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  1. Consolidated "Happy Birthday" Megathread

    Happy birthday Nick, and thank you for all the hard work you put in to make this site great.
  2. Dream Team (OOC)

    Chrome gets 11 on his Toughness check, +10 makes that 21. Yikes. Uh, since it's a HP to reroll and he'll Regen the Bruise anyway, I'll say he's going to spend a HP to clear the Daze on his turn.
  3. Character Edits 2017

    BLINGED OUT by the Absurdist Chrome Chrome has 4 unspent PP. Buying Interpose (3PP) Removing Leaping 2 (5PP) Spending 5 PP on Nanoassisted Movement array (0PP) Reworking his Damage power to remove the Super-Strength and tone down the Penetrating, to have a Drain (Toughness) effect instead. With these changes he should have spent all of his PP.
  4. Dream Team (IC)

    Chrome balanced on the airplane, dropping to put one hand on the skin of the craft as the gorilla and the pyromaniac tore into it. He gritted his teeth, feeling fear and guilt as Chapter Zero kept pummeling Air Force One. He had gotten the firecracker away from the plane, but she was apparently perfectly capable of hitting it from a good distance away. But it seemed like the gorilla, at least, didn't have a ranged weapon! Chrome charged down the length of the airplane and leapt at the last moment, striking the ape square in its hairy chest. He landed easily and took up a boxing stance. "Fasten your seatbelt, Magilla," he said. "I'm about to take you for a trip."
  5. The New White Knights

    Asli watched the room closely. The instigators -- the racists -- didn't seem inclined to make their move quite yet. Or at least, they weren't making another move as obvious as a man dropping dead on the dance floor. Her magic, sustained by an almost sub-sonic beat played through the bar's speakers, was keeping the crowd calm and at ease. She even saw a few people getting new drinks from the bar, like there was nothing at all wrong! She wondered if that was a blessing or if she should be concerned how much control she had over them... Her eyes flicked down to Joe as he made his way through the passive crowd. Just seeing him there made her feel less overwhelmed and alone. If a fight broke out it would be good to have him there, throwing down with the other shaved heads and giving her a bit of breathing space. For now, though, she took a moment to flick responses back at him. Stay and watch. And then, indicating Aydin calmly sipping his coffee, important and protect.
  6. Dream Team (OOC)

    Chrome is going to Charge into the fight with the Gorilla. Just trying to punch him now and distract him from the plane. Oh, to have Impervious and Interpose! His Attack is 9 + 10 + 2 from charging = 21. If that hits, it's a DC25 Toughness save. Either way, Chrome's at -2 Def for this round.
  7. Active Threads for July 2017

    Blue Jay Oni Oh No! Corona Miras Heatwave The New White Knights Chrome Dream Team The Slow Roll Brigandine Nowhere Noone Nohow GM Crystal History
  8. Professor Peculiar (PL 10) - Tipop

    I'm almost certain that the refs won't allow you to place Sidekick into an array. That being said, I don't think you need to stat up the cloak or his assistant as separate NPCs. Unless they're going to be following along in fights and making their own actions, such a thing can probably live in Complications and story.
  9. Consolidated "Happy Birthday" Megathread

    Happy birthday, H. Let's hope this is just a mid-life celebration.
  10. New character concept

    This would be the proper forum, yes.
  11. New character concept

    The Freedom City book hasn't been released for 3E yet. That's one of the ones they've been teasing for awhile IIRC. I'd grab the 2E one, though, since it's what most of our stuff is based on anyway. There's quite a few other magically-active PCs. I'd take a look through the Active Heroes section of the Character Bank and check out folks like Nick Cimiterie and Phantom for a primer. There's Cross' Roads which is quite similar to Giles's store, but I think the city can accommodate another one if you would rather go that route. PCs are not allowed to be teachers at Claremont Academy. The folks who run this board don't want PCs automatically in positions of authority over other PCs -- that's why there's no cops and why the mayor is an NPC.
  12. Oni Oh No! (OOC)

    The Shaken wears off in one round, so Walker's out of it. Hammer gets hit by the tail and makes his grapple check; 16 + 7 = 23, a pretty good result but not good enough for here. Walker wins by 5+ and Hammer is Bound and Helpless.
  13. Oni Oh No! (OOC)

    Okay, should all be caught up now. Ready for Walker's post.
  14. Dream Team (IC)

    "Chapter Zero? The heck?" Chrome shook his head. "You think these bozos would pick a name that made them sound dangerous." He pushed off the tarmac, shining legs moving him quickly as he thumped across the space, leaving craters in his wake. He approached the plane at amazing speed and, at the last moment, pushed off the ground and leapt into a flat leap across the back of Air Force One. He was focused on the pyromancer and he hit her square on, knocking her off the plane and towards the fence line. Chrome made a flip in the air and landed lightly on the back of the plane, balancing on the thin skin of it. "See? Chapter zero of a book weighs nothing at all, you can throw it around like no one's business. Now if this was, like, Chapter Eighty-seven, maybe you guys would have some push behind what you're doing."
  15. Dream Team (OOC)

    I think that hits Chrome's maximum at 70 feet. Pushes Pyro off the plane, at least!