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  1. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(IC)

    GM Torpedo Lass The younger woman squinted uncertainly at Mary "How could your brother ever be aboard this? That's o'er fifty years ago, he and you'd be olsters-nah, forget it." Waving her own question away, she explained curtly "This place used to be owned by this other American, called himself The Atomic Brain augggggh I will set off all the nukes in the world!" For a second 'Tesla reborn' mimed a zombie-esque creature stomping around. In mid-air. Still stomping, she went on "Didn't want anyone getting too close, so he set up a surveillance system to disconnect the island from this dimension if anything got too close and wasn't following the right approach angles. Me and Opa Ohm decided it'd be perfect for a bet I got with him, that he was the old busted and I am the new hotness." Landing with a thud next to Mary, Tesla jerked a head over at the circling horde of bobbots. "I was going to leave it to my babies while I poked around the island. Found a journal full of stuff in German and Russian, which is lucky 'cause those are my native languages." with a flourish Tesla produced a tattered notebook of a style that was new when Mary was young, flipping through it with a speed that argued strongly that she couldn't possibly read a word "It's got a bunch of "launch site" and "armor aperture" notes in here, was trying to see if I could find a nuke to tinker with when you" she poked Mary in the collarbone with the book "showed up and started smashing my babies!" Nathan The floor under Dr. Deoxy's feet had been sleek marble, black and speckled with grey, resembling the night sky. It also was riven by long, fine cracks and fracture points radiating from collapsed slabs of granite. God only knew what it had sounded like when this place had been trashed. God certainly knew what it sounded like when Nathan stumbled just a little too far off the path. With an almighty SKREEEEEEEch the guns welded to the walls swung as one to converge on him. As one they opened fire, in a roaring hail of crackling cacophony! The barrage pounded against Nathan's skin, hissing and stinging and all but overloading the very nerves-! Wait. Not bullets? Whatever they were, they were all but driving Nathan to his knees, spots and stars flashing and stinging behind his eyes.
  2. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(OOC)

    Okay, STR check failure means Nathan doesn't manage to keep his feet long enough to get fully away from the killbox before having to take another anti-Stun check, Fortitude check vs. DC20, with +1 bonus thanks to having just endured just such an assault.
  3. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(OOC)

    Okay, this will come up in next GM post, but for preliminary details, Nathan gets about halfway through before accidentally nudging into the field of view of the gunnery. Reflex save vs. DC15 and a Strength check vs. DC10. Success on the Reflex halves the rank on the Autorifles' Stun, which is normally DC20.
  4. Player Away Thread

    Yay! Glad you have your own place and your own source of your own income, Moira!
  5. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    I am here. For some reason.
  6. Well as per discussion in Chat, this much has been decided, or at least not actively spoken against: Atlantis and her surviving colonies petition the ruling Council of Farside City to consider their case against the Guardian Willow. She is invited to be present to defend herself and reach a peaceful agreement with the Atlanteans, represented by Prince Telemachus, an invitation extended to the rest of her Earthly allies, family and friends. As the only terrestrial lawyer with much applicable experience, the revenant Lucy Harkness winds up as her defence attorney. But it has to be proved that a crime was committed in the first place, which is where the Farsiders' advanced technology and relaxed social mores about telepathy come in handy. By drawing on echoes of the past and exploring the mentality of Min, her defenders and accusers, something like truth might potentially be arrived at. Nick since you've no precise plan for this, do you mind if I mostly make up the circumstances of the situation, since there's conflicting data all over and I feel it'd be more interesting if the N/PCs legit don't know for sure what happened 100,000 years ago. Overall it working similar to Rashomon seems like the easiest bet. Only one person involved was ever there and even her memory and perception isn't flawless. It being about what everyone else wants or believes seems more useful than time-travel detective work or revealing some secret plot to smash, this being an issue she can't punch I recall as something Nick was explicitly interested in.
  7. Skyjam(OOC)

    @olopi, @Sailor, would you both please make Fortitude saves, DC10. Olopi, as well, a DC18 Arcane Lore check for Sha'ir.
  8. I mean more, how do you imagine her changing or reacting to the experience? Or is this more something that changes those around her to your mind?
  9. Nick has broached the idea of his character Willow being brought to trial by the Atlanteans for the destruction of their people and much of human civilization thousands of years ago. This thread will be for considering and resolving any issues with the concept and exploring its implications. As AA has suggested that this be an Interceptors thread, I've offered to GM it. The loose story so far is the first sentence above. @Nick, what were you thinking this would be for? How does this affect Willow?
  10. Player Away Thread

    Jesus, hope he recovers smoothly, Heritage. Leg injuries are the worst. I had one when I was 10, still days I can barely put any weight on it. Good luck to your brother, glad he has someone like you to help him.
  11. Player Away Thread

    Thanks for all you've done here, Raveled. Reading your old threads about Ironclad was a major part of why I joined. Hope you do find something more fulfilling.
  12. Skyjam(IC)

    GM ~"Receiving you, Levity, we saw what's happening. Get down here soon as you can, there's-"~ "NO!" That was right in her and Hakim's ears at once, and then the fingers closed. They had missed the plane, but the seething cloud burst out like a flood to engulf fifty thousand feet in every direction, just managing to enshroud the Peregrine in its roiling, screaming haze. Inside it was like the depths of Hell, the agonized shrieking and flashing, psychedelic glare of the cloud making attempting to focus on almost anything torturous. The rescue plane, trapped with the people it was intended to save, moved like it was driving through pudding. But gravity didn't seem to matter, and neither did momentum. Meanwhile, the dragon kept one ethereal claw around Hakim's neck, whispering savagely "Harken, mortal. I can help. I too am trapped here, with this scum, but you...you have the Gift." The emerald eyes seemed to sink into Hakim's heart. "Vow to free even one claw from this pit, and I will stop the screams. Your magic will not suffice against these shades, not alone..." Already, the howling and wailing was starting to make the pair's heads pound.
  13. Skyjam(OOC)

    HP to the both of you, Fiating that despite Levity's successful flying she cannot get them free of the cloud.
  14. Do It Again(IC)

    GM Citizen Lances of howling unmaking stabbed up, down and all around Citizen as the five monstrous fusions of matter/antimatter did their utmost to annihilate the robotic hero. Luckily they hadn't counted on the advanced defensive technology that Archetech had by now perfected, and with the erratic precision of a fluttering snowflake Sharl dodged and anticipated the frenzied attacks moments before they even left the hands of the Negators. One of them held back, watching the futile barrages of his fellows as they eviscerated every molecule in the sky but their target's, a charge growing between his clenched fists. ~Sharl!~ The line from Dr. Lo suddenly darted past Citizen's eyes ~MarsTech just called, said they'd be sending 'someone' to help out~ WHAM It might have been a moment's immobility, that Negator had figured out a pattern, or just a very, very lucky shot, but it hit Citizen's nigh-invulnerable carapace dead-on, a white/black hammer that carried with it the collapse of the local atmosphere as air rushed to fill the gap like water into the hull of a broken ship. Said hammer rebounded off of Citizen, deflected by his latent EM field, much to the rage of the meta-villain. As one the rest of him hurled themselves away, but halted just at the edge of Sharl's retaliation range in a loose cross, ensuring that no matter where he went he'd have to deal with at least one of them. The lucky fellow who'd made the shot remained, positively shimmering with frustration. It wasn't hard to see why both sides of him had ended up lonely, embittered misanthropes.