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  1. ooc

    I'll let a couple others post before Gabriel speaks up again.
  2. ic

    Gabriel listened to the Empress. He set his cup down on its saucer, and then pushed said saucer further onto the table, before folding his hands into his lap, and looking at the Empress. "Agents in our places? How convenient." Gabriel wasn't stupid. He just hoped the rest of the League would notice soon enough. But the implicit threat in that sort of arrangement was not something he'd just ignore. "I'm sure they'll do just fine, no one will notice, and our lives won't be...disrupted. Will they?" That wasn't really a question. "As for your little 'problem', we can just go talk to them instead of shooting at them, it should be fine. The Freedom League has protocols for Terminus Refugees, and I'm incredibly familiar with them. I've used them a time or two. It makes me wonder why you didn't just contact the Freedom League on our Earth to ask for help?" He smiled. It didn't reach his eyes. "Perhaps not convenient enough for you? No matter. I will of course go speak to these poor refugees, see what we can do to help permanently re-settle them. I think we'll just make sure they're fully off your world. Wouldn't do to disrupt it. After all, it is so very peaceful. We wouldn't want to ruin that peace." The smile somehow both became more powerful, and less friendly. "And then of course you can send us back to the lives you so carefully pulled us from. In case we're in any way disrupting the peace here ourselves."
  3. Happy birthday both of you! Enjoy it as much as possible!
  4. ooc

    Sun Walker Init: 7. Welp.
  5. ooc

    This was for noticing the thing the Empress was/is doing. This check is to notice whatever James is doing: 21. Ugh. Not gonna burn an HP on that though, so, no notice there. @Droideka that's a pretty good Bluff, but doesn't beat 50. If Gallant knows who Gabriel is, he might at least be able to wonder if something is off, though. Really, his reaction's up to you! @Heritage , that's fair. I don't intend to impose figure it out/don't figure it out on the other PCs by any stretch.
  6. ooc

    Perception/Notice Check: 35.
  7. ic

    Gabriel smiled at Gabrielle picking up on his joke. Man, he was such a nice guy, wasn't he? If the others didn't notice that before, it just seemed so obvious now; Gabriel was just a nice guy! He gave the leader of the Empress's elite soldiers (or at least this little contingent of them) a slight bow. "It is, of course, absolutely an amazing honor for us to be here to work for someone so intelligent and caring. This level of foresight and planning is outright humbling, that she could arrange for us to be here yet not disrupt our lives. I look forward to better knowing and understanding the situation and her plan, to ensure safety and prosperity for your great nation. I'm sure we will all learn a valuable lesson or three here today." So nice, and so sincere, too! Gabriel really is just a swell guy, isn't he? When the doors open, Gabriel sweeps into the room, all smiles, arms clasped behind his back. He walks to a spot halfway between the table and the refreshments, before clasping his hands in front of himself. He offered a deep bow, from the waist, toward the Empress. "Your Majesty, Empress, may I say how much of an honor it is to be here? To be able to get a glimpse of this world you've built..." He shakes his head, a smile on his face, as he goes to get himself a saucer and teacup, humming to himself as he selects a precisely-labeled teapot and pours himself a cup, his eyes closing as he inhales the aroma, before turning and going to his seat. "You've even got one of my favorite blends. Astounding. Truly, this level of knowledge and preparation is a sign of a great ruler. So many miss the importance of small details, but I get the sense you do not, Empress." He sips with a smile, before setting his saucer and cup down on the table, far enough back from the edge to avoid an accident, before folding his hands on his lap, almost like a student in class, and looking at the Empress with a dazzling smile and a twinkle in his eye. How can anyone not like this guy? Nice, sincere, a bit of a flatterer, just a great person to be around. "I do so look forward to understanding the nature of this urgent errand of ours. I will admit, at first I felt a bit put-out coming here without notice, but now, well, you've handled the matters of our inconvenience, and of course our private identities, with so much attention, care, and subtlety, that it leaves me little doubt that this matter is indeed urgent, perhaps even gravely so. I am sure your research, and your explanation in this briefing, will help us all understand the vital nature of what we're here to do, what sort of problem we're here to deal with. After all, helping uphold the peace, prosperity, and security of such a wonderful, shining civilization as this? One of the highest honors possible. And we all bring such gifts to this great endeavor that it's only natural we assist. To whom much is given, much is required, as the Lord said. I'm sure we'll all rise to the occasion." He settled back in his chair, his smile set to "maximum dazzle", quietly sipping on his tea. His eyes never broke contact with those of the Empress.
  8. ooc

    Right, time to make some checks. Switching Sonic Control Array to the Enhanced Charisma+Skills mode. Sense Motive on the minions, to figure out how thoroughly they believe in the whole "ours is not to question the mighty Empress, simply to do her will" sort of thing: 31. Use Skill Mastery to Auto-50 the Bluff on the minion-types to make them believe Gabriel's 1000% on-board and happy with things. Working for the Empress is clearly the best, you guys! Sense Motive on the Empress, just to try and get a read on her: 23. Hm. I'm gonna HP reroll that, he's got the heebie-jeebies here: 25, which becomes 35. Intimidate specifically on the Empress, going to roll this, goal is so that she knows he knows she knows who he is, and that they're there against their will, and he's not happy, but that the minions don't pick up on it: 48. Mediocre, but whatareyagondo. EDIT: Okay, so, um, yeah, it's up to @EternalPhoenix whether any of the PCs can overcome their comparative Sense Motive and Gabriel's Bluff check there. (Said Bluff should carry over between outside and inside, and failing that, just have him do another SM-Bluff check to make everyone not-the-Empress think that his little talk with her is totally for-reals helpful and sincere.) Offhand, I could see Grim picking up on it a bit more easily, due to both knowing Gabriel a bit better, and maybe having a bit better "in" on some of the freaky-deaky stuff here, but even then, up to you guys/EP. If you don't pick up on it, it may be shocking how helpful and supportive Gabriel is for this Stepford-Wives-Lite world. Meanwhile, the Empress can absolutely tell that Gabriel's working to Intimidate her, rather than Diplomacy. My roll is just to see how well it works, EP.
  9. ooc

    I feel a bit lost as to whether one of the other PCs came out to interrogate Sun Walker and Red Moon, or if their scene is still separate. I think that's what's delayed me giving a post thus far....
  10. ooc

    "That's Chrome, he's a hero and a cyborg!" is the level of knowledge I'm looking for here, so that's good!
  11. ooc

    That's fair. And this is for "name, general power idea, is a hero" type stuff, not super-detailed. And only if they're geared up, otherwise they're just a person.
  12. ooc

    Assuming everyone suits up, is it reasonable to say Gabriel knows the other heroes present with his Skill Master Auto-30 Gather Info for Well-Informed? (Everyone can know who Gabe is, he's been on the telly!)
  13. ic

    Carson gave a slight smile to James, but gave Honoka the dignity of not calling out her..flustering. He simply stood calmly until the teleport was finished. After finishing, he blinked a few times but maintained his composure otherwise. When invited out of the booth, as well as to change, he simply gave James and Honoka a smile that didn't reach his eyes, and began walking. Before he was even out of the booth, he was covered in glorious, shining armor, hands clasped behind his back as his great coat flared just so behind him. He stopped in the middle of the hall and stood, taking stock of who was there, and quickly getting a general idea of the before them. He nodded at each of the heroes, and the Jade Dragons, present, taking in as much detail as he could. He turned to Gabrielle, raising one eyebrow (which was just barely visible through his helmet and mask). "I have but one question." He pauses, trying to lend it some gravity. "Will we have a spot of tea in this briefing?"
  14. First one sounds pretty solid, feels like one of our classic "where were you" vignettes (in the best way possible). I don't have a Space Character but I guess I'm trying to grasp how the 2nd idea plays out....would we have all the people on the board cast votes or something? Hm. So the idea is that the "icon" angle could be good or bad? It's an interesting idea. Not sure how it'd play out for any of my characters, but it's got some grip to it!
  15. ooc

    Right, just what I was looking for, thanks. As a note, Gabe's doing absolutely nothing with his powers right now...except not suppressing his Enhanced Charisma (like he usually does). But then, that's just kind of a natural part of his presence, right?