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  1. (IC) Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    "I'll grab something outta the lost and found on our way out." Robin explained as she finished with her shoes and followed Raina to do just that. Once she'd scavenged a hat and coat to toss on over the flannel that looked like it was probably once Riley's, Robin tucked her own scarf around, far more tatty than anything Raina would ever consider wearing, certainly. She was silent while Raina talk. "Sure, I remember that stuff. Bad news." Robin agreed, her grey eyes thoughtful as she looked at Raina. Half of her attention was already on the possible locations for that kind of items moving, but her brow creased, "So, you want to do some recon then? Anything in particular that you heard that might help us narrow things down? Any group they're working with? Anything? Or are we just going to canvas."
  2. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence

    The ex-spy had been unusually quiet, providing none of the teasing banter or drawled innuendo that she often engaged in. Without her jacket, the steel of a well maintained side arm glinted from its holster in addition to her usual gear. She reached up to pat Min's hand gently. It wasn't as if she hadn't had those thoughts before in the past, or even now. "The amount of time it can take to... recover from mortal wounds has varied over the years for me, generally increasing over time. I don't know how finite the blood magic that powers that is. I heal now faster than I did, though I do lead an exciting life. It's conjecture, but I can only assume that their abilities too grew over time, keeping it secret from their captors until they could make good an escape." She let out a sigh, closing her eyes briefly as she admitted, "It's what I would have done. The Major-" The grimace was brief but it flickered across her features, "Their leader, rather, is the key. The other two are very good at what they do but, without direction, far more easy to handle." Talya moistened her lips briefly, "I know I don't need to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts tonight. I know that with this family, it's a given." She included Steve in that gesture as she was well aware that the Interceptors were really more family than team in many ways, "But I do. Now, can I provide any further answers to any questions?" Finally a wry smile tipped the corner of her lips, a ghost of her usual smile, "Which is not an offer I make often."
  3. Interceptors: Handclap

    Robin blinked once as Raina cut in, too confused to have jealousy flicker in. Hell, Raina still hadn't forgiven Riley for the last round of bear-pee smoke bombs. She gave one short sharp nod to Raina to show she understood. Deception wasn't her strong suit but thankfully they hadn't seemed to garner any attention, yet. When Riley came close, Robin's hands dropped to his slim waist and she cocked her head upwards. "Let's cut in closer to the front and when we make a move, I can give you a lift up, maybe?" She suggested, not to get Riley out of any main line of fire - well, not entirely, he was without his best weapon, "Then you can keep eyes on in case they try something. Got anything you can use from range?" As she spoke, Robin began to move their way through the crowd, taking the front position. It wasn't as if any normal dancer was going to successfully jostle her if she didn't want to play along.
  4. (IC) Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    Robin was about as relaxed as she ever was, which was to say that her shoes were off and she had her muscular legs curled up under her body, with one shoulder tucked against Riley's side. A small smile curved her lips at the offer, and she gave a little shake of her head as her little figure continued to plug away at getting a proper portcullis to work with red stone and switches. Robin had just opened her mouth to reply when Raina burst in to the room in more than a whirlwind than usual. Absentmindedly, Robin paused the game to give their friend her full attention. "I'm in my gear," Robin pointed out before glancing down towards her shoes. "Well, mostly. What's going on?" Despite her question, Robin was already moving to slip her shoes back on, knotting the worn laces with a practiced motion before she tipped her head towards Riley in mute question.
  5. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    Sofia, for one, was simply staring at Lou's face. Specifically, the yellow stripe running down it. It didn't take the clever hacker long to realize that she was, in fact, staring; at which point, Sofia began to try and find something else to look at in the sort of manner that made it even more obvious what she was trying to avoid. Finally, she decided if she was going to be the large man's friend, she was going to do it properly. "Uh, you got a little... a thing, you know? Right here?" She said, pointing at her features where the strip bisected Lou's face, like she was pointing out a piece of spinach stuck between his teeth. "You know. I mean, the rest looks good. You look - ah - good, yeah.... Maybe now we should go?" Nailed it.
  6. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    Sofia was watching the scuffle with wide eyes from the back of the van although she was paying enough attention to her surroundings to notice the attempt to sneak up on the van's occupants. "Oh, hell no," she said before swinging the door open just before the thug could yank on his side. Swinging the phone she still held up in her other hand, she jammed it against the man's throat just as she depressed the hidden trigger against the side. The distinctive crackle of electricity and brief flash was the only sign that her smart phone clearly did much more than make the typical phone calls. "Suck it!" She shouted as the man toppled to the ground like a felled log. "Asshole!" She added as if 'suck it' hadn't been enough to contain her absolute ire at the situation. Apparently Sofi decided to conceal her taser inside her phone. While clever, it was absolutely hell on the battery life.
  7. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Sofia will open the door and switch to stun. http://orokos.com/roll/556972 : 10 Ooookay, I hate orokos and there's my last HP to hit which AD tells me is what I need. Mook needs to make a Fort Save vs Stun.
  8. Fast Food

    "We can work out safe words later," Sofia teased with a grin, " 'Till then I'm gonna use my best judgement about when poking is needed. Besides, the less you bleed on clothing now, the less likely we get a lecture when we get back, you know?" Straightening, she brushed her hands off before rubbing them against her thighs to keep any blood off of her skin. If there we cops, the last thing she wanted was bloody fingers, "Likewise, ma'am. Here I got a number you can call but the place we're crashing isn't really mine to invite folks to." Sofi turned to jot a number down on a napkin, ensuring that it was flat on the counter and not leaving the imprint of any number. Not that she thought the rent-a-cops in this town were likely to manage to trace back through her layers of security but some habits were ingrained. "Alice takes people not knowing where she might sleep - IF she were gonna sleep - kinda serious."
  9. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence

    Talya sagged for a moment between the support. Part of her, honestly, had expected the castigation. Certainly, part of Talya felt she deserved it. Buffered on either side by nothing but love and support, Talya's chest moved subtly as she took the first real breath since the brimstone had broken the calm of the dining room. Looping her arms around Erik and Min's waists, she tilted her head to the side until her temple rested against Min's jaw and her hip against Erik's thigh. She was silent for only a few seconds, her breathing slow and steady as the Espadas provided support to re-center. "You're right," she told Erik finally, tipping her head enough to offer the tall swordsman a wan smile. That she let them see beyond the professional facade was a testament to the trust given, "But the collateral damage would be immense... Hmmm, let me look at this again." The 'thank you' was unspoken but clear as she touched first Min and then Erik lightly before padding forward to lift - not the schedule or the photos - rather, she plucked up the folder itself to turn it over carefully in her hands. After a long moment she finally turned her gaze up to Erik, not as husband and partner, but as the leader of the Interceptors, "This folder... I know where this came from. Erik, I know where they're hiding."
  10. Interceptors: Handclap

    Robin's gaze skipped over the crowd, her dancing half-hearted at best. Stealth, Robin could manage but deceit was less in her wheelhouse. Her hip bumped into Riley's, using his wiry frame as she watched with narrowed grey eyes, in the hope that she would be ignored as half of a couple. Only one hand draped over Riley's shoulders, the other hand down by her side mostly to make sure they weren't too entangled if things went bad quickly. The tension in her coiled muscles broadcast better than words that she expected trouble imminently. "There's pickpockets in the crowd," she said, the words low and pitched not to carry too far. Her grey-eyed gaze darted, towards the most recent mark, "I think they might be slipping stuff into pockets too."
  11. Fast Food

    "Jeezus, don't poke at it with dirty fingers," Sofia said with some legitimate concern as she'd moved from commentary to fussing once more, leaving Anna to threaten or wallop the would-be robbers as she choose. Batting Alice's hands away, Sofia bent her head to first wipe her hands off with an antiseptic wipe from her pockets and then quickly clean and bandage up the minor injury with gauze that she also produced from said pockets. During Anna and Esperanza's exchange, she added quietly; her voice soft, "Thanks for having my back there. I really am sorry you got shot for your troubles." Tucking the wrappers back in her pocket to discard rather than leave anything at a potential crime scene, she straightened a little, "We know a couple of things. Like you said, its a rough town."
  12. Interceptors: Handclap

    Whatever psychic whammy that the band was putting out bounced hard enough off of Robin's inherited defenses from her mother that the teen vigilante didn't even notice the attempt. However, she absolutely caught sight of the odd way the staff were attending to the doors. She groaned softly, her shoulders briefly falling, "Maybe its just, uh, to keep out anyone trying to leak the performance?" She muttered back at Riley, well aware that she tended to assume the worst of people's actions when they started to act shifty. A lifetime dealing with the worst of the Fens did that to a person's sense of self preservation. "I heard it, I see it," Robin agreed with clear reluctance, one hand smoothing over the dress along her thigh almost protectively. People were always more important than clothes but Robin was going to be deeply unhappy if she had spent money only to have it ruined by some sort of shake down. "I don't suppose its normal?"
  13. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence

    Her aristocratic features were composed but the tension coiled in her muscles was plain to Erik, her bare arms flexed as she braced on the back of the chair in a way that highlighted the sleek muscles under her skin. She gave a short, abrupt little shake of her head, her voice dropping low in sentences so short and flat that the words were harsh, "Its my fault, Erik. They tracked me - and now there's danger on our doorstep." Talya shoved away from the chair and the pictures, well aware that she was perilously close to losing any ability to think rationally, which - of course - was exactly the goal of the folio. She pressed the heels of her hands to her eyes, as if the gesture could rub away the images of their children in the cross hairs of a telescopic lens. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." She said before finally forcing herself to take a steadying breath. Focus, Talya, focus. Why send the dossier? "They haven't been able to get any intel on the inside - nothing more than the entrance of the dojo. They're trying to scare me into relocating, to take us out en route to whatever secondary location I have set up because I could never hide that many civilians in transit."
  14. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence

    Relieved for a chance to look away from Erik, Talya turned her attention to Vince, "It isn't your fault," she told the AI, "And you've kept the Interceptors identity clear; that's no small task. I imagine your programming is based around years of op-sec protocols. They wrote the book on those, quite literally." She paused, closing her eyes for a long moment with her expression pained before she corrected herself grimly, "We wrote the book on op-sec. Could you re-play that video feed of the woman taking the photograph, please?" Talya watched the video, her expression composed and impassive and her blue-eyed gaze flicking over the woman's expressions and gestures. "If you could contact Blackstone, or hack them - however you do it," Talya said finally to Vince, clearly holding Blackstone's security protocols as anything but sacrosanct, "Find out how long James Bennet has been missing. It's probably too much to hope that he didn't free the other two; Lance Carmichael and Henry Witbeck. The Freedom League captured them in 1971." She turned back to the photographs, pulling one out of the grid that focused on Eden caught mid-laugh. Her touch was light and gentle; utterly at odds with her final flat statement, "And unlock the gun safe, please."
  15. Elevator Pitch

    Alex chuckled softly, her hand coming down on Mike's knee as he offered the paper in mute appreciation and approval although she didn't verbalize it. She really didn't need to. Conversation flowed easily along their bond when desired but most of the time it was a wordless, emotional connection that probably would have been uncomfortable, really, if they'd ever known anything else but neither Mike nor Alex had any memories of being alone in their own heads. "I'll work out the details with your teachers for the timing in your schedule for the internship and I'll have legal draw up the initial proposals to look over. I'll include an advance," Alex added as she floated her checkbook to her hand, "Because I think you really ought seek legal counsel to have them go over the contracts. I think it'll be an enlightening experience. Consider it the first assignment for your extra curricular courses." Alex said brightly, like the idea of an assignment was somehow motivation in and of itself.