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  2. Rebirth

    Thanks to the vagaries of time and distance within the void it was only moments later that Huang emerged from the 'Back Door' of the manor peering out with an incantation on his lips to check the house for danger before he pulled his younger self through as well and back into reality from the void where he had retreated. "We're back here." he called out less to alert his father that they were safe than to warn him they were about to enter the room where he was doubtless on edge. "Hey you ok mini me?" he asked again as he led JJ into the next room possibly more for Jack to hear than himself. "Mom'll be back soon ok?" he promised and turned to his father and succinctly explained, "Eldrich is dead." he held up a hand and pushed through, "I don't know exactly how." he shrugged, "But with on apprentice I can only think of one person the Powers would tap in an emergency." He gestured finally to his mothers still cooling drink on the end table.
  3. Et In Arcadia Ego

    Huang slowly came back to himself focused once more and looking about for a moment to ensure nothing dangerous had crept through in the chaos. Returning his attention to Set he slowly nodded, "Possibly yes." he agreed with a practiced carefree shrug, "The death of a Master Mage certainly could trigger ripples in the timeline that would change my past." he acknowledged but assured her quietly, "But this sort of time loop is, hmmm, elastic." the dhampir explained succinctly, "things may shift and change but it can't be so easily wholly undone." he left out the rather dire potential consequences of such paradox. It would probably involve the time keepers at that point which no one really wanted. He leaned in to place a quick kiss to her lips, "Suffice to say I'm not in the habit of disobeying vengeful deities of shadow and storm." he promised with a wink and looked down at his phone finally with a slight crease of worry to his brow, "I need to get home," he explained hastily gesturing with the phone, "Other wise there is a good chance my father will come looking for me and no one wants that right now." he shrugged and took a step back, "I imagine your fearsome keeper will be on her way shortly as well." he teased lightly as if there was one thing he knew it was that Sekhmets first response to all this Chaos would be to suspect her oft wayward charge.
  4. 10th Anniversary Vignette: 10 Years

    Ten Years Ago Xavier looked down at the document intensely for a long moment. He remembered every test, every question, every detail, every name, every scenario the Institute had put before him. Decades of intense training and testing of the success of their methodology, for the betterment of mankind. So when he saw her name return, even a decade later, his mind instantly connected the scenarios. The scope of his view widened and he realized in that moment he had to leave the Institute. It was the briefest of pauses as the read the report, but one the watchers would detect in one pass over his footage or another. It was dangerous he knew now to taunt them but the magnitude of their lies fresh in his mind he could not help it. He looked directly into the camera, the camera his silent companion he was supposed to be unaware of. His eyes bore into it with the hate and anger and despair he felt in the moment of realizing the harms he had caused. It had been dangerous, as was the hidden flaw he left in his work that day, it was unlikely it would be noted, it might take years yet. But a risk he could not avoid, he was no longer their pawn nor tool. As he was brought to his room for the night he turned back to his mentor, therapist, handler, he couldn’t be entirely sure anymore “Good Bye Doctor Grayson.” he spoke softly. The Doctor paused with a bemused smile, “We’ve been over this Xavier at bed time we say good night.” she explained as she had explained many of the confusing twists of social interaction over the years. “Oh of course, my mistake.” he graciously acknowledged earning the slightest drawn eyes of concern from the Doctor before she dismissed her concerns and left the room. Both of those sentimental extravagances of course would make their way into his file when his room was found empty the next morning. As would the statement of the trucker who had picked him up on the side of the road, the doctor and nurse who had begun his exam when the trucker brought the chilled and almost silent young man to the hospital. The police report they filed when they found the exam room empty once more, and the small fortune of opioids missing from what should have been a secure locker. The bus drivers, hotel clerks, and myriad of waitresses and others in a trail that steadily grew cold. He never found the true name of the institute, the facility he’d been kept in was shuttered, it’s trail scrubbed clean long before he was able to risk looking further into their business. The stolen pills bought him bus tickets, clothes and food as he criss crossed the country by backroad, always dealing in cash, never more than two nights in a place until he was confident that he’d laid enough false trails. In a dozen different public libraries around the midwest he slowly teased out the shape of the nameless organization more importantly he uncovered a place where he could both be faceless and watch them. Stepping off the bus in Bedlam he closed his coat tight against the brisk chill and walked out into the city. He already had his course set, the initial investment would be difficult of course but if there was any city to find a loan without a credit history, or any other kind for that matter, this was it. Here he could disappear and perhaps, just perhaps, repay some debts while he did. Present Day Xavier sat at the omnipresent coffee shop chain nursing a watery, scalding tea gingerly as he casually watched the courier make his way down the block, through the overgrown and dilapidated yard to the heavy door of one Karen Wright’s home. It had been ten years since that name had set his course before him. Woken him to the reality of his ‘education’ with the Institute. Ten years that had been far friendlier to himself than the Mrs. Wright to his shame. He couldn’t see the interaction between the the woman and the courier. But he could guess, the distrust, the confusion, the eventual acceptance of the folio, he could almost hear the locks clicking into place once more as she retreated from the outside world that had treated her so poorly. She’d retreat to the kitchen most likely, poor another drink and stare down the envelope like a venomous snake. No good news came by bonded courier. Not for Karen Wright. He closed his eyes and silently sipped his tea letting the bitter tannins and prickling heat flow over his lips. Inside the house down the block his estimation was not far off. KAren set aside her drink and finally opened the sealed documents staring down at them in confusion for a long moment. Setting his cup down Xavier slowly stood tucking his paper under his arm and began to slowly stroll down the sidewalk. Karen rushed to the door folio clutched to her breast and threw it open looking for the courier now long gone. Out and across the overgrown lawn she bolted peering up and down the street for any sign of where these had come from. Xavier tipped his head to the woman as she shakily retreated back into her home to complete the disclosure forms. Across town a much younger woman stared blankly at the similar folder of adoption disclosure documents and back to her co-worker who had signed for them, “Where did these come from?” she asked receiving only a shrugged, “Bike Messenger.” in response. Staring down at the paperwork she slowly leafed through it, “That PI said these were all sealed though …” she murmured quietly. Xavier kept quiet watch on the house to ensure no one from the Institute had tracked his trail of breadcrumbs to reunite the family shattered by the shadowy organizations dark dealings decades ago. It didn’t make it right but it was perhaps a start. And really that was the best he could hope for. He wasn’t there when they were finally reunited, unless he miscalculated, and he never miscalculated, they’d never even see his hand in it. It wasn't his place, besides there was still work to be done. While they met in a nearly empty applebee's he was already boarding a bus to Bedlam City. A good place to vanish and an even better place to find those who wanted to vanish. Ten Years Hence Xavier sat shackled in place staring impassively across the table at his interrogator. “I’m not here for you.” he stated once more as the fuming security chief leaned in toward him threateningly. “I frankly find this entire exercise tiresome.” he explained with infuriating calm. Backing up the interrogator began pacing full of menace, “Well let’s start from the beginning then Mr. Steadman.” he growled looking expectantly at the rumpled PI, “What are you here for?” he scoffed, “You and your ‘team’ got no where near that server room you had the plans for in your adorable little hideout.” he mocked openly. Xavier merely nodded, “You have no idea why I or my compatriots are here.” he stated plainly, “You are clever enough to know that our plan was nowhere near success.” eyes tracking his interrogators movements, “You also know I know that.” for the first time he shows a hint of emotion as the corner of his mouth pulls up in a smile. “So you want to know why we started on so clearly a flawed plan that would land me here in your tender comforts.” Xavier explained the security chief now growing nervous, “You are correct there are at least ten plans that get us closer without being caught.” The big ex-cop slams his hands on the table, “Closer doesn’t get you in that room.” he mocks quite full of himself earning a small nod and little else from his prisoner. “You’re assuming that’s the room I want to be in.” Xavier points out boldly, “You’re still not asking the right questions Marvin.” At the mention of his first name this prisoner certainly shouldn’t have known the big man whirls on Xavier looming threateningly to no apparent effect. “If you were allowed to hurt me you would have.” Xavier countered easily, “You’re waiting, which in most cases would be smart.” the head of Wolfram Security stared down at Xavier, “Most cases, You’re shackled in a locked windowless room in the basement labyrinth of our private corporate facility.” he growled angrily, “I have all the time in the world.” With a mere shake of his head Xavier stopped the slight tapping of his heel he’d used to keep his timing since he was placed in the room. “No.” He replied, “You don’t.” Before he could respond the door to the chamber opened revealing his employer flanked by Federal Agents. The outraged dressing down he’d been about to deliver died in his throat as the debonaire CEO nodded to him, “Our friends from Homeland Security here took great interest in this man and his associates.” Wolfram explained cockily. “Agents Hurd and Glory from the catskills regional office would like a word Mr. Steadman.” Xavier tilted his head slightly as if listening to another conversation and nodded. Standing slowly the manacles fell slowly from his wrists long since opened. “That’s who I was waiting for.” He stated plainly as the horrified CEO and Security Head gaped at the now free prisoner. They both hit the ground without a sound as Xavier nodded to his actual compatriots. He tapped the hidden earpiece, “We got it.” he stated with a smile as the ‘Federal Agents’ led him from the room and out of the facility to be met by the rest of the team in the van as they pulled away into the night.
  5. 10th Anniversary Vignette: 10 Years

    Ten Years: Psyche and Phalanx Harris-Albright Thanksgiving 2007 Even without the the travel restrictions the Alex and Mike were under it was likely the Albright and Harris family holidays would have coincided regardless. The families were fast friends before the advent of their children's abilities. The fact that they had little option other than staying in Freedom for the holidays ensured that it was accepted tradition that they alternate hosting each other for the big events. This year the Harris’ were hosting, Marvin had acquired a fryer and set it up in the driveway promising the gathered family and friends it would cut hours off of the onerous task thanksgiving meal preparation leaving them all much more time to socialize. Whilst the adults gathered on the lawn to chat and share the news of the day Alex and Mike were free to take their leisure with minimal interference. They sprawled in the den amid a nest of board games some of which still even retained all their pieces, “I dunno I get the feeling I felt a lot more challenge in candy land at four than at fourteen.” Mike opined as he gamely spun the spinner and counted his piece across the board only to be sent back more spaces than he’d moved forward, “Yea that seems about right.” he sighed with a small smile despite his gloomy demeanor he was clearly enjoying the time spent with his friend. Alex grinned at him from her position across the board. “Challenge isn’t the point of candy land,” she pointed out with the unerring logic of someone who had never been challenged by Candy Land, or really most board games. “It’s fun!” With her red pigtails in glittery bands and wearing overalls over a brightly striped turtleneck, Alex looked younger than fourteen, especially when she clapped her hands at getting to put another pink peg figure in her steadily filling car. “We are definitely missing some pegs though. If you end up pulling a wife and daughter, we might have to improvise.” Mike shrugged and let out a short laugh, “Fun? Without math or anything?” he teased lightly, “Who are you and what have you done with Alex?” the broad shouldered teen joked and spun the spinner once more, “Well I’m flying solo so far so I have that going for me.” he acknowledged as he picked his way down the board. When he came to a rest he smirked, “Ah taxes.” and he went to count out the requisite bills from his small pile, “I’m pretty sure the monopoly money has already been mixed in I’ll just use the shoe or something if that happens.” Mike suggested as he handed the mismatched pile to Alex and waited for her to correct his math. Alex chuckled and dutifully adjusted the pile of cash before setting his change, plus correction, back in his piles. “Eventually, it’s just going to be a Frankenstein of all the board games together and will make sense to no one - not even me.” Turning her gaze back to the board, Alex took her turn cheerfully, even when her luck took a turn for the worse. As she put her cash in the bank, she added, “Besides, I always have fun when we’re together - whether or not there’s math involved. Especially when you let me pick the game. I know Life isn’t one of your favorites.” This time her grin was teasing. Mike scoffed slightly at her contention she’d not understand the Frankengame, “Unless there is some higher dimensional physics to Uno I haven’t noticed that seems unlikely at best.” he admonished with a laugh. He watched her move her car and nodded at her misfortune, “Well you have to admit it is a bit crap.” he paused, “Pardon my language.” he excused with a slight blush, “Though you do make it alot more fun.” Mike acknowledged with a small smile. Moving past the moment with perhaps a touch too much alacrity he moved to make his own spin and sent the plastic spinner rocketing off its spindle to ricochet off the walls in nearly upsetting the already unsteady pile of games next to him in its flight. “Uhg, sorry,” he winced as he stood to try and track down the spinner hoping he hadn’t broken it, “Need to pay more attention.” he murmured berating his lapse in control. Alex’s smile was gentle and she held her cupped hands out together, a small crease of concentration appearing on her features as she focused. Telepathy was as easy as breathing for the young redhead, and as natural, but telekinetics took work. Slowly the spinner stuttered into the air from where it had slipped between two games and floated back towards Alex’s waiting hands. She let out a little puff of breath, looking pleased with herself as she dropped the spinner into her cupped hands. “No harm done, Mike,” she told him kindly as she leaned forward to put the spinner down where it belonged. It stayed in place, maybe a little more lopsided than before but the game was almost ten years old now. “See?” Letting out a heavy sigh as Alex pushed to retrieve the errant spinner Mike shrugged slightly and curled his shoulders inward his carefree demeanor vanished behind the fear of upsetting the piles of games or causing more damage in some minor movement. Glancing to the now righted spinner he met Alexs gaze and nodded, “Yea this time.” he morosely agreed and gingerly ‘spun’ the dial once more, sending in a lazy half rotation and moving his spaces. He often wished he had Alexs control and focus but every time he stopped thinking about it something like this happened. As his already broad shoulders sagged, Alex reached out one hand to cover his, strengthening the soothing aura she projected, “Give yourself time, Mike. That’s really all you need.” She told him with unerring faith in his potential. Squeezing his fingers once, she added, “I’ve never lied to you, have I?” Mike looked up at her and nodded, “Of course not.” he agreed, “I just,” he shook his head not verbalizing further though it didn’t take a psychic to know he wasn’t sure he’d have that time. Present Day: Penthouse Suite, AEON Tower Mike leaned over the counter with intense focus as he laid out the Crudités platter with care. “They’ll be here any minute Alex.” He called out a not so quiet reminder that the reports hovering around her above could wait until after the holiday. Checking the timer on the turkey a final time he stared nonplussed up at his fiance and rose into the air his ‘Kiss The Chef’ apron flapping lightly as he rose to Alex’s level arms crossed as he stared down at her. “Alex?” he asked expectantly. She blinked once at him, finally pulled from ‘the zone’ by Mike’s body blocking one of the holographic screens flickering in the air around her. Data streamed by on the multiple displays, forgotten for the moment as her attention was diverted. Uncurling from where she’d sat cross legged in the air, she floated over towards him with a smile, “Well, if you insist,” she said before pressing her lips against his, dutifully following his apron’s ‘instructions’. “I’m sorry, you were saying something? I was buried in the financials.” With her arms curved around his broad shoulders, she smiled at him, “It’s nice to have you home during the day.” Mike laughed, a low sonorous rumble in his chest, as she blinked up at him and floated over. “I suspect that may be why you bought it in the first place.” he teased as their lips parted. Tucking an arm around her waist as he pulled her gently down to the floor away from her work, “I was saying our parents will be here any moment.” he repeated with a smile and shook his head amused at her distraction. “And you’re still in your slippers.” he pointed out. Looking down at his fiance the big man raised a brow, “Oh you noticed I was here?” he asked with a mirthful grin. Stroking the small of her back lightly he nudged her toward the bedroom, “Go get ready I have finishing touches to get on the appetizers.” he gestured at the perhaps overkill spread he’d laid out for what was really just a small family thanksgiving. “You think they’ll like it?” he asked for a moment uncertain at hosting it themselves despite now having more time resources and space than either of their parents. “I know they’ll love it,” Alex replied with utter confidence. She left her hands on his stomach, leaning into the affectionate touch even as the buttons that shut down the various displays were depressed by telekinetic efforts. “Even if you hadn’t gone all cooking-network with your efforts.” She pulled back, dutifully to go get changed as requested even if she’d clearly have rather lingered. No one was going to mind her slippers, after all, but it was important to Mike. Reaching up, she touched his jaw with light fingertips. “And you’re right, that’s absolutely why I picked out that apron.” Alex floated up to press another kiss to his lips before vanishing up towards the bedroom. Stop worrying, Mike. Mike nodded at her assurances, “I hope so.” he murmured agreement and looked off at the spread as she went to change her shoes. “I should have gotten the brussel sprouts from that farmers market.” he murmured mostly to himself despite knowing full well no sourcing was going to fix brussel sprouts but his mom had roasted them for every thanksgiving he could remember so it wasn’t like they could just skip it. ‘I know I know i just want it to be perfect.’ He reiterated once more as he tilted his head slightly zeroing in on the sound of the express elevator to their penthouse activating, ‘they’re in the elevator.’ he warned and distractedly pulled a pan of rolls from the oven forgetting the oven mit he’d insisted they needed ‘for appearances’. “It already is,” Alex replied with a small smile, not bothering to raise her voice, as she shut the door to their bedroom and floated down to join him. She wasn’t about to pretend that he couldn’t hear her and, even if he was distracted, he’d easily pick up her thoughts, after all. Alex gave him a shining smile as she dropped into the center of the living room and padded over to open the door for their parents. The Albright-Harris Thanksgiving had never been a fancy affair, more suited towards sweaters and tights than anything formal and this was no different. Alex opened the door as the elevator dinged, dutifully telling Mike, “They’re here, honey.” like his hearing hadn’t just given him the information. There was a level of normal that Mike still tried to cling to and Alex was nothing if not accommodating. “Mom, Dad; hello!” She said cheerfully, offering her aging parents hugs before she turned to give the same warm embrace to Mike’s parents, “Come in!” Dumping the rolls into a bowl and covering them to keep them warm Mike turned as their parents made their entrance. Brushing a stray hair from his forehead left a smudge of flour across his brow as he followed up with a round of careful hugs of his own, “Let me get your coats.” he offered easily and gathered them to hang in the closet by the door. “Hope traffic wasn’t too bad?” he enquired as they welcomed their parents into the penthouse. “Mrs. Albright, Mr. Albright.” he greeted too formally earning an eyeroll from his mother, “You’re marrying their daughter I think you can manage Rebecca and Victor.” she scolded lightly as she leaned in to return his hug. He let out a small sigh at his mother’s perpetually carefree attitude as he glanced to Alex, ‘At least she didn’t say sleeping together.’ he acknowledged as they moved into the living room, “Can I get anyone a drink?” Alex didn’t miss a beat talking to their parents but her amused peal of laughter sparkled through his thoughts as she sent him a purely mischievous smile. Thanksgiving 2027: Caldwell Manor Mike set the dry cleaning in the back of his car pausing for a fraction of a second as he zeroed in on a distant sound. Glancing to the clock on the dash he nodded, “I’ve got time…” and in a flash of white and gold Phalanx crossed the city. He had of course had time for that interlude, supersonic flight tended to take the rough edges off many side trips. Nonetheless enough of them would add up. He ducked in through the door to the manor with a chagrined half smile, “Uh sorry I’m running late, traffic.” he murmured as he brushed a stray bit of rubble from his shoulder that had somehow managed not to be dislodged earlier. “Among other things,” Alex said cheerfully from where she was overseeing some kind of game between their eldest children. “Don’t worry, you’re back in plenty of time to take over here as I need to stand up and walk for a bit. My back’s bothering me again.” She extended slender hands for Mike to help hoist her out of the couch. “Your father’s trying to put Tim down for a nap, but Christopher and Zoe need an impartial referee or it gets a little heated in here.” Mike lifted his petite if gravid wife to her feet with careful ease and placed a quick kiss to her forehead. He shrugged slightly at her knowing look, “Uhm Yea.” he acknowledged and leaned in to look over the game in progress, “Now kids remember.” he began earning an eye roll from Zoe, “It’s not whether you win or-” His daughter cut him off, “It’s how you play the game, yea, yea.” She smiled at her elder brother, “And I’m going to play to win.” earning a forlorn sigh from their father. Mike ruffled each of their hair despite perfunctory protests, “Well whatever keeps it fun for both of you.” he laughed as they did not inherit his particular brand of competition apathy. Looking back to Alex he raised a brow, “So should i poke my head in the kitchen ooorrrr…..?” he asked clearly looking for an excuse to take the ill advised action of interrupting this year's designated chef. “You should not,” Alex countered with a serene smile and a knowing look. “Both grandmothers are finally working in harmony and you don’t need to fuss. Honestly, you should just tell them that you WANT to do the cooking next year when it comes up rather than trying to make everyone happy.” Alex put the hands in the center of her back, trying to rub the cramp from her spine absently, “Though I am glad that you’re free this year. It’ll make it all so much easier -- Zoe!” Alex broke off to scold their middle child, “-- Don’t freeze your brother.” “Mooooom, but he thiiinks faster. It’s just making it fair!” Mike raised a brow slightly, “Harmony? So no repeat of the great tofurky wars of 2023?” he joked with a smile and shrugged slightly laying a hand on her back a touch of enhanced speed letting it vibrate like a massage chair. “Well it just seems to mean so much to them.” he observed and shook his head, “Besides-” Whatever he had been saying was cut off by their children's ‘antics’. “Zoe.” he scolded as her brother unstuck from time. “She’s not wrong.” Christopher opined and looked ot his younger sibling, “Clearly we should even the playing field in our next footrace and I’ll lower the coefficient of friction under you.” he teased as he continued to jump his piece about the board despite her efforts. “Mmmm,” Alex agreed absently, her brows creasing faintly - almost as if she were involved in a psychic conversation, but not quite. Without looking up from the board, Christopher finished his latest round of trouncing his beleaguered sibling, before pointing out prosaically, “We probably won’t be able to even finish this game if Mom continues to progress at the current rate.” He paused and then fixed Zoe with all the superiority that an eight year old could muster. “She’s having the baby, dummy.” “Christopher, we don’t call people dummies,” Alex chided, gently but firmly. “Now appaaawha?” Mike began a to back up Alex and her mild scolding only to lose train of thought as their precocious sons words sunk in. There was the familiar look of panic that flitted briefly across his features as childhood cartoon images of needing to fetch hot water flashed through his mind despite having at least three decisive instances to disprove such flights of fancy. He stared down at Alex his focus just loose enough to confirm he was eying the baby's position, “Why didn’t you say anything!” he sputtered as his own examination confirmed what Christopher had just said. Alex scrunched her nose at Mike in displeasure as he clearly used his x-ray vision to see through her skin. “Because you fret,” she replied frankly, absently patting her husband’s arm, “And then you hover and feel awful because there’s nothing you can do. I would have told you if you hadn’t figured it out by the time we needed to leave… which will probably be right around the time the turkey’s done if I’m right.” “Depends if Grandma takes the turkey out of the oven when it's done, or when she thinks it's done,” Christopher volunteered, unasked, to Zoe’s rolled eyes. “Know-it-all,” Zoe teased. She of course was not wrong. Already he was shifting his weight from one foot to the other as he tried to decide if they should just go now or if he needed to triple check the bags again to make sure nothing was forgotten. Frowning slightly he huffed, “There’s reason to Fret!” but there was no heat to the words. He even let pass Zoe and Christopher's teasing as he looked to the kitchen and through the wall, “Well we certainly shouldn’t tell them they’ll try to rush or hold it off.” he murmured pensively and frowned slightly as his mother made another run at her ‘famous’ sugar free cranberry sauce. “You’ll be eating hospital food,” Alex pointed out in tune with his thoughts, absently giving his arm another pat. “We can just leave now if you’d feel better about it. And no, there is zero reason to fret. Next time, maybe I just won’t tell you at all,” she teased before pausing for another contraction. Mike smirked down at her slightly as he got his worries back under control, “No no we’ll wait.” he assured her and turned toward the kitchen teasing over his shoulder, “And you’ll be eating hospital food.” He countered as he paused in opening the door to the kitchen, “Your mom loves me and will pack me a goody bag.”
  6. Sensus

  7. Sensus

    Super sense needs to be tied to one of the base senses as described in our house rules. Visual(seeing auras?), Auditory, Olfactory, Tactile, Radio, Mental (which looks like what you paid for)
  8. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    And thats a DC 20 Will save or be stunned for a round.
  9. Interceptors: Handclap

    The clinging sheets of ice radiated out from Frostbyte entrapping and binding in place the security making their way through the crowd who seemed completely unphased by the clearly supernatural event continuing to dance as if nothing had changed. The Security didn't even speak as they lunged forward trying to free themselves some collapsing as their efforts collapsed a trick knee or bad ankle but trying to claw their way toward hte stage despite the unyielding grip of the ice. The whole while hte music grew fainter and fainter as the speakers cut out one by one before finally leaving only the tinny sound of the band playing on unamplified ringing in the air as the played on seemingly unaware. As the last notes from the speakers faded from the air those still under the enchantments sway broke free the stronger willed Ardent and Zenith first but soon followed by the remains of the dancers who began to stir in panic and flood toward the doors as they woke to the midst of some sort of super battle clearly. From the balcony a slow clap emerged cutting through the growing panic below, "Impressive." rang out a sonorous rumble from the balcony above, "STOP!" the command lanced through the crowd the concert goers freezing as one, the band falling finally silent and the security team halting all efforts to reach the dangerous duo at the lip of hte stage.
  10. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    Speakers cut out at the start of the round breaking the entrancement of the audience. The major rolls a 26 for init Round Two Initiative: 30 Nighthawk 3HP Uninjured 26 The Major Uninjured 22 Woodsman 3HP Uninjured 21 Zenith 2HP Uninjured 16 Security 10 Minions 10 snared 13 Frostbyte 3HP Uninjured 3 Ardent 1HP Uninjured Nighthawk is up once I get an NPC post and will get an HP for the vague surprise round the Major is getting.
  11. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    That'll catch the remaining security Near the stage. I'll get a GM post up soon with a result. (rather than rolling for all the minions I'm just having them take ten and get caught as their reflex is not sufficient.) Corriene and Phaedra should roll init and I'll put them in the new round.
  12. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    Yea the speakers are gonna cut out after Cathys action and everyone still under the MC will be free.
  13. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    Xavier crept out from behind the van uncertainly, "Well that certainly didn't go as planned." he acknowledged as he looked down at the men and joined Lou in riffling their pockets discarding half spent books of matches and crumpled receipts. "Nothing." he said with a shake of his head." he looked down at the bloodied remains of the mobster and frowned, "I understand honor among thieves is a romantic construct." he admitted and looked to his cohorts, "But this seems just poor business." He turns hsi attention to lou, "Thank you for being the better man." With the thugs bound and unconscious Xavier mulls over their predicament for a long moment, "I may know of a place they won't risk looking for us." he looked to the ladies, "From reputation alone I assure you."
  14. Interceptors: Handclap

    At the clear and present danger Riley exudes the Bouncers advance unflinchingly for a long moment before two recoil away from the threat and back through the crowd in confusion as whatever had been compelling them breaks down. The three advancing on Robin are not so lucky and launch themselves at the young titan with a silent and methodical heedlessness of their own safety. They are clearly trying to overwhelm her with sheer force of weight but can't manage to land a successful hold as she easily evades their grasps. Around the room the music quiets as the speakers one by one go dead. Startled the bartender looks around in confusion and stares at Fred, "Hey no stealing drinks!" she shouts and tries to wave down security that is now fully engaged with the disturbance in the middle of the room. It seems unlikely she'll impede fred further but so much for hte element of surprise.
  15. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    Two of the Bouncers will be spooked enough by Riley to trigger the "Afraid of the dying" clause of mind control and back away confused through the crowd. Three will try and jump Robin because they are weak minded fools. 14, 12, and 17 Not Good Enough. Well it's mostly drink mixers so a molotov would be the easy answer. But getting inventive with high proof and certain chemical agents in the little bit of cleaners and such back ther might be able to do something less pyrotechnic. What do you have in mind? In the meantime Cathy is up fresh from her dancing haze.