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  1. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    I'd like a head count, please! @Ari, @EviscerusNox, @Heritage, @EternalPhoenix, @Zeitgeist Blue
  2. Player Away Thread

    Good news! I have a job, and a place to stay. Bad news(?). I will be working 12 hours a day. Commuting, sleeping, having the kids on the weekend. At most I will have 5ish hours to myself on the weekdays. I won't be here as much as I used to be. But at least I have a chance to be here
  3. Active Threads for September 2017

    Scion 15 posts + 10 GM posts = 25 posts Ink! (9) [Lost Expeditions] Castle Ravenloft (4) Hell Isn't Good... It's Hell! (2) Sanguine 3 posts Moving In (3) The Unicorn (Featuring) Karaoke Knight at Morley's Pub (3x0.5=1.5) GM 10 posts (posts go to Scion) [Lost Expeditions] Castle Ravenloft (5x2=10)
  4. Player Away Thread

    Excuse me for my unexpected absence. Real life is currently trying to beat me down. All should be clear by the middle to the end of the month.
  5. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    Excuse me for my unexpected absence. Real life is currently trying to beat me down. All should be clear by the middle to the end of the month.
  6. Ink!

    She looked at the helmet and then to him, "ok, your bike your rules," she grinned. The morning air was a lovely scent. It wasn't as late as she thought it was. Apollo bid her good morning as the sun was about to rise. He had tried to reach her earlier, but she and her love were busy in the shower, cleaning. She bid the sun god good morning and asked him for a safe passage into the city. He agreed, as watching the sunrise was one of her favorite things to do if she was up in the morning to see it. The silent conversation ended as she and Max got on the motorcycle, "nice," she said getting on after him, "your design," asked putting her arms around him. Max was all about the safety, but he was right, the helmet cramped her. Then again, it was better to be cramped than skinned up. "Now let's get this ride started," she said playfully bumping his helmet with hers. The view was obstructed by the helmet, but she still watched the sun peaking leaning her head on Max's back as she watched the early morning colors muted by plastic. It was still beautiful. The ride from the southside to the west end was a ways a way. Enough to enjoy the whole of the celestial view. But they made it, in one piece, to Morley's. Closing time was about two hours ago and the clean up crew had done their job. This was only partly her place. She and her mortal father co-owned it. She'd inherit the whole load when he passed on. She felt pride in the business. Even though there were other places in town that had better marketing, Morley's had regulars that were very loyal. "Come on," she said excitedly taking off the helmet after he stopped. She'd pointed him to the back so she could get in through what she wanted to show him in the first place.
  7. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    Hitting Thyr: 1d20+8 17. Misses. @Zeitgeist Blue. Round 2 of 7. Do the thing.
  8. [Lost Expeditions] Castle Ravenloft

    Scion watch the magical saving grace with a cringe. It would have been easy for the giant man to take out the spellcaster. Which would have been good for them, but probably deadly for the onyx one. Still, the one who was healing before looked out of it. Spitfire was handling it. Or trying to handle it. So Scion moved in to fight the other threat. "Hey big man," she said yelling up at him, "I've fought bigger, let's take this to the ground!" She said trying to push him down. She barely budged him, but still grunted trying to push!
  9. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    Yes, it misses. I'm going to throw this out here since we're near the end of the fight anyway. I expect you not to know this in character, just to make it easier for rolling Thyr (Big Dude): AC 24 (currently 23 due to growth) Kisho (Meditator): AC 20 Farlees (Crossbow): AC 19 Raisa (Onyx Woman): AC 25 Chraz (Dragon Person): AC 21
  10. [Lost Expeditions] Castle Ravenloft

    GM Thyr was in the process of acclimating to his new size. No matter how many times the witch did it to him he never got used to it instantly. His senses off, the tattooed 'cultist'wanted to get in his way, but do nothing. Seeing the opening in his foolishness, Thyr struck down a mighty blow. But the tattooed one moved and he struck the witch instead! Raisa raised her hand just in time to pull off a shield. Even though she was thrown off balance due to the fast one's strikes, she was comfortable enough in her magics for it to go off spontaneously. She and the rest of her companions, sans the warrior, were still catching their bearings due to the fast one's assault.
  11. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    Thyr Accidentally striking Onyx Woman: 1d20+12 29 Beats her AC by 4, raising the DC +2. Making this an impossible save. DC 25 Toughness: 1d20+3 23 "Fate intervenes to spare the character from otherwise certain doom." Injured (-1 versus lethal saves), Bruised again (-2 versus non-lethal saves) @EviscerusNox. Do the thing. @Heritage. When you get the chance, do the thing. That will be your new initiative.
  12. Karaoke Night at Morley's Pub

    Miracle Girl's performance was just as Yasmin thought it would be. Though really, the song was funny for the setting they were in. Again, Yasmin maybe caught a few words and bopped along with the beat. She really wanted to sing, but hero appreciation night was something for heroes. Still, she wanted to show appreciation. So she walked up to the stage, looked around - no one else was near it - and picked up the mic. "Hey folks," she waved, "I'm Yasmin. And I'd like to thank every one for coming out tonight. Our heroes deserve it!" She poked around with the machine a bit to find the song she wanted, "On top of the heroes I appreciate tonight," she pointed out the costumed individuals and called a few of them by name for what she knew. "I'm celebrating my birthday with you folks. Twenty-three. Wouldn't have it any other way." She heard 'happy birthday' and few whistles, also 'just sing!' The song started up, Yasmin did a few small bounces to the intro beat and began singing. She made a little show of it. Encouraging people to clap during the chorus, she got a few to do so! The four minutes was energetic as she could, strutting across the stage, swaying to the beat, dancing around, and generally having a good old time like the song would suggest! The song ended with a drop to her knees, "come on!" she finished the lyrics. Looking around she clapped for the crowd, "thank you too!" Getting down she went back to her tea. She did have the stamina for the whole thing, but right now she was parched.
  13. Ink!

    They did eventually get the smudge off her body after a while, cleaning up after that. She didn't bring a hair tie or a change of clothes. After drying off - which was easy enough with a guy who could heat his breath - she scurried around the place to retrieve her pants, shirt, and shoes. "I'll come back for the art later," she nodded towards it as she got dressed. She playfully tossed her hair a bit in front of him. "Sure," she said, "bike ride would be much more fun than what I had in mind." she began to glow a soft golden aura and her eyes to match.from her hand, a marble archway appeared and through the door was the place Max had seen so many times before, Morley's. Before he could touch it it disappeared as did Moira's golden aura. She smirked, "besides, you can never ride too many hogs in your life."
  14. Ink!

    Moira felt good that Max felt comfortable to open himself up to her like this. "Not going anywhere until morning," she pointed to the night sky through the curtain. It was technically early morning. She enjoyed her time with Max, slinking back into his arms and giving him a soft kiss on the lips. She sighed happily and let him moment hang there, cuddling with him. "About that tattoo though," she said breaking the silence, "we'll wash it off and try again." She looked up at him seeing his reaction. "I really don't know the proper procedure when it comes to ink. I've only had one other and well, that was 'different'." She referred to her sun tattoo from Apollo on the back of her neck. She perked up again, "how about we get cleaned up and I show you where your new place would be if you decide to take it. Not saying I won't take no for an answer, but I'd at least like to show you what you'd be working with." She rolled on top of his chest, playfully pinning him. "If you don't, well, I have ways." She flashed a mischievous grin.
  15. Karaoke Night at Morley's Pub

    Yasmin bopped along with the beat of the music. He was quite good for a singer. Not that she had any right to judge. She only mostly hummed or whistled, but tonight she was going to do something fun. Actually sing. She'd wait her turn. There were heroes here. Like her, but more outward. She could talk as The Unicorn, but she was sure they wouldn't let her in with that form. She giggled at the thought of singing. Walking over to the bar she looked at the wall of alcohol and sighed. That wasn't her. She was not about to be a Roman in Rome. "I'll take a tea, with grenadine." She looked over to see Jaden ordering a float. She liked the earthy tones. She wore them during winter, not so much outside of it. The bartender handed her her tea. She was unsure but she put a five down for a tip anyway. "So, are you going to sing next," she asked Jaden taking a sip of her tea.