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  1. Still Standing

    Stesha's breath caught just a little as he ran his fingers over her wrist, but when she looked up at him, his eyes were trained on her arm thoughtfully. "Like maybe a fleur de joie blossom, like the one that gave me my powers," she offered, her voice quiet. "They're hundred-year bloomers, very beautiful." Her skin was humming when he touched her, feeling more alive than it had in a long time. It almost seemed worth it to get a tattoo just for more of that. Or maybe just pay him to ink a design on her skin with a brush, or just trace it with his fingers. It sounded like a good return on investment at the moment. "So you're from London originally, then?"
  2. (IC) Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    "Mooooooom!" Raina hissed, her fair skin coloring to an embarrassed red. 'Are you seriously asking me that now? And here?" She looked around at the tumultuous gathering, then back at her mother, whose expectant face made it clear that she was, in fact, asking that question now and here. Raina folded her arms. "Fine then, if you really want to know, there was this thing where my parents went off to prison a couple years ago and left me alone with a bunch of asshole relatives who dumped me into reform school, resulting in my teenage rebellion being supervised by the state of New Jersey instead of the people who were supposed to be taking care of me!" Her voice had started out taut, but quickly climbed in both pitch and volume until she was nearly yelling. "And don't tell me it wasn't your fault either, because I know you were doing evil magic and that why I ended up getting ARRESTED BY SUPERHEROES in my PAJAMAS! So yeah, maintaining my "honor of Astraea" was not super high on my priority list, especially when the only way to have fun in Grandma and Grandpa's hick town is by being down to-" "Raina, language!" Her mother snapped, looking scandalized. "ARE YOU EVEN SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?" Raina demanded, not even realizing she was at full shriek till her throat began to hurt. "I'm eighteen and it's been four years since you went to jail and I swear and I drink and have sex with people I don't care about, and sometimes I even do superhero work when I feel like it, and you have nothing to say about it because you weren't ever there!" She sucked in a breath of air that wasn't quite a sob. "But what do you know, four years has made me a lot more powerful than I was, so hey, let's close a portal!"
  3. Spiraling Shape (IC)

    "No, you don't," Singularity put in, appearing suddenly at the head of the path. She looked like she was trying very hard not to laugh. "Though Aquaria would probably get a real kick out of it. I don't think anybody's ever taken her up on the whole singing thing before." She looked to Aquaria. "Devil Ray again?" she asked, then sighed. "I'll go get my weapons and call in to Project Freedom." Rather than get back on the elevator, she pushed open the door to the stairs and literally bounded up, hitting the first landing in a single jump, then disappearing from view.
  4. Spiraling Shape (IC)

    Now Singularity smiled, just the tiniest curve of her lips, but it did seem as though she approved. "That's good to hear," she said gravely as the elevator doors opened. The scene itself was certainly nothing scary, a glassed-in atrium full of plants and the heavy, almost drugging scent of tropical flowers. Butterflies were fluttering everywhere and the air was thick with humidity. Beyond the glass walls, the Freedom City skyline spread out in all its glory. "It's okay!" Singularity called out into whatever might be waiting in the thick undergrowth, "she says she's not scared!" Raising her eyebrows, she made an "after you," gesture to SFX.
  5. Spiraling Shape (IC)

    "I don't really work with her, she's my roommate and sometimes I follow her on her adventures to try and keep her out of trouble," Singularity told her with perfect frankness, her face blank. "But if you're looking for someone to give you information on Deep Ones, there's absolutely no better source." Now there was an expression on her face, a twitch of the lip that was hard to quantify. "She doesn't want to scare you, but I told her that anyone who wants to be a superhero in Freedom City is made of tougher stuff than that. What do you think?"
  6. Still Standing

    "That's really nice," Stesha told him, leaning in for a better look. It occurred to her that he hadn't let go of her hand, but it wasn't something she felt like complaining about right at this exact moment. "I think the waiting for a year bit is probably a good idea," she agreed as she straightened. "Especially in my case, since those same smart science friends suggest that forever might be more than a figure of speech for me. That really is a very long time to live with a tattoo I didn't think through beforehand." She smiled a little ruefully. "Why London Bridge?"
  7. Spiraling Shape (IC)

    "If you want," Jessie allowed, skinning quickly into her own uniform. "But if she's going to be a hero in Freedom City, she's going to need to get used to seeing scary things. It might be easier to start her out with scary sights that aren't going to try and eat her. Just don't do the thing where you lick your eyeball," she suggested with a half smile. "That's a little too much." Clipping back her hair with a silver comb, she headed for the lobby. The elevator doors nearest SFX slid open, disgorging a tall and muscular young woman in a form-fitted black costume. From a distance she looked like any of a dozen twenty-something blonde superheroines, but up close there was something eerie in her brown eyes, something dangerous and carefully controlled. She gave SFX a small, polite smile. "My name is Singularity. I'll take you to see Sea Devil." She turned and headed back to the elevator, obviously assuming she'd be followed.
  8. Still Standing

    Stesha put her hand in his without hesitation, palm side down. She had a little dirt under her nails and in her cuticles, an unavoidable occupational hazard. Her skin was warm and soft, not even callused the way a gardener's might be, much less someone who could bounce a bullet. "Not anything specific," she admitted, "but I've always thought they were beautiful. I was going to get one in college, but my dad would've had an even bigger heart attack than he did when I moved into off-campus housing, so I held off awhile, and then superpowers!" She made a little exploding motion with her free hand, laughing slightly. "Back then I always thought flowers because I was studying botany, but now I feel like that might be a little too on point with my whole theme." She studied his skin, not bothering to be circumspect about it, not with his arm right there and her hand in his. "Which was your first one?"
  9. Still Standing

    "You wear the tortured artist look well," she assured him with a half-smile, directed mostly into her coffee cup. "I assume you're the one who handles any unusual commissions that come in? People who would be hard to tattoo otherwise?" Stesha flexed her own fingers, looking down at the very normal, nearly fragile-looking skin. "I have never personally tested it, but a couple scientist friends of mine are pretty sure I could withstand a direct hit from a strategic nuclear weapon," she commented idly. "Nothing has been able to break my skin in years, and anything that hurts me heals almost instantly, so I've always just assumed tattoos are off the table. I imagine yours don't use normal needles?"
  10. Active Threads for November 2017

    I did 10th-Anniversary Vignettes for Wander and Miss Americana. All points to Sparkler, please!
  11. (IC) Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    "It's okay, she's with us," Raina called out, raising her hands nonthreateningly and stepping out from behind her parents. "She's cool, she just doesn't know much about magic and stuff. What are they teaching us these days, right?" she joked, a little weakly. "But it is basically true that leaving a portal patent like this for too long is asking for trouble. It's already got some weird resonance thing going on that's making my fillings hurt." She ran her tongue over her teeth, then turned to her parents. "You can close the portal and open it again right here, can't you, so long as the ritual circle's' still in place? I've seen you guys do portal work before."
  12. (IC) You May Not Believe In Me

    Erin withstood the pressure of Nina's hand without wincing, though a normal woman might've had a sprained wrist already. "Nina, are you sure you want to give him any ideas?" she asked, keeping her voice as calm and businesslike as she knew how. Having a lot of training in life or death situations helped a lot. "I've seen Mark as a woman, and although she's very pretty, she's even more highhanded and overbearing. Now you're almost done," she reminded Nina, "and this is as bad as it's gonna get. This is one time Mark's not going to be interfering with your plans at all, it's just you and your body and your exquisite control. You've got it in the bag." She looked over at Mark, whose fingers were starting to turn an alarming shade of purple. "Just to be on the safe side, Mark, you wanna step back for a second and check the door?" she asked reasonably. "Nobody needs any surprises right now."
  13. Still Standing

    "You sound like me six years ago," Stesha pointed out, tongue in her cheek. "Back then I was going out at night to save people's gardens and perk up the flowerbeds at the park. I think the only real constant in the superhero game is surprise. You never know when something could come up to change everything for you." She walked across the room to look at one of the portfolio books on display. "But I understand being happy with an auxiliary role. You've got a great setup here, but it must take a lot of your time." She paged through the book, admiring the intricate tattoo work inside.
  14. Still Standing

    Stesha laughed. "There's more paperwork than I thought would be involved when I first decided to become a superhero," she admitted, "but it's really not that bad. A lot of it is paperless these days, I have an app on my phone that I can plug information into and be done before debriefing. And a lot of the paperwork is designed to make sure that when I see something that's been destroyed or someone who needs help, I can make sure they get a referral to the right city services before I forget in the crush of everything else that's happening. I figure it helps me keep my promises when I tell people that everything's going to be all right." She took a sip of the coffee, then added a judicious amount of cream and sugar. "And I'm sure there's plenty of politics going on, but it doesn't touch me directly. Most of the people on the League right now are good friends of mine, so it's not as though we're jockeying for status or leadership or anything like that. Sometimes it is frustrating," she allowed, "especially when we have to wait to go into a situation when we're needed because of logistics or politics or whatever, but as long as I'm convinced that it's nobody on our end engaging in pointless politicking, I can live with it. To a certain extent." She smiled into her mug, a look that suggested she may have taken matters into her own hands a time or two. "It's good of you to consult for the League, we need all the help we can get. Today's consult was a bust, though?"
  15. Still Standing

    "Coffee, please," Stesha requested, setting the fire flower on a counter before pulling off her gloves and tucking them into her pocket. The room was warm enough that she unfastened the buttons of her cowl and let it drape as she walked across the room to examine the mural. Unlike most of her Freedom League cohort, Fleur de Joie didn't wear a snug morphic molecular uniform, instead choosing sturdy trousers and a work shirt in vibrant green. "This is beautiful," she told Ray, examining the partially-finished painting. "Is this your work too?"