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    "Oh so I am to be the entertainment for your soiree young miss?" Ace inquired with a hearty laugh, "I'm not certain if I could I'm quite out of practice." he noted with a sly smirk as he set his coat on the rack by the door and rounded the couch. With a dramatic pratfall he vanished behind the couch and rolled to his feet transformed to his persistently youthfull mein once more. He made an elaborate flourish and flashed a smile to the little ones who much of the performance had been tuned toward. "I've heard much of the West End's micro-brew renaissance," he said with a nod to Eriks offer, "I'd gladly sample the fruits of their labor." He beamed down at Talya with the child in her arms, "This suits you." he said with a small nod sounding genuinely surprised by the revelation. Offering Eden a wide smile he let out a small chortle, "And you so big." he congratulated, "Almost big enough to go on adventures with your parents!" he seemed to think this not only a possibility but the appropriate course for a child of that age. "I'll have to dig up a video watch for her." he said with a wink to Erik, "Klara it's been too long!" he offered finally turning to the other guests to offer greetings in kind, "And Dimitri it's not been long enough." he teased with trademark smirk.
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    Approved! (again...)
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    A few moments later Ace approached the door artful make up putting him a good thirty years closer to his actual age and the assorted intelligence agencies and criminal syndicates put off his trail with old fashioned double backs like the good old days in berlin. He offered Talya a quick kiss on each cheek and a bottle of wine form his cellars that was in no way appropriate as a casual gift but he wasn't paying particular attention and a good dinner party needed a good red in his opinion.
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    Mike was enjoying the meal with his usual gusto when the mention of the grand mosque drew him to a pause he looked up to Mark then to Nina, "Unless your father has had a significant change of heart on many matters that seems unlikely to be without conflict." he noted as neutrally as he was able. He wasn't exactly an expert in international relations but the sovereignty of Socotra and it's sometime arch-villainous ruler was a subject one didn't manage to ignore in the circles he found himself in more and more often. "It must be difficult for you not being able to go home." he did offer as perhaps weak conciliation to his statement and glanced around the table and shook his head, "That is a conversation for another time though I'm sure." he tried to salvage perhaps too late as he dabbed at the edge of his plate with a scrap of flatbread. "So have you discussed names at all?" he asked trying to move on to less troubling topics, assuredly such a discussion couldn't be divisive.
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    Looking up from the photos as the call came in Ellis leaned back in his chair to stare out the window for a long moment, "At least not in numbers." he opined, "rarely do such fiends vanish entire, just become better at hiding." which was much the concern they had with this entire situation when it came down to it. He smiled ever so slightly at the suggested improvisation, "I'm sure we'll manage." he shrugged and looked back as Comrade Frost hung up the phone. "There are many ways to such realms, none of them pleasant to be sure, though we hope our path easier than our foes." he said with some melancholy it was much worse if their quarry had unfettered access to whatever damned realm it had crawled from.
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    Looking around at the small group Xavier finally offered his own small nod of assent. "I suppose I have little choice." he lamented though flatly, "I'll do this." he agreed and glanced to Lou, "But we do it clean and no guns." he insists and nods as if it was decided then. A good man in Bedlam rarely could work purely within the law after all but there were standards he kept clearly. "I may know of a secure location we can meet." he offered and distributed the address deep in the dilapidated remains of Bedlams industrial sector. *** Once they all had had a chance to assure loved ones, people and goods alike, they were safe and free, they each were able to pick up or retrieve whatever of their usual kit they had been missing in the rush of being detained for 'questioning'. When they arrived Xavier was already in place a small well worn laptop balanced atop a somewhat rickety card table. in the middle of the dusty factory floor long since stripped of any remnants of even mild value. The job itself as laid out by Lou from his contacts was simple. The city library was modernizing on a fat federal grant. All of the libraries surprisingly extensive documentation of the early days of Bedlam and other rare items of the special collections were being scanned and indexed on a shiny bank of new computers in down in the special collections vault. There was evidence therein of a convoluted but legally actionable claim for the gorganzolas to make that much of the land around the newly revitalized airport was part of holding of their family or associates. Of course Bedlam Being Bedlam this would not do for the Scarpia's, so it was necessary for such evidence to go away, or better yet put the trail back to Scarpia holdings instead. There were of course a few wrinkles. While the grant had modernized the libraries ageing central servers the money for broadband infrastructure had mysteriously gone walkabout. Despite an impressive array of data storage solutions in the vaults beneath the library there was literally nothing connecting them to even the meager dial up connection the public terminals used to serve up pornagraphy to the more brazen homeless. Also the special collections ad long held the cities wealthiest families records, and as such actually had been supplied top notch security that was still daunting if not impassible even today. Added to this was of course the generous lease of Wolfram Aerospace security personnel to oversee security during the modernization, and perhaps give Wolfram Access to records it could put to use in its own endeavors.
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    Ellis was not entirely certain why the ex-soviet hero was so poorly regarded among the community in Freedom City, he seemed personable enough in his admittedly brief encounters prior to this. While the usual false front was certainly grating at times it hardly seemed prudent to regard the man poorly because the mask he chose to wear was not made of cloth. Regardless the benefits of one who had faced their possible foe before outweighed any quirks of personality, even the smoking, mostly, well at least they weren't in an enclosed space with recycled air, then it would be just rude. He smirked remembering back to a visiting lecturer he'd met during his internship, a Cardiologist from Russia that he'd encountered smoking outside the lecture hall between talks. The Doctor had told him, "If you see a Doctor smoking you can be sure he is Russian." and laughed uproariously. Focusing once more on the present he looked down at he picture with some concern, they did not most likely have that kind of firepower this time around, hopefully they wouldn't need it. "That is why they always hunt at the fringes to start." he agreed with a heavy sigh, "Creatures born of nightmare are rarely brave themselves." he mused holding hte picture as he examined it. Looking back to Frost he inquired carefully, "Were any of them found?" Often it was worse for the victims that survived these attacks, but they could be informative, of course if it was truly who they worried was at the root of the more recent disappearances it was worse for all of them.
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    So would we be in initiative now then? Also how far out are the surfers? 1-2K seems far for breakwater.
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    Xavier raised a brow the first hint of emotion beyond the blandly paternal he'd shown that morning as Lou prepared to take his leave and as the big man's phone rang those nearby might have heard the detective let out a slow breath as he settled back against the wall, ostentiously to allow the man some privacy on his phone call. "It's more likely than not it's merely stellar police work rather than any intention on the part of the true criminals." He pointed out quietly with a small shrug, "Other than your skills in the area it seems there is little to bring this group together, certainly not enough to target us en mass." he countered stoically. On the other end of the line Lou heard the raspy tones of one of the Scarpia higher ups, "Loubrano." the gangster growled into the phone, "Where the hell are you? We got problems and you're out sleeping one off?" he grumbled testily. "Fugitaboutit." he spat and rolled straight on to business now that Lou had picked up. "Our out of towners for that job I mentioned just got pinched running some kinda side gig." The distain in his voice made it clear why he did not approve of getting outside tallent. "Got picked up spending lard with the methheads and truckers out interstate way." There was a long pause, "We need talent and we need it quick," the sigh on the other end of hte line told volumes about how serious this job was. "Can't be our guys, we need outsiders, freelance see?" he rasped with a sinister tone that said volumes about the utility in disposable talent on a rough job. "Maybe see if the cops liked anyone else for that bank gig our boys screwed the pooch over, I don't care where you find em but we need you to get em and soon." Without waiting on Lous response he hung up. Xavier stood as Lous phone went quiet, "Well then clearly you're a busy man we wouldn't want to keep you."
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    Phalanx was less familiar than he'd like to admit with the eb and flow of the game and not really prepared for the level of play the wrestlers laid out on the table but he could see that Hammer was right, it was all about teamwork when it came down to it. He nodded agreement with the call, "I think I can manage that." he replied and perhaps telegraphed the intention as he looked up out of the huddle at the opponent in question. "I have some experience with getting between my teammates and danger." he added with a small smile. Looking between the others in the friendly competition he grinned, "We got this."
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    Kimo took another look into the clear depths but didn't look alarmed by the proclamation, "Hey, it's good luck on you then." he said with a comforting smile, "They more 'fraid you den you them yea?" he assured the less experienced surfer and did a quick head count just to be sure. Sharks around the islands were generally not much to be afraid of but out here chances of running into the rare dangerous ones was higher. "Jus bop em on da nose they run off fo sumthin easier ta grind on." Looking toward the boat with sudden activity he frowned slightly. Sharks were not much of a worry even out here, but there were worse things in the ocean, and less predictable.
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    "Hey brah you good?" KImo called out over the surf as he dropped down the back of the wave and pulled himself toward the thrashing surfer with sure strong strokes. Sitting up on his board as he coasted in towards the less experienced surfer he braced himself and reached down to help pull the panicking surfer to the surface, "Yo chill, you good bruddah." he offered as he peered down to see what had spooked them. A small flex of his hydrokinetic power calmed a small region around them to ease aiding the fallen student onto his board without causing to obvious an unnatural calming of the swells. Not that the pocket wouldn't be a red flag for any with deeper knowledge of the workings of wave and currents.