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  1. Fire, Water, Fist and Coding

    Mali smiled and walked over. "Nice to meet you." She glanced around. "Claremont was good to me. Taught me a lot of stuff, about crime fighting, about life." It felt weird to be a veteran hero to someone. The idea of anyone treating her like an experienced, older hero was odd. Yet, she reflected, she had a student. She was training someone. Life had a way of throwing curve balls at you, it was better to go with the flow and adjust to reality, rather than try to hold it to your desires. "Shall we go?"
  2. Signal in the Darkness

    Dimensional incursion. That sounded troublesome. Especially in Freedom City. Solar Sentinel clenched his fists. "Sophie." He said. "I take it that there's some kind of breach from another universe that you're attempting to intercept?" He thought about the kind of damage that a major attack could do. He was one of the fastest humans in the world. Whatever it was, he'd be there to stop it if he could. "We may end up in a combat situation." He said, looking at the others. "Just to warn you."
  3. Legends of Freedom?

    I'm happy to throw Solar Sentinel back into things if you'd like
  4. Thinking of a Place

    Hannah blushed and retreated slightly. "Um, no, no, no makeovers, please. I like being the quiet little mouse that everyone overlooks. I'm um, I'm okay with that. I could uh, never just, you know, walk up to a boy and go 'hey, let's do a thing', because I don't do...things, with boys. I'll um, eventually, you know. When some cute guy notices me off in the corner or something, but like...middle of the room, bold approach? No, no, that, that isn't me." She realized that she was rambling almost nonsensically. The idea of being so bold was as alien to her as swimming through concrete or walking on the ceiling. It was antithetical to her nature. But, then, she sighed. "Um, a little makeover, might be nice, though." She reasoned that if she was destined to be noticed by some cute guy in a library somewhere, it might help to be cute. "Just, um, nothing way, way outside of what I'd wear. I don't wanna go a full Sandy from Grease here. I'd be okay with aiming for 'cute'." She smiled slightly. "Pizza first, though. Definitely. I'm starving."
  5. Thinking of a Place

    Hannah had to giggle. "I'm not very uh, spidery. The chest thing...." she kind of coughed and blushed slightly. That was perhaps one area of her physique she was both comfortable with and uncomfortable with. There were advantages, and disadvantages. "Not like boys notice me anyway, you know? There are some advantages and...disadvantages to that. But I figure I'll meet someone eventually. Most of the students are just....really, really, really hot and I'm...not. That's okay, though. I'd much rather finish school then deal with boys, in that order." She said this in a sort of sour grapes kind of wistful way, as if it was a mantra she said to herself at night and when boys noticed all the other girls. Yet her mantra worked, and she was okay with it. "I kinda just want regular pizza, but, we can totally order our own. I can uh, finish a whole pizza..."
  6. Signal in the Darkness

    Solar Sentinel was immediately confused and on alert. However, seeing the broadcasts put him a bit more at ease. If this were some sort of advanced AI, it may have sent some kind of signal out, or maybe picked up signals. He thought about things like this, and remembered hearing something about the Navagatrixi. They were guides and explorers. Probably harmless, he thought. "Hello." He said to the gynoid. "I am Solar Sentinel. I come from the world you were observing, Earth, but I've been to many other places. Seeker of Perpetual Harmony. Hm. SOPH. Would it bother you if I called you Sophie? It would be shorter." He considered the AI for a moment. It would have to be exceptionally advanced to speak such clear, concise English. He doubted English was spoken yet when it was created. He wasn't even sure if humans had language, or even existed. "I'm curious about your purpose." he said, looking around. "What is it you want?"
  7. Signal in the Darkness

    So I decided to roll Galactic Lore to see if there was anything he would remember hearing about something like this; I got a 30. So if he can know it, he does, if it's knowable.
  8. Signal in the Darkness

    "Oh!" Solar Sentinel said. "That's unusual." He said, in a massive understatement. "I doubt there's anything alive in here, if it's that old. Still, as we say on Earth, better safe than sorry." He still took the lead, looking around for anything that might resemble a door. He had neither superhuman senses nor sophisticated scanning equipment, relying instead on his excellent, if totally normal human eyesight. He had questions as well, but was less equipped to answer them than his comrades.
  9. Soup of Human Kindness [Open]

    Solar Sentinel: Temporary Soup Kitchen, Liberty Park Solar Sentinel always worked soup kitchens during the holidays. He never really had anywhere important to go, and it kept him grounded. Seeing the most vulnerable citizens of Freedom City, helping them. After all his time in space, making sure he remembered why heroes do what they do helped him a lot. When he heard about the temporary soup kitchen, he figured he could spend a few days here. In costume, no less. Usually he was just Henry the Soup Kitchen volunteer. "Great turnout." He said, glancing around. He had been quietly working in the back most of the time, despite his bright colored costume. Lending his muscle and reach to all sorts of tasks. Now that they were in a momentary lull, he decided to take a momentary break. "We're doing good work, people." he said. "Got a long night ahead of us, but it's worth it."
  10. Signal in the Darkness

    Solar Sentinel took a slight lead. He imagined if there was trouble, it made sense to have the most durable person in front. The darkness inside the caves made his eyes strain to see. He raised one hand and, after a few seconds of concentration, bathed the area in a bluish light. The color wasn't ideal, but blue was all he could do. He knew the others had lights on them, but he also felt a bit on edge with so many shadows around.
  11. Signal in the Darkness

    Solar Sentinel regarded the object with fascination. "Roger that." he said. He wanted to go inside, but he knew they were more useful for this type of assignment. He was hardly stupid, but perhaps not the best for scientific exploration. He was keeping an eye on Ditra. Not that she was a fragile flower, but she was the most fragile of the three of them. He had a plan in place. Get her out of the area, cover her retreat, or even carry her himself. Not that he suspected things would go that way. He expected things would go fine. They might find something interesting, they might not, but he doubted there would be a fight. Still, he had been a soldier for nearly a century. At this point, he couldn't stop being vigilant if he tried. "Any idea what we're looking at? Any theories? Wishes?" He said.
  12. Bonfire with Vanity

    Hannah was not freaking out. She probably should be freaking out, or maybe freaking out about how she wasn't freaking out, but she knew most of the people here. She was more or less just average and normal. Sure, her powers were flashy, but she wasn't. She enjoyed Corinne's hugs, but she withdrew to go snatch another soda in preparation for the spicy guac. She greeted the people who greeted her. This was a strange experience. Sure, she'd been introduced lots of times by people. Usually against her own will. Yet this was a different sort of atmosphere. She wasn't really afraid here. "Hi Jann, hi Alexa, Alex was it?" She smiled her shy smile. "I don't drink." She said. That was true. Hannah didn't want that sort of trouble, not at all. She gave trouble a wide berth, save for when it sought her out. Some trouble she was learning to handle. She realized that she'd be graduating ahead of Corinne, and then into the wide world. She didn't know what she'd do at that point. College, she assumed. She figured her parents would want her to come closer to home, but she wasn't so sure. She felt more at home in Claremont than she had at any other school, and the idea of leaving all her friends didn't settle well. She took a deep breath and gave Corinne a brave smile. "Well, I'll try the guac. If my head catches fire, make sure there's a fire extinguisher nearby."
  13. Good Company and Good Cheer [Open]

    Mali walked through the front door and scanned the room. She recognized a couple of people and grinned. The air was festive, the drinks were pouring, and she was ready to relax and enjoy herself. She wore a stylish, knee length red dress, a pair of slender black leather boots, and, at first, her riding jacket. She hadn't ridden her motorcycle, but it was her best defense against the cold of Freedom City. She was all smiles as she walked into the bar. She waved at Lynn and Gretchen as she walked towards the bar.
  14. Thinking of a Place

    Hannah rolled her eyes comically. "I mean yeah I do have good grades and I'm good at studying. You're just more athletic than me, prettier than me, more outgoing than me..." She shrugged. "It's okay, though, life's not a competition." She pulled out her phone and looked down. "Pizza is this way. Trust me, this stuff? Filling. Like, even you might not be able to eat a whole one. Maybe." She glanced down and sighed. "At least if I gained more weight I'd know where it went, you know?" She shrugged and kept walking.
  15. Signal in the Darkness

    Solar Sentinel nodded. "Earth is an interesting place. I'm sure you'd find some things fascinating." He had to admit that he sometimes felt a stranger. Even years after returning to Earth, the itch to explore overtook him. He loved being able to head out in to space and enjoy the sights. Especially since his speed meant he could go home to Earth. "There's no way to tell what's in this thing. Best to keep alert." He didn't need a suit, he could step outside and just look around it. He was prepared to push it or destroy it if need be, but he wasn't sure it was necessary. He started to fly slowly around the outside, checking for anything unusual.