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  1. A Most Unusual Opportunity

    Bravo, Phoenix! Very well done.
  2. Fantasy Realms

    I vote the first. Non-canon I feel is risky unless you are with mutually-liked players of long standing. Besides, first is simpler to set up and play.
  3. Fantasy Realms

    I have a vampire who would be perfect for being stuck in a world with no advanced technology. As in she would be in a real bad way. Sign me up.
  4. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(OOC)

    @Exaccus Will, Sense Motive, Concentration are all valid angles to play in this juncture. @Sailor Notice check, if you would. DC5 DC10 DC15 DC20 DC25
  5. Here Comes The General (Open)

    "Dotrae wholly supports the word of Sri Steward," Dol-Druth said in his deep, growling voice, fighting the urges of several billion other eyes to linger his on the Zultasian's slender figure "this time of uncertainty, like the other 328,034 major and minor failures of galactic civilization to wholly protect its citizens, is a time when many extreme ideologies come to the fore. Change is always good save when it leads to needless destruction and tyranny." Three small stones were torn free of the Station's walls, hovering in faint auras of blue above the Speaker's hand "The Army of the Eagle, Br'an-Br'ga Conglomerates, even our own Great Hive of Dotrae 300 years ago, all opportunists rightfully crushed." His black eyes flashed blue. The stones burst into showers of white dust. "Dotrae hopes for a peaceful and uneventful transfer of power to our chosen candidate. Dotrae has never had faith in divinities, but hopes the one elected will show fairness and impartiality to all cooperative religions. More than this we cannot agree on, so we say it not." "Will you tell us of your faith, Sri Hro? To pass the time until we reach the outer platforms?"
  6. @Exaccus Ah I see what you mean. the Descriptor Frequency page on the Guidebook does collapse Fire and Heat into a single category. And for 10PP one can be immune to all effects from a single Common descriptor. Edited to reflect that.
  7. A Waste of Water(OOC)

    Okay, so the order is: Fox-Mask: Unharmed-GM Weekend Warrior" Unharmed, Fatigued, 2HP Fox-Mask tries with a Stunning Unarmed attack: 27. Critical hit, +5 to the DC, making it a DC22 Fortitude save to keep from being Stunned next turn.
  8. Stronghold Blues(IC)

    GM With a rush of wind and the now-familiar sickening shock of the Earth's gravity loosing its grip, the Scarab took flight. Soaring past the flicking flashes of windows reflecting the broad, genial Moon, the darkened streets rushing up to meet her, Kamala had mere moments to enjoy the wonders of wings before she was spotted. The men in the uniforms hadn't gotten far, but had just enough space to hear and see her coming before she could reach them. One looked up, started, and let go of their line with one hand to point frantically upwards. "Hey! She's-!" The apparent commander cut them off "Shut up! We've got eyes! Open fire!" With a little awkward fumbling, spinning and swinging on their rappel lines, the men in Titan Security gear managed to raise their weapons, take aim, and fire! Unfortunately for them, they were aiming at a moving target in the air. Most of the shots whizzed past harmlessly(though true to its design, the force-field generator recognized the chemical composition and vaporized them when they struck the perimeter. No sense taking any chances), but not all. Two shots struck the force-field square with enough power to break through!
  9. Stronghold Blues(OOC)

    Okay, for the close proximity to the Building, going to need a DC15 Reflex check to keep the descending bears in the Scarab's sights. Otherwise -3 to hit. For their part, they have disadvantage/partial Cover to deal with due to their being on swaying rappel lines. The Bears: 12, 14, 7, 7. Half of them miss, the other two manage to at least get shots in the general vicinity of the Scarab III: 24, 18. Both strike her armor, forcing a DC20 TOU save unless she can make a DC15 Dexterity save to halve the Blast ranks to DC17.
  10. Meeting of the Minds On An Exponential Level

    Dol-Druth saw himself, for the first time, as meat. More to the point, he saw himself. Alone, cut off from the herd, metaphorical jaws and claws and lashing blades skulking, waiting for that perfect moment. His huge black eyes blinked and twitched, atavism setting in slowly as the carapace and mandibles, the soft, sensitive fur, all the countless signs of their distant ancestry sliding back in as the animal inside quavered. Bloated from lack of mental exercise, weak from leaning on billions of other minds for protection, swimming with distracting minutia. He hadn't a chance against the lean psychic predator he had brought into the heart of Dotrae. Even the Hounds of the Khans, starved and beaten and twisted into balls of seething psychic aggression and hunting-instinct, were nothing like this. This was like nothing natural, not training but conditioning, not skill but programming, not power but load-out. For the first time, Dotrae turned countless eyes to behold a true abomination, a psionic blade sheathed in human flesh. Tears spilled from Dol-Druth's now-compound eyes as he stared at the repeating flashes of sensation, felt all that had been done to ensure "Elias" would turn out like this. "This...this is monstrous" he breathed, wobbling with sympathy and terror. He took a stumping fumble backwards "Who...why would anyone do this?" You know Dotrae was best envisioned as eyes, so eyes were what the duo on that towering pillar saw cluster about them. A night sky made of black, pitiless insect, spider-like eyes. The visions of lives past and present flickered out, replaced with bloodless scrutiny. This is what they're all like, deep down. Terres is a prison, this is an inmate born into the system, they cannot be allowed to escape. "Then why did we decide we should move to their system?" Dol-Druth briefly regained some of his own features as he boggled furiously at the psi-sky "If we all thought that, then how in Bird's own name didn't we know?!" Your predecessor learned to hide his thoughts from us. The reverse was therefore possible. We learned how. Throwing up his pudgy, ham-sized hands, Dol-Druth turned back to Elias with a profound grimace on his face "W-Iee beg your pardon, Sri Silvestri, Iee had no idea my fellow Dotrae wanted to-" he twisted his improbably-thick neck to glare up at the manymind "-do what, specifically?" We will teach him better coping methods, shoulder some of his mental burden to give his plan greater odds of success and absorb his memories so we can forestall the enslavement of the stars by these creatures. "That last was much more eloquently put by ourself, but Iee cannot deny our part in this, Elias" Dol-Druth fumed, crossing his arms and sitting down with a *whump*, rear legs folding under the distended thorax "If you desire an exit I can arrange one." Elias, we are ready, through our Speaker we see your suffering and stand ready to receive it. Reach out to us.
  11. In conjunction with Mo the Morlock. @Exaccus Any thoughts?
  12. Player Name: Ari Character Name: Maggy Power Level: 7 (105/105PP) Trade-Offs: +- Attack / +- Damage, +- Defence / +- Toughness, or None Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Upper-strata Magmin bruiser, dispatched to the surface on an impossible quest. Abilities: 10 + 0 + 8 - 2 - 2 + 6 = 20pp STR 20 (+5) DEX 10 (+0) CON 18 (+4) INT 8 (-1) WIS 8 (-1) CHA 16 (+3) Combat: 10 + 8 = 18pp ATK: +5 (+7 Unarmed, Blast) DEF: +7 (4 Base, +3 Dodge Bonus, +2 flat-footed) Init: +8 Grapple: +17 Saves: 3 + 5 + 6 = 14 pp TOU +10 (+4 Con, +3 Protection, +7/+0 Impervious) FORT +7 (+4 Con, +3) REF +5 (+0 Dex, +5) WILL +5 (-1 Wis, +6) Skills: 6pp = 24r Intimidate 9 (+12) Language 3(ASL, English, Igneous, Sub-Terran(native)) Notice 6 (+5) Sense Motive 6 (+5) Feats: 10pp Attack Specialization (Unarmed) 1 Dodge Focus 3 Improved Initiative 2 Luck Power Attack Second Chance (Intimidate checks) Uncanny Dodge (tactile) Powers: 45 pp Burrowing 1 (1MPH)[1PP] Environmental Control 2(10ft radius, Light, Flaws: Range(Touch))[1PP] Immunity 7 (All Suffocation, Hot, High-Pressure, Radioactive Environments, Disease, Poison) [7pp] Immunity 10 (Fire/Heat effects; Flaws: Half-Effect)[5PP] Impervious Toughness 7 [7 pp] Mantle Array 7 (14PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 3)[17PP] Base Power: Blast 6 (Feats: Accurate, Precise)[14PP] AP: Damage 7 (Extras: Area(Cone)[14PP] AP: Damage 2(Extras: Penetrating 3, Feats: Mighty[DMG7])[6/14PP] + Super-Movement 3(Wall-Crawling 3)[6/14PP] + Enhanced Burrowing 2(to Burrowing 3(5MPH))[2/14PP] AP: Super-Strength 10(+50, 70 effective STR; Flaws: Duration(Sustained); Feats: Groundstrike(50ft radius), Shockwave(50ft max range, DC20 TOU))[7PP] + Leaping 7(x250 jump distance(3750ft long-run/1875ft long-stand/937ft vertical) Protection 3 [3 pp] Regeneration 5 (Bruised 3(No Action), Resurrection 2(1 Day); Power Feats: Regrowth; Flaws: Source (stone))[3PP] Super-Senses 2 (Tremorsense) [2 pp] Drawback: -4 pp Disability (Cannot Speak) (Very Common, Moderate) [-4] Vulnerable (Cold) (Common, Major(x2 DMG rank)) [-4 pp] Cost: abilities 20 + combat 18 + saves 14 + skills 6/24 + feats 10 + powers 41 - drawback 8 = 105/105PP
  13. @Tipop Praetorians are based in deep space far beyond Sol, but their home of Coalition Victory Station is accessible via a wormhole orbiting Pluto. Basically the Legion of Superheroes, but wholly extraterrestrial. As for joining one of their threads, I feel it'd be good to have a slightly stronger tie than just random happenstance. What if CoVic Station is in the same place as an ancient starspire Prof. Pec read about back in the day, once the home of powerful warriors of light who were destroyed when they ventured too far into the depths of space unprepared. CoVic Station is known to the superhuman community at large, the wormhole to the scientific community, and Prof. Pec figures that history might repeat?
  14. A Waste of Water(OOC)

    You can just hit him, and he's not readied his Force Field generator, and is flat-footed, so Wolf takes the hit. Minion, and you're taking a Fatigue condition, so Wolf fails his Toughness save in full and is knocked out. Fox hears and bursts in. Initiative, if you will. Fox goes on 17
  15. Active Threads for July 2017

    GM All to Salmon, please. A Waste of Water Do It Again Edison vs Tesla 2k17 Everything is Illegal Here! Lines & Lining Stronghold Blues The Speaker Meeting of the Minds on an Exponential Level Lord a sorry month.