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  1. Player Away Thread

    The above continues to be true. I again apologize. Just seems like life is kind of trundling along. I miss you all. Just not where I feel I can reliably be back yet. Also, hope to see you around, Raveled. Safety and blessings be upon you.
  2. Player Away Thread

    I'm pretty well set up and settled...but. Now my laptops CPU isn't cooling properly (goes from 50s C to nearly 100 C in an hour or less). I'm going to be looking into repairing it and/or getting a cooling pad. Replacing isn't in the cards for a bit yet. I'll try to be around but I can't make promises yet. I'm so sorry for all the threads that are stalling because of me. 😔😔😔
  3. Player Away Thread

    I got moved fine but a couple minor things mean I won't likely have much/any chance to do IC posting for a few days yet.
  4. Active Threads for July 2017

    Gabriel Empire of Emerald and Jade: 1 Posts Strange Visitors: 3 Posts (Al posts to Nevermore) GM Posts Deep Into That Darkness Peering (IC) = 4 GM Posts (8 IC Posts) (All posts to Nevermore) Judex And All the Devils Here : 1 Posts From Beneath You It Devours: Are You My Mummy?: 2 Posts Nowhere Noone Nohow: 1 Posts Nevermore Cinco por Cinco: Hijo De La Luna = 3 Posts June/July Vignette: Honor Thy Father And Mother Sun Walker Oni Oh No!: 2 Posts Thoughtspeed Elvis Isn't Dead = 1 Posts Father's Day: 2 Posts From Beneath You It Devours: Atlantis Attacks: 3 Posts
  5. And All the Devils Here [IC]

    Judex frowned as he saw the sigil, moving slowly and carefully into the room. His feet barely left the floor, but he stayed well clear of both bed and symbol, staring thoughtfully at it. The frown didn't leave his face. "I've seen the symbol before, in at least one text. It's...not common, thankfully. But. This...is probably the symbol of a demon named Sabnock. But...this doesn't make sense. There's no army or fortress here, and that's the typical association with that demon. Why do this? What is there to afflict here for one such as that?" He seemed genuinely confused and unsure, stroking his beard in what seemed like a nervous tic. His brow was still furrowed in thought and frustration.
  6. Deep Into That Darkness Peering (IC)

    GM Once Sparkler and Merlin were done in the server room, and Reagent had finished her chemistry work downstairs, the team regrouped upstairs to consider the exit scene. Grim and Woodsman compared notes, and the whole team headed outside. Once there, it took only a bit for a combination of Woodsman's skills and Grim's hounds' noses to pick up a more explicit trail. It dropped in and out, but after a bit of jogging along, it started to become clear they were headed for the 3rd reported crime area they'd been assigned by Raven. A high-tech storage warehouse that just happened to be owned by the same company they'd just traveled from. When that became clear, it was actually easier to keep with the trail, since they knew the rough direction to go. When they arrived, most of the streetlights were out, and the now-approaching dusk made it difficult to get a good picture of what was going on around the large concrete slab of a building. There was a single patrol car out front, with a pair of officers sitting inside chatting.
  7. June/July Vignette - Patrimony

    Honor Thy Father and Mother Nevermore/Raven III Aleksander Garen Nakani stood quietly in front of two small grave markers. They were pale imitations of the real ones, sitting across the ocean in a graveyard he’d visited twice since being freed. The first visit, he’d barely understood what he was seeing; the second time, he was viewing the markers for much of the rest of his extended family. It was not a lively part of the world, and sometimes, people died. These gravestones sat under a mighty oak tree on a back corner of his adopted family’s property, paid for by Callie Summers, like so many things in his life were; Alek had decided he was done with his birth-country, and so they’d placed these here so he could remember his birth-parents without returning to a place he had no connection to. They each bore an inscription. “Henrik Nakani, Loving Husband, Heart of a Warrior” and “Maral Nakani, Loving Wife, Soul of a Warrior”; perhaps a bit fanciful, but Loren and Melissa had more than once said they believed he got his fighting spirit from his birth-parents. He just wished he could talk to them now. He struggled so much with understanding and grasping the beliefs many of his friends, and even the Barbeaus, had; intellectually he could go through all these different faiths, but nothing felt right. So he stood there, unsure if he even believed these dead people would ever see him again…but he couldn’t not say something. His heart cried out for him to speak. “Mother. Father. I…I wish you were here. Loren and Melissa, they are good people. Good parents. I’ve even called them ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’, and meant it. I didn’t even know you two, not really…but I miss you. I wonder what you would have taught me? What you would have done if you’d lived and they’d still taken me, but then the League had freed me…would you have welcomed me home, or recoiled at what I was?” The bouquet of flowers in his right hand shook, as did the rough stone in his left. “I just wish…I wish I could know you were proud of me. I wish I could know you’re proud of what I’m doing. Who I’m becoming. What I’m becoming. I…Loren and Melissa say they’re proud. But I still wonder! And it makes me feel weak. I question myself. Would you comfort me, here, if you could?” Only wind answered. He stood there, silent for over a minute, breathing heavily. “I miss you. I never even knew either of you, and I miss you. I can’t bring you back. And I guess I can’t hear you, if you’re even out there to be heard. But…I want you to know. I’ll get justice for you. Not revenge, justice. I’ll do everything I can to be what Mom and Dad say I can be, and more. I’ll do it for both of you. Then, maybe one day, I’ll hear you.” Tears tracked silently down the face of a young man who, for this moment, was so very alone. He knelt down and placed the flowers in front of his mother’s grave. White daises, shining like pearls in the sun. The rock, bearing a rough, simple shape like a bird, was laid in front of his father’s grave, or the stand-in he had for himself here. His eyes closed behind his sunglasses, the wind blowing his hair about just a bit. He took a deep breath, and stood, squaring his shoulders and not-so-subtly wiping away the tear tracks. “I’ll be back by next year. And in the meantime. I’ll make you proud.” He turned, his coat flaring in the wind, and began walking back to the house. There was work to be done.
  8. Player Away Thread

    Alright, so, here's the wor-wait, no, wrong announcment. So. Tomorrow (Saturday), I will be out of town on a day trip, won't be back in until evening, may or may not end up doing stuff with friends then. But during the day, no posting. Sunday, between church, family lunch, and hanging out with friends, probably won't really post. Next Thursday, might be on later, might not be, having a last hurrah type thing with coworkers. Then between next Saturday, and...probably until the Thursday after that, I'll be pretty well non-existent. I'm actually moving, so between final rounds in the area of family/friends, moving itself, starting to settle in, it's gonna be hectic. Frankly, August might be a bit shaky overall as things settle but I'll be doing what I can to not completely drop the ball. Hopefully I'll find my rhythm within a couple of weeks.
  9. New character concept

    Raveled covered most of the relevant points. I would say having this character's bookstore be adjacent to Claremont, and not officially affiliated, is totally doable, though. Since he'd just be the guy who owns the store, he's not in a position of authority over other PCs, and it gives a good hook and interesting location. It also leaves him open for team-ups with non-Claremont PCs more readily!
  10. New character concept

    Welcome to the forum, Tipop! "Low Rent Doctor Strange" as a quick concept is totally doable; FCPBP has a decently-active magic scene, and of course M&M (whatever the particulars) is very much able to have a magic-flinger active as a hero! A couple of quick links to help you get yourself acclimated and get the ball rolling: Newbie Guide and House Rules. The former should help you get a better feel for this forum, as well as giving a bare-bones example template for your character sheet (which helps make sure we are all on the same page to reference them!). The latter is pretty handy to help understand what isn't like M&M 2E; we've done some cannabalizing of some of the later 2E rulebooks, as well as a few 3E concepts, so I'd encourage you to take the time to give the House Rules a read-through. After that, I'd like to point you to our Sample Characters, pre-made sheets that can help serve as a strong foundation for your first (and so on!) character(s). We don't currently have one that's specifically a Wizard/Magician/Mage type, but maybe they'll help you get a feel for how things would work.
  11. Strange Visitors (IC)

    Carson Finbar Keefe was a man; if describing himself to others, he'd say he was a simple man who did his best and failed, often as not. Gabriel was Carson. But Gabriel was, in a sense, a collection of experiences, many of which included intense negotiations with not just diplomats, but metahumans of all stripes. He'd encountered aliens, Terminus forces, robot duplicates, and Fae. Part of him found Sancta charming, found the whole group charming. Another part of him, though, was realizing something: these aliens were perfect matches. Not just "oh there are some parallels". There was a sunlight-emitter for Stesha, big and strong and charming and gentle and noble and polite. There was a big, burly, scaly sort who appreciated power and teeth, for Tiamat, all flattery and implications of fealty. There was a disarmingly-cute geologist-type for Tarrant, who seemed to already have him on the back foot just by her presence and personality. And he had a polite, charming, innocent, well-mannered diplomat of a woman. Practically perfect match-ups all around. His gut churned in a combination of fear, fear at what sorts of tricks and resources they might have, and wrath, that these invaders would prey upon them so. It carried the same sugar-sweet false masks as the likes of the Fae and Fallen might utilize. But here and now, his friends were targets. The defenseless people here were targets. This would not stand. Gabriel was all smiles as he spoke with Sancta. "That is quite fascinating. You'll have to forgive me, of course, if the more technical aspects of the tools you describe just fly over my head. I can use my personal technology well enough, but it's a toss-up if I really understand the nuts-and-bolts hows-and-whys! Heh, I'm sure you understand." His smile ratcheted up a few points on the scale, then, even as he gave a helpless shrug. "I can appreciate the willingness to expend energy to make new peaceful contacts. We must always be good stewards of what we have, but the best stewards know you must spend and invest to get the fullest returns. It sounds as if your people have overcome incredible adversity to achieve what you did. As for the Stellar Khanate, they may simply not exist here; as I said, we haven't ventured into space. Perhaps the people-groups of that would-have-been nation simply got absorbed into the overall Grue nation. Such is the way of the diverging waters of universes. As for our time in our home universe, I can't rightly say. I don't think there's much difference, if there is any. Really though, beyond our humble selves, what brings you here? You mentioned "the right sort of place"; what makes this place so right?" His head tilted in curiosity at this question, seemingly enraptured by Sancta's presence and words. Simultaneously, he was using his ventriloquism to speak to two individuals. The first was the lead monk at the monastery, Brother William. <Brother William, this is Gabriel. Do not let anyone outside. Repeat, do not let anyone outside to greet these visitors. Worst-case you may have to enact that protocol, but for now things are under control. Stay safe and smart.> The second was a bit further away, but Gabriel could hear her humming to herself as she led her sisters on a patrol. It was one of the dragon-bees, the mighty fire-breathing protectors of Sanctuary. <Devora, this is Gabriel. We've met a few times. I need you to quietly, quietly! get your sisters ready just in case. I'd also like you to ask the robo-bees to get ready, and ask if one of them, I don't mind which one, 'just happens' to fly by here. Just fly by, nothing more. Casually, you know? I know I can trust you with this, Devora, and so can Fleur de Joie.> Some tiny part of his mind felt slightly bad at playing the "Stesha appreciates you" card without her knowledge. But the rest of his conscious mind was too busy blaring alert signals to care.
  12. Deep Into That Darkness Peering (OOC)

    Woodsman is pretty dang sure this is the same group. He sees a few fiber traces at the door into the server room, and a few bits of glass. He can pretty easily track their path, too; they came from the stairs, to the server room, and then out into the hall and through a nearby segment of cubicles to the window they busted out and escaped from. He also finds places where they attached grapnel lines to descend to street level. Which suggests at least most of them can't fly. The blade is quality steel, and bears marks of being handled in an actual forge environment, not a factory, but also a uniformity that suggests being one of many identical pieces. The alloy itself suggests an area somewhere in China, likely more toward Tibet or Mongolia. The styling of the blade itself is very bland and functional; it seems inspired by no one place. It's hard enough to stand up to a lot of wear and tear, suggesting a weapon that's generally thrown and recovered, and that rarely takes much more than slight nicks and dents. Alright, between these and his Computer skill.... He can tell that the damage to the racks was actually carefully targeted. The damage caused would have caused the servers to switch to their redundant drives; some poking at the terminal indicates this happened after some USB drives were inserted, and the split-second changeover was all they needed to access the information on them. Specifically, the technical specifications, location, part numbers, and basically everything else of the pieces of tech alluded to from the information from the home break-in. Which suggests that one occurred first, which led these thieves to here, and then onward. Probably to that warehouse you all got a report on! Merlin's not 100% sure....but it seems like maybe these components would be able to build some sort of...teleportation gate? The weird part about that is, they could open a gate, but not "point" it anywhere.... Hm. The dog, noting the most unique of the scents the pack has been picking up at both these sites, noses around until it finds the broken tip of what at first looks like just another knife....but further examination suggest is something a bit weirder!
  13. Salvo (PL 10)- Zeitgeist Blue

    Feats like All-Out Attack, Power Attack, Defensive Attack, and so on are expressly allowed to "break" Caps, per our House Rules, though per those House Rules you can only shift values by +/- 5. Keep in mind these feats don't really "break" caps, as you're shifting the overall bonuses around temporarily, with tradeoffs in other areas.
  14. Oni Oh No!

    "Now you are simply being rude and uncouth." Sun Walker took a single step to one side, and the meteor hammer hit nothing but air. He sighed and shook his head. "Besides, did you think that no one would contest your thievery? Why are criminals always so upset people oppose their base villainy? After all, how dare a simple citizen, or group of citizens, take a stand in their community?" He took a couple of steps toward the large man, before suddenly the tail that had been coiled around his waist shot out like a viper. "How dare we say 'nay' to violence and greed? And then you have the audacity to stoop to insults with shades of racism? For shame, good sir." The large man tried to evade, but even as Sun Walker just stood there, his tail zigged and zagged through the air, before winding around the man's legs and whipping up to his arms, binding them together as well. He was practically hog-tied in a few eye-blinks. "Perhaps you need to sit and think about what you've done."
  15. Oni Oh No! (OOC)

    Not sure if I'd still be Shaken or not, I guess a round has gone by...anywho! Gonna try to Grapple the Hammer guy. TAIL POWER HO! Unarmed Attack: 33. (So close to a crit!) Grapple Check: 35.