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  1. Arctos PL 10 - Jack

    Archiving; sheet has been replaced with a new version.
  2. Arctos PL 10 Redux

  3. Arctos PL 10 Redux

    Blaagh, no, you're correct. I was right the first time; my last feedback was made while I was on a work meeting, which isn't fair to you and led me to be too distracted to keep sheets straight. 3pp is correct. Please ignore that part of my feedback from earlier today.
  4. Arctos PL 10 Redux

    Alright, home stretch! You're over-paying for the Detect Magic - since it's a 2-rank power, it'd only require 2pp. Your Fortitude save is calculated with +5/+10 CON, but the sheet has +3/+5 CON, unless I've missed a bonus somewhere.
  5. Igneus (PL 10) - NotaHoneyBadger

  6. JETTE (PL 7) - EternalPhoenix

    Works for me - the personal nature of the betrayal works well, and the worryingly realistic failure of the system nicely reinforces the character's thoughts on things. APPROVED!
  7. Igneus (PL 10) - NotaHoneyBadger

    Just a few math/notation things, which always come out of a sheet revision: In the Abilities line, you list ' - 1 - 1', instead of '- 2 - 2', but the final tally's correct. Medicine is actually Wis-linked, not Int-linked, so you'd have a -1 modifier there, for a +3. Blame the game designers. Tremmor-Sense is still listed as a rank 3, 3pp power in the powers list, though it looks like the cost is right in the tallies. Final sheet tally lists 13pp of skills and 7pp of feats, but you've actually bought 12 and 8, respectively.
  8. Lady Horus/Wadjet (PL 10 PC/PL 8 Sidekick)

    So she does; my apologies. APPROVED.
  9. Lady Horus/Wadjet (PL 10 PC/PL 8 Sidekick)

    Lady Horus With 8 Impervious Toughness, Lady Horus would have -8/-1 Knockback. You've paid for 81PP of powers, not 82PP. Wadjet 8 + 12 would be 20PP, not 12PP, though I think it's correct in the final tally. With +3 Dex and no other bonuses I can see, Wadget would have a +3 Init bonus. I think the DEF was intended to read "+3 Flat-Footed", not "+3 Base"?
  10. JETTE (PL 7) - EternalPhoenix

    Mechanically, I find no fault here. This sheet is simple, it's clean, and I like it. Fluff-wise, I find myself in the rare position of weighing in on lore and background concerns. My worries fall into two general categories: Cheap widely-available super-science flight belts would have had...an impact on history. A design published nationally would have made its way to other countries, even pre-Internet, and even more locally if they were so cheap and reliable as to be misused by some nameless teenager, it's odd to me that they would have just...gone away? Did the government suppress them? Usually super-science never ends up in the public domain of superhero stories because it's just beyond normal people or normal science, or flies beneath the radar; if the actual designs are out and reproducible, though, what happened to them? Even in our own world, the "rocket belts" of the 1960s (my thanks to trollthumper for the reference) made enough of a splash as to be full of backstabbing and secrets, and they were comparatively primitive, limited, and terrible. Basically, we provide - and outright encourage! - a lot of latitude in enriching the setting and both its present and its history, but something like this would have made a splash, and it leaves me wondering what happened unless it just never got much notice somehow. I'm having a hard time following the through-line of the government's treatment of Terry Cruz and his 18-year-old companion. I really like the idea of the jaded Bedlam-dweller ex-sidekick, disillusioned with the lofty dreams of super-science, but as-written it sounds like the government threw a scientist and his young assistant in jail because...a villain did a bad thing and a kid violated warranty on something they probably built themselves? I mean, The Anarchist Cookbook was published in 1971, and remains in circulation in some form or another despite literally being a guide to make bombs, drugs, and illegal hacking devices.... Punishing two scientists for the misdeeds of others, and barring those people from doing any further super-science, seems odd for a government like the ones in Freedom City's world. This kind of behavior would make a lot more sense if they ended up taking explicit action in direct criminal activity, or got wrapped up with shady investors who set them up to take the fall, but I'm willing to hear the argument.
  11. Igneus (PL 10) - NotaHoneyBadger

    I have freed your sheet of its spoiler-block prison, but in doing so I needed to redo all the formatting by hand. Please feel free to go back over it and correct anything I missed or screwed up! Fluff: Fun fact, one of the professors in the FCU geology department is secretly a geokinetic. This is neither complaint nor criticism - I look forward to possible threads! Overall, I like it! Nicely thematic. Whether or not it's on the sheet, you may want to consider why the experiment did what it did - special rocks? Special science behind the melting? Something latent in Micah herself? Crunch: General: In general we ask that characters meet Combat Caps - that is, they function at their PL on both offense and defense. It makes threads easier to balance for our GMs, and it makes the characters more fun to play (because you'll be more effective against reasonable threats!). Defensively you're fine: +6 Defense, +14 Toughness, +10 overall. No problems. Offensively, Igneus doesn't match the tradeoff listed at the top of the sheet...and only functions at PL10 when using the Full-Power Area Strike. All other attacks function well below PL by attack bonus (the Stun), or by both attack bonus and damage (pretty much everything else). This leaves her with very few options to deal with her foes in a fight, and this is a fight-heavy game. I very much recommend finding a way to shore up that attack bonus, if not all the damage powers as well. The under-ranked Blasts aren't likely to be as effective as you might hope for anything but sweeping under-powered goons, and the Stun's only going to land something like 25% of the time against a flat PL10 enemy. Combat: With +1 Dex, Igneus would have a +1 Initiative Bonus. With a +6 Melee attack bonus and +11 STR, Igneus would have a +16 Grapple bonus - +21 when using Super-Strength 5! With +14 Toughness and 1 rank of Immovable, Igneus would have a -8 Knockback bonus. Skills: Don't forget the +1 Dex bonus to your Acrobatics! Powers: I'm afraid the Fire Control power is over-budget; Fire Control is a 2pp/rank power, so 10 ranks already costs 20pp - with no budget left over for the feat. Per the House Rules/Clarifications on Super-Senses, Tremmorsense is 2PP. A free power point for you to use elsewhere! While I was freeing your sheet from its Spoiler Box Prison, I also clarified the Immunity; Immunity 5 would protect Igneus against all fire damage, but not all fire effects, the latter being more expensive.
  12. (IC) Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    "You aren't dead yet, man," shouted Grim - though the voice came from somewhere behind cover, near-lost in the din and echoing space. His wound was a lot less funny without the endorphic rush of being reunited with his dogs, but he figured if he didn't move around much he'd probably heal up, or at least make it a while before bleeding too badly. "If you saw 'em, they weren't like her. Fang - sic 'im!" The dog - Fang? - flickered like an unstable candle and lunged forward at Woundmaker's chest...but never landed, nothing but thick smoke and nightmares billowing against his torso and sliding around him to collect on the other side. The bite came not from in front but from behind, far-too-strong jaws snapping down on his leg like a bear trap. "BAD MAN."
  13. Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    Well, if the dog's fighting solo she'll just straight-up attack! Move Action: Fast Task (Startle). Intimidate Check vs. Woundmaker (Startle, Fast Task): 1d20+17 34 Not bad! He'll get a +1 on his check, though, since it's the dog's second Startle attempt this combat. Standard Action: Attack. Melee Attack Roll vs. Woundmaker: 1d20+10 21 I don't think he's undead, so no Drain Toughness for Fang, but that's a DC25 Toughness check if it hits.
  14. Dragonfly Interceptors: Sounds of Silence (1) Grim Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire (1) Dragonfly rollover & ref point to Wraith, please.