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  1. Quarrel in the Quarry

    "Can't swim 'n fight," commented Woodsman with a faint smile. "Not too well, anyhow." He raised the crossbow to his eye, peering through its magnifying sight down into the water. "Still can't see much," he commented. "Just gonna pop one magnesium flare 'n there, see what that lights up." Woodsman believed in coming prepared for any situation, a rule that had never once let him down at Claremont. He took a moment to load said bolt, a compact orange flare with a water-soluble exterior, and painstakingly wound the bow's lever to give it extra power. "Gonna try it there under that overhang, see if it gives us a glow bright enough to make things out." He lifted the bow, shifted so he could actually see the shadows he was aiming at, and fired a single shot deep into the heart of the flooded quarry. The glowing white magnesium flared to life as it hit the water, shooting down into the depths of the clear water. Sure enough, the glow illuminated underneath the rocky overhang under the water, clearly illuminating a dark passageway and odd, vaguely humanoid shapes standing outside said passageway. Shapes that began moving out from under the overhang, stirring up the water as they went, almost immediately making the bottom layer impenetrably murky with stirred-up sediment that gleamed with that same yellow pyrite glow.
  2. [IC] Gone Hawking

    "Got you, sucker," muttered Woodsman as he staggered towards Jann. Sitting down next to the fallen Avian, he looked him over, checking for severe bleeding and other injuries that needed immediate repair. "Hang in there, man, we kicked its ass." Reaching behind him, he pulled out his last flare, one that worked by impact rather than heat. Lighting up the glowing torch, he held it high, waving it to catch the attention of the approaching helicopters. "That was goddamned magnificent," he said, sounding pleased and exhausted at the same time. "But you gotta not kick your own ass so much. Need a friend like you around here."
  3. Dream Team (OOC)

    Y'all missed!
  4. Quarrel in the Quarry

    "No." Black and trans, Woodsman was a double minority on the Claremont campus - but Fred had seen Riley argue in ethics classes that non-humans were by definition less trustworthy than humans, and that some things always were going to be monsters. Sometimes it was hard to tell when he was provoking the settled 21st century people around him and when he was speaking from absolute conviction. By the time she'd turned around, Riley had his crossbow out. "Not human." Scanning the area gave them several tracks of various vintage, all of them in areas where the ground was disturbed or broken by some reason or another. They all seemed to come back to the water, leading Riley to stand on the edge of the bank and peer down into the flooded crater. "I can see the bottom, but there are crevices n' the walls and overhangs. Could be 'n openin' there."
  5. Player Away Thread

    Glad you made it, cross-country man! =)
  6. Dream Team (OOC)

    Okay, gonna move this along tomorrow.
  7. The Room Where It Happens (OOC)

    Okay, edited my last two posts - you're up, @Nick! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
  8. Erebo [PL10] ~ Glass Clown

    You forgot to fix the Grapple, though. Since I know you'll get that fixed, here's your first APPROVED
  9. The Doctor Is OUT [IC]

    Sea Devil sang her song to the others of what they'd learned, though she did have to turn to Singularity to learn exactly how to spell ..Copperhorn Road.' Her verbal fluency was excellent, hampered only by her throat's inability to produce certain English sounds, but she sometimes had trouble arranging the letters. "We should strike quickly," she croaked as soon as she'd finished. "Hard and fast, before they have a chance to know we are coming for them." She drove one armored fist into another with firm enthusiasm. "If Singularity and I strike at their front door, Miss Grue and Miracle Girl can watch from the sky, while Terrifica awaits for them at their rears." She wasn't entirely sure yet what Terrifica's powers were, but she seemed very clever, and in her experience clever Surfacers were usually very sneaky. She looked from one to the other, moving her whole torso as her head didn't quite have the motion of broken-neck mammals. "I worry about their speed and their power - but we are quick, we are strong, we are united. They will not divide us."
  10. Erebo [PL10] ~ Glass Clown

    Let me make a quick mechanical suggestion to you - Drop the Continuous extra on the Enhanced STR (it's not really worth spending PP on here) and pick up Super-Strength instead. You've got 40PP in there - with 16 PP in the Strength, you've got 24PP to play with. That could give you Super-Strength 5 (Effective STR 55, Heavy Load 24 tons). That'll also let you justify that high Grapple score, which doesn't seem to be paid for anywhere else. Once you get that done, I can give you Approval One!
  11. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    The part of Citizen that had fought in the recent Atlantean invasion wanted to give Freeding Frenzy a hard state - the part that remembered being an awkward alien kept that look off his face. It wasn't like he'd never seen a humanoid with extra dentition, anyway. "That's a good super-name" he said, shaking Koa's hand with the practiced smile of a trained diplomat. "I like the look," he offered. "I think you'll do well here." He was equally friendly with Corinne, who reminded him of someone he couldn't quite put his finger on. Powers are interesting - atomic transformation? Matter manipulation? He'd have to look up and see if she was in the files at Archetech, but for now he had other business to attend to - because their escort had arrived. "Hello, everyone!" Two students walked over to join them, both in the formal blue and gold uniforms that Claremont students wore only for special occasions - a change from the armored jumpsuits that they typically wore on deployment. Citizen didn't recognize either of them, so he hung back and let Salvo make her own introductions this time. "Welcome to Claremont." The tall Asian boy in the lead stepped forward. "I'm Jayaman Panggabean, and this is Qualia," he added, indicating the dark-skinned young woman behind him with the striking purple hair. We're your guides today." He looked Salvo up and down and suddenly exclaimed brightly, "Nicole! Is that you?"
  12. Quarrel in the Quarry

    "Weird thing t'transmute..." After another few minutes, the sparking reaction had died down - leaving the rock pitted with the strange scars left over from the chemical's reaction with the 'pyrite' scattered along its surface. While Fred collected her samples of the ashy grit left behind by the reaction, Riley patrolled the perimeter - and it didn't take him long to find something. "Over here!" he called, realizing that Fred was too focused on her work of collection and analysis to see his hand signal. He'd moved down by the water's edge, where a small drift of sand was scattered through with deposits of the strange golden substance. "Looks like tracks." Closer inspection, with Riley practically down on his hands and knees, revealed other marks that looked oddly like footprints leading to the rock and back, albeit scattered too far apart to be more than just an incomplete trail. "'S'just on broken-up spots," he commented out loud. "The sand, the rock...can't be _in_ the stone, or the miners wouldn'ta left the quarry behind."
  13. Sanguine (PL10) - Moira Morley

  14. Sanguine (PL10) - Moira Morley

    Okay, go ahead and make this look like the sample sheet as far as notation.
  15. Lights, Camera, Action! (IC)

    Sea Devil hopped away from the others and crouched low, letting the Surfacers comfort the other Surfacers in their hour of need. She could have said something about the horror of being betrayed by your own blood, but somehow she doubted that the family of their target would understand what she was talking about. So instead she retracted the plates of her armor slightly, enough that she was listening to everything down below with her own ears. Ears made by the gods to hear in the depths of the deepest oceans - and to understand the songs that lay between the worlds, the ones whose melodies and words drove Surfacers mad just from a brush against them. If he is here - I will hear him.