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  1. ic

    Chrome and Hammer dodged shots as Warp stepped through her own portal, appearing next to the woman and the younger man. Before either of them could say something, they were suddenly on the roof of the bank. In another eyeblink Warp was back inside, getting ready to grab the last two hostages. "Somebody get out here and grab these yutzes," the shorter robot shouted, blasting away with an apparently endless stream of bullets. As Warp gathered her power to make the last jump away, another robot charged in from deeper in the building. This one was the tallest of all, well over six feet and broad. His face had a prominent steel brow and he was even dressed in slack and bracers, the very picture of a gangland bruiser. He let out a roar and grabbed Warp, and suddenly the six of them were on top of the bank -- Warp, four hostages, and the metal gorilla. Chrome took a moment from sheltering behind the wooden desk to glance out. "Hammer, it looks like we got all the hostages! I think we can get out of here." Suddenly the lady robot vaulted the cover and stood in front of him. In one hand she was holding a black valise, and in the other was a lit stick of dynamite. Chrome took in the explosive and her manic expression in a single glance. "Oh yeah. Time for us to GTFO."
  2. ooc

    Do you guys want to do anything else or should we cut to inside the house?
  3. ooc

    @Heritage Make your entrance!
  4. ic

    Chrome frowned. He didn't like the notion of a doppleganger in his place, even for a couple of days. Someone trying to pass for him, fooling his family and friends... It was almost worse than the idea that he would just go missing for a day. At the moment, though, there wasn't much to do about it; he had to deal with the problem in front of them. "Does your planet have any kind of accommodations for inter-dimensional refugees? What if we contacted the Lor or other aliens? Depending on their biology or their culture, it might be easier to get them off-planet rather than have them stay on Earth." He looked around at the adult heroes, aware of how out-of-his-depth he was. "I mean, Klingons aren't going to be happy getting a job at the Imperial DMV, but maybe the Lor can drop this on Fight-Planet or something."
  5. Happy birthday durf and Electra! andgrydurf, we're all happy to have you back, and Electra we're always happy that you're around.
  6. ic

    Detective Palmer had a few more questions for Sam, but they were pretty boilerplate things about her work and home. Eventually he gave her his card and a gruff "don't leave the country for the next week or so" and she was allowed to leave the scene. While she drove away the investigation continued; CSI techs roamed over every inch of the old building, searching each of the three floors room-by-room and making sure they recorded every detail. Meanwhile the reporters showed up and Palmer had to manage an impromptu press conference, sticking to the usual cop line of "can't comment on an on-going investigation" and "too early for an official statement." The police worked for hours, and the sun was going down by the time everything was wrapped up. The last police vehicles left were a pair of squad cars; one was parked across an entrance to the circular driveway while the other sat directly in front of the steps leading up to the entryway. Four uniformed officers stood in front of locked doors or patrolled the grounds, flashlights in hand, while police tape sealed off every ground-floor entrance.
  7. ic

    Chrome followed the other, older heroes into the room. He was surprised to see a single woman in there, even older than the adults who came with him, without any fancy contraptions on her. He glanced around and even did a quick RADAR burst to see if there was something hidden, but nothing immediately stood out to him. Maybe everything she did was internal, like Doctor Metropolis or Seven? Or maybe she was just hiding her tech somehow. In any case the young metal man took a seat at the time, readjusting self-consciously as he felt the leather grab at his exposed, metal flesh. It was a squirrely feeling but he forced his attention past that. "I want to know what's happening back home," he said again. "I have responsibilities back in my home dimension that aren't going to wait forever. What happens if we're here for a week, or even overnight?"
  8. I think I'm going to back Chrome out of this one. He can get around the problem too easily for it to be interesting.
  9. ooc

    Chrome's going to go along with the adult heroes, until it's obvious that something is going wrong. He really does want to know who's going to take his Pre-Calc test, though.
  10. ooc

    You already know that Arthur cleared his schedule to meet with Sam. He wanted to meet with her despite being able to meet with other people, he had something weird happening with his blood, and the police are treating his corpse like it's infectious. If she doesn't want to learn something specific I'm going to move us to the next scene.
  11. If you're willing to give a bit of leeway to how Chrome's powers work, he could do really well on quiet duty.
  12. ooc

    Okay EP, what other information does Sam want to get from the cops before Teriffica makes her entrance?
  13. ic

    Past the detective the grand old house was a swarm of police activity. Uniformed officers carefully stalked the well-manicured lawn and other people in good clothes and jackets declaring them to be CSI moved in and out of the house. Occasionally she could glimpse uniformed officers or CSI through the big windows, moving through the interior, documenting every part of the house. Either the police force was putting on a show for the death of one of the city's leading intellectual lights, or they were as stumped as they seemed to be and were covering every possible angle. "Mr. Campbell seemed certain you could help him with his problem, Mrs. Carson," the detective said, pencil tapping against his notebook. "it appears that he only called you a few days ago, but it seemed like he shifted around several other appointments to fit your schedule. A man with Campbell's money isn't used to working around other people." Tap tap tap. "How much was he paying you? Drive down from Boston isn't exactly a short one." Behind him, a van bearing the mark of the medical examiner slowly backed up to the front of the house. Two men came out carrying a body bag between them, both of them wearing full face masks, disposable gloves, and safety goggles. That much isolation wasn't standard procedure for a body. Usually it was reserved for situations where the deceased might be contaminated in some way.
  14. ooc

    The idea is that Terrifica will call in her redoubtable ward once things get moving.
  15. ooc

    Man, if that was the kid's whole life things would be so much simpler.