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  1. (IC) Beloved Monster

    That bit of news led to quite an uproar among the Deep Ones - not just grunts and croaks and hisses that came too fast for his translator, but rhythmic bobbing and throat-bulging that seemed almost ritualistic. The cries that followed came from a crowd too alien to pick out details from, seeming to come up like voices in a chorus. "We have fought foes before! The Dark Brothers who abandoned us! The Atlanteans who warred on us! Should we let them drive us from our hunting grounds without a fight?" "Yes!" Aquaria bellowed with great force. "Yes! You should move on without a fight! I have seen your tribe, brothers and sisters." She waved her three-fingered hand around the encampment, ship and all. "You are fierce and strong, but you know your weakness. Your warriors fled from Leviathan because they knew that the foes here are too great to face. If you stay here, you will die - as your blood is spilled, or else when you flee into the darkness Below and are consumed by it." There came another call, this one from a female with a squirming child crawling around on her back as she spoke, "If we are consumed by the Darkness, so be it! Should we turn away from the Dark Mother and Dark Father because we fear pain and death?" Despite the shouters, the mood of the tribe seemed to be wavering - though of course it wasn't easy to tell with creatures so alien. Naia seemed to be less demonstrative than her peers, either the ones that were snapping their teeth in defiance or ducking away in submission, folding her arms and watching the two of them closely. "
  2. The Nothing From Coming For You (IC)

    In Caradoc's experience, neither science nor magic ultimately mattered - certainly the distinction between them did not. Both could build islands of safety and security in their turn, but all were eventually swamped in the ocean of entropy. What did the foundations matter when the edifice itself would crumble within or beyond human lifetimes? But as was generally the case, no one asked his opinion of these matters - so he said nothing. Once inside the laboratory dome, Caradoc was silent at first, filing in and off to one side as the party from outside (including the two new arrivals) made their way through the airlock. Upon her entry into the room, Tarva hung back as well when confronted with the lair of those who were not her enemies but were definitely not her friends either. Inside his helmet, Steve was staring at her through eyes rendered invisible by the protective plating of his armor and the false 'eyeslits' placed by his holographic disguise. Tarva seemed to sense his gaze on her, though, and spoke abruptly, not quite able to look at Miss Americana. "I am sure you heard all we said. If you let me cast a spell to find Mandragora, we can destroy what remains of him and be on our way - before she finds us." Privacy was impossible in the small dome - but the scientists around them were mostly occupied with packing up their gear and research rather than watching the super-argument. Mostly.
  3. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence

    "What would you have us do?" Steve laid his hand on the pictures, then looked questioningly at Bombshell. The resonant echo of his words and the shadow in his eyes seemed to call forth images of the dead, piled up like so much firewood, in the aftermath of the Terminus invasion - and all the others. He was familiar with beings that imagined themselves to be immortal. There were ways to prove them false. He also knew, deep in his bones, that whatever horrors these people had done could be matched by anything he remembered when he closed his eyes. And so he didn't. Not now, anyway - instead giving his human or closer-than-she-thought-to-human friends a long, questioning look.
  4. (IC) Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    Upon his return, Woodsman slung his crossbow over his shoulder and kept his own counsel. He was reasonably confident Raina wouldn't be leading them into something stupid - and he knew enough of his friend's personal life that there was no reason to pry. If Raina was going to say anything, she'd be more likely to say it to Robin anyway. So he kept up the rear as they headed off-campus, a position that not incidentally let him keep an eye out for anyone who might be following them. Of course, leaving campus did open them up to another potential problem. "We on the Hogwarts Express tonight?" he asked. Flying to the Fens was certainly faster than taking his motorcycle - and it would let him keep up with Nighthawk on the rooftops.
  5. Quarrel in the Quarry

    "We gave you something else to fight," said their companion, her voice slightly resonant from the mask she wore. "You'd be surprised how good the Liberty League can be at grabbing someone's attention. I'm Monsoon, by the way," she added. "Your friend called us in about an hour ago." "That was my bad," said Riley, honest apology in his voice. "I wanted to take those things down before they got you - but I got you instead." He looked away, scratching the back of his head. "Sorry, Fred." "On the plus side, maybe they'll name the battle after the two of you," Monsoon offered consolingly - maybe. "Luckily for you, it sounds like the Aurans respect strength in other species. If they weren't made of metal, I'd be down there myself."
  6. Children of the Corn Maze

    "Okay!" said Mark brightly. "Let's get going! Who's with me?" As soon as he knew, he, his companions, and his baby disappeared! They reappeared out in the cornfield, where Mark soon went to work, striding around like he'd lived in a cornfield his whole life despite his suit and tie. Gesturing with his left hand, he began not cutting down the corn but vanishing it - erasing stalks from existence like a conductor silencing out-of-tune instruments in an orchestra. The baby he was wearing stayed asleep the whole way through, evidently quite used to magical teleportation. "We'll go ahead and make this the center, so we'll have to fill it up with what the kids want. After that, it's maze-making time. You guys ever been in a maze?"
  7. Interceptors: Handclap

    "Just my gloves," admitted Riley, who from his pockets was pulling on black leather fingerless gloves that could almost pass for club gear if you didn't look too closely but on closer inspection were pretty clearly MMA-style fighting gloves. With a few tricks up his sleeves. "Bastards ruined a perfectly good night." At least fighting bare-handed meant both his hands would be free during whatever followed. His arm around Robin's waist, he scanned the room. "Don't got much if I'm up there. Better just let me be your rear support. Always a good view back there, watchin' you kick some ass." He grinned fiercely, reaching up to adjust his fedora to make sure it would stay on in whatever was about to happen. Whatever the hell was going on, he'd come out to have a good time with Robin, and he was going to do that as long as he could.
  8. (IC) Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    "Sure," said Riley with a nod, shooting Raina a curious look. He could usually tell when she was hiding something, even if most of the time he had no idea why that thing was important. "Just lemme get my gear." He knew Raina would rather tell Robin, anyway, so he headed off towards his room at the slow, leisurely pace of a young man who certainly wasn't going off to do something against school rules. A few minutes later, his poncho under one arm and his bow and gear under that, he was heading back out into the hallway to look for the two women - he had a feeling they wouldn't have long stuck around the common room with whatever was going on.
  9. (IC) Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    Riley and Robin were in the common room, playing on the used X-Box 360 that had been a Christmas present from Peyton. Neither of them had grown up playing video games - but it put them together on the couch doing something fun, and what wasn't to like about that? "All right," Riley was saying, "I have got a nice house!" They spent most of their time in creative mode, the version Riley preferred. Killing monsters wasn't really something he liked to do for fun. "Look at that," he said, pointing as his Minecraft Steve did a little dance. "All diamond windows! This place is gonna be off the hook. You sure you don't wanna come hang with me, baby?" He asked Robin with a grin, watching her character at work. "I've got all the mutton a lady can eat." He was sitting next to Robin on the couch in the mostly empty common room, enjoying her presence, her warmth, and the great way the shampoo he'd bought her made her hair smell. Life was good.
  10. Room of Danger (second edition)

    "Me neither." With the slow, methodical air of someone making difficult but long-practiced movements, Woodsman finished loading his crossbow. "Okay. Find shelter." He raised his crossbow overhead, took aim at the roof over their heads, and fired. "Timer," He commented to Facsimile, his tone almost conversational, as he ran forward and took shelter behind a old table that would put a few inches of solid wood between himself and the explosion as the fuse embedded in the bolt overhead ticked down to nothing. Three, two, one...
  11. Room of Danger (second edition) OOC

    Let me know if this is totally insane, EP, or if the character's going to take damage! I'm basing this on stuff I've done in the past about Woodsman worrying about his sanity.
  12. (IC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived?

    Though both of them were new to this scene, what followed inside the club seemed normal enough. They were met inside by Abel, their contact - a slim young man with a shaved head and lanky build. The club's venue was inside what had once been the mansion's large dining room, with the stage built just inside two big French doors adorned with heavy wrought iron metalwork on the lower half and stained-glass scenes from the Book of Genesis on the top. "Sorry," said Abel with a grin, "I didn't do the decorating on this old place." Inside, the club was adorned with cheerful Christmas decorations that suggested an eclectic artist's eye if not a tycoon's budget. A tasteful pine tree decorated with red and green ornaments sat in one corner of the big room, while a small bar sat in the other. Along the walls were taxidermied animal heads with a winter theme; moose and bear and reindeer, while from the ceiling hung an impressive chandelier. "The crowd will start arriving in about half an hour," said Abel, "right now it's just us staff setting up." They could see others of Abel's like working around the club floor as they went, cleaning up and polishing the glasses behind the bar, arranging chairs and tables, and stringing festive Christmas lights. The club's employees seemed to have a common 'look' inside bounds of age - young and slender, with short hair or shaved heads, and comfortable black stagehand's gear as they did their work. "The AV hookup you asked for is in place, and so are the machines - we'll make sure you give tonight's crowd a show nobody forgets."
  13. (IC) Pop Quiz: That Long Tongue Liar

    Working together, the demonic duo traced their target to a warehouse right at the edge of North Hanover - one almost flush against the barbed wire fence that protected the airport from the rest of the city. Ardent could feel the demonic presence inside, not one she knew personally but strong in her nostrils like brimstone and blood, while the heat signatures leading there and peeked through partially covered windows more than stood out for Frostbyte. Something was going on in there - something big! The building didn't look promising on the outside, its proximity to the airport perhaps explaining why most of its windows were broken and its metal sides spraypainted with graffiti like strange gang-sign graffiti like G4118. In a neighborhood otherwise new and polished for an industrial district, Auld Reekie's evident hideout looks downright an eyesore.
  14. Room of Danger (second edition)

    Woodsman stood stock-still, hardly breathing, for a long couple of seconds while he considered the situation. This was not the last place he remembered being - and he'd been the victim of psionic attacks and other kinds of illusions before. Unlike his Claremont classmates, he had the training and willingness to kill if necessary, and that was something people were willing to exploit. Lots of people. Nightmares about Feral attacks were sometimes matched by nightmares about things he believed were Feral attacks until it was too late to stop himself from murder. "Hey, Facsimile!" he called, recognizing the other Claremont student. "You have any idea how we got here?" As he spoke, he was taking a knee, loading his crossbow while digging out a rebreather from his bag.
  15. Room of Danger (second edition) OOC

    (But just to clarify, this isn't actually a Claremont training simulation, given that we've seen some changes in management recently and mind-controlled Archer is no longer in charge.)