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  1. (OOC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived

    Okay, let's do this. Take that HP, Fox! Attack vs Matt. =15 Ah well! She'll do better next time. I imagine initiative may follow! "Fred' goes on 13
  2. (IC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived?

    A lot of things happened in very short order after that, at least from Matt's perspective. The cell door slid open - and Fred looked up at him. She looked at him with rheumy yellow eyes like infected cataracts and smiled a smile where all her teeth looked like the ravenous, carnivorous fangs of a shark. Heh! Meat! The Fred-thing declared in a voice that was like Fred's but distinctly was _not_ like Fred - a moment before it went for him, moving with impossible speed and tenacity as it grabbed his arms with sharpened nails and lashed its head out like a striking snake to try and bite out his throat! An instant later, he heard the wall behind him smash open - and as the teeth snapped towards his jugular, he distinctly heard the distant, far-off echoes of a dog's howl...
  3. (IC) Pop Quiz: That Long Tongue Liar

    Keith frowned, the illusion fading away. Demons knew the foulest of curses and the most honeyed of praises and could move from one to the other like the beating of fire-scorched feathery wings. But being ignored was not something demons readily understood - or handled easily. "I'm trying to save you a lot of trouble, girl," he said seriously. "Even if your friends don't flush the Cancer fast enough, your girl here's gonna die. It's just a matter of fact. Question is, does it happen on your terms? Or His?" he asked, making a dismissive gesture that was somewhere in the direction of the One Above.
  4. Spiraling Shape (OOC)

    Notice: 18 Survival: 27
  5. Spiraling Shape (OOC)

    All right! It's time for Notice/Search/Investigate/Survival checks, as your dice favor you.
  6. Spiraling Shape (IC)

    Back at the museum, the arrival of the three superheroes temporarily interrupted the ongoing repair efforts of the museum staff. The damage SFX had done to the gallery floor and walls had already been repaired before she left, but there was still the broken display case to repair and the broken glass to pick up. The Deep One armor itself was back in the museum's safe, where a reluctant Dr. Charles Craig (having shed his captain's hat and persona) escorted the heroes back to see it. They were an odd trio amid the mundanity of papers, files, and the various artifacts left behind by nearly 250 years of Freedom City area nautical history. Anonymous in her armor, or at least not apparently a Deep One, Aquaria lifted the helmet of the now-disarticulated suit with a soft noise. No prisoners survived of those who attacked under Archevil. The one who brought this to Freedom City must be dead. She could see the marks along the side where a mighty blow had been struck, perhaps a superpowered fist or energy blast. "This belonged to a warrior-priest. To help them call upon the Gods Below." She set the helmet back and stepped away from the armor pieces, her posture crouched and tense. "It. It would mean nothing to Devil Ray. The men who came as thieves, did they leave any clues?"
  7. Spiraling Shape (IC)

    "You sing well," said Aquaria to Alexa as Singularity disappeared, politely not adding for a Surfacer. It was true, after all, and using her machines had been a clever idea. It was good to dwell on something like singing - and not on Devil Ray. That would come later. "You will catch, uh, many friends! We will meet you here soon," she promised before turning and scuttling away after Jessie, running on all fours as she bounded her way up the stairs with a wet shlicking sound as the wet, sticky pads on her feet and hands made contact with the rubberized covering of the steps. For a few moments, Alexa was alone in the stairs by the butterfly garden in the Dutemps Building.
  8. Good Company and Good Cheer [Open]

    Riley had no idea what accent they were doing - he supposed it was supposed to be British, but the only British person he knew at all well was Cathy; who sounded nothing like any of the people in the room. He did know about monsters, though, so he did go tense and give a single cold, hard stare to the Christmas creature that had just arrived in the door before he forced himself to pay attention to the party and not the probably perfectly nice superhero. "Huh. Guess word got out about the party." Oh well, heroes tended to be a tolerant bunch - most of the time, and he didn't see any of his usual Claremont tormentors out here tonight. "Come on!" he called, his voice a little higher than usual from the tension. "Let's party!"
  9. Player Away Thread

    That sucks, EP! Good luck.
  10. Spiraling Shape (IC)

    Aquaria croaked again, her throat inflating - but this one didn't sound happy. And this time she did not sing. "I know Devil Ray. He is a monster." He's the one that killed the babies! But what could she tell SFX of that? How could she make her understand what she herself did not understand? Making a decision, Aquaria hopped to her feet - rising until she stood, an oddly balanced humanoid. "A shark who missed his prey once will try again. We will go to the museum and help you hunt," she croaked. "Singularity and I, together. And you. Let me get my space armor, so that I do not frighten anyone who sees us," she added, padding her way towards the door of the butterfly garden. "It is very powerful - but it does not help me sing. We will be fine."
  11. (OOC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived

    He is knocked out and down! Boom, punch.
  12. (OOC) Pop Quiz: Or Are You Deceived

    That hits all right! Tou vs 28, eh? Give me a Notice and/or Sense Motive check, whichever is higher.
  13. You May Not Believe In Me (OOC)

    Startle: fails That hits by 1! Rendering him flat-footed also cuts his Toughness in half Tou vs 25: 18
  14. Spiraling Shape (IC)

    SFX was almost certain she heard giggling from somewhere in the garden as the song died down - but that sound was soon lost by the sound of Aquaria inflating her throat sacs with a booming bass like a gigantic bullfrog. "Beautiful!" Aquaria added. "No one ever sings for me!" She considered for a moment, then began to sing herself. It was distinctly odd singing by human standards, a deep bass like standing next to a concert speaker, but Alexa could make out the words. As she sang, Aquaria kept time by stamping on the rock beneath the bench where she crouched. "Many were lost in the Archevil war. They died for the false one. Surfacers with pride took what was to show their kill armor trident all Armor of the priest Symbols of gods below great mighty power But all is naught to Surface hands. No power for the cursed many." Aquaria croaked in summation, her crest seeming to stand especially tall as she finished. "The armor there wouldn't work for a Surfacer. They could not even wear it on their bodies - it would not fit. Do you know who might have tried to steal it?" .:
  15. Spiraling Shape (IC)

    Aquaria hopped up on a nearby bench and fixed her gigantic eyes on Alexa, guessing that one or the other of them had been the victim of a practical joke. "I do not look like you. It is surprising. They should have told you." Unthinkingly she reached up with a leg? - with a back leg? It was a limb attached below her rear and it had three webbed fingers on it, just like her hands, and scratched the side of her face for a moment. "They told me that you have problems with Deep Ones. Sing them for me." In addition to coming in croaks like an animate frog's, her voice had the slow, careful diction of someone speaking an alien language. Given what Alexa could see of Aquaria's throat, English probably was quite alien.