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    "Yeah, well, you ain't my kid either," said Richard, putting his helmet back on with a brief, odd look of what was almost grief on his face. "We gonna do this thing, or what?" - The other reality was indeed quite different from the one they'd left. The lake looked off, its waters slightly discolored in a way that reminded Paige of what the Great Lakes had looked like before decades of pollution control on her own world. The nearby buildings of Green Bay looked the same; not as if they'd traveled back in time but as if people had simply stopped building new buildings sometime in the past. Behind them, the unmistakable, albeit slightly tarnished face of Anna Cline in her Clock Queen days looked down on them from the beach's public access way. The sign for the beach now said "WELCOME TO CLINE BEACH - YOU BETTER LEAVE IT LOOKING NICE!" Which was, come to think of it, exactly what Anna told Will about the guest room at her house when he was staying over. The magic here was off, in a way that wasn't exactly unsettling for Phantom but was certainly unwholesome. Someone was protecting this dimension - and they weren't doing it in a nice way, or a good way, or a way that wasn't stained with blood. If this universe had a Master Mage, it sure as hell wasn't Adrian Eldritch. The walls were patchy, as if said guardian had gotten sloppy - or had never been terribly good at paying attention.
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    "Go away," hissed Woodsman, glaring over at the office worker. Because they were on a mission from the headmistress, he neither called the man an idiot nor said anything about how he should kiss his ass. Taking that firm command as all that needed to be said, he stalked to the edges of the crime scene and began to look it over, careful not to step on anything that might be spoor or other kinds of evidence. "Came here from a burglary," he commented to one of the cops. "Whatcha think happened here?"
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    The man dropped to the floor when Asli released the spell - and dropped all the way. Blood was in his eyes and coming out his ears, and by the time Mark Lucas reached his side, there was only one thing to say. "He's dead." Mark looked up at Joe, communicating without words, or so he hoped. "He's dead!" yelled the guy with the Southern accent. "What, he had to _die_ because he wasn't politically correct enough for y'all? Is that how it is around here?" "Hell no!" yelled a big guy about Mark's height in a weird all-white outfit that made him look like...oh, okay, he's a supervillain. Well that makes sense! Nobody dressed that color-coordinated with good intentions in Mark's experience. "Goddamned killers, that's what they all are!" "Oh, are we?" asked Nina al-Darsah, whose pregnancy didn't seem to be holding her back a bit as she landed on the floor next to her husband - having flown there right over the heads of the crowd. "How interesting." She looked down at the corpse and her eyes widened for just a moment before she said, "I...he was killed by hydrostatic pressure. Look at all the blood in his face, Mark," she went on, carefully not singling out Joe. "Someone ripped open the blood vessels in his head."
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    Okay, I'll handwave the need to counter the Snare with more magic.
  5. "...is this the famous Fleur de Joie?!" asked a faintly starstruck voice on the other end. "Er, ah, standing by, Terra." The bees reported that the ship had indeed come to a stop above the town - hovering at an altitude where it was clearly visible in the sky. It looked about as big as a commercial airliner, which given its vast bulk meant it had to be substantially higher up than that! It was hovering high and steady in the air, making a thrumming sound that seemed to resonate with the apian machines. Upon his approach to the ship, Gabriel got a message too - a faintly tinny feminine voice that said, "Greetings to the holy one, Gabriel of Terra! I am delighted to see you. While we wait to make a landing, would you like to discuss your gods?"
  6. There are cameras in all public places except bathrooms. There are no bombs. There's an old Victorian mansion on San Antonio Street with the words "The Director's Residence" embossed on the front door in gold. The doors are all sealed and the windows too, they're opaque so you can't see inside.
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    All right, well, I'll let Tiff go, then I'll go!
  8. Okay, I think I got it all.
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    Hyperactive and Weekend Man sped across the streets, byways, and vast open spaces of the great state of Texas until reaching downtown Marfa - nearly missing it, in fact, given that they were going so fast and Marfa was itself a city of less than two thousand people. Marfa was a pretty town, full of art shops and public art, a nice place to visit if you didn't mind being a hundred miles from anywhere in particular. Coming to a stop at the front door of the Presidio County Courthouse gave the heroes their starting point - but also left them with an ominous sight. Clearly visible, thanks to Hyperactive's great speed, was the way the town's few streets were empty save for a few stray dogs and parked cars. As soon as the heroes arrived, though, the town seemed to wake up - people walked out of buildings and got into the cars left in the middle of the road, headed down the sidewalk and greeted each other, and a passing police officer outside the courthouse declared "Howdy, y'all! Welcome to Marfa!" It was all very friendly, full of smiling faces and bustling energy, but it was also not at all right.
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    Okay, let's post. DC 27 Notice 19 Intimidate, 26 Search I'll hold off an IC post till I get the OOC results!
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    Okay, I'll give Scion a shot to post here, then we'll move on
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    "I have come in my perfected body from beyond the Veil to warn you," said Vita's father seriously. "There is an enemy coming which means to-" - "ruin everything! Everything!" Ren looked frightened in a way that even his own death hadn't put in his eyes. "Listen, you can't stay permanently in Heaven, but you and your girlfriend can both come. We can resettle you in one of the other Freedom Cities, one that's far away from all of this. You don't know what they're like, they're-" - "they're killers. Worse than killers." Queenie's former fiancee's mouth was pressed tight in fear. "Worse than anything I've ever seen. Worse than anything the angels have seen. They don't just kill you, or turn you, or anything pretty like that. They wreck the whole damn world and everything they stood for, like going to Heaven and finding the angels want to eat you alive." - "Ah, here we are..." As Vita Nexus and his father had spoken, the later relaying the horrific tale of the coming dimensional corruption, a fiery woman riding a burning rock and her icy companion arriving like figures from a dream. "Let us not be too hasty." "Comrade Frost and this lady of flame will be your companions in this struggle. He bears the burdens we do - but from another master." Sure enough, the cold coming from the Freedom League member was readily apparent as something hungry and draining, not too dissimilar from Vita's own abilities. "Others will join you. I wish I could go with you." He put a hand on his son's shoulder. "I love you, my boy."
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    (Singularity did not succeed on her Aid action, so let's assume Jessie didn't react in time. It's all on you, Tiff!)
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    Okay, so we're just waiting on Tiff?