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  1. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Ah orokos never saw a unbalanced show fight it didn't want to ruin. 26, 23, 26 Xavier will luck control to force rerolls cus that wasn't cool orokos. 21, 10 the last three drop like they oughta.
  2. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    The 'guards' paused though only briefly as Lou casually disabled yet another of their number and remained unfazed by their attacks. The surprise was however short lived as it became clear Sophia was making off with the goods they were there for as well. Despite losses they redoubled efforts unleashing a flurry of blows with their batons in a last ditch attempt to overwhelm the big man through sheer ferocity. Most of the blows missed or fell harmlessly across the broad of the street fighters back and shoulders but one well aimed shot took him across the ribs with a resounding crack that would have felled a lesser man. Despite their losses none reached forthe radios on their belts or otherwise tried to alert the rest of securty of what was going on, removing all doubt as to their pedigree. If the ink flashing from thier exposed skin as they fell was any indication probably some of the newcomer yakuza that had been putting the squeeze on the newly built up airport district.
  3. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    'Guards' will try to thump Lou again because they are minions and not quick on the uptake. 27, 15, 10 one hits so still only a DC 21 toughness save.
  4. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Xavier will burn luck control on Lou's next action for heroic feat Takedown attack. Alice will find that the exit from the vents nearest to the elevators is a custodian's closet with a stocked janitorial cart and spare coveralls in assorted sizes.
  5. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    "Back exit is out." Xavier confirmed over the earpiece. "Alright, stop toying with them and get moving." He instructed his phrasing vaguely reminiscent of the that tossed around the boxing gyms Lou had built his early career around. "We're going out the front." he finished and they could hear a door slam as he prepared the new getaway vehicle. "Alice meet them at the elevator we're going with the housekeeping scam." and with that cryptic instruction he sped toward the main entrance to await their egress.
  6. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    yep That'll take another out.
  7. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Initiative: Round 2 Lou 3HP 18 Sophia 1HP 18 'Guards' 4 Up 14 4 guards still standing in the room. Sophia can grab the originals this round. Lou is up for those in combat. alice can post before or after as works best for you all.
  8. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    Peering from her hidden locale Alice could make out a suspiciously nondescript van. Two heavily tattooed men of Japanese descent sat in the driver and passenger seat. It was impossible from her angle to see if the van contained backup or was merely a getaway vehicle, but it had clear lines of sight on the group's planned point of egress. Inside two of the men now obviously not actual guards fell to the floor before they even realized Lou was there. All attention was now on the big man leaving Sophia free to take care of acquiring the goods. Turning on the brawler suddenly in their midst the men were at least bright enough not to try to fire on him when they would be caught in their own crossfire. With a slow hiss of breath the largest of them spun firing off a dizzying a barrage of high speed kicks in the air directly in front of Lou, a display to dishearten rather than harm. The rest took a more direct approach as the extended retractable batons and swung in unison high, low and from behind trying to overwhelm with sheer numbers.
  9. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    One 'guard' will attempt a demoralize intimidate check: 1d20+6=20 The remaining three will try a combined attack: 17, 22, 13 only one hits so a DC 21 toughness save from Lou.
  10. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    He. Can not make that. So another one down.
  11. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    'Guard' rolls a 25 on his save so he goes down for the count. 5 guards remain and we roll around to round 1 Initiative: Round 1 Lou 3HP 18 Sophia 1HP 18 'Guards' 5 Up 14 Lou is back up at the top of the round so you can do it all in one post or we can split it however you prefer Giz.
  12. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Initiative: Surprise action Lou 3HP 18 Sophia 1HP 18 'Guards' 14 Lou is up and has Surprise. Don't forget you all have +3 master plan bonus in effect still.
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  14. From Beneath You It Devours: Everyone Hates a Prequel

    It wasn't as if he'd expected a warm welcome even in good times the Russian people were mistrustful of strangers and foreigners in particular, not without reason, yet he remained uncertain if his presence was more hindrance than help. Particularly given the dearth of expertise he was able to offer from what had been revealed. Nodding thoughtfully he looked over the pictures with care, "Was a child taken there as well?" he inquired carefully looking to Frost at the question. "Whatever it is can come and go without attracting notice," he nodded to the dead man in the picture, "But they do not travel between the realms freely, else they could have moved on without need for violence." He set the pictures down and looked up at their host, "They must take the victims to some lair or portal to their home realms." Nodding to Frost he added, "We may be able to track them from the site of one of hte kidnappings."
  15. Fragile

    Huang offered a small crooked grin in response. "See there's the wit we know and love." he teased harmlessly and looked ot Matt as he made his entrance offering a small nod of acknowledgement. "Well it's," he paused a shrugged, "Yea it'll probably make more sense in context." He turned to go and shook his head to Matt. "No, Jekyl and Hyde!" he corrected, "Well the sound track." he corrected with a shrug and oddly placed glare at his coat pocket like it had done him a personal wrong. "I'll leave you two to it." he suggested with a grin and sauntered out the door, "Want I should point the RA's at Robin and Rileys favorite roof buy you some time?" he offered as he left the room.