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  1. So let's do a Birds of Prey thing

    It's kinda a shame my mostly street level is West Coast, unless you planning on city hopping?
  2. Road Trip!

    Not sure if I have anyone suitable, but I do like the idea of a superhero road trip!
  3. Revanche: Engines of Destruction (IC)

    The Traveller Sitara looked up at the hologram impassively, she'd been threatened by many big and small over the years and wasn't impressed. "There is no need to resort to things Justica Sarin, your claims will get all the attention it deserves." Turning on her internal comms she keyed in the channel for her fellow Praetorians, all whilst not looking away from the hologram. "We should probably move quickly on this, any chance of another teleport for us Moon-Moth?"
  4. (IC) Do You Have To Be An Ocean Away?

    White Lioness <"It seems that even after all that ceremony were aren't as interesting as other people."> Àjàṣorò commented with a sly grin, being very much aware that she was just as interested in the Tsunami She pulled on a little jacket, a knock-off of a an American brand that she'd picked up in a market in Nairobi, much to her father consternation. The jacket made her look more teenager and less defender of the nation, just as she planned. <"I think I'm going to wait and travel back with them, do not feel that you have to wait for me younger brother!">
  5. HATERS Unite

    Triakosia Dancia stood at the back of the crowd on the watch out for any trouble whilst she did her other job, the one that paid the bills and kept Centurion in cat food. This was after a frustrating hour of trying to get a statement from the founder of this movement to find out his real thoughts on the subject, unlike many journalists she wanted to know the truth on the matter. Whilst she had no love for the Terminus, they had destroyed her homeworld after all, but this felt like an overreaction blaming the victims for the problems. But for better or worse they deserved to be heard and that was her job so here she stood taking it all in to write about later in the most balanced way she could manage.
  6. Save The HATERS?

    I could throw Triakosia into the mix
  7. Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    Frostbyte will try and snare fake Alkahest Snare Roll: 1d20+11 23, if that works it's a DC 21 Reflex save.
  8. (IC) Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    Frostbyte Riding through a portal, created by Phae who was clinging quite pleasantly behind her, at some speed on her ice slide Frostbyte didn't have time to take in much as she saw what looked like a rampaging Alkahest. "Well this looks very familiar." even she had to admit the humour was a little forced "Sorry we're late we were dealing with something else." Drawing moisture from the air around her she tried to freeze the rampaging Alkahest's feet to the floor, trying to stop her from causing harm to anyone including herself.
  9. (IC) Do You Have To Be An Ocean Away?

    White Lioness <"Are you sure that it's not too late to give this all to you younger brother?"> she whispered jokingly to her brother as they were forced to greet to assembled court. In truth Àjàṣorò was just happy that the whole thing was over and as soon as she could she could take off her mask, really she wished they'd have time to change into something more suitable, she wanted to know if her western fashions passed among those that knew of such things. It was only a secondary thought that the Crocodile's were trying to turn there visit too there an advantage, and she was willing right now to allow them a small amount. <"You have been excellent and generous hosts as always Emir. I hate to impose on you further but I wonder if we could trouble you with a place to greet our guests whilst we wait for the royal craft to arrive?">
  10. Revanche: Engines of Destruction (IC)

    The Traveller Sitara might still be a little groggy from the crash but she was still good enough to travel through the teleport mostly unharmed and ready to react to the sudden arrival of the Justicar. "We have to be careful here." she warned the others "It's up to the locals to decide if they want back into the Khanate, all we can do is make sure that it's not done by bullying." Still a little groggy it took a few seconds to realise that technically she was the most senior Praetorian and hence should be the one to take charge of this situation. Stepping forward with all the authority she could muster, her white armour glinting in the sunlight. "I'm Sitara Shashikala, The Traveller, of the Praetorians. We'll take you message to the civil authorities to consider your offer, but if you want to do it by force of arms we'll be forced to stop you!"
  11. Far From Home

    The Traveller Sitara took another look at the young woman and couldn't help but smile at her response. "Just save me another maintenance cycle trying to track it down." she laughed "It's just we fought quite a protracted war with an enemy that used nanites, so we're a little touchy about such things. And please call me Sitara." It might have been long, long ago but she remembered being just like Zhu a wide-eyed innocent introduced to a wider universe. She couldn't help but take a liking to this teen. "Well the code built on an old Delaztri standard and coded in Sanskrit, apparently it drove the Lor Naval Intelligence to frustration trying to decode it. How about we good to the galley and get some drinks and I'll answer what questions I can? The Lor might make terrible electronics but they have some decent fruit concoctions."
  12. Revanche Engines of Destruction (OOC)

    Okay as Sitara has spent a while in the Khanate do the names rattled off mean anything to her? In case needed Knowledge (Galactic Lore): 1d20+15 19.
  13. Far From Home

    The Traveller For a few moments there wasn't any response, then come a couple of loud words that could only be swearing. Then Sitara appeared in the doorway looking a little sheepish, her face and jumpsuit covered in dirt. "Well, you can start by not using blasted Lor electronics, what I wouldn't give for some old fashion Delaztri tech. I spent all morning repairing a fault link on Akazavani, now she's starting to false readings of active nanites!" Apparently remembering why she called away from vital maintenance Sitara rubbed her hand clean and offered one to the young Terran, a gesture she'd learned from the other humans she'd met. "Pleased to meet you I'm Sitara Shashikala, some call me The Traveller, or much worse. But Sitara will be fine."
  14. (IC) Do You Have To Be An Ocean Away?

    White Lioness Whilst Àjàṣorò really did appreciate the need for ceremony she couldn't help but be bored by the whole thing, thankfully the mask she wore hid her expression which was sure to have caused expense. In fact, the only reason she'd been able to stand so still this long was that she had been thinking about improvements to the costume she was wearing, the skirt for one was definitely going to have to go. She glanced down at the ArchTech phone she'd picked up last time she had been Kenya, almost certainly a knock-off, they'd have to leave soon if they were going to meet there guest. A guest, more importantly, had come from America! <"How long do we have to wait before we can leave without causing a major offence?"> she whispered to her brother <"At least Makeda put on a spread when the Red Hyena's put on their show of loyalty!">