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  1. Elevator Pitch

    "Not to mention more esoteric processes tend to involve significantly more scrutiny when you're talking about mass production. AEON's dealt with that before as some of our more profitable goods come from esoteric origins. I don't know how familiar you are with what all we do, especially since we do utilize subsidiaries since having a flag-waving T-baby is not always the best marketing tactic," Alex said with a small smile. "I can tell you that an all purpose product is going to have significantly more traction than multiple products. People purchasing would rather spend more money on a single creme than have several that they're having to layer into a routine as you can market it at the busy woman with not enough time in her day." Alex gave a small nod of her head, setting the carefully lettered graphs and charts to the side after having flipped through them quickly. For most people it might seem dismissively short but Alex's ability to take in information was significantly faster than even peak human capacity, "Let's see your showstopper product? A good presentation rythm is to establish credibility and having show the breadth of your product, you want to hook their interest by revealing what makes your collection so very special. You're going to want to convince your audience that you're more than worth the special training, or materials that you need for it." Alex's gamine grin was easy and friendly, "Which is mostly advice for future presentations. I already believe that what you have is worth the extra effort but I can't imagine this will be the last invention that you see about selling."
  2. Elevator Pitch

    "I don't," Alex said simply, like it was customary for someone to know that sort of detail about themselves. "So do you intend it to be a custom manufacture line? The price point is higher but the labor is more intensive at that point," Alex pointed out as she glanced over the vials before selecting the one closest to her skin tone to test on the inside of her wrist. "Have you sought a patent for your formulas yet? There's a bit of a mixed take in legal about seeking patents for formulas for cosmetic products. Its not the sort of protection that you'd expect - certainly not like our biomedical division enjoys on their patents. Avoiding copycats is a bit more reliant on keeping formulas secret more than anything." Alex offered the information alongside her question as she went to blend the makeup out and check the coverage, tipping her pale wrist towards the light to look it over. Her features were bare of even the light makeup that Alex wore most of the time. "Personally, I think its best to provide a mid-range line - something you'll see at a makeup store like Sephora, and then offer a higher level through a proprietary website. It'll help build your base faster and I think you want to avoid the drugstore brand tier." Alex suggested before adding, "Not that there's anything wrong with the drugstore tier but you don't really see a profit unless you're seriously engaged in mass production and that tends to mean cutting corners somewhere."
  3. Elevator Pitch

    "Everyone is large to a five year old." Alex replied with a chuckle as she sat the tray down on the table and sat down a companionable distance from Fred. Despite the modern setting, and the certainly modern accouterments, Alex settled into her chair, her hands neatly folded in her lap and her posture straight. It wasn't so much that she was going out of her way to set Fred at ease by aping the mannerisms of the era she was raised in, but more that Alex always tried to make anyone feel comfortable in a social setting and those were the expectations that her current guest happened to have. If it had been a different student, the response would have been equally modulated, not with the goal of manipulating anyone but simply to put them at ease. "I'm happy to meet with you, Fred, of course. I was your age when I started AEON, after all," Alex replied with a brief, gamine grin, "You're giving me a chance to pay it forward which I always try to do... and AEON can always use another luxury brand if you decide you want to go with us - which, I should note, you don't have to by any stretch. There are probably a good half a dozen companies in Freedom City that might be a good match for you and half of those have ties to Claremont that you could certainly utilize to get a foot in the door so really, a business meeting should be a chance to get to see if our company is a good fit for your product just as much as the other way around." Alex provided helpfully, despite the fact that she was arguably putting herself at a larger disadvantage for any negotiations down the line, "Which is why we're having the meeting here rather than in more formal settings. I'd like to offer my help in refining your pitch if you do go another route and the CFO tends to have a fit when we're not maximizing the company profits."
  4. Elevator Pitch

    As if sensing her discomfort - which, considering who this was might very well have actually been the case - Alex offered a warm smile of reassurance, "Oh, its sturdier than it looks, I promise. Everything in the apartment is," There was a flash of bemusement in her bright hazel eyes as she offered that cheerful adage. After all, the apartment furnishings had been custom ordered to ensure that any unintentional display of Mike's strength wouldn't crumple them. The couch that Fred sat on was large but firm, the pillows softening it from Mike's comfort level to Alex's. "My fiance's a good foot and a half taller than I am," Alex added as she made quick work of setting up a small tea tray with mugs, honey, sugar and milk. Adding a plate of cookies to the side, she continued to make small talk as she waited for the water to heat, "So I had to have most of the furniture custom made so it fits his frame while at the same time, I don't vanish into the cushions. I thought he was going to beat you here but something came up after his work day so he might come home while we're talking - if that won't bother you?" She added with clear pride as she crossed back to Fred, "He's a kindergarten teacher."
  5. Elevator Pitch

    Alex's directions were simple and precise; there was always a concierge staff member stationed in the building's grand lobby who handled the traffic for Alex's personal domain. It wasn't certainly the most optimal staffing solution in terms of ensuring that people were busy all the seconds of their day but optimization was regularly sacrificed at AEON for human comforts; both staff and guests. It did ensure that when Fred crossed the comfortable lobby with its dotting of couches and terminals that felt equal parts coffee shop and hotel lobby, that there was no line to wait in. The staff member that greeted Fred was polite but warm as she provided the vistor's pass that would allow elevator access to the penthouse levels. She pointed the way to the elevator that led to those floors and with a swipe of the card, Fred would be headed directly for the apartment via the high speed elevator. It opened into a small lobby that held a small couch on one side while the other side held simple receptacles for holding mail and depositing trash. The door was framed by colorful vases that held equally colorful flowers in what might have been a little jarring in their brightness after the soothing color palate of AEON's well furnished lobby. Before Fred could knock, the door clicked, opening under Alex's telekinetic direction as she called out, cheerfully, "Come in! Would you like something to drink?" Alex's apartment took the idea of 'open floor plan' to a whole new level as it had been designed specifically for two fliers. Stairs were tucked back and out of the way and the living space Fred walked into was roughly three stories with landings for rooms that leap frogged their way up the space. On the main floor, though, was space for living, dining and making meals. Alex waved one hand towards the white couches draped in jewel bright pillows and the occasional throw, from where she stood by the kitchen. Clearly the splashes of bright color matched Alex's personal aesthetic as she wasn't dressed for work today, instead wearing a colorful circle skirt and peasant blouse. Crystals definitely sparkled from the pins that held her curls up and back from her face. "Make yourself comfortable."
  6. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    "I got a taser," Sofia called over her shoulder by way of explanation as she was clearly not a fighter. Her dark sneakers squeaked as she sprinted down the databanks with clear purpose. They weren't labeled, certainly but they didn't need to be. She already knew where the location was from her files. With a few clicks to open the banks, she had the masters in hand. "Xavier, I got 'em. We're good here.... Uh, did anyone else get briefed on the 'housekeeping scam'?" It was entirely possible, Sofia supposed that she'd missed that somewhere in the planning stages as she MAY have tuned out when it hadn't directly concerned her but even-odds that Xavier hadn't bothered to brief anyone yet on it. Tucking the hard drive under one arm, she booked it back to where Lou was bouncing hoodlum's faces off of the wall, "Niiiiice."
  7. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    Sofia stayed resolutely in place, her fingers flying despite the command to drop what she was doing. She didn't have the greatest poker face in the world so her distress was easy to read in the few seconds before Lou made himself a much more appealing target, as was the relief that swiftly followed once the man formed a solid wall between her and potential threats. "Muchas gracias." She murmured with the first appreciative gaze she'd directed in Lou's direction as her fingertips flew over her device, swiftly pulling the information that they required. "I have to pull the originals," she explained both to Lou and the rest of the team. "In the data bank but I got this part taken care of. You.... need any backup?" She asked, before adding, "'Cuz you sure don't seem to need it."
  8. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Init: 18
  9. They Live

    "Don't lick the restless undead; no problem," Volcanic drawled as she followed through the gateway, giving a little shudder at the disorienting sensation that always accompanied such transitions. The quip hopefully covered enough for the way that Volcanic staggered a bit as if suddenly drunk, or perhaps blind might be more accurate as she had to reorient the senses that connected her to the earth to this Not-earth. She made sure that her hand only made contact with Frost on her way to the side of the portal as she had no desire to leave anyone else with burns from even casual contact. Once she was well out the way, she closed her eyes and focused on setting the sense of ground and air around her to rights so she'd not be at a grave disadvantage for the rest of this little adventure.
  10. From Beneath You It Devours: Atlantis Attacks

    Volcanic set Klara down with a deft enough touch. The bulk of her focus was on depositing the Amazon safely before she took in the grim faced guards. With a grimace, she let her plating fall away for the moment. It was easiest enough to summon should things turn bad and she wasn't without defenses - and attacks - without it. Probably best to not look like they were there to assault the gates. Probably. Annoyance with the stone-faced Atlanteans made her voice sharp. "Aloha," she said, the syllables more flat than they'd other wise be. "Came to help out with the shark problem. You got someone in charge we can talk to?" She paused then added again, "We're with the Freedom League." Silently adding the 'Auxiliary' in her head. Really, who kept the rosters memorized? The last thing she wanted to deal with was bureaucratic red tape.
  11. Fragile

    Robin accepted her handkerchief back, jamming it into her worn pocket once more as she took a step back to join Riley at the door. She gave one of those loose shrugs, pulling the thin fabric of her shirt tight across the shoulders with the gesture. "Everyone's got days they can't face," Robin said simply, "Yours has more complications than most but no one's gonna judge you for it. I mean, we're all here in some ways because we're potentially dangerous. Its just, for most of us, they can cloak it in training to utilize our abilities. It sucks that you gotta sit in a room alone for yours. If you want some company next time on the other side or people to drop in to break up the day, we'd be more'n happy to do it, you know." She shrugged again, letting her hands slip into the pockets of her jeans afterwards, "But if you'd rather be alone, I get it." She slanted a faint smile towards Riley, "I mean we're duking it out for the year books 'most likely to brood on rooftops' designation."
  12. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    "Sure, I can -- wait, what?" She protested, fingers already flying across the keyboard as she began to quickly throw a wrench into communications. She twisted to check that Lou was still right there and when he wasn't, she cursed low and long in a truly foul string of Spanish mutters. "Oh, I hate this plan. I hate this plan a lot. Why can't you be bait? Why's it gotta be the cute chicana, hey? I didn't sign up for no horror movie bullshit, you know." The temptation to bolt was strong but despite her kvetching, Sofia was a professional and she wouldn't bail midjob. Complain, oh she'd absolutely do that. "Next time Lou gets to be the bait!"
  13. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Computers Check: 42
  14. Fragile

    "Tch, don't cry," Robin soothed, her voice gentle and she offered one muscled arm with the clear intent to give Fred a hug in a rare show of physical affection. " 'Sides, that's what friends are for - we're supposed to check up on each other. You don't seem fine but no one's gonna make you talk about things you don't wanna talk about." These two, after all, had strong feelings about people being made to bare their emotions when they didn't want to. Scrounging in one pocket, Robin came up with the handkerchief that she usually used to tie back her unruly curls for gymnastics. "And no one's sure going to judge you for skipping a day, its just not something you usually do."
  15. Fragile

    Robin followed Riley in with a small shake of her head, "Folks noticed you were missing," Robin added a bit more bluntly than her boyfriend, her voice kind and concerned, "We were going to fan out and send out the troops but you got back before we could put my plan into motion. And it was a good plan," she added sidelong to Riley but with a faint half smile that made it clear she was ribbing him rather than complaining. "Probably gonna see more folks filter through so Riley and I will clear out. If you're not feeling up for company, we can spread the word to let folks know to hold up until you are, if you want."