girl did not seem to be perturbed at an audience, in fact people had noted that she apparently had an immunity to shame.
  7. ic

    The splash down did not go as planned. That was fine, thought Asad. I have other tools. The wave hit the side of the ship, big and hard, but ultimately did nothing. Now he was underwater, ignoring the slings and arrows aimed at him. Because he was Asad. And he was annoyed, and he was going to end this particular bit. Now. He grabbed the boat. Ship. Whatever. Then came the grunting, and the straining. Then he pushed harder, and he shifted upward, pushing down with his power of flight, and leveraging his strength. Gravity gave way, and he won, inching upward, and lurching a bit to the side as that happened.
  8. Also, just doing Ultimate Tou on the attack, because I forgot to roll.
  9. ic

    "Yet, somehow everyone I met has managed to look down their noses at me regarding it." She sighed a bit and shifted her arms, so that the longboard was against the small of her back, her arms around the back of it, bracing it there. Corinne seemed content to drop the matter as it was a bunch of hard feelings and firm beliefs that were going to be sticky, at best. And she was not invested in other people that much. Her goals, aspirations, and everything else isolated her to a great degree. She didn't really have friends. Most of the people she knew via dancing were rivals, at best. And it seemed that there already this huge sort of fracas in this school that she was stepping into. Even Jann. What the hell was up with the Anime fall down thing when I made the Flash Gordon joke?
  10. I can. Corinne uses her Area attack. If he drops then she stays on him. If not, then she will teleport away. Also the objects she created will count as stone for descriptor purposes.
  11. Amir grapples the boat.
  12. Amir looked at her skeptically. "If you say so." Of course, his reputation as a hero was not precisely the grandest. Even if he did do the occasional good to great things, a lot of the media did show they felt it was him just getting lucky on what was an extended publicity stunt. His philanthropy was generally a lot more positively thought of, regardless of the motives attributed. "I think I am... less likely to eat the table now." He nodded sagely, still looking a bit out of it, but he did admit to getting punched in the face, after all. "Mm, alright." He watched her go, not going to argue with the cook, or... really be particularly erudite at the moment. "Thank you." He said to Clara as he scooped up drink, and he knocked it back in one drink. "Ahhhhh... s'getting warm... going through concrete works up a sweat and thirst... Wonder if I can get a spokesman deal with that." He thought out loud as he stared at the glass, his face scrunching as he tried to ponder.
  13. ic

    She didn't wait. Zenith dropped one of those spheres onto the other man, riding it down the whole way as she threw one hand down as it accelerated. Lifting her other hand she reshaped the space around Jann into a half dome around him to shield him from the assailant, though allowing him to see what was happening. The other sphere remained affixed in space, in the air. "Am I interrupting?" Came the exultant cry from her. They wanted conflict, she'd give it to them. They may even swear later they heard Wagner blasting as it happened. Zenith laughed, an echoing crescendo, as she leaped free of the sphere after impact.
  14. Covering Jann with create object to generate shield. She is gonna ride the sphere she is on right into the jerk's face.