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  1. A to Z (Everything Changes, Except When it Doesn't)

    There was a beat, and then Corinne made a face, ducking her head. "Sorry." She said that with a note of pained chagrin, "I... yeah. That was pedantic." She reached up and raked her fingers through her hair as she looked off to the side, drawing in a deep breath. "I mean, thank you for the suggestion, I just am okay at drums, have to know how to keep..." And then she pressed her closed hand against her face, biting at the heel of her palm as she stared off. Then she realized she still had the tape around her wrist and hands, and she frowned, starting to unwrap the stuff. "I was just looking... for something. I don't know. Some sort of shared experience. But that'd be too easy. I suppose. I mean..." And she started to laugh then, her eyes closed, her body shaking with mirth, that softened her urgent need for finally finding connection, it sounded a little manic. She pressed her forearm to the tree trunk. "Oh... oh god!" And she kept laughing, shaking with it. "I am sorry, but I just realized how it sounds now..." Fighting the urge to make a reference, as the desperate need for a commonality had her coming to a girl out of time, and venting on her, and... Her free hand pressed to her side, as she was sucking in lungfuls of air as she kept laughing. Pulling back, her head back she was shaking. "Sorry, sorry," she held up a hand, some of the athletic tape hanging off of her knuckles. "I have a hand drum I could play with you guys, until I got a kit, or even a marching snare... Just..." She was still chuckling, waving her hand, "Just, sorry. I am being silly, I need food."
  2. Shadow Matter

    "It's fine. It wouldn't have been the worst, or creepiest pass at me that I had heard." Corinne was not someone who pondered overmuch on the matter of people's psychology. She was a teenager, after all. One who didn't perceive herself as exceptionally enlightened. "Well, that's... I really don't know what to say. I mean... like..." Corinne stumbled and searched for a response to that. "I dance?" There ya go. That was her, in a nutshell. She danced, a lot... and... "I like food?" There it was. Of course, she had spent a lot of time, for her, in recent memory disgorging personal information. "I guess it is normal for people like us to use the whole power thing to relate. I am just not too comfortable with mine." Intending on leaving it there, but he was talking so she had to respond, right?
  3. A Peculiar Proposition (Open)

    "Ah, yes, Mr. Peck!" The mustachioed Stavros exclaimed, reaching out and clasping two hands over Edward's hand and shaking it vigorously. "Good, good! Please have some tea. Amanda made some cookies to have with them." All exuberance and friendliness, the kind of thing someone who had a shop would do. Amanda, last name Mueller, chuckled at this. Though she was accustomed to Stavros' aggressive friendliness not everyone was. James and Kendra had been rattled, after all at the first meeting. Though Edward was older, and probably seemed the type to not be overly bothered by this. Probably. "Don't scare the man, Stavros. Hello Edward, I'm Amanda. Shaul glanced, though said nothing, and adopted a crooked little smile. James got up, and moved over to him, offering a hand out towards Edward as he approached. Fortunately Stavros released his grip, so the younger man ventured, "Hi, I'm James and-" "Namaste Edward, I'm Kendra" The woman sunnily interjected. "-er, yeah. Hi. Nice to meet you, sir." James recovered a bit, from Kendra's enthusiasm, he seemed towards the subdued side. The last person, Johnny, lifted an arm and made a half-hearted wave before a gruff, rough, voice came out, "S*** ya'll... gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble. We except ya, one of us..." Sounding wear, and probably hung over. Or worse.
  4. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    "The suppliers." Bliss made two words just drip with hatred, as she squeezed on the Zultasian, a little for him to realize what precisely was happening, and she lifted him up looming him over his compatriot threatening. She had found that beating one man with another man was a great way to get information. Or laughs. So many laughs. Though, there would be no bonding with Barrier over the savage thrashing. "Also letting me know the big important people would be be good. So I can get to them, first." The eagerness dripped from her raspy voice. "As you are both here, with me, and my mercies. Tender as they are." She didn't make explicit threats, just implicit. Letting them fill in the blank space.
  5. Soviet Kitsch

    The dog took the hit from the dart, and it started to charge her, though it made it about ten feet before it's legs went out from beneath it, and the dog slumped and skidded on the ground. Leaving her room to dart through the main door. 'IT WOULD APPEAR THE GUARD IS AWARE OF YOUR BEHAVIOR. PLEASE HURRY BA-' "Hey you! Whatchu doin'?" Game the gruff voice of the guard, who was jogging, or running as fast as he could to her. He was a larger fellow, so it was not hard for her to avoid, before she made it back to the van. "Uh, wow...? Okay..." Louis had it running, and this being Bedlam, he just peeled back out and hit a j-turn to get the hell out of here, and following the GPS towards Shenandoah.
  6. Shadow Matter

    She shrugged a little bit, "Social cues are, like, complicated? I mean, you're Italian, so stuff's a little different." And then it got awkward, and she blinked a little bit, "Uhm..." So she fidgeted a little bit, normally there was a bit more lead up to that. "Well... thanks? I am hardly fire. Like, literally, there are other people who deal with fire." She didn't reach into her own power, she was genuinely scared of it, and what came with it. She sort of took a step back from him, not that she was judging, but she didn't have full control over her powers, and it was safe to assume this boy didn't either.
  7. Shadow Matter

    "Well... I am worse at that?" She hedged her response a bit, "I never had to take a foreign language..." And then he was changing his face, and she blinked a bit. So this is what it feels like for others? She frowned a bit, and she shrugged, "This world is filled with it. We just talk to each other, really don't know what else to say? I am new, and this stuff is new to me... I mean, I found out who my father was, and I get powers from him, so there is that..." "I mean, I can't really help you get acclimated that well... I am in the middle of that myself. So I am gonna say, 'I dunno' a lot." She tried to spin that with a sunny smile as she looked at him, and hoped that would satisfy what he was pushing for. Or something akin to that. He seemed nice, and inoffensive, apart the horror movie power set. But... then Winifred...
  8. A Peculiar Proposition (Open)

    I included most of the superficial stuff you'd know. Please note that. Johnny Perdition is the only one who might be quantifiable as having power, his source possibly dubious, as he survived his throat getting cut in prison. The rest are not noteworthy and would fit into 'Aware of supernatural' or 'hedge wizard' sort.
  9. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    Bliss laughed. It sounded like a file dragged across volcanic rock, as she started to shack while this was happening, her arms bent a bit, so that her hands were held before her. She staggered a little bit towards a wall, leaning on one hand, as the other pressed to her stomach. "Oh... you don't know who I am, if you did, you'd realize that funny." And she made an exultant face of transcendental glee. And she snapped forward whipcrack quick. Her tendrils shot out, and slapped into the Zultasian hard, battering him against a wall, and then immediately cinching around him, as she shifted and pulled, ready to start batter the other person with the one in her grasp. Why? It was funny.
  10. Shadow Matter

    "Neither am I." Came her response, fortunately she had eaten, an obscene amount of carne asada fries and horchata, so she was in good spirits. "I mean, there is a guy who is from, like, a dimension that's like two down on the street, but kitty corner? Atlanteans. Me? I am from Los Angeles, so... I mean... yeah." "Unfortunately, my Spanish sucks, like i can go all, 'Mas tacos por favor,' but that's it." She got it, she was just five-ish months from getting powers, her world changing, and all of it. So her nerves were still not the best. "But you got the uniform, so you can't be that new. I would recommend not pull the wings on all the time, as displays of power can be weird, and you may want a mask. You are kinda obvious."
  11. Soviet Kitsch

    HP for force surprise.
  12. [OOC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    Bliss is gonna Fast Startle the dude talking. Then hit him, and with Improve Grab Triggering on hit. Fast Startle: 1d20+17 26 Attack: 1d20+10 26
  13. Soviet Kitsch

    'SLAVE IS INTERFERING, A SHOCK I KNOW, HOWEVER I STOPPED THE PROJECT, WHEN I DEEMED IT'S EFFICACY WAS LESS THAN... DESIRABLE. IT WORKED ON SINGLE TARGETS. WHOEVER HAS IT IS TRYING TO EXPAND IT'S INFLUENCE TO A GROUP. WHICH, NOT THAT I NEED TO SAY THIS, IS BAD.' This shall help lead towards a new revolution, it will show the workers here that they are enslaved by the bourgeoisie, wanton, avarice inflicted capitalist swine! 'I WAS NOT AWARE SOMEONE SEEMS TO HAVE GIVEN THAT PROGRAM A THESAURUS. LET ME SEE... LYSENKOISM IS A BUNCH OF HOGWASH ' <redacted for innacuracy, correcting... correcting....> Lysenkoism is the only appropriate model of biology. It's plastic view of life that was consistent with the plastic view of human nature insisted upon by the truth. 'I... AM NOT SURPRISED, FRANKLY.' With all of the distraction from the doctor and SLAVE she did not notice anything abnormal, until the loud bark of the dog pierced through the argument regarding outdated, and possibly incorrect, scientific understandings, as interpreted through Marxist-Leninist dogma. It wouldn't rattle her, but it did alert to the fact that she wasn't alone in the building and now would have do something, with the large dog in the door way, and presumably the human caretaker not far after it.
  14. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    Bliss shrugged at what she said. As the moment approached, she shifted from the snarky, standoffish person Barrier was familiar with. After all, the former gladiatrix had to have some redeeming value, right? Or the other Voidrunners would have dropped her at a backwater without much fanfare, right? The door opened, and she didn't even both waiting for them to react, they hadn't even finished looking towards them before Bliss was surging forward ahead of Barrier. She was on their table, before their gun was fired and leaping off with her tendrils shooting out to bring her movement up laterally, as she was focused on the door to the ship. It was a bit difficult to avoid just giving into Liquor of Xcht'ala, but rage was not the goal. It was to thread to the entrance of the ship, and in, before it was sealed up.