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  1. ic

    "Shhh, baby." Suddenly Paige's hands were on Will's shoulders, her mind brushing against his as it had all his life, soothing, comforting. Behind it he could feel the echoes of her own turmoil, but it wasn't the same as his. Paige wanted her husband back, but what disturbed her about this doppelganger was not his alienness, but how plausible his story might once have been. "We all want him back. We'll get him back, get this fixed up." She looked over to Phantom for confirmation, not quite able to look at the other Richard straight-on at the moment.
  2. "Copy that," Stesha replied to her friends on the radio, tilting her head way back to get a better view of the enormous ship. Around her, the village council of Mayberry was working to move the population toward the evacuation shelter, which was really a large, well-protected clearing on the outskirts of town where a big portal could be opened in a worst-case scenario. Stesha hoped the evacuation was just a needless precaution, but who could ever tell with these things? At least the ship had stopped, that was a good sign. But how did they know her name? As soon as her teammates arrived on the scene, Stesha tapped the robot bees for another update. "The ship isn't moving, and if it's pointing any weapons, the bees can't tell what they are," she reported to the others. "I think a landing platform away from town is probably the best way to go with this. If nothing else, they've got a big advantage over us if it does come to a fight so long as they're airborne." She smiled grimly, feeling a bit sad even as she said it that she'd learned to think that way instead of unreservedly hoping to welcome new friends. "If you throw one up, I'll wave them down onto it. Gabe, can you make sure everybody's in the shelter?"
  3. ic

    "It's a pleasure to meet both of you," Raina said politely, smoothing her dress and folding her hands as she got into the car. Somehow the dress not only made her look the way she used to look, but feel that way as well. There was a time when Raina had used party manners, and indeed been popular enough to go to a lot of parties. Most of them were childrens' parties, of course, but she'd just been starting to come into her own at adult soirees. This pair of Talya's associates seemed plucked from Central Casting for the part of "weird dude secondary characters" for whatever heist-movie antics were planned, but it didn't hurt to be nice. "And I can extract myself from trouble with no help, I'm sure." Well, maybe not entirely nice. But close.
  4. ic

    "You need capital if you're going to refine it and expand it," Raina countered. "You need an investor, or at least seed money. You know what they say, if you're good at something, never do it for free." She began closing pots and wiping brushes as efficiently as she'd set them out in the first place, tucking each one back into the little box. "And money is one big part of it, but if you can swing somebody who'll give you industry contacts too, that's way better. You should give it a try. And hey, if you need somebody with social skills, I'll even come along with you. I've got a trustworthy face." The fact that she could deliver such a proclamation without laughing spoke to her bluffing ability, if nothing else.
  5. There had been a time in her life when Stesha had spent a lot of time thinking about space. During the arduous years of her marriage, she'd watched the skies often, looking up on every clear night to wonder where Derrick was, how many lives he was saving, whether he was thinking of her, when he'd finally come home. After she'd finally cut that cord, she'd resolutely turned her face toward the land and the people there, leaving the sky and its mysteries to people for whom it didn't have so many bad memories. Hindsight might suggest that was why she didn't so much as look into placing a single satellite in orbit, but for whatever reason, she did not. That didn't mean she was totally unaware. The second the ship passed beyond the Earth's exosphere and began its descent, Stesha could feel it like a shiver down her spine. Something other, something that did not necessarily belong. Lots of things on Sanctuary felt that way, but she'd gotten used to all those over time. This, though, was new. Because it was coming from very high in the atmosphere, her first contact was to the bees. The organic bees had a fairly limited height range, but their robotic brethern were much more capable of high flight and reconnaisance, and they also had very helpful radios built in. By the time the ship came to a stop, a dozen robot bees were circling at a careful distance for a closer look. Down on the ground, Stesha had tossed her cloak on over her blue jeans and slightly tattered "Mommin' Ain't Easy" t-shirt and parked herself in Mayberry's town square to stave off panic and assess the situation. Not to mention get on the radio. "Hey GK, Tiamat, Gabe? We've got a bit of a situation shaping up here at Mayberry," she relayed tersely. "Some kind of UFO coming in warmish, no weapons yet, but I don't know what it wants. If you guys aren't busy, I wouldn't mind a little backup." The message came in before anybody could respond, so she answered that as well. "Greetings from Sanctuary," she replied, trying out her best Diplomatic Leader Voice. "Please stand by for landing instructions."
  6. ic

    Paige was tempted to say the hell with it, she just wanted her husband back and this other universe could go to hell for all she cared. But she'd been married to her Richard for a very long time, and this doppelganger with his face was just as completely lousy at keeping a poker face when he wanted to hide something from her. She fixed him with her steeliest gaze, the one that usually worked even with no mental mojo behind it. "Richard, what exactly are you trying to conceal about your world? What the hell is going on there that you don't want anybody messing with?"
  7. ic

    Merlin chirped with what sounded suspiciously like glee upon catching sight of the computer, racing down Raina's arm and hopping to the desk for a better look. "Don't worry," Raina told the scandalized tech with a smile that was surprisingly reassuring. "He's a highly enhanced sentient primate. Think of him as an expert diagnostic system in a weird casing." She was pretty sure the computer teacher at Claremont had been being sarcastic when he'd described Merlin that way, but it actually seemed to make the technician feel a little better. While Merlin worked, Raina began picking throgh the desk, looking at the paper files with the air of someone who totally knew what she was doing. The monkey worked quickly, though he didn't seem entirely satisfied with what he was finding. "He thinks you're right about the heavy-duty USB drive damaging the port," Raina reported helpfully. "No chunks of drive in it, though, so the thing they took probably survived intact. The whole thing is encrypted, but some of it's newly broken. The files aren't complete but they reference other files with... what the hell is a hexadecimal?" Merlin chirped irritably at her, and she rolled her eyes but continued, "with hexadecimal numbers. Hey flatface, are these them?" She raised one of the paper folders in Merlin's direction. Merlin indicated that these were indeed what he was looking for, and why hadn't she mentioned them earlier? It took a few more minutes for monkey and mage to digest the information from the files themselves. "Okay, there's one tech firm that owns both the warehouse and the office building, and these files are related to some components that company's making. Good news is, it doesn't look like something that's designed to blow up or spew poison or shoot bullets. Bad news is, Merlin can't make a guess at what they're actually for without getting physical access to the servers the files are on, which is probably located at the office building. If we know more about what these guys wanted, we might learn more about who they are."
  8. ooc

    Merlin's gonna go for the computer and see if he can work a little monkey magic on it. Raina will use Diplomacy to intercede on his behalf if the techs get weird about it. She's got a +11 in that, Merlin has a Computers and a Craft Electronics of +18 with Skill Mastery. I'll roll for him if he needs to get higher than a 28.
  9. ic

    Raina lost no time in adding the accessories to her outfit, but she did take a few moments to admire herself in the mirror. It had been a long time since she'd really gotten to dress up, and it was nice to look like herself again for an evening. So much so that the idea of going to a fancy dress ball with mobsters took a minute to sink in. "Mobsters?" she asked quizzically as she shrugged into her wrap. "Are those even a thing anymore? Like with the tommy guns and the horses head in your bed and "on the day of my daughter's wedding?" She was more fascinated than concerned, though she did double-check her broom before cranking it down to pencil size and shoving it into her handbag. "That's so weird."
  10. ic

    "Uh, what?" Raina had no idea what was happening, but that also was not entirely unusual for her lessons with Talya. Bombshell liked keeping her erstwhile sidekick on her toes, which often meant confusing the hell out of her, then letting her make sense of what was going on while it was still happening. At least today she understood what she was supposed to be doing: getting dressed. Getting dressed was something she could do very well, and the gown just happened to fit perfectly. (The shoes did too, but that was less surprising considering they were one of Talya's favorite bribes.) A hunt amongst the cosmetics uncovered a few sparkly combs to put up her long blonde hair, while a little tasteful makeup completed the outfit. After giving herself a quick twirl in the mirror to approve her look, she pushed open the door to find Talya. "Okay, I'm ready. Where are we going?"
  11. ic

    "Thank you Phantom, I appreciate that." Normally Paige would've run Bryant across the street to their neighbor Ned, whose daughter was Holly's best friend, but a situation like this called for a little more paranoia. It wasn't often that the superpowered danger showed up at their home and wearing the face of a loved one, after all. A light mental touch had the diaper bag floating obediently down the stairs and into Paige's free hand. She rummaged quickly to make sure that the diapers, prepared formula bottles, and spare clothes were all present, then slung it over her shoulder. Phantom and her husband had a child a bit younger than Holly, surely Avenger could change a diaper and administer a bottle. They couldn't take the chance of the trail going cold. ~I'd like you to stay with Bryant but I won't make you,~ she told Will silently, already knowing what his answer was going to be. Another quick thought had her flannel pajamas disguising themselves as her uniform, so that all she had to do was slip on her shoes by the door. Without hesitating, she hid the baby's face against her shoulder and stepped into the Void.
  12. ic

    "Don't do that," Raina advised, "most of the students around here don't have that much disposable income, and most of the ones that do aren't very smart. With a few notable exceptions," she added, grinning at herself in the mirror. "You need to sell to adult heroes, people who have some money and aren't looking to be bitches to a high school student with a good idea. There's gotta be some kind of Facebook group you can dig up, or even a bulletin board at Freedom Hall or something. Or get yourself in with one of those super-tech companies, see if they'll help you get started for some equity in the company or a share of the profits or something. You've put this much work into the product already, you might as well get it off the ground as a real business."
  13. ic

    Raina busied herself with her new ex-sword fireball, obviously trying not to show how pleased she was with Talya's compliment. It was the work of a few moments to turn the ribbon of flame into an intricate burning rose, complete with the faintest suggestion of a stem. Merlin, who had finished all of the grapes while she was distracted, called from his corner of the room that she had better keep her guard up even after the fight looked over, or eventually Talya and Erik would use that as a teaching opportunity as well. She rolled her eyes but munged the flower back up into its much more utilitarian ball form. "I think it's more time for snacks, and ice packs for old guys with bruised butts. Are the girls around?" Not that Raina would ever admit it at school, but a lot of her mentoring sessions seemed to end with fruit snacks and cartoons alongside Erik and Min and Talya's little girls.
  14. ic

    Oddly enough, Singularity seemed to become calmer the further the party progressed into the Blackstone prison complex. The nerves and uncertainty she'd obviously felt at the crime scene had faded away, replaced with a quiet that was almost like serenity. Ignoring the borderline hostility of the guards, she walked the corridors like someone well familiar with the route. Apparently noting Aquaria's overt discomfort at their surroundings, she licked her own hand several times and then put it reassuringly on the Deep One's arm. "It's okay," she reminded Aquaria, "they're keeping things safe down here. Let's see if we can talk to the woman nicely, she might trust people like you and me more than actual police officers." Both their security anklets had turned from green to amber upon entering the prison, but since neither of them were actually violating their probation, it didn't seem like something to worry about.
  15. ic

    "It's really good," Raina told Fred, glancing her way in the mirror, but not paying too much attention to her while she was sniffling and pulling herself together. "I think I might have to actually pull together a real costume now to go with it. The school uniforms look stupid on their best days, but it'd be especially lame with this to accessorize. Anibal's just going to have to take me shopping again." She grinned into the mirror as she applied her lipstick, and only rolled her eyes a little when Cathy hugged Fred. It didn't look like Fred was about to lose her composure in any damaging way, so some spontaneous hugging was allowable.