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  1. Long Way Down(IC)

    Lord Steam Unnerved but unshaken, Lord steam studied the...well, what was it exactly the Speaker was fiddling with....? "Ghosts? Why I am no expert on ghosts. Spirits of the deaday. Stories. Myths. Hallucinations, for the most part. Memories perceived as real. For the most part, that is. I, for one, have never seen one. At least, not since Mr Edwards spiked the rum with amazonian mushrooms at the philosophy club at Oxford. And I am fairly sure it wasn'the real. Pour Edwards, got thrown out of University for that. The Dean was seeing frogs for weeks afterwards..." He was babbling on a bit. He refocused and directed a question at the Speaker. "Why do you ask? And what the devil are you playing with?"
  2. Industrial Strength

    GM As it happened Anna, ever astute, noticed the slackness of rope behind her and turned around. She stifled a gasp as she saw the Hunter. But she recognised the language. She hissed something at him and he hissed back. They clearly understood each other, but what were they saying? Something about being silent? The Hunter put his finger to his lips and shook his head. He had a threatening air but was not violent. Yet. Perhaps Anna could translate but she could not speak aloud and was being dragged away by the rope around her waist...
  3. Midnight Run

    Jane is up again!
  4. Midnight Run

    GM The flames flowered over the pilots cockpit, probably blinding the pilot. Not that it mattered...it was a straight runway and one only had to hold the plane steady astream it coasted forward. Blowtorch, for such was the name of our flamethrower villain, jumped into the passenger door. He was a ignore man and strong, but not agile. He clung to the doorway awkwardly, the door flapping wide. "Planes can be hazardous to birds..." he yelled over the increasingly loud engine. And with a signal to the pilot, the plane jolted forward with a startling burst of speed, ready to ram the bird of arms...
  5. Midnight Run

    In which case it's time to get rammed by the accelerating plane! Can you throw me a reflex save dc 15 or suffer a damage 7 impact effect... effectively a slam.
  6. Soviet Kitsch

    The Red Rat The rat picked up a shovel. She could use it to shovel things. Or to whack a brain controlled zombie goon on the head. Well, it would conserve ammunition. She understood that conserving ammunition was important in a zombie apocalypse. At least, that's what the TV shows implied. But now, this was interesting. A shielded house.... It was worth investigating. She turned the Wheel and sped up to the front door. Probably best not to ram it. She might need her ride. No, instead she got out and tried the front door by hand...
  7. Midnight Run

    Rearly I cannot see how Jann, with his attack bonus could miss hitting a plane that is slowly moving along the runway. No need to spend an HP. The plane has a toughness of 8 and the flamethrower a damage 6 effect so feel free to roll that
  8. Industrial Strength

    GM "I think this one is better, I am sorry to say..." said Arna, thankful for the blanket. "Something here...the geography is all wrong..." she said, worried. And so, as the night crept onto dawn... It was indeed a terrible snowfall. Visibility was poor, and the expedition had to trudge through a foot of snow. Mumbling and grumblings of discontent were all around. "Not far now! Almost there!" called Lord Crane from the lead, but whether he was believed or not was another matter. The howl of wolves could be heard. This did not raise spirits, but guns were kept at the ready. Mr Hale Esq. Did not hear a thing. But he felt a sharp stabby thing at his back. A knife probably. And a voice, quiet as a summer breeze. He could, however, not understand a word. It was some Greenlandic language - he knew that much from his time with Arna. With a swish the man behind him took a few steps forward and cut the rope between Mr Hale and the rest of the party. He was a small, wiry man, dressed in heavy furs. He had the native look in ethnicity, like one of the northern american native tribes. His intent, however was unclear. He carried a speak and a knife, and a quiver full of arrows on his back. A hunter, no doubt. But whilst he had cut the rope, he did not try to stab Mr. Hale...or, thank heavens, Arna, who trudged on unknowing...
  9. Midnight Run

    GM The move caught Blowtorch by surprise. Perhaps the boldness of it. The flamethrower slipped from his hands and into Janns. He swore loudly and bared his teeth. Slowly he pulled out a rather magnificently unpleasant knuckleduster from his jacket. It had "B U R N" written on it. He slipped it over his right hand. "Bird's don't have teeth, chicken-breath. So lets get with some dental surgery...make you look the part..." he grinned, and gave a strong wide telegraphed punch at Jann. The Plane started forward, throwing him a little off-balance. Enough to swing wide. The whole plane started coasting down the runway, gently picking up speed. On the subject of speed, the zoomed up leapfrogger jumped onto the wing, still unused to his boost. Perhaps he whirling arms might have hurt somebody. Perhaps even himself. But he was almost too fast too co-ordinate. "Frek this!" swore the other leapfrogger, clutching his bruised head. He nimbly jumped off the Pick up truck and ran as fast as he could. Jann noticed he had that rather valuable first edition of dark side of the moon in his hand. At least he had taste.
  10. Midnight Run

    STR vs disarm: 1d20+5 8 so you can disarm him - I think also actually grab the weapon into Janns hands. The Pilot will start the plane taxi-ing along the runway... Round 3: 24 Final Leap Frogger 24 Other Leap Frogger 22 Blowtorch 16 Jann - 1 HP - Fatigued 11 Pilot (out of view) Ok So FLF will strike again: Strikes Jann: 1d20+5 8 a straight miss. OLF will start running all out, his nerve cracked, trying to make a run for it. Blow torch will punch Jann in the mouth. With his brass knuckles (move action to put on). Punches Jann: 1d20+10 14 but a miss all the same. Jann is up again.
  11. Midnight Run

    GM The free runners head slammed into Blowtorch, who took a step back. "You headcase!" he grunted, determined as ever. He was not exactly nimble, but he was bold. He took a short jump from to the roof of the truck, then another short hop onto the wing of the plane, spinning round to stand a few feet above Bird of Arms. "I sure like standing on wings..." he explained, and with a satisfying hiss, a small ball of flame, like a sizzling golf ball, was fired from his weapon. With a puff, it hit Jann square, exploding into fire. The Leapfrogger below Jann took something out out of his Jacket, and stabbed himself with it. A hyperdermic needle.... Hie eyes rolled and his body jerked, with tremendous speed. It could only be zoom, and he was up, flailing his limbs like a high powered windmill. Not used to the speed quite yet, he could not control himself. Which was fortunate, for at that speed being hit by a flailing limb would be most unpalatable.
  12. Midnight Run

    ok that works! His toughness is +6 so Tough save vs BoA charge: 1d20+6 24 I think is enough to save vs any attack with improvised weapon (just). Ill give the object of attack (the leapfrogger) a toughness 22 save: TOugh vs being used as weapon: 1d20+2 14 is bruised and dazed. This round the pilot will poke his head out the door but that's it. NB: Given evasion 1 we can discount the bruise you got previously (mechanically- you can narrate some smoke and crisps) Round 2: 24 Final Leap Frogger 24 Other Leap Frogger Bruised, Dazed. 22 Blowtorch 16 Jann - 2 HP - Fatigued 11 Pilot (out of view) So the Leap Frogger will use a move action to inject himself with Zoom! Users gain Super-Speed 5 (250 MPH, with the Rapid Attack or Strike power feat) for an hour, after which the user is exhausted. After a dose wears off, the user must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or suffer immediate heart failure, shifting the user’s condition to dying. This is also the case if a user falls unconscious while on zoom. And the whallop Jann with his superspeed! Strike 5, Mighty (I think) but only +5 Attack: Attacks Jann: 1d20+5 20 is still a miss. Blow Torch will jump onto the plane wing and fire some bursts of flame at Jann. Fires fire at Jann: 1d20+10 25 which does hit, and is a Damage 6 (+1 from vulnerability) effect...or a Toughness 21 save. Then Jann is up
  13. Industrial Strength

    GM "I hope they do not" replied Arna. "And I know he is a bad sort. Anybody he spends more than a second with him knows that. But don't let that fury get to you..." she warned. She was not the sort of lady who wanted chivalry and protection, but neither was she opposed to it. What she wanted from Mr. Hale Esq was decency. The decency so apparently lacking in Lord Hale. "But seriously, this snow isn't a joke" she muttered, as it fell ever more heavily. "We won't be able to see more than ten feet..." She was perhaps not wrong, there was mutterings around the party about the snow, and already visibility was falling to afew dozen feet. But Lord Crane was having none of it. "It's just a bit of snow!" he would say, but all the same, he encouraged rope to be tied around each man, and woman. For all his drive, he was prudent. And let us march on! Arna sighed, tying the rope around her and kssing Mr. Hale Esq with warm lips. She made very certain she was next to Mr. Hale, but the line was forming...
  14. Industrial Strength

    GM Lord Crane was about to explode back. He was about to pull out his weapon. Everyone held their breath. "Of course, of course!" he smiled with a plastic face. "What was I thinking! Do excuse me dear fellow! Why, how utterly without chivalry..." he said, taking his hand from his belt. "Even if the midst of a mission of such vital import, we cannot discard the mead of human kindness, can we?" He looked at Mr Hale with cold eyes. "Why, what would be then?" Everyone let their breath out. Slowly, quietly. "Come then, dear fellows. To glory and fame!" he said, mustering up the demoralised sailors. "and power and wealth beyond compare..." he muttered to himself. The snow really was landing hard now, and Arna sidled up to Mr. Hale, Esq. "He's a bit crazy..." she muttered, once ensuring Lord Crane was out of earshot. "There is going to be a blizzard...."
  15. Industrial Strength

    GM Lord Crane calmed down a bit. Arna was getting dressed. Perhaps that got him calm. Or hot. Or both. "Yes, well. Chop chop then lads!" he said, trying to instil some encouragement in the four sailors. It was not long until the men got out. The snow was beginning to fall more heavily. "I fear the weather is against us, Lord Crane" said the Professor, stiff and cold. "Maybe even a blizzard..." "Nonsense! Nothing a bit of grit and determination will not overcome, dear Professor. You underestimate us!" said Lord Crane, high spirited. "I think you may underestimate the weather" said Arna, not meeting his eye. "Shut up! I don't know why I agreed to take you!" exploded Lord Crane at Arna, furious but not violent. "Why, I have half a mind to send you back to the ship! I probably would if it was not a treacherous night!"