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  1. (IC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived?

    "We'll get set up," Matt said, nodding, "and we'll give you a shout if we need anything. Half an hour's a little tight, but it shouldn't be too bad for getting stuff ready - sorry about any weird squeals as we plug in." He flashed a smile and disengaged, leading Winifred to the stage - Fang had not disappeared when they hit the building, for once, and by the time they hit the mic stands she'd been joined by another in what must have been some kind of magical dog mitosis. "Looks like we'll mostly just have to tune up and make sure the sound covers the room," Matt mused, looking out over the bustle of a pre-party setup and trying to get a feel for how everything had been laid out. He shrugged his guitar off his shoulder, his second dog helpfully trotting off to gently grab the ends of a couple instrument cables and awkwardly dragging them downstage.
  2. (IC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived?

    "At a holiday thing?" Matt had slung his guitar case across his back on its strap, the better to shove both hands into his jacket pockets; the base of it bumped against his right leg every time he took a step, but he either didn't notice or didn't mind. "Nah, not likely. Holiday cheer and all that, y'know? Besides, we've got a backup plan for that stuff." Fang returned Winifred's wink with a toothy white grin, trotting a couple of feet closer from where she'd been briefly sniffing at a trail on the sidewalk. "We shall be nearby," she confirmed, "as we always are. If any are foolish enough to throw things onto stage, we shall catch them, and they shall be ours." 'They' could have been the thrown or the thower, and one imagined the ambiguity was done with purpose. "We are very well trained." Matt made a snorting noise. "Sure, okay."
  3. (IC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived?

    It was a rare occasion when Matthew Rivera chose to dress up, but a potential gig was one of those times - nothing ostentatious, of course, and none of the designer labels that would be well and truly outside of his budget, but something simple and flattering. Black slacks and well-fitted suit jacket over a white button-up and a thin black tie gave him a casual look somewhere at the intersection of "cute mortician's son", "indie rocker", and "blues singer"...the latter helped somewhat by eyes rendered just dark enough to turn brown eyes soulful in contrast. Fang liked it, anyway, but she'd also liked his ghost-wrangling outfit, and he was rethinking that. She was trotting down the sidewalk at his heels, happy to be sniffing and watching a part of the city she hadn't been in much. "Just let me know if you feel like you need to back out," he was saying as they walked down the street. He could have driven, but for all that it was January it was pretty nice out, and the walk was always good for wearing the edge off the jitters. "Figure that goes for anyone anybody plays with, but we haven't committed 'til we've committed, y'know?"
  4. The Nothing From Coming For You (IC)

    "Familiar with magic," Dragonfly confirmed, leading the group back to base; she had to admit that she found the ghost somewhat endearing, now that she wasn't worried about a bunch of scientists dying because of old wounds causing fights in the snow. "Never wrapped my head around how magic works in practice, but some high-energy science is like that too. Getting the effect you want within strict bounds so that you don't tear holes in fabric of reality. Can doesn't mean should, etc. Good to have your expertise, though, as long as it doesn't cause more problems on accident. Not going to turn down benign help if it gets this solved faster and better." She cocked her head, pausing long enough to glance over at the animated spectre. "Do scientists tell you that magic is invalid or too different because it has different rules, or involves breaking rules? Or talk about how magic is just science nobody knows all rules for yet?" Mara needed to get to know more proper mages, come to think of it, but even then.... "Those people are bad scientists. You can tell them Dragonfly said so."
  5. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence

    Mara put a hand around Ellie's waist, squeezing her reassuringly even as her own eyes darkened a few shades. She didn't have Ellie's nightmares, but only because the figurative and literal wounds had largely scarred over - she had no love of psychics herself. "Can do loud," she confirmed, already running down a mental checklist. She'd just done a suit tune-up; she had a new drone search & rescue package ready too, but this wouldn't be the time for field testing. Better roll it back. "Not immune, but significant unnatural defenses against mind-whammies; bet he gets a bad surprise if he tries." Her checklist had moved down to sorting through her drone fleet; 0-5 were still down, lucky shots from a rocket. 17 was half-finished on a bench at home, no time. The rest were already running diagnostics, sitting on custom charging racks in a dimension so near and yet so far away. "Do we want him conscious, unconscious, or broken?"
  6. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence

    Mara was, on her best day, not much of a team player. Or a joiner. Or a 'team' person at all, really. Teaming up with other heroes was a task to endure to get the job done. Her company was hers, which was different from having to collaborate much, most of the time - and even then she had to keep other people out of her lab. She couldn't see herself ever flying team colors, or under a catchy name, or especially under any kind of dedicated, prolonged leadership without it ending extremely poorly for everyone involved. Erik, though, was family, and that made his partners family too. Not like Ellie or Yolanda or Josephine were family, but family none the less, and she'd gotten just enough from the brief phone call to drop what she was doing, pick up Ellie, and hop on her bike toward the Espadas house as fast as ground travel would go. Nobody was going to put her extended family at risk and get away with it...and if she found out that Yolanda was at risk too, there was going to be hell to pay.
  7. The Commander & Ox PL (10) - Zatvair (newbie)

    Made some small edits to formatting and some notational math (eg, the Powers section for Ox had the right final pp cost, but the numbers leading up to that needed touching up; Grapple was still built as if the character has growth; etc). No actual mechanical changes to the characters. APPROVED, though once you've played with the system for a bit do come back and review the sheet for things you want to update or change. In particular, I'm personally pretty lenient about sheet formatting for really new players (goodness knows you have a lot to learn and track already, and having a sheet you laid out yourself can be useful if it's clear enough!), but eventually the sheet should probably be cleaned up for the standard templates. One more approval (the second ref may have further feedback for you!) and you'll be good to go.
  8. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    There was an eddy in the chemical fog where Alice had exited the van, but rather concerningly no sound; for all intents and purposes, she may as well have been swimming through it as she stalked her way over to the main fight. The little rod in her hand extended outward as she brought it down on Ha Ha's head, but it made less of a satisfying 'whack' and more of a dull and vibrating 'klunk' when it landed, which she chose to believe indicated something about what he kept in there. "You don't backstab the people you hire," she insisted through a mouth-covering crimson scarf, the other end of her staff telescoping out as she swung it between his legs and shot the tip into the joints of his knees, one after the other. Maybe it'd bring him down closer to the broken pavement he rightly deserved to crawl along. "Word gets around and nobody will even work for you anymore, how dumb are you."
  9. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Seems right. Alice will Surge a second Standard Action, which she'll use to trip Mr. Ha Ha. If she can't take him out, she can at least rob him of the only action he's gonna get on his turn. Melee Attack Roll vs. Ha Ha (trip): 1d20+12 20 I...think that hits? Trip Check vs. Ha Ha (Improved Trip +4): 1d20+6+4 13 Dice. Dice, why. Screw it, Alice has many HP and at this point she's unlikely to get shot at. Trip Check REROLL vs. Ha Ha (Improved Trip +4): 1d20+6+4 13 ....really? Okay. 23, with the reroll, at least. Maybe his Str, Dex, or Acrobatics check will still be enough, but his odds won't be amazing. Alice is down 1HP, and will be fatigued at her next round unless she coughs up a point to waive it.
  10. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Alice is going to sneak up on the goon who didn't manage to break his hand, and see if she can take him out of the fight. She can Auto-29 a stealth check even in combat, so I'm...not going to bother with that part, much less in some light concealment! Melee Attack Roll vs. Thug (Sneak Attack +2): 1d20+12 24 Huzzah. That'd be a DC21 Toughness save; let me know if it's insufficient, and I'll probably have her surge for another attack. She doesn't like getting screwed over for her hard work. EDIT: Mis-read what goons were doing what. Alice will direct this at Ha Ha, not a goon.
  11. Fast Food

    Alice had been eyeing Sofia with something like critical appraisal before the talk of people knowing where she slept snapped her attention back to the conversation; she scowled at that, cocking an ear toward the sirens as if tracking their distance. "It's important," she said, though only after muttering something nearly inaudible about 'safe words'. "You can't watch your back when you're sleeping. The best bed is a bed nobody else knows about - too many people knowing where to find you is trouble." Something about the sirens made her cock her head, scowl pulling even further down her face. "We're leaving now," she announced, grabbing the front of Sofia's collar with one hand and pulling her down the staff hall toward the back. "There's a back door for food deliveries, and the alley smells like hobo piss, the cops aren't gonna make it back there for minutes. Don't leave blood on the door, and we'll be gone before they know we were here, maybe grab some stuff on our way through the kitchens. Nice meeting you."
  12. The Commander & Ox PL (10) - Zatvair (newbie)

    Feedback sent to player via PM (ongoing conversation; last updated 2017/10/11).
  13. The Nothing From Coming For You (IC)

    Dragonfly gave Kimber a long, expressionless look before her head cocked to the side, mechanically, like some kind of clockwork contraption come to life. She was not a diplomat, but she'd learned to read people, and she had a fair amount of practice by now dealing with odd personalities. "....regardless of intentions, your appearances made situation actively worse," she pointed out, though her voice was far more analytical than judgmental. She seemed to be thinking aloud as much as explaining anything. "Potentially coincidental, probably not. Gave you a very unkind welcome, but had to prioritize getting their attention -" - she didn't point, but her use of 'they' was none the less not ambiguous - "- before things spiraled." "Don't like yelling much. Not good enough at diplomacy to use nicer words and get results. Used methods available when innocent people were at risk. Possibly my limitations, possibly not. Apologies for rudeness, would do it again if I had to, hopefully won't, prefer genuine cooperation. Please call ahead next time."
  14. Surrender, and Other Cheap Tricks

    Fang dipped her head down, sniffing at the water distrustfully before prodding the bowl with one paw, shoving it a couple inches across the floor. Matt just shrugged one shoulder. "Maybe," he said, noncommittally, watching his dog try to figure out if the water was real without drinking it. "I like to pay my own way most of the time, but let me know if something's coming up? Might be going anyway if I could swing a ticket. Some shows let you watch free if you pitch in with setup and tear-down. And the powers...I dunno?" That was another shrug, the boy clearly trying to carefully mull his answer over. "I guess it probably depends on...when stuff happened?" he said. "Like, some people don't have powers so much as they're just crazy-trained because their childhood was weird, so it's nothing new. Some people got their stuff really young, or were born with it, so they've been dealing with weird crap most of their lives. I'm, uh. In the second group. I never knew other people who weren't normal, but I've seen a lot of junk that's sorta taken the edge off new stuff, I guess."
  15. Gaian Knight / Tiamat (maxed) - Dragonfly (maxed) The Nothing From Coming For You (6) Wraith Horrorshow (1) Eclipse - Grim Soot & Cinders (33) Surrender and Other Cheap Tricks (11) Gremlin Fast Food (3) Knock on the Door Job (1) GM Horrorshow (1) Soot & Cinders (4) Ref point to Eclipse, please. 16 rollover posts to distribute (6 Dragonfly, (5x2=) 10 GM), assuming I've done my math right. 1 post to Eclipse, please so that she gets something for the month, as per normal. Everything else to Grim to bump him up to 50+ posts.