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  1. ic

    "Take your time," Raina encouraged as she threw the lock on the bathroom door to keep out any other unwanted intruders. She walked back to the counter and began rummaging in her makeup box again, ignoring Fred's difficulty long enough for the girl to pull herself together without too many eyes on her. A little careful application and another tiny fireball had Raina's eyelids flickering and smoldering like her hand had been a minute ago, a striking and rather eerie effect. "This would be completely kickass in the dark," she decided.
  2. ic

    "Found her," Raina said drolly, spinning so her back was to Phaedra's back and her attention was on Talya. Erik was always more likely to pay attention to the foe with a sword in hand, so that seemed the safest course of action. "You just don't want me to have any fun," she accused Tayla, even as she flipped a small, well-controlled fireball in her mentor's direction. It poofed away into nothingness as soon as Talya dodged it, well before it could hit the wall. She could've used a lighter to reignite her flame but instead, curious, she reached out a hand for Erik's sword. The blade suddenly stretched mightily, extending in an arc over Phaedra and coming to Raina's hand. She nipped off a bit of it for a new fireball, then released the rest of it to snap back into place at the end of Erik's arm.
  3. ic

    From upstairs, Paige tried to track the confrontation through her mental senses and the voices she could hear through the air vents, but it wasn't easy with whatever psychic baffle the stranger had up and Bry's continuing fretful whimpers. ~Don't you try and fight with him, William Cline!~ she pathed insistently, loud enough that it might cause a wince. ~You're faster than him, we can get out- what's that?~ The intrusion of yet another mental presence in the house was confusing and disturbing, but at least this one didn't seem to have harm in mind. ~What's going on down there?~ By now Paige had the diaper bag and the emergency go-bag from the closet and was ready to go out the window if necessary, but not without Will.
  4. ic

    Raina glanced over at Fred for a second before looking back to the Headmistress. "Just so long as we don't get flunked if it turns out we can't actually do better detective work than The Raven," she reminded Summers. "This isn't exactly any of our wheelhouse, so we should at least get points for effort. And we're going to need full access to the school's database, even if we start running into things that might be restricted." It would not be too hard, she figured, to make whatever investigation they embarked upon last long enough to justify a morning off. And Merlin would like the database thing.
  5. ic

    Even sleepy, even after a restless night with the baby, Paige was a veteran super and she could wake up fast when she had to. Unfortunately, her best speed was nothing when compared to Richard, any version of Richard. Her first impulse was to run downstairs and see what was happening, but she ruthlessly quashed that idea. Instead, she reached out along the well-trodden paths of her psychic linkage, finding Will's psychic pattern reassuringly clean and normal. ~Will, baby, wake up! Something's wrong with your father.~ A tightly focused burst of impressions conveyed everything that her words could not. ~I need your help.~ Throwing on her bathrobe, she raced across the upstairs hallway to the nursery and gathered Bryant up out of the crib, holding him protectively against her chest. "Shhh, shhh," she murmured, keeping her gaze focused on the closed door that was the only thing separating them from the intruder in the house. Now she could barely feel him at all, whoever he was, he was nothing more than a shadow of a presence on the first floor.
  6. ic

    That morning, Paige was enjoying a dream about a perfect bubble bath in a tub the size of a hotel swimming pool, the sort of dream that always seems to occur moments before the alarm clock goes off. Or in this case, the moment before one gets a psychic poke from one's husband and the door starts rattling off its hinges. Her lovely dream shattered into fragments, leaving nothing more than the faint whiff of lavender in her nostrils and a sense of melancholy. ~Richard?~ she asked, sleepy and cross. ~What the hell are you doing? Did you forget your key?~ Paige sat up in bed and yawned hugely. She'd been hoping for a quiet morning, with Holly off on a school-sponsored sleepover trip, but there was apparently no rest for the weary.
  7. ic

    "Please, Madison. At least I don't keep my broomstick wedged where you're keeping your magic wand these days," Raina countered, apparently paying more attention to her fancy makeup than to her antagonists. "You and I may get our powers from training, but most of the people here, including most of your buddies, got their powers from some kind of accident somewhere down the line. Somebody got a little nonhuman nookie, or maybe a little DNA mutation, or somebody's lab exploded in an exciting way." She looked at Celeste and gave her a very brief raised-eyebrow smirk before returning her attention to the cosmetics. "Really it's a little bit hypocritical to start bitching about how people got their powers now, especially since all this is school-sanctioned." If Raina was even aware of the fact that Madison was expressing the same concern she herself had voiced not five minutes earlier, she gave no sign of it. "Now if you came in here to tinkle, why don't you just get on with it?"
  8. ic

    Raina smirked. "If I thought that would work, I wouldn't show up for nearly so many classes," she pointed out. "But I've already got a mentorship training thing setup that takes a lot of my time. What's this extra thing you want us to take on, and how much time are we looking at?" Raina wasn't about to admit that just keeping up with schoolwork and training at the dojo took nearly all of the hours she wasn't actually in classes or sleeping, because that would be admitting that she cared about the grades she was getting with finals coming up. "Do we get to go off-campus for it?"
  9. ic

    Raina rolled her eyes, the flames on her fingertips flickering out even as the design painted on her hand continued to flicker as though lit from within. "Oh, unbunch those granny panties, Madison," she advised. "It's a costume effect, Fred's been working on them for our superhero thing." She showed the back of her hand to the invading trio with negligent scorn. "I know you guys were probably too busy with Disney Princess videos to watch The Hunger Games, so I can see why it would throw you. But we're not doing anything wrong."
  10. ic

    "Holy 8888!" Raina's curse was half delighted squeal as she watched the transformation on Cathy's skin. "That's so cool!" Her earlier hesitation instantly forgotten, Raina drew a quick little sigil for protection on her hand in brown eyeshadow. The sigil wasn't magic in itself, not before it was charged, but it looked more sexy and mysterious than just spreading it out on her hand. A flick of her lighter had fire dancing on her fingertips as she carefully moved it close enough to trigger the makeup's effect.
  11. ic

    Singularity was staring off at the tables with great intensity, but that could mean anything from great focus on a small detail to complete inattention, caught in the whirlpool eddies of her own mind. "Look at the water glasses on the tables," she finally said, glancing towards Terrifica and the detectives. Her voice was very quiet, as though she still hadn't decided whether speaking up at all was a good idea. "A whole line of them are empty, right there. Just those, on both sides of the aisle, every single one is just about drained, while all the other ones are just about full. That seems weird." Her furrowed brow suggested the young woman didn't know what to make of it herself.
  12. ic

    Raina was already busy experimenting with the eyeliner on her eyes, but she paused long enough to give Fred a look in the mirror. "The makeup is good," she told the alchemist, "but I'm a little worried about anything that's billed as an "alchemical mystery." Before I put anything else on, I really need the over-under on my hand turning into some kind of base metal when I least expect it." She took an eyeshadow from the kit, but waited to apply it until she had more explanations. Even Raina's reckless streak had its limits. Merlin whispered something into her ear, at which point she told him to go away and try to stop being the worst for just a tiny fraction of time. He rolled his eyes, a sort of informed gesture from a monkey, but scampered away towards their bedroom.
  13. ic

    Raina began to unpack her case with expert speed and skill, fanning out her palette of colors before going to work with the makeup remover and a cotton pouf to take off what she was already wearing. "Feels pretty good," she observed aloud. "Not too astringent, but it's working anyway. Not too oily." She patted her face dry and applied a light coating of moisturizer, then began to actually play with the makeup. Merlin sat on the counter above the sink next door, offering truly unhelpful commentary about how none of this would be necessary if humans had an adequate amount of facial fur, and whether this counted as animal testing for the labeling process. Raina threatened to tape his mouth shut, but he seemed singularly undeterred. "When do you plan on going into production with this stuff?" she asked Fred as she blended the base under her jawline.
  14. ic

    Raina and Merlin both rifled through the box with great interest, putting their heads together over various formulations and colors. They'd seen much of the lineup during testing, but Fred had obviously gone all-out on the final product, including several things she'd been keeping under her hat during development. "Well, I guess there's only one way to see if it works," Raina finally announced, flipping the box shut and sliding back down off the bed. "Merlin, would you mind getting into the controls for the building? We're going to need a lot more light in the girls' bathroom." She headed out with the box under her arm, not even bothering to check whether the others would follow.
  15. ic

    Raina accepted the box from her lofted perch with the aloof decorum of a queen, but wasn't quite able to hide the lively spark of interest in her eyes. "It's makeup, obviously," she told Cathy without even opening the box. "It's the stuff Fred's been working on for ages." She reflexively passed the palm of her hand over the box as though testing its temperature, but Fred manipulated the elements with science, not magic. Merlin suggested he could get out his mass spectrometer, but Raina thought that would be a bit premature. Opening the box, she began to rifle through its contents with interest.