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  1. Block Head

    GM "Calm? Need?" said each of Block Heads faces, full of confusion. "What do those words even mean???" "WHO AM I! WHY AM I! I NEED ANSWERS!!!!" he screamed as the emergency lights flashed a dull red over his purple hued body. The emergency was in full swing, and a couple of security guards thudded into the foundry. "Halt! What is transpiring?" they asked, almost in unison. Mannequin did not recognise either of them. They spoke flatly, and seemed slow of intellect. Or even drugged, perhaps. Whatever they wanted, they were at least not pulling guns...
  2. Block Head

    GM "No! It is frustrating!" shouted Block Head straight back. It was become increasingly obvious that when emotionally aroused, his five faces started talking slightly out of synch. It was an unpleasant cacophony, and could even make it hard to understand what he was saying. "I feel myself crumbling, inside" he said, still angry. "What have you done? I was happy, before, in my world. Now, my mind is jumbled and confused. I have lost harmony. Why did you do this?" He pounded his head again. "What am I? WHAT AM I????"
  3. Deeper Underground

    Could you throw me some notice rolls please!
  4. Crash on Volturnus (IC)

    Starshot Starshot pondered the matter carefully. The tribe were no strangers to stealth and ambush, which was a start. But also, it seemed, it was the finish. Hunting gave valuable skills, but it was designed for animals. They were facing something quite different. And he said so. "Fighting the pirates...the sky demons....will be different to fighting animals. I am sure you are brave, fast, and strong. But this will be different to hunting" he explained. "They will be prepared, and they will no how to fight back" "We must hunt in a different way...." he offered, hopeful that they would be flexible enough to at least try.
  5. The Room Where It Happens [OOC]

    Initiative: 1d20+6 13
  6. Codex Immortus: Voin

    Mr Murk "It would depend upon how the contract was sundered" answered Mr Murk "I am not one for vengeance by nature. To love is always wise, to hate is always foolish. But, alas, as you say, we are often fools" he conceded. "There would be three stages to breaking the contract. Firstly, if the transgression is mild or trivial, it would mean but a note, a warning. Providing, of course, that the immortal makes apology". "Secondly, there would be forcible expulsion from the contract, as determined by a council of three. If so expelled, said immortal cannot enter the grounds of club immortus and would receive no help from our system. It would be, as the Catholics would say, excommunication. Further aide or malice towards such an immortal would be the choice of individuals and subject to the laws of the world". "Lastly, for the most serious offences, beyond reprehensible, there would be active action. This would require a universal agreement from all signaturities of the codus. It would be for the most extreme and terrible actions, such that bring the fate of all immortals to great peril. For acts of such cruelty and malice - beyond mere war or violence - that we cannot abide. In such cases, the signaturities will be called to act. Not merely to exclude such a foul soul, but to degrade or even exterminate him". He looked grim. "I hope this never happens of course, but the provision must be there...."
  7. Far From Home

    Rev "Oh yeah, I'm just fine" called back Rev. "Just a scratch. And maybe a punctured lung. But mainly a scratch. How are you? Still got both your eyes in their sockets?" she shouted at SFX. "Now then, this ain't over. Not by a long stretch. Did I say long stretch?" Her arms propelled up a few dozen feet into the sky, the gel skin now virtually shredded. Not that she needed to look normal now anyway. "Time for a burning basketball! In the hoooop!" She streamed out a ball of fire into her hands, and lobbed it through the air in a graceful arc, until it mushroomed and bloomed middair in a rather pretty explosion....
  8. Far From Home OOC

    Free action: Take 10 with Skill Mastery / Acrobatics for 21, to get back on feet as a free action. Move Action: Elongate Arms 25' Standard Action: Fireball on 11,12,6. (Damage 8 Ranged General Burst)
  9. Hot Shot

    GM This time, the skull man backed away. Quick and effective, but somehow chaotic in his movements. "Weakling! Coward! Having to fight with fire and smoke! Impure deception!" he cackled and laughed. "A hero, a warrior. They fight with blood and steel. With the power that comes from within, no granted by some twist of fate...for within comes strength! Strength that is earned!" The Thug roared to the skies, his veins popping out so much one might fear they would burst. He turned around and picked up the control car. That's right, he picked up a patrol car, readers! And more than that, he swung it, intending to smash Bonfire's head in. But alas, Bonfire was but smoke, and then furious thug almost lost his balance with the unchecked swing. "Coward! You are nothing! Nothing! Shame on you!" screamed the enraged man. "This is awesome...ok...get ready.....!" came a voice in the background. The man filming the entire spectacle.
  10. Hot Shot

    GM The thug came close, cracking his knuckles. Bonfire felt something crawl up and down his sixth sense. That bone skull mask had a horrible, almost Eldritch feel to it. A sense of dread dripped off every crack in the bone. "Lets see what ya got then. All show. That's a sign you have no fire to your belly. No sweat. No toil. Nothing that makes a man a man. Everything special about you is just fortune, not will...." snarled the sickly strong voice through the mask. A tongue, about fifteen inches long and forked, swept out of the mouth, serpentine and certainly not human - at least not without some exceptionally radical surgery. The Thug had some skill, sure. A swing left, a swing right, and a dirty kick to the knees. But nothing that Bonfire could not back free from...
  11. Hot Shot

    ok this is not quite combat, but Skullfang will take a swing. Swings at Bonfire: 1d20+8 10 Miss As this is semi combat, we need not follow init precisely, and can pause in and out of combat.
  12. Block Head

    GM "The world is expanding. Infinite, it is" agreed Blockhead. He pounded his head, violently, full of transient anger. "I cannot see it all. Not the merest fraction of the tiniest part. I cannot expand to fill it. I cannot hope to understand it. And yet, my perception grows, like a ladder without end" He gripped a steel railing, and bent it, crushing it, rending it. "And from my first step, to build, my next seems only to destroy....!"
  13. Hot Shot

    A good score, but this guy is simply to crackers to care!
  14. Hot Shot

    GM The fire and the fury startled the thugs, a few of whom turned heel and ran. But the leader, and some of the more rabid thugs, did not. "Wait! I know you...Bonfire!" he screamed, full of fire of a different sort. One could not see his eyes, just the black sockets of the snake skull that covered his head. The leader jumped off the police car he was sitting on, with considerable agility. He writhed around, contorting his body with great flexibility and muscles that slid around his skeleton with force and twitch. "I think you need a fight. Man on man. A stinking, bloody fight. Fists and boots. Or are you a coward? Just a coward, hiding in his smoke, trembling in his fire, with no heart or will?" he taunted. "Come on then, loser! Show me what you are made of!"
  15. Hot Shot

    GM This gang didn't seem part of any local crew Bonfire had seen. Freedom City had seen a lot of new gangs spring up recently, from the Beastly Boys to the Leap Froggers. Even the mysterious cheesegraters, who nobody had actually ever seen, but everybody seemed to talk about in hushed tones. These guys looked like an assortment of street trash who just got caught in the wake of some frenzy. Leathers, knives, clubs, rabid dogs. And at their head, a large, strong man, full of sweat and muscles. He was wearing a mask. One would hope it was a mask, anyway. It looked like a skull mask. The skull of some giant snake. He was gurgling and laughing. "Pull their teeth. I want a necklace of teeth!" he screamed at the top of his voice, referring to the two policemen pinned down by dogs and thugs. One other thug, armed with a pair of pliers, laughing in a most cruel manner, started approaching the teeth that, for now, looked like they belonged to the police.... To one side, Bonfire caught sight of... Someone with the cheek to film this horror! A short thin man with dyed red hair, goatee, and camera, intent on capturing the whole thing.