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  1. pc

    Alright looks good then. Defender of humanity specializing in supernaturals! APPROVED!
  2. pc

    Numbers add up just two small things. Need a clarification of what rank two restricted effect is on the daggers (as listed here, I assume it's the only you can use.) Secondly regarding the background story elements, What makes him take action against criminals not of a supernatural nature? and What is his reaction(or the daggers for that matter) to Good or Innocent supernaturals?
  3. ic

    "Ah yes we wouldn't dare." Ace drawled obliquely and shook his head, "We've heard so much most of it good!" he cheered with a wicked grin aimed at Talya. He paused for a moment at the revelation of his intended role, "Well I am ever the reliable one." he agreed as the car pulled away from the curb, "I however am honor bound to inform you that my lovely niece has declared criminal activities as 'Off Brand' and to be avoided." he noted adding gestural quotes to the vocal at the marketing speech he'd been fed. "I'm sure it will all go smoothly it's not like Talya would bring her protege to raid that new corsican fellows gala." Ace pointed out and looked back at Talya, "So where are we heading anyway?"
  4. ooc

    Ray is up and you can have your HP back as I realized these are minions, you can take ten to hit them.
  5. ic

    With a wail fading to a whimper the criminal taking cover near the tellers collapses in a singed heap on the floor, "DON"T JUST STAND THERE SHOOT HIM!" bellowed the leader as he sets his sights on the taunting form of Ace Danger clearly not having seen Ace Danger and the amulet of Kvoth where this precise move had much the same effect. As the thieves fired Ace made a subtle twist the shots passing just in front of him as he deftly avoided the bullets leaving them to carry on their merry way to impact the gunmen on opposing sides of the room. For but a moment the Leader was shocked by the sudden change in odds but shook it off as he opened fire, "Won't be that easy Danger!" he rasped as the shot rang out passing through Aces hat knocking it from the immortals head before ricocheting off the heave brass door frame to slam into the plaster ceiling overhead loosing a large chunk directly on the would be thieves head. Ace merely shook his head as he reached down to pluck up his hat once more frowning a the hole as the leader staggered and collapsed. Smiling to the now obviously angelic Ray, Ace smirked, "Oh apologies, burning bush league then."
  6. ooc

    That'll take that thug out as I mentioned. Leader and two remaining thugs in the lobby will fire on Ace and get a 12, 17, 20 Ace rolls deflect for 13, 14, 25 and he'll HP the one that doesn't deflect which is a minimum of 20 so all will deflect. Thieves in the back take a move action to fill thier bags more then a move to run for it getting about halfway through the lobby. They'll be through the door on their next action.
  7. pc

    Alrighty then those look good and that makes sense on burrowing. YEa I can see an argument both ways for tremor sense so might as well leave it as stated int eh House rules and see if we want to revisit that call in the more general sense. Tiamat. Numbers look good. The formatting of what is and is not in the Alt Form isn't very clear so clearing that up might be nice but I already puzzled it out so I'll say APPROVED! anyway
  8. pc

    Starting with Tarrant. Abilities: you're underpaying by 2PP on his Int Combat: Looks good. Saving Throws: looks good Skills: Looks good Feats: You're spending 10ep on the HQ features but only have 9ep written (Totals and math is correct just needs the number fixed) I think flight is covered under isolated unless the intention is he can fly it around to different parts of sanctuary. Powers: Area on Burrowing effects the area people have to be in for you to grant them the power not the size of the tunnel. I think you just need progression to make a bigger tunnel/bring more people in your tunnel (You might be better off giving him a others only immunity to heat/pressure/suffocation(underground) for bringing people along. I will admit it has been awhile since I looked in depth at burrowing but thats how effects others swim or flight would work. Move Object earth only technically doesn't allow you to like grab people with rock arms and what not just move/throw rocks (still useful but maybe not what you're going for) using earth to grab hold move other things would be source(dirt) and probably too broad to be worth full limitation value Tremorsense should be 1PP for ranged on your base tactile sense IIRC Unless it adds something that he can detect that normal people can't detect by touch. I'll see if I can tackle Tiamat after food and stuff tonight.
  9. With a relatively quick looking over of the math I noticed a couple things. I count 40 ranks of skills on aquaria. Looks like you underpaid for the suits flight by 1PP, and your final totals come to 197 by my math? I don't remember precisely how we handle the rounding on the 1/3 of attack/defense must be from Base attack/Defense but 4 out of 14 Might be a bit of a spread. Points are perpetually slim of course but having dagons might be a dynamic array might make more sense so she can be strong and swim at the same time? I count 66 skill ranks on singularity but the rest seems fine.
  10. ic

    Ace took a slow pull of his beer as he watched Eric his posture a practiced sort of carefree slouch that fit perfectly his outward persona. "That my young friend I can say decisively is not the case." he countered with an easy laugh and glance from Dimitri to Klara and finally Talya, "And I would be the expert on interventions I've sat my fair share." he joked lightly about his sometimes reckless descents into hedonism. "No an intervention is stacked with reminders of what you have to lose and gain and every sort of encouragement to follow hte course prescribed by the organizer." he explained and drained the last of the bottle setting it delicately on the coffee table with deliberate care. After a long look Talyas direction he smiled down at Klara's picture, and Dimitris more muted reply and shook his head looking for the barest of moments very tired before the flash of a saucy grin once more firmly fixed upon his features, "An adventure for the ages, through the ages!" he intoned arms spread in a shrug, "Righteous and courageous and forever young what isn't to like?"
  11. pc

    Alright almost there looks like we had a miscommunication on stats/charisma. at 38 PP you had paid for a 14 charisma so that was fine you just recorded it as costing 2 not 4 PP. I went in and fixed it though for simplicity's sake. You have your first Approved! Someone will be by shortly for your second I'm sure.
  12. pc

    Looks like a solid Cowl concept. A couple fluff things to start with more to think about than a needed change. The Rookery is the HQ of the canon character the Raven. Now being a Cowl and all that isn't super public knowledge so fine to also call your HQ that but it could cause confusion down the road IC or OOC. Once again it doesn't need to change just something to keep in mind. Second you might consider theming your boomerangs or coming up with some fun unique thrown weapon to use, or coming up with an IC reason he gravitated toward boomerangs, likewise it might add flavor and make posts easier to establish what fighting styles he's trained in. On to the numbers part. Stats: you have 2pp recorded spent on charisma and spent 4 (your total is correct so just requires an edit to correct the number. Combat: attack should be +8 Melee/Ranged, +12 Unarmed, +12 Boomerangs with two ranks of attack specialization in each of those. Feats: I only count 31 PP spent here not 32 The HQ should be detailed with size/toughness and features as should the motorcycle even if both are just copied from the book for your and GMs ease of reference. Currently you're at PL 9 offensively when you can sneak attack. Not a deal breaker given he has feats to reliably catch people out flatfooted or shaken but might be a little rough. Putting that missing PP from feats into another rank of unarmed specialization would put you at PL 10 with your fists and sneak attack up. PP is clearly tight so this is more a future thing to consider but wisdom is a good investment for cowl types often (bonus to will saves and notice/sense motive makes it almost break even on PP even)
  13. Ace Danger Ice Pick Love Dance Me To The End Left To My Own Devices
  14. ic

    "As the junior member of our little club it is my duty to inform you you have aged out of it being even ironically cool to use the modern slang old friend." He pointed out with a grin as they waited. He'd not heard much of the nights planned activities other than that Talya felt it was time for her protege to spread her wings. "So she tell you any of the plan?" he inquired as talya was a bit looser with information to Dimitri in general, which was probably wise in the general case. He looked down at the radio blaring with a small sigh, "I knew we should have taken my car." he lamented because if anything said 'subtle' it was the Danger!-Mobile parked on a quiet West End street.
  15. ic

    Ace lowered his beer to the table as Min spoke raising a brow slightly at the rather morose observation, "You and Dimitri will get along famously." he cajoled in a casually friendly tone, "That was probably the most russian thing I've heard anyone say since that thing with the boat in Budapest." ne noted with a sly glance at Talya. "Well bones is more paleontology." he countered with a shrug, "But living in the now is certainly something I can get behind." he seemed to take in stride the hint as to Mins lifespan and made an internal note to congratulate talya on finding a woman with Dimitris sense of humor and his own good looks when it was less likely to get him stabbed by an angry husband with fire sword tendencies. He spared a glance for the babe in Erics arms, "Now that one is going to be a heartbreaker." he offered with a smile, "Particularly if he manages his father's rumpled bad boy look." He left any speculation as to the child's condition to the more qualified in the room but did offer, "I have heard a bit about someone who might have the medical and supernatural chops to give some insight." he weighed carefully, "Though he doesn't usually cross the beams as it were." he added with a very nearly apologetic look to Eric, "I've learned recently that can be a sticking point for some of the more reclusive sorts." he played off jokingly though with a thread of contrition that was, it seemed at least, genuine. He'd wait to weigh in on Talyas young mans mortality for the moment, at least give the poor fellow a chance to catch up to the conversation before warning him away from what he suspected Talya already intended to suggest.