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  1. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    Alice had made record time through the vents, though - as much as she'd like to take pride in her vent-crawling skills - at least part of that was due to a somewhat undignified and barely-controlled slip down a floor of vent shafts. She scolded herself for letting the rush make her sloppy, gently removing the cover to the closet vent access and sliding out head-first. "I don't pay good attention sometimes," she admitted with entirely less shame than she ought to have, pulling her feet free and working the crick out of her neck as she hid the signs of her ingress. "But, um. Advice? Maybe don't announce you have a weapon. It makes the big mean dudes want to punch YOU, and makes it harder to stick 'em with the weapon. Tasers and mace are pretty great if no one else knows you have 'em." The young thief looked around, taking stock of her...resources. Housekeeping. Right, okay. "Pretty sure I know what the housekeeping scam is, though. I'll get stuff ready on my end."
  2. Erebo [PL10] ~ Glass Clown

  3. Strange Visitors (IC)

    Gaian Knight shrugged, allowing the inspection of his hand as casually as one could, raising the other to move his mini-Earth out of the way. It quickly dissolved back into a small sphere of loose stones, the gemstone somewhere down in the center. "We don't, as far as I know," he admitted. "Some humans come up with some very interesting technologies, and a few have made machines that can do crude manipulation - mostly seismic technology, vibrations, magnetics - but everything I've ever seen with any kind of fine control was also not really limited by medium, and anything that worked at any kind of large or permanent scale was always too big to easily carry around and use. My magic may be limited to stone and dirt, but it's more than enough for me." -- Tiamat snorted, not moving so much as one claw out of place. "You genuinely cannot," she said, "or, as it were, will not. The mistake is understandable, as I was perhaps not fully clear: I am not disappointed because I do not speak your tongue, I am disappointed because I do not know which tongue you speak." There was pride in her voice, but genuine curiosity, too, a puzzle to be solved. A mind to play with. "Is it your own, unknown language? <Or Lor, maybe, so eloquently full of itself?> <Grue, shifting and tasteless?> <I don't even know the name of this one; its speaker's ship crashed to the Earth and fell unconscious before we spoke much. A pity.>"
  4. Horrorshow

    The little man froze up like he'd had the life cut out of him (which, really, wasn't far off from the truth), staring blankly for a moment before doubling over with his hands on his face as he tried to rattle out...something. The noise had probably started as words. Hurt and distracted as he was, he never saw Wraith coming. She dropped out of the sky like a bolt from an alien god, slamming over-sized clawed feet into his body and using his rapidly-crumpling form to push herself back several feet to regard what was left of the would-be thieves. They looked at their boss's body, skidding a couple of feet and not getting up, and they looked back at the heroic, monstrous pair. One by one, two-thirds of the group dropped their psychic fields, carefully removing their harnesses with the practiced, hands-always-visible caution one might associate with people who'd been arrested a lot. The other two flickered, but snarled, pounding their fists together. The noise bounced around the empty lobby, distorting the distant sound of a car driving by outside. "Cowards," one of them growled, taking a menacing step forward. "We finish it, we get him out, we still get paid. I ain't goin' back to bein' nothing."
  5. Horrorshow (OOC)

    Alright; way too long on this. My apologies! Wraith'll go ahead and Charge the angry little man: Melee Attack Roll vs. angry little man (Charge +2): 1d20+12+2 19 Ooh, barely. Fun fact: with his toys, the little guy's PL12ish, with a Toughness trade-off. Without it? A flat PL9ish with nasty psychic tricks. Which he may not get a chance to use, at this rate! Toughness Save vs. Wraith, DC27 (Shaken -2, Bruised -1): 1d20+9-3 12 Okay. In the interests of brevity, Wraith'll go ahead and Surge an extra standard action, combine it with her move action, and full-round a group intimidation: Intimidation Check (Imposing +2): 1d20+10+2 14 I said in the interests of brevity. Intimidation Check REROLL (Imposing +2): 1d20+10+2 15 ....thanks, Indira. +10 makes it 25, at least, on the reroll minimum rules. No hand-wavey here, it's an open fight. Intimidate Check vs. Intimidation (DC25): 6#1d20+7 17 8 26 27 18 23 Looks like two of them still want to play. They'll need initiative rolls, then! Initiative Check: 2#1d20+2 20 19 Round 1: angry man: KO 4x goon: standing down 21: Ghost Girl 20: Goon 1 (PL10) 19: Goon 2 (PL10) 12: Wraith (Bruised x1) Ghost Girl's up. Did she ever get in her will save from here?
  6. Erebo [PL10] ~ Glass Clown

    Short-changing yourself on max grapple a bit (STR +12, Attack +8, Super-Str +4 = +24). You're over-paying on the strength, slightly, too - 21pp for the Enhanced Strength, 7pp for the Super-Strength. For fluff purposes, how do you see the Contagious on the Javelins working? How're they damaging people in contact with your target when the javelin hits?
  7. Erebo [PL10] ~ Glass Clown

    Create Object does not allow you to create weapons that way, I'm afraid - it's explicitly for creating larger, more geometric creations. The only 'attacks' it offers you is creating an large object and then dropping it on people, or trying to create a cage around an enemy. If you want to create weaponry to attack with, you'll need to buy the appropriate Damage power(s).
  8. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    Alice hissed, the air passing between her teeth barely-audible even in the quiet of the library as she looked down at the van. Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope "Unfriendlies sitting on our egress," she quietly confirmed, scowling at them in the hopes that she'd manifest the power to make goons spontaneously combust. That'd be nice. A lot of her life would be better if she could make people spontaneously combust, she was pretty sure. "Minimum two guys, tattoos. They're in a van, though, and I don't know what's in it. If it's two, we can take 'em, but fighting in the open's gonna get risk attention. If the van's fulla more cheap ink, they'll at least slow us down way too long." She bit her lip, trying to weigh the odds. She didn't like these odds. Crews, what the hell. I'd be gone already. Empty-handed, but, y'know, gone. "Back-up exit?"
  9. Erebo [PL10] ~ Glass Clown

    Mostly just math stuff, on my end. Overall My immediate concern is that this character is under-capped: they're listed as PL10, but putting their drain aside the best they can do offensively is PL9 (+8 attack, +10 unarmed damage on the Str setting, which should probably be noted on the Abilities/DC Block sections). With the Drain I'm willing to call it 'close enough', though. Combat As AA noted, the grapple's a little off - my tired brain gives it a +10/+23, depending on whether or not Erebo's using their Strength alt power. Do correct me if I missed a bonus somewhere, though. With 6 Impervious Toughness and 2 non-Impervious Toughness, Erebo would have a -7 Knockback. Powers You're paying too much for the Create Object; with two extras that's 4pp/rank; 8*4= 32pp, plus 5 feats is 37pp, not 38. Fine for now, but worth updating on the sheet for when you make edits later. Final Costs You're over-paying; you have 19pp of saves and 9pp of feats, which leaves you at 149/150pp. You have one more point to spend anywhere you like!
  10. Late Thread Counting

    How is it the 8th? I want my month back. No good excuses on this one, just too much other stuff going on. Gaian Knight / Tiamat (maxed) Strange Visitors (4) Dragonfly (maxed) The Nothing From Coming For You (3) Wraith - Eclipse - Grim Deep Into That Darkness Peering (2) Fragile (11) MAXimum Hunting (2) Gremlin Knock on the Door Job (2) Roll GK/Dragonfly over to Grim to get him to 15, if I miscounted, then split what remains between Wraith and Eclipse, please. Ref point to Eclipse.
  11. The Nothing From Coming For You (IC)

    "Gap it," Dragonfly snapped - though it seemed more out of immediacy than any actual ire. "Or cage it. Probably did already, but worth making sure. If I had ego problems and villain tendencies, any 'tomb CPU' built would be either my brain upload or very bad traps. If I killed something like Mandragora and entombed it, the tomb CPU would be very very bad traps." Dragonfly's ego was debatable, but she did technically have a building full of science minions and some nascent robot body designs from the worst of her mad scientist phases, both of which she was trying very hard to not think about right now. "It's...fine, yes, okay. Mmh." She was tap-tap-tapping a finger against her leg plating again, audibly frowning. "Understand your concern. Don't like it, but understand. With Jill, though: free time travel would mean we were already doomed, or on very lucky fork of split timeline. More likely anomalous. What are the odds we can safely plug minimal interface equipment into tomb? Not putting my mind in there if able. Not worth the risk. Better to use oldest monitor we can find. Cheap keyboard nobody likes. Nothing that goes in there and touches any tomb should come back out. CRT suicide mission."
  12. Deep Into That Darkness Peering (OOC)

    I'm pretty happy to hold off on an IC post here until NPCs have had a chance to respond to Fred & Raina; dunno if I have much Matt can add that wouldn't make the IC thread's pacing weird.
  13. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    Uh huh. This is why Alice always took to the rooftops if she could help it, she reflected as she backed through the vents until she could get turned around and headed toward a vertical duct piece. Rooftops were safe. Rooftops were fast, if the buildings were close enough together. Nobody was ever "waiting outside" for you on a rooftop. Well. There was the once. But that didn't count. She waited on the second story of the library for any patrols to go by, counting out her heartbeats until she could slither her way out from behind the duct cover and slide up against the wall next to a window facing out toward their planned escape route. C'moooooon, two guys. I'll settle for three guys. The Pickle can tackle one, and I can drop on one, and everyone else can dogpile one, probably. Three guys or less.
  14. Salvo (PL 10)- Zeitgeist Blue

  15. Salvo (PL 10)- Zeitgeist Blue

    Yep. 1d20 + CON to shake off one bruise/injury, with a +1 bonus for any previous failed attempts to do the same (until you succeed). Normally getting that recovery check requires one minute of rest for bruises and one hour of rest for injuries, so the Regeneration power is letting you shorten those required rest periods. Also correct; as-written it's a little ambiguous because it's not clear if you get ONLY the power's rank or you get your CON and the power's rank, but since it's only DC10 and you have 10 ranks, that's academic, you auto-pass. Note that you can only recover the same or lesser damage type you inflicted - if you're only bruised (non-lethal damage), you can deal bruises or injuries to heal yourself. If you're injured (potentially lethal damage), you can't heal that by only inflicting bruises. Since the vast, vast majority of threads will always inflict bruises, it won't matter much, but it's worth keeping in mind. If it manifests in her HUD, then it's at least partially a visual effect: she's visually seeing the information the power grants her. If she's blinded, she loses that information. You could make the powers Visual (which will give you stuff like Acute and Accurate for free, since all visual senses are Ranged, Acute, and Accurate by default, but would also mean that she can't be alerted to stuff through walls) or keep it Mental and have a complication for "if I'm blind I can't see what my suit tells me, even though the suit gets that information by other means". Yep; characters in an area attack get a reflex save to halve the strength of the attack before saving against it. Not sure this power does what you're imagining, though. For Area powers, the area type determines the shape of the attack (burst for explosions, cone for something like fire breath, line for...well, things that happen in a line), but the actual size of that area is determined by the rank of the power - a Line-shaped area attack is 5 feet wide and (10 x rank) feet long - so this power would be 5' wide and 100' long. The range determines how far away you can place the starting point of the power (a touch-range 'burst' radiates out from yourself; a ranged 'burst' is like a grenade, it blows up somewhere away from you; a perception-range 'burst' is like having a grenade you don't even have to throw, it just goes off anywhere you want within your line of sight). I should note that you are allowed to have a Perception-range single-target power, like you had before, it's just that the Improved Critical and Accurate feats weren't doing you any good. You could have your old power and just not have those feats - nothing compels you to use every single power point in any given array slot. A power that only uses 30/39 points or such is perfectly valid and frankly probably more useful for keeping your powers clean and easily-understood. Yeah, the Matter Manipulation wasn't much of a problem. Utility powers (Move Object, Transform, etc) that technically can be used as an attack are 'soft-capped' - they aren't forced to be at a certain maximum rank, like attack powers, but if you do attack with them they'll act as if they're capped. You could have Transform 10000000, and when you used it on someone it would still act (and inflict saving throws) like it was Transform 10.