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  1. ic

    He shrugged, "If you want, I just didn't want to invite you over to my house because there has been a bump crop of tabloid reporters and you don't need those stories." Then came the flash of a smile, "Fortunately, they aren't up this early. As if iniquity waits for any man!" Amir barked out a laugh as he shook his head. "Probably will pick back up after we're done, if you don't have any schedule conflicts more than welcome to tag along. I've already got a couple hours in. No, actually, what I need to discuss is payment. You've been coy, so I thought something up, because... well you gave me the time do so, and that is just unwise. Ask several media outlets."
  2. ic

    "I... I would need you to fly us down... I mean... that... isn't an other person... that... I don't know how to works. When I get... upset or... stuff, I can do more." She lifted the collar of her jacket a bit, and turned her head to speak into it, "Like a lot more..." She turned to look to her and she frowned still. "Ten years in ballet and every other kind of dance... I am used to control. Hah. This... this is like trying to grab an eel, and it... yeah. Anyway. We can talk later, and I'll probably end up with a therapist or something." She laughed and tried to shift this to somewhere else. "So let's land, and we'll have some food... and get this worked out."
  3. ic

    Corinne sank down onto her heels, as she closed her eyes, as she was breathing heavy. When Hannah drew in close, and she could hear the grumbling of Corinne's stomach. "I know... I am fine. I am fine..." She pushed herself up to her feet slowly, straightening her legs as she let her hands fall from her face, before she lifted her face and looked at the girl. "Guac soothes many problems. Just... I need work out my powers... Yeah. I am, not, like... Food, then other serious talks. Yes."
  4. ic

    May 10th 5:30 AM And Amir was still practicing what she had started. It was something to fill the space for him, despite being just practical. Given his wake-sleep cycle was really, really screwed up. And with the revelation of his children, and then them being here in Freedom, or set to be... well it made sense he needed more to distract him, to clear his mind. And he got better. Noticeably. Despite the rep that Amir had in all the tabloids, as a hero and a normal person, he hadn't been anything less than a gentleman, well apart from having a snarky and self-deprecating sense of humor, but then given the nature of these things that was unsurprising. Now this time, it wasn't a training meeting meetup, not ostensibly as the intent was more get to the park and talk a bit. He didn't tell her he was going to pay her, because he was getting annoyed at her being coy and/or mum, and while he could accept an IOU to her, she did not state that was on the table either. So he was dressed in appropriate running attire, black track pants and a dark red shirt as he was stretching.
  5. ic

    "I do not have... her reservations. That was the most expedient way to resolve the matter, harming the least number of people." She looked down, physically, at Hannah as she approached her. She watched her, shifting from foot to foot as she regarded the girl the girl, her arms folded across her chest. The platforms she had made dissipated behind her. Corinne seemed different, and not just what she had said. Her posture, how she held herself, her expression were all different. Though she did look different to some degree, enough she wouldn't be recognized, but... Hannah saw her change... so that helped here. Still... There was a moment, and shimmer, and she... diminished? Her clothes reforming back to their original shape, and Corinne sagged a bit, and staggered a little before sinking down to her knees, her hands going to her face.
  6. ooc

    Sure thing! Describe out the battering as you deem fit. How do you want to interrogate?
  7. ic

    Well, Shaul called it. Or made it happened. This was FC, after all, and speaking things out loud might make things actually transpire. After a moment under the awning, and the door to the little shop, the West End Tea House, opened up and an older man with an impressively mustachioed face came out. "You, girl, come in inside, dry a bit. I see you a-round." He spoke with heavily accented English, the tone brisk and cheery. "Have cup for free, I see if I have umbrella you can borrow." He held the door for her, smiling. His tanned, and creased face at odds with his stark white hair, bushy as it was.
  8. ic

    In Dickensian coincidence Hannah ended up on the building where Corinne was. Though it was not immediate thing to notice. Though after a while, she'd see her, dancing barefoot on the roof, using her ability to stand on the air to move through the routine. It was unfettered, and primal. Without anything holding her back, as where they were afforded a bit of privacy, and even with what she was doing. Including using her powers, in adding and removing platforms and things to work through her routine. It was a moment of repression broken away, and she took it Until she stopped, looking at Hannah, those eyes as apertures of light, narrowing a moment as she looked at Hannah.
  9. ic

    She started to dance again, with an exaggeratedly long step, and a slide of her rear foot through the crosswalk, grinning back to Hannah as that happened. "Yeah, Claremont has some Harry Potter BS happening. I mean... less Nazi analogies... more like, the houses and st-!" It was a sudden lurch to the girl, as she cut of and then she dashed into the street, towards an old woman falling, with an oncoming bus heading towards them. Hannah would get her wish. The dive was sudden and fast, what happened in transition if what made it all slow down. Corinne exploded. The space between her and Hahhan filling with what looked a bad edit job of corrupted footage, as light blasted outwards from her, and the blonde was someone, something, else now. Eyes of pure light, and her clothes a variegated dress with shifting colors of the dawn. She was scooping up the old woman with one arm on her knees on the asphalt which seemed to pressed down, to dent from the gravity of her. "I will not allow this!" She bellowed it out with a harsh voice, that sounds as there were multiple layers of her voice at once. Her free arm was thrust up, palm aimed at the bus. And it exploded, as a stroke of that distorting white light it with a crackle. The bus was reduced to it's disparate parts. Body, chassis, engine, everything were ripped apart with the people there, ,seemingly unaware as the cloud of the bus hit whatever field was around Corinne, twisting and snaking before it all coalesced behind her back into the bus. Whole, swerving, and snaking as brakes were hit too late to have avoided Corinne and the old woman. The inertia did seem to push at them, dragging Corinne's knees along the ground, leaving scorch marks before it was all said and done. There was a moment, and Corinne stood, as she helped the old woman across the street, finding a bus stop bench, and urging her down on the seat. "I recommend calling an ambulance..." There was a glance towards Hannah, and then she threw an arm up and vanished swirl of light.
  10. ic

    "He didn't say much about you... it was mostly 'I'm sorry' 'I didn't know' 'What can I do?' So... I might get a car out of this. Which... I dunno." She frowned and then smirked a little bit, as before sipping at her tea and fidgeting with her burger and fries. "I've met scuzzy people, other students back in LA, especially if we were trying out for a recital. Ever had icy hot in your clothes? I know you've been hit on by an exec, mum and dad... er... Harry, well dad for me. But they are happy I am out of L.A., just like they're happy my brother isn't interested in anything like this." She tilted her head and laughed a little bit, shaking her head. "It's okay, you don't have to. Enough food with get me to like you... don't have to... show me whats under the mask." There was a glance back to Agnus, meeting her eyes. "Only fair you trust me. I am a teenage girl, according to sitcoms and movies, we are the main force of evil in the world, or something."
  11. ic

    Her eyes were locked on the group, and her eyes narrowed a bit, as she gently released her hand. "So... awkward." Referring more to the situation, and then she shifted her expression off of the other group and back down to Hannah for a moment, she didn't add that she noticed that the other person was visibly afraid intimidated by Hannah. That much was clear, and Corinne knew she had her height to help her be imposing and nothing else. She frowned a little bit, as she stepped towards the entrance to the school, and then walked with her away. "Well... good to know there are some universal standards for students... and he is far from the worst here. The giant bird dude was way more awkward, not mean spirited, but like... just... Well, like how many aliens and stuff do we have? Y'know that have completely different cultures? " She glanced at the street when they came to it, and waited for the crosswalk.
  12. ic

    "Gah!" She did leap, and for someone of her size it was a bit of a display, as she looked at him, startled and frowning. She closed her eyes and smoothed her jacket and skirt a bit, "So.... do you always scare people?" Her tone was light as she tried to make light of the situation. Or at least try to. "Can you leave and go to a shop without issue?" But Naomi was surging a head, and she started to call out after her, "Hey tha... oh, right." And with that she followed along after the other girl, carrying her long board over using it at the moment, because it would be rude to do to burst ahead like that, and then Naomi kept going forward, and she sighed a little bit, and continued pursuit as this happened.
  13. ic

    Y'see Corinne was quite skilled at being Queen Bitch, well she felt she was, it was just rare that she had to pull it out. But she was big, and while one would describe her as willowy, she had some measure of mass. She was imposing. Though she was not the best at employing it yet. Though it seemed like she would have to have to learn it some to be able to make it here already. So while Corinne wasn't backing down, and keeping that smile affixed to her face as she looked at him, that serene, 'don't-you-dare-mess-with-me' face, though she was not being aggressive. She might have found his cheekiness cute but... really? Not at the moment. For his part, he didn't know much more about her other than what he could have done an internet search for, however... he knew about Hannah. He knew what she could do, so the nervous glances were to her. "I..." He closed his mouth firmly, for a moment, before he broke his eyes from them. "Yeah... fine Rainbow." He tried to recover some measure of pride. "Fine." It might have been a little different if his buddies were around, the Bro Squad, but he didn't have to try and justify his getting shot down to anyone but himself at the moment. He turned and raised a hand in a dismissive gesture as he walked away. "Charming." Corinne demurred, as she glanced to Hannah, and slowly released her hand, before she moved to continue on her way. Two things that Hannah noticed, once was that the ground beneath where Corinne had been standing was rippling out from where she had been standing. The other was the aforementioned other buddies of Sal were laughing at him, shaking their head as his abject failure of getting the girls.
  14. ic

    She saw the expression, and her shy, small smile showed that she was appreciative. Though what was said was... less sterling? Well... that's fine, not everyone was very expressive after all, and she imagined that being in that position meant that your communication was more utilitarian than anything. "Well... you can come pet and feed Percival. Though he is nocturnal." She grinned a little bit, rather happy she was able to do something useful and not upsetting to with her powers. It was a bit draining. The coffee sounded better. "Not yet, but I am starting over summer to catch up a bit, so I doubt I will be need a coat yet, but I will get one as soon as possible." She wasn't sure she needed one anymore.. after the beach incident. But, she wasn't sure at all truth be told. Mmm coffee... mmmm biscotti...
  15. ic

    She frowned as he pressed the advantage, and then she moved her hand, seeking out Hannah's and taking hold of it, as her fingers laced with the smaller girl's. And then she narrowed her eyes, as she rose up to her height. Imperious, as she looked at him as if he was but the buzzing of flies to her. "My name is Corinne, you will call me that. You will be nice to Hannah, and you will comport yourself in a better manner than you have. Because, and I will phrase this simply, I have five inches on you." Her voice dipped down low, not with malice, there was more smug that that, as she had a small little regal smile, placing him firmly beneath her. While she made a very showy, and roundabout entendre at him, and then blew a kiss. Yes, Corinne could be a bitch. All 90210 style. Sal blinked a bit, as he tried to register what exactly was said, and the intent behind it a bit. "Are you making fun of me?" His brows knitted together as he looked at her, and stepped towards her a bit. He did give up a good couple inches to Corinne.