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  1. Edits for Grim. He'll have 25pp to spend as soon as April post counts are awarded; feel free to postpone this edit request until that last 1pp is officially on his sheet. Watch the dc blocks, though - I think copy & paste is wiping out the Courier New on them, which messes with the formatting something awful. Fluff Some edits; an age adjustment, updated description as he starts to earn his Attractive feat. See the full sheet. Abilities +2 Dex, +2 Wisdom, +4 Charisma (8pp total) Saves Updates based on Abilities. Skills Updates based on Abilities, and 8pp of stuff: +8 Craft (Mechanical) +1 Intimidate +2 Notice +4 Perform (Stringed Instruments), +4 Perform (Singing) - also correcting the skill names here, as they didn't match the core book +2 Sense Motive +4 Stealth +7 Survival Feats Two ranks of Equipment, which I'm using to buy him a car - it's just the base 7ep mid-sized car, with +1 toughness, an alarm, and a police scanner. Powers One more rank of Speed. [1pp] An additional rank of Super-Senses, granting his Vision Counters Concealment, limited to undead. [1pp] Adding the Subtle power feat to his Summon power - the dogs themselves are not subtle, but their summoning can be. [1pp] Adding an extra rank to the summon power, giving the dogs +15pp to work with. [4pp] And as for the dogs' new 15pp: Abilities: +4 Charisma (they've been well-received!) [4pp]; I'm also fixing their int (and the int-linked skill bonuses), as they had a -2 penalty instead of a -1 penalty for the 8 int. Saves: +3 Will [3pp] Skills: +12 Knowledge (History) (genetic memory! Don't know how I forgot this the first go-around), and +4 Survival (for the tracking) [4pp] Powers: Comprehend (Spirits) [2pp] +Acute on Death Awareness [1pp] And the same Vision [Counters Concealment; Limited: Undead] that Grim got [1pp] Dogs:
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    Matt had made a face at "2-4 pages" to express an emotion that only deepened at "what skills you brought to bear", but it apparently wasn't worth bringing up. "Nothing here," he confirmed, reaching down to scratch a second dog (?!?) behind the ears. It cheerfully thumped sideways into his leg, tail thumping against the floor while its pre-existing twin pretended not to notice the attention. "Might be kinda nice to be the one with a badge for once. Headset sounds useful, too...betting we don't keep to keep either of those after, though. Guess you thought of everything." The dog rolled its head to look at him, and he took the moment to rethink his thought. "Well. Everything thinkable. Nothin's ever that neat, but I guess we answer those questions when we get to 'em. No sense in worrying about it now."
  3. Moving this sheet out to Character Building. We all know that feeling, Sailor. I've had a trickster build I've been poking at for more than half a decade now, off and on - sometimes it's hard to get the idea to gel properly, and sometimes it just takes time before things click. The sheet'll be here if you ever want to take another run at it.
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    Wraith bit his hand off. He'd pushed it too far, swept it outside the bubble in the course of his self-aggrandizing dramatics; with his attention laser-focused on Ghost Girl's very best sadist impression, he'd failed to see the silver predator stalk up on him until it was too late and he'd given her all the opportunity he needed. The giant, ever in sync, dissolved immediately: its hand, first, and its body unraveling from there. The little man fell to his knees, clutching his stump - and whatever he was made of here in "his world", it wasn't flesh and blood. The stump vented purple energy, not blood, as he stared at it in shock and pain. And then there was a scream that they felt more than heard. Wraith and Ghost Girl stood at the top of the stairs, exactly where they had been just before everything went almost literally upside-down. The world felt more real than before, somehow - like waking up from a dream that seemed right, all the details and dream-logic only seeming strange on returning to consciousness. Wraith's body shuddered as soon as they could move again, form seizing outward as it tried to catch up with the shape she'd thought she had only a minute ago, but she got herself back under control before quite falling over. A half-formed beast-mouth turning down in discomfort and disgust before it smoothed out into nothingness. "He had no scent," she hummed, running a hand down her torso as if to help push out a wrinkle. "None of my senses worked right, but I could at least smell...I thought it was his shield, but when his hand was outside of it, it did not smell like anything. Do humans not think of their own smells?" She turned her eyes up in curiosity, as if the thought hadn't really occurred to her before. It seemed odd, and she knew they sought out fake scents, but ignoring one's natural odor would explain a lot. "Since it was not a real hand, I thought perhaps he would not miss it. Perhaps we should go downstairs and see if he would like to lose any more limbs today."
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    A violent ejection from his weird illusion world! Give me a DC22 Will Save vs. Damage (Psionic). Wraith: Will Save vs. Damage (Psionic): 1d20+8 21 1 bruise! Little Man: Will Save vs. Damage (Psionic); Shaken -2: 1d20+14-2 30 Psychics have dumb will saves.
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    GM "You'll have to TAKE THEM!" The little man positively reeked of fear, but it seemed to only drive him to new heights - the walls, already deteriorating, crumbled away in great chunks to reveal a swirling void. He raised his hands as if to grasp something in the air above him, and the void answered in kind. They stood (or floated), now, on a ruined lobby-themed platform suspended in the grip of a giant, fingers like trees cracking the tile floor, the man's furious, panicked face glaring at them from within his bubble and from over the platform's horizon, eyes like fire staring down at them even as they stared down at the smaller man below. It was, one could imagine, his ego made manifest - massive, undeniably powerful, with the entirety of the world in the palm of his hand. "You failed last time." He spoke with two voices, the small man's below and the booming thunder above, one hand reaching back behind him; the giant drew back its hand as well, as if to swipe everything off the surface like so much dust. "But you are in my world, and this time you'll find I'm far more--"
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    Matt grimaced a little at 'filling in the gaps' - he was generally well aware that he lacked the knowledge and training and truly specialized talents of his friends, and by and large he was okay with that, but the reminder stung sometimes. The thought got him a wave of amused derision from his dog, which he rewarded by scowling down over the edge of his folder. Yeah, he thought, except that, okay, but they don't know about that and it's always a weird conversation that I'd rather not have. So shut it, or no treats. The dog ducked its head, chastised for some unheard offense, and Matt turned his attention back to the folder. "Not gonna lie," he said, skimming, "it's not what I was expecting - I figured more community outreach, less Clue. Works for me, though, if everyone else is in - might be interesting to go poking around for information." Stopping at the 'poking around' stage sounded a lot less fun, but he figured that was a conversation to have when the group was away from overly-concerned teacher ears. "So that's two of us, I guess. What'd'you two think?"
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    Tagging, lest I forget it.
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    "That's probably a given," Matt mused, glancing at the others and trying to figure out what he was getting himself into. The company was good, at least, depending on what they had to do - Riley was good at Riley-stuff, and he wasn't really sure what all Raina could do, but he and the dogs could guess at least a little...and he was privately curious to see more magic that didn't involve...y'know. Dead people. And he was always down to hang out with Fred for basically anything. The yellow-eyed, charcoal-furred canine sitting at his feet nudged him, breaking him from his reverie. He hasn't had a dog with him when approaching the office, of course, but that never seemed to stop them any more than the shut office door did. Matt nudged the creature back, poking it with his knee, and it grinned a perfectly normal dog smile (full of perfectly normal dog teeth) at some sort of non-verbal communication no one but hound and master was privy to. "S'fine by me, I guess. You're all cool, I'm not gonna re-roll the dice on that. Kinda busy sometimes, myself, but I'll figure out something."
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    Fluff/General Looks like some of the fluff section headers got de-bolded. Trivial, but worth mentioning. As an aside, I do really like the note of her turning the whole kitchen to glass - it makes for a great mental image. Please include the '150/150 PP' bit at the top of the sheet (in whatever format matches the template or pleases you), for current/max pp counts - it saves us some work and second-guessing when we go to award pp at the end of the month. This character is badly under-capped on offense, at +4 Attack / +8 Damage, effectively PL6. You may want to acquire some Accurate or Attack Focus/Specialization (or even base attack!) to shore that up. Abilities You've bought 26PP of ability scores for 24PP, here. Combat At minimum, Zenith has -1 Knockback (half her un-powered +2 Toughness), not -2. Skills It's possible my work-addled brain is miscounting, but I tally 17pp of skills, not 16pp. Powers For the Drain Toughness, did you mean to give it +Area, +Ranged? Ranged 2 would make this power Perception-ranged, and would not give it an area effect. For the Damage, Damage is already touch-range by default, so you can't flaw it down. "Any inanimate -> any inanimate" on Transform is probably a 5pp/rank effect - note that the book gives "any metal to any other metal" as an example of a 4pp/rank effect, which is far more narrow.
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    Double-check the saves again - Fortitude's still a little wonky.