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    "We're pretty sure it's exactly the kind of place for our shenanigans," Grim dryly observed, gesturing at the damage. "We were asked to help take a look. Got badges and everything," he added, flashing his own with carefully-cultivated disinterest. "I mean, you could try to drive us out, I guess. We're here to help, and we wanna help, but I wouldn't blame you. You could, what, set the dogs loose on us?" He waved his badge in the vague direction of the doorway, where three large, smoke-furred hounds had been sniffing at the ground; they brought their heads up like one creature, eyes like round burning coals turning to look at the office worker. "I mean, I brought mine," the young psychopomp drawled, trying to scope out the area as best he could. The dogs, in perfect unison, cocked their heads in canine curiosity. "What did you bring?"
  2. "Roger. One safe landing platform, coming right up." The man and his rock broke off from the dragon, veering to the side toward the nearest open field...or, at least, the nearest open area that would conveniently put the town between it and the shelter. It was already growing as he arrived, plants gently pushed aside so that stone could flow upward like a living force. Seven great pillars rose a short ways into the air before mushrooming out, the outer six forming a ring while the central piece broadened and flattened to meet them and create the floor of a grand granite hexagon. It was, for the Gaian Knight, somewhat unadorned - he was apparently favoring expediency over embellishments, if it got the spaceship out of the air faster - but the surface of the smooth and seamless stone construction did at least etch a pleasant geometric pattern to help the ship pilots aim for the center. "Ready for landing," he sent over the radio, some of the outer ring scooping up into a low, curving wall in case the thing wasn't obvious enough already...and hopefully to keep any thrust from blowing straight toward town. "Didn't have to crush or uproot any plants, but they might have to go without sun for a little until I can put all this back where I got it. Sorry about that."
  3. ooc

    Grim! Notice Check: 1d20+13 23 Grim's Dog, on Notice duty! On the hunt for dog-type things, and neat smells. Notice Check: 1d20+10 20 He'll probably back Woodsman up on that Intimidate, posts allowing, but his dogs are scarier than he instead of them aiding him, for once he'll aid them! Grim: Aid Other (Intimidate), DC10: 1d20+12 15 Aw, barely made it. +2 to their check, at least, for making the DC10. Dogs: Intimidate Check (Aided +2): 1d20+17+2 22 Good lord. That's improbably bad.
  4. "On our way." Tarrant had been sculpting - a rare moment of peace, brought on largely by his summer-lightened workload at the university - and while his half-finished statuette would probably bake in the sun before he got back, he'd file that under 'small sacrifices'. His sword was ever by his side, still in the large duffel bag he stashed it in while at work - and so was the rest of his gear, thankfully, the geokinetic having been slightly too happy to get his hands full of clay to properly stow it in the castle. He was still pulling his armor on as he flew down from his home-away-from-home, the image of a distance-shrunken man on his platform of rock quickly eclipsed by the several tons of lizard that lazily crawled out of the underside of the largest floating island. It snapped its wings out in a grand curtain of crimson, controlling its fall to pull in next to him. " fast as the wind takes us, should be less than a minute. Assuming we'd rather have them grounded than hovering over us, do you want a quick landing platform a bit out?"
  6. An interesting concept! Could be neat to see in play, we haven't had a lot of Anatomic Separation outside of limited cybernetics and the undead. Abilities You've bought 52pp of abilities, here, not 26. Remember that it's 1pp per point of the base ability, not 1pp per point of bonus. Combat With +10 Base Defense and +5 Dodge Focus, this character would have a total Defense bonus of +15, not +16; guessing that's just a typo. With +5 Toughness (+4 Con, +1 Defensive Roll), your Knockback's always going to be -2. Equipment It's worth noting that characters are assumed to have things like cell phones and laptops without having to pay for them, since such items are ubiquitous in modern society. If you want a special version for hero work, though (eg, a phone not tied to your civilian identity), that's fair to buy here. Just pointing it out just in case! Powers M&M 2e doesn't really have 'quirks' - this would be a Flaw, mechanically.
  7. Let's see, mostly formatting stuff here.... Abilities Please list the ability score bonuses next to each ability score, for ease of reference. It's useful for you and GMs to be able to see the bonus at a glance! Saves Please note the template for formatting the exotic saves and where they get bonuses from. It's really, really useful for when anybody - players and refs alike! - go to do sheet edits. Feats From context I'm guessing that your Attack Specialization applies to Cosmic Blast, but that should be made explicit on the feat itself. Powers Blast 10 is missing its pp cost (trivial for this power, but important for auditing and future edits). General The bottom of your sheet is missing the final pp tally, though I believe it does indeed all add up to 160pp. You should probably note your Unarmed attack in your DC Block - sometimes you've just gotta punch a dude.
  8. ic

    "Well, Holmes," Grim drawled, for all that he did appear to be inspecting the slash marks fairly carefully, "the marks by the door are pretty small, but the desk is pretty messed up. Figure they had a purpose with the desk, or a different weapon, but they weren't out to damage the door frame. Had some other reason to do it, I guess? Glass is interesting, too," he added, gesturing down around his feet. "Weren't afraid to walk all over it, but it's all uneven. Some of it's basically dust now, some of it's just all cracked up after landing." Grim was standing on glass, too, which he either didn't notice or didn't care about - though it probably helped that he'd somehow managed to not so much as nudge or snap a shard in half while doing it. "Guessing a couple different-sized guys went through here, or one guy went through this one spot a lot or carrying something heavy." He gave Raina her due ear, though he briefly pondered if watching her talk to Merlin was what he and his dogs looked like sometimes. "Gives us a good place to go next, I guess. Dogs caught a scent here, but nothing they can identify or follow. We'll remember it - maybe they can pick it up again, if this is all connected up somehow."
  9. pc

    Bah, can't believe I missed the ability score. Did a touch of rebalancing to fit the budget: Traded out 2pp of Wis for 2pp of Int. Dropped Power Attack from feats to free 1pp. Fed 1pp to Saves to get Will back up to +12. Dropped two ranks of Perform and one rank of Sense Motive to boost Concentration, Notice, and Sense Motive up to compensate for the Wis loss. Good thought on the Flight; it isn't like it's supposed to be a helicarrier, and he can stunt a massive Move Object if he ever really needs to. I've dropped it for a Portal power to let non-GK, non-fliers up there if need be. Selective's weird on Portal, but I went with the extra rather than the feat regardless. Burrowing's weird with Affects Others. Explicitly, the +1 version lets you bring others with you at your pace while you burrow (the +0 just gives other people the power to burrow!) - I've noted in the power that I'm using the +1 version, not the +0 version. You're absolutely correct that he can't take anyone too deep - or with too little air supply in the tunnel or 'bubble' - without incurring potential negative consequences. Less of an issue than with Swimming, thankfully. Same deal with Area on Burrowing - the Burst Area lets you create a bigger tunnel. The Move Object is indeed strictly moving earthen objects. The first revision of his 250pp build had a second, lower-ranked power that better-represented grabbing things with earth arms (Move Object, -Perception, -Limit, +Damaging just to eat the pp); I'm fairly tempted to put it back into place if I can skim the pp from somewhere. Steal a little bit from less-used skills, maybe. Tremmorsense is 2pp because it's 1pp for the additional sense within the Tactile sense type, and 1pp for Ranged on that new sense, as noted by our house rules. If we want to eliminate the 1pp surcharge on new base senses, we should probably update that house rule to match. EDIT: On review I have indeed put the less-limited Move Object back in there; I ate 4 skills points (2 each of Knowledge (Arcane Lore) and Climb - GK's getting lazy with all the flying!) to free up the pp to do so.
  10. pc

  11. pc

    Huzzah, cowls! Looks like a pretty solid foundation. Just some fairly minor notation stuff: Looks like the Trade-Offs bit at the top may need some updating - right now the character's +4 Attack, -4 Damage. With +8 Toughness, 2 of which is from defense roll, this character's Knockback would be -4/-3 Flat-Footed. Keep in mind that it'll be slightly lower (-3/-2) when out-of-costume. Will should probably read "Will: +10 (+0 WIS, +10)"; a minor thing, but it'll save your GMs a little confusion. Double-check the final skill bonuses - looks like the Charisma-linked skills were originally set up with a CHA +1 bonus instead of the current CHA +2.
  12. ooc

    Initiative time again! There are a lot of eyes looking for Wraith and Kimber - they don't have much time before someone thinks to look up, and the guard between the overlook and the empty space that takes up most of the center of the second floor here doesn't offer them much concealment. If they attack now, they get a surprise round; alternative, they could try something inventive to better their odds (at the cost of the surprise round itself) or find another approach. Wraith: Initiative Roll: 1d20+7 12 Boo, Wraith.
  13. ic

    GM If nothing else, the small man's vision of the building had given both Ghost Girl and Wraith a general understanding of the lobby, and they were more than able to sneak across to the lip of the upper floor's ledge to take a look. There weren't legions awaiting him - that, thankfully, seemed to have been his own fabrication - but there were enough, a half-dozen glowing forms of varying levels of instability holding ranks around a small, well-dressed man trying to clutch both his cane and hand at once, with limited success. The cane was smoking, part of its head split open to reveal what looked like circuitry - it periodically spat out a spark that arced several feet to a smoldering hat on the ground nearby. A metallic band hidden inside the hat was smoking, too, and they could smell the tell-tale acrid odor of burning electronics even from halfway across the room. The man's hand was fine, but you'd never have known it for how he held it to his chest, glancing fearfully around the room. He was a cornered animal, caught between flight and fight - and when an ill-fated mouse dared poke its nose out of a pile of broken chairs, he met it with an unseen wave of kinetic energy that tore the pile apart. His guards didn't seem particularly enthusiastic about their current job, but none the less tried to ignore the little man's strangled noises of fear, casting unseen eyes around the room.
  14. ic

    "Yes," Wraith confirmed, eyes narrowed in a Kinigosi scowl. She made her way down the stairs carefully, eyes watching the hallways with unsettled distrust. "I was in a...basement, I think, with many of the glowing henchmen. The small man was not there, but his voice was, and he had many things to say about the 'alien menace'." Wraith certainly seemed to be in the mood for menacing. "I do not know what his...'deal' is, but he seems very insistent that most or all super-powered people are aliens in disguise, or get their powers from aliens or...I believe I lost him at that point. He is, I think you would say, 'off his rocker'?" She glanced at Ghost Girl, rippling her body in some kind of alien shrug. "Still, we should perhaps be careful. It smells like he had some kind of machine assistance, but he was still a psychic, and we do not know what he has left in him. You left the greater impression, I think, hands aside. I will follow your lead."
  15. pc

    This is the full - and, barring any minor tweaking and fluff updates, final - rebuild for Gaian Knight and Tiamat, maxing their allowed PP and bringing them up to full PL15. As it isn't entirely trivial and required some obnoxious trade-off balancing, especially on Tiamat's part, I'm submitting it as a full sheet review.