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  1. Hex Mistress

    You will need additional Descriptors. Generally there are two for powers. The first is Source/Origin, the second would be how it applies. Magic is straight forward in this regard as each power will generally carry Magic as the Source, and then individual powers will have ones appropriate for effect (Fire for Fireball, Curse for her 'hex' stuff, Magical Bloodline for her Immunity, etc., etc.). Though, I do have a bit of concern regarding her powerset being Mesoamerican derived, her seeming to not have any ties/fluff connecting her to the practices therein. So waggles fingers and does powers, even though it's got a lineage back to Aztecs?
  2. Arctos PL 10 Redux

    Hey Jack I wanted to reach out to you, see if you can make the adjustments Fox Recommended.
  3. Lady Horus/Wadjet (PL 10 PC/PL 8 Sidekick)

  4. Lady Horus/Wadjet (PL 10 PC/PL 8 Sidekick)

    Adjusted formatting, added notation for Speed of Thought in Wadjet's initiative so AA doesn't have to keep reminding people it's there.
  5. Late Thread Counting

    Yeah... Ref Point to Zenith Zenith Just Dance 1 Post Circumference of Hi 4 Posts Errant Nature versus Nesting 1 Post Asad Business Grant 1 Post GM (All to Bliss) Thinking of a Place 1 Soviet Kitsch 1
  6. Circumference of Hi [OPEN]

    Corinne snorted a bit at Mona's antics, "Settle down Sonic," she demurred, and sipped at her coffee. If arching an eyebrow was an artform, then Corinne was a neo-classical expression done by a master the way she elevated one with a small quirk, and then followed up from there to a full sweep. "Might be easier if you sit, Cathy." She was trying her best to embarrass her, or Tony, as the awkwardness was present. Well Tony's was, as he intentionally was not looking at her, or trying to not smile like that, and Corinne could be a flaky seeming Bohemian, or an Imperial ranked b****.
  7. Just Dance 2018 [IC]

    Zenith tilted her head to the side, shaking it a little bit, before she made a noise, and then dropped her hands down towards her side. The distortion around them growing, as she just dropped her power down. She wasn't going to bother sorting, or figuring out who was who, she segmented the whole of area, even walling up her and this person she didn't recognize. "You imagine that somehow I think you idiots have a chance," Zenith did not, in point of fact, play games. As other people had seen. She contained, and then she would wreck them. And whatsherface was getting roped into potential baddie, considering Zenith was hallucinating worse than trust someone you ought not to at Coachella.
  8. Player Away Thread

    So personal issues have been hitting me hard for awhile, that coupled with work stuff means my posting has evaporated. I will try to play catch up, and I am sorry for all those that have been interrupted in my period of creative bankruptcy.
  9. Interceptors: Handclap

    Corinne lurched out of whatever was going on, and everything was different, and nothing made sense. She dropped down to one knee under the crowd, holding her head. Wanting to be away from here, and she was about ready to just follow the milling crowd, when she heard what the male British voice was saying, and any recalcitrance she had of reaching down and grabbing her power just evaporated. There was one trait that she and Zenith shared. They were show women. The explosion of light that heralded her transformation might as well have been a spotlight to show where she was, as scintillating, chaotic and bursting out harmless around her before she rose to her full height. Her hair erupting out in a violent corona, her clothes ripping apart and being replaced a loose sundress of varying shared of purples, pinks, and reds, surrounded by a shimmering field of light, and visual focal distortion. "HEY! A######! A star is born, and she tells you NO!" Her voice inhuman, and expanding, and collapsing in on itself, like a cocaphanous choir that never received direction. As she dashed up into the air, towards the military fetished jerkface f###head, she threw her hands up, as that same shimmering white, warping light blasted out from her, joining the fields she threw up around the kids on the balcony, before fuschia glass formed around those kids, blocking them from throwing themselves off the ledge.
  10. Circumference of Hi [OPEN]

    Normally Corinne might do something to show off, but then she did just eat a mountain of food. She arched a brow as she watched his response, and she smiled a little bit, before she laughed at his fumbling as her head tilted a little. "Hm. Really? Well..." She paused and looked off the tide, amused. She had gotten some attention this way, but a bit of normal in this place was... nice. Rolling her eyes, she looked back to him, "I mean, I am not working on differential calculus, or anything special. I do well in my classes." She smirked and laughed a little bit, hiding her mouth behind her feet hand, "But, if I need help, you'll be the first person I ask."
  11. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    Burning HP. She's pissed. So change and drop Create Object so the kids can't jump. If she can continue, Zenith is in pursuit.
  12. Red Lynx (PL7) - Angrydurf

  13. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    Do I still need to shake off the MC?
  14. Watchdog + Pulse - PL 10 PC/PL 7 Sidekick

    Did some minor editing APPROVED.