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  1. 10th Anniversary Vignette: 10 Years

    Ouroboros Ten Years Ago (By some reckoning): Nicholson School for the Gifted One would think that for the unlikely offspring of a Vampire and Mystic Agent of Interdimensional Stability the month of October would hold a special celebratory air. Unfortunately for young JJ Faretti it mostly meant alot more time in the care of the kindly but terribly dull ghosts of the Manor or with the more stable babysitters his parents could recruit. It seemed between the thinning of the barriers between worlds and the thematically obsessed subjects of his father's kingdom the Faretti’s were unusually busy for the season as a rule. Of course now young JJ was able to attend school so he had all new ideas for a solution to this dilemma. Sitting in his preferred corner of the classroom, that furthest from the windows and risk of late autumn sun, JJ was engrossed with his drawing hunched over as he carefully scribbled out his latest ‘masterpiece’. On the plus side the sometimes, intense, young dhampir was engrossed in his task instead of stalking his classmates. On the other hand at least two other students still complained of nightmares based on the revelations of the class mask project. His teacher slowly approached and gingerly asked if he was ready to show her what he’s been working on while nervously eyeing the alarming number of worn down red crayons adorning the table around him. With a suspicious look JJ shook his head and hunched tighter over his work, “Not Yet!” he announced as he quickly set to applying a few finishing touches. Pleased with his work he beamed a toothsome smile revealing an unsettling length of elongated canine, “Ready Now!” the child called out as the teacher had begun to turn away and he held forth his artwork. Atop a craggy carpathian peak against a blood red moon sat a crooked castle unclear how much its physics defying structure was due to intent or a child's hand eye coordination. Waterfalls of, red water, The teacher hoped, flowed from the parapets and before the iron banded gates stood a dark clad quartet Ancient power in the hands of the cloaked figure on the left feral red eyes in the tall figure on the right and betwixt them two smaller figures hands clasped and mouths drawn with the jagged lines usually reserved for monsters and sharks amongst the class. “We’re thrick or threating!” JJ explained quite pleased with his work as the other students looked from him to the teacher uncertainly. Pointing at the castle broadly he added excitedly, “He chose thrick!” the young dhampir explained hurriedly, “An thish iss Mom and thiss ish Dad and thiss ish me.” he said pointing at the slightly taller of the pair in the middle. “And the other little one Jack?” the teacher gamely asked steering the conversation away from the more questionable implication of what the young man thought “trick” involved in this context. Looking down at the picture then to his teacher like he thought her exceptionally slow for having to ask JJ replied tritely, “My little brother.” he annunciated with care, “SO I always have someone to play with.” he elaborated and beamed down at his art that in any normal school would be an immediate call for counseling. One particular student recoiled at the suggestion letting out a gasped, “Oh god two of them?” he said in horror. Then looked to the teacher, “There aren’t two of them are there?” The teacher sighed, “Now Rohan, Jack was sharing his work that is no ...” She hadn’t time to admonish the other youth before JJ had crossed the room eyes blazing with a feral glint, “We’re everywhere just waiting for when you least expect it bloodbag.” he growled darkly as the other child paled looking faint. “Jack Huang Faretti that is quite enough, to the office.” the teacher barked as she interposed herself between them. Present Day(by most reckoning): Nicholson School for the Gifted Halloween was without a doubt JJ’s favorite holiday. His parents were always super busy putting down dimensional incursions or rogue vampires with delusions of adequacy and a yen for dark carpathian nights. That of course meant he was mostly left in the care of Huang and the indulgent ghosts of the Manor. In a shaded corner of the classroom he was carefully putting the finishing touches on his most recent masterpiece, an ode to the season with cheery bloodmoon and happy bats circling a castle improbably high amid the clouds. “And what are we working on today JJ?” his teacher asked curiously peering over the proud artists shoulder. “S’not done yet.” the young dhampir exclaimed as he pulled his favorite red crayon from its box to affix the toothsome smiles on the two figure hovering before the castle gate. “We’re trick or treating!” he said happily as he laid out the picture for further examination. “Shmee an Huang.” he beamed flashing a length of pearly white fang. “We’re Thrick or Threating.” he elaborated and dropped his tone to a conspiratorial whisper, “Huang says we’re gonna go to the castle downtown cus they give out whole bars to anyone who gets up ta the door.” The teachers face wrinkled slightly in concern as the Martel Building was not a thing to scale lightly. Then again neither JJ nor Huang were exactly normal brothers by any measure. “What about your mom and Dad JJ?” she asked, “Where are they in the picture?” she encouraged with a smile, quite pleased at having worked adult supervision into his scenario of climbing one of the taller buildings in the city. JJ rolled his eyes, “Dad’s hiding so no one can see him.” he explained staring at the poor teacher like she was exceptionally slow witted. “And Mom works Halloween, shwhy we have the parthy last week.” he nodded matter of factly as Rohan peered over his shoulder with a sigh, “My brother never takes me to the cool spots he says it’s too dangerous for a kid.” the young boy lamented with a sigh. “Well Rohan, your broth..” she began before JJ squealed with delight, “I know you can come with us!” much to Rohans excitement and the teachers alarm as she sighed, “..er just wants you safe.” Fixing a smile on her face once more she corrected carefully, “Now then you both would need to ask your parents before making plans like that.” she recommended pointedly though glad Rohan had managed to start making friends at the school. As the final bell rang and the children gathered their things to rush off to waiting parents and guardians the boys promised to ask the respective responsible adults about a joint trick or treating. “Huang! Huang!” JJ yelled as he ran down the sidewalk to where his ‘brother’ lurked in the shade of an overhang, “Can Rohan come Thrick or Threating with us?” he asked eagerly earning a puzzled look from the older Dhampir, “Uhhhhhh.” Huang replied uncertainly, their teacher quickly correcting JJ, “Your parents JJ ask your Parents.” earning an all too similar sigh from both boys, “They’ll never go for it.” Ten Years Later(maybe): A mist shrouded Carpathian holdfast The iron banded doors of the keep hung limply, crushed inward as if by some gigantic fist, the grand hall was an abattoir, here the freshly turned and near feral childer of the castles famed lord had made thier stand, and here their viscera pooled dirtied by the ash and dust of the elder vampires who had come to their makers defense at the last. The grand stair was scored by flame and claw, sorcery and undead might met and the undead were driven ever back into the heart of the castle where the Master awaited. In the unholy chapel where this curse had been born the progenitor stood haughty and furious. “You dare face me here?” he boomed his maniacal laughter echoing from the walls as he approached the invader. “Foolish foolish little daywalker.” he sneered as he drew close to where the dhampir lay chained by steel and fell rite. “You come here to Castle Dracula itself and think I will not be ready for you?” “Your coming has been long foretold Daywalker.” Dracula sneers, “I have been guiding fate to this moment, to this Night.” he smiles a slow sadistic smile, “Your blood will free me from the bonds of night.” the ancient vampire expounded overconfident ot the last. The blades sunk into Ouroboros skin, his blood pooling and running through the intricate channels and runes carved into the ancient altar. “You have lost Faretti.” Dracula spat as he loomed over the doomed dhampir. As the first vampire turned from his distant progeny to prepare the next stage of the ritual a quiet laughter built in the room echoing from the walls. Whipping around the fell creature glared at the young dhampir quaking with laughter where he was imprisoned. “Silence!” Dracula boomed, “You are defeated, your line ends here and I will become unstoppable!” Huangs laughter died down slowly as he peered from beneath shaggy bangs at his captor his pallid flesh even paler than usual. A hint of fang visible as he grinned at the raging creature of the night. “You think I’m the prophesied one?” he scoffed wincing as the movement dug the blades deeper into his flesh, “All this time preparing to entrap me.” Ouroboros taunted as he slumped against his bindings. “You have the wrong Dhampir gramps.” he sputtered looking over the ancient ones shoulder with a fractional nod. The stake bloomed in Dracula's chest before the Progenitor of vampire kind could turn. Bloodshot eyes dropped in shock to where the gory tip emerged. “N-no, it’s n-not possible.” he stammered in shock, “Ho-how…” he gurgled as he fell to his knees quaking as the centuries of unlife hammered down upon him. “Mini me is the hide and seek CHAMP old man.” Huang laughed as he ripped free from his bindings, “And you should have studied your latin better.” he added as Dracula erupted into a branching pillar of flame his unlife snuffed out. The last thing the ancient evil would see is the mirror of his foe help Huang to his feet once more. Around the world as the first of their kind fell to ancient curse and prophesy the most vile of vampire kind were likewise consumed. Their sins and revels cut short as their very blood erupted in flames ignited by the evil finally put to rest that had begun it all. As ash and soot trailed down from the parapets the ‘brothers’ emerged from the mangled gates. “You shoulda seen the look on his face.” Huang laughed as JJ helped him down the slope.
  2. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Demoralize fails with a 9 Ha Ha gets a 21 on his toughness Xavier burns an HP to make him reroll. reroll is a 24 and that would be dazed and another bruise... and this is dumb he goes down.
  3. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Xavier is not stealthy. Ha Ha is prone and dazed and staggered. Lou is up.
  4. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    Ha Ha crumpled as his already shakey legs were taken from beneath him hitting the pavement hard with a satisfying thwak. Straining he managed to come to his knees to blearily glare at Lou as he spat a bloody gobbet on the floor, "YOU'RE ALL DEAD MEN! You Hear me! DEEEAAAD!" he bellowed his voice cracking with a crazed hint of unmanaged psychosis, "There ain't gonna be a safe place in the city for you after this." he laughed maniacally before devolving into a coughing fit as a busted rib shifted under his exertions. Xavier carefully and not so silently crept around the edge of the van hoping to catch the now unconscious henchman by surprise before he could hurt Sophia, probably best for all involved Sophia had taken care of him already or the old PI probably would have been shot really ruining the whole victorious mood mounting as Ha Ha took his lumps on the edge of the noxious cloud. He stared down at the collapsed brute with a quirk of his brow as he looked to Sophia, "That is why I don't trust those things, no telling when they'll short out."
  5. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Sweep the leg just like coach says! And he's prone.
  6. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    And Ha Ha gets a 26 because Orokos is fair and balanced.
  7. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Round 2 Gremlin 4 HP uninjured Ha Ha Bruised, Staggered, Dazed Xavier 1 HP uninjured Goons gone baby gone Lou 0 HP Bruised Lov3l@ce 0 HP uninjured Gremlin is up.
  8. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Thug gets a 13, down for the count.
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  10. Active Threads for October 2017

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  11. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    Huang's eyes flashed blood red as the excitable mechanomagi challenged his skills and charged up her suits more militant aspects, "I pray we never have cause to find out the truth of that." he replied through clenched teeth before pointedly turning to Jayamon and Qualia as he released a slow breath and forced his tone and body language once more to it's former languid carelessness. Taking a few steps back Huang had been planning to leave on that note with the growing disquiet in the group making it increasingly difficult to play off the cool disinterest with which he tried to face the world of Claremont. Citizens arrival put an end to that with the more direct questioning and the self aggrandizing boasts of the Next Gen. "Given who he decided to try out his new and improved psy-ops on I'd say the only one in danger was Archer himself." he countered with a small shrug. More directly he replied to Citizen, "You went here you know Archer has a certain flair for the traumatic if he thinks it'll push some kid before real lives are on the line." the Dhampirs affect was more flat than usual with his forced calm, "He stepped it up, possibly due to a device possibly not." he stared down the Next Gen, "Powers that be don't see fit to say more than the stress of his position and old injuries have led him to retire." Smiling slightly at Zenith Huang shook his head, "Well, You think they want all this," he gestured across the highly agitated group of superpowered teens with super powered attitude, "in public schools?"
  12. Interceptors: Handclap

    The band played on the music performed with technical brilliance but without even the slightest passion. It was difficult to see how this could be described so often as an 'experience' if not for hte cloying mental command still ringing dimly in the ears of those who resisted the sirens call. Those who did not felt the scene grow hazy and indistinct in their memory the events of the moment replaced by a odd melange of positive recollection without being able to say what they enjoyed about the moment or even truly feeling pleasure. The crowd of the entranced dancers slowly lurched into synchronicity as the band flowed from one song to the next their movements no more graceful than the swaying of moments before but in perfect ordered rows and columns. A few staff members slowly drifted in amongst the crowd as if joining the dance but maneuvered to specific individuals as if targeting them for something though what was not entirely clear nor was how exactly they picked their targets it seemed they didn't even communicate. Those still in command of their faculties could see the crowd was falling deeper under the sway of whatever force was controlling them, their friends and classmates included.
  13. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    Fred and Riley both or in some combination will pick out the band and staff all have small bluetooth earpieces but no apparent mics and that there are cameras sweeping over the crowd at uneven intervals suggesting people controlling them with purpose. Robin trained in the fens as she has been will notice there are a couple skilled pickpockets working the crowd but she's fairly certain they are delivering items as often as they are taking them. Raina will start to see a dull aura of magic emanating from the speakers, it's weak, probably more a reflection of what is actually behind the compulsions than the actual source, magic that happens to be filtered through the speakers rather than enchanted themselves. I think she'd be familiar with Talyas magic aura and it would be very similar if so. Those who are under control can make a check to break free if they feel it warranted at any point by their characters nature or anything. Each check is at a cumulative -1 to the DC so the next check they make would be 14 then 13 then 12 etc.
  14. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    Huang gave a small satisfied nod as the 'spell' ran it's course banishing the approximation of eldritch horror. Pocketing his chalk he turned to face the verbal onslaught of Garuda with a simple nod, "Well done chums." he replied with false earnest. Sliding his gaze to Qualia, "Oh honey, didn't you just hear he's looking for a real man." he simply tsked and shook his head whispering, "Besides just between you and me you could do better." He weathered Zeniths outburst with only a small shrug not dropping his too cool for school demeanor for a moment, "Contest implies a level of competition that just isn't there." he mused with a smirk as she banished the barrier, "That's a good cover for the bystanders though," he praised honestly, "When they took off like that I thought I'd do all the heavy lifting but I hardly had anything left to do." He nodded to Nicole, "I imagine this one would have managed the banishment just fine if it came down to it." Finally looking up at Citizen he called out, "You gotta step up the mind games you want to replace Archer."
  15. Elevator Pitch

    Mike smiled and nodded seeming entirely oblivious to the reaction over his rather archaic form of passing contact information. Glancing to Alex side long he corrected slightly, "Better metrics really." which could have been a nod to the noble endeavor of Alexs efforts in business or perhaps the financial cluelessness of one that thought his elementary school teacher salary had impact on their finances. the truth was probably somewhere in the middle. Shaking his head quickly the mig man was quick to assert they'd certainly keep her confidence. "Oh of course not." he assured, "We'd never think of sharing the details of your condition or identity." he nodded solemnly.