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  1. Far From Home

    Barely even noticing the air around her vanishing, Galvanic turned her head, clenching her teeth as the sonic blast made her ears ring and her heart vibrate in her chest. Inhaling deeply and exhaling, she lifted off the ground, bringing her hands in front of her, fists balled and pointing at the winged simulacrum, electricity gathering up her arms in concentric crackling waves. The Tempestian let the energy fly, the sparking ozone and blue flashes erupting through the air, only just missing their mark, dissipating some distance behind her target. Gritting her teeth in frustration, she swiftly flew up above the conflict, looking down and scanning the overall picture, searching for a swift way to end the battle.
  2. Far From Home OOC

    Being suffocated: 1d20+15 33 NOPE Resisting a sonic blast: 1d20+15 20 That will be Staggered and Dazed... but I have 4 Hero Points! Super-toughness!: 1d20+15 31 So, still Bruises her, she now has 2 Bruises and 3 Hero Points New Action!! Galvanic burns a Hero Point to shake off her Fatigue, leaving her with 2HP. Free Action: Configure Dynamic Array to Flight +3, Super-Strength +4; switch main array to Blast Standard Action: All-Out Power Attack for 5 to attack not!Sai'x. Electrical blast [DC32]: 1d20+12 17 Move Action: Move 1000' upwards into the air, above the fight. Bruised x2, HP 2 - Grapple +29 --Defence +3, -3 Flat-footed
  3. Far From Home OOC

    Stop hitting her, Thevshi: 1d20+15 28 Nope. So Galvanic has 1 Bruise and 3 Hero Points. Free Action: Extra Effort, to stunt off her Enhanced Strength: Damage 15 (Extras: Targeted Area [+1], Selective Attack [+1], Flaws: Full-Round Action [-1], Feats: Accurate) [31PP] Full Round Action: ATTACK! All-out Attack for 5, against numbers 3, 5, 6 and 8. Super-speed blitz: 1d20+14 28 DC 30 Toughness rolls for anyone hit. Free Action: Switch dynamic array entirely to Super-Strength, switch main array to Reaction Damage End of round status: Bruised x1, HP 3, Fatigued next round unless she burns a HP - Strength 14/Super-Strength 8: Grapple +17 --Defence +3, -3 Flat-footed --Free Damage 6 attack vs anyone who hits her
  4. Far From Home

    Galvanic tilted her head this way and that as the sonic blast dissipated harmlessly, only disrupting the electrical field around her for a second before the lightning coalesced around her once more. There were so many of these foes, and they were so aggressive, assaulting those around her viciously, outnumbering them heavily. "No," she spat in Galstandard, before moving in a blur, blue light trailing behind her as she burst forwards, colliding with one foe before another crack of thunder struck. The bolt of lightning moved, barely visible to the naked eye, only the blue after-effects lingering, before she'd collided with a second foe... and a third... and a fourth. The four claps of sudden air displacement happened almost simultaneously, leaving only the short woman breathing a little heavily some distance off, a ball of arcing plasma crackling around her.
  5. Far From Home OOC

    BRANDON ROUTH: 1d20+16 26 She has now got 1 Bruise.
  6. Far From Home

    Galvanic looked on in horror. They'd just been told a disturbance, not twelve superpowered operatives. Or at least facsimiles thereof. And what's more, if the translation being fed to her was correct... they were looking to kidnap a child? This did make it rather simple. A whole team of foes, with two aliens from another world trying to defend the innocent. Reacting quickly as their foes attacked, Galvanic was about to propel herself into flight, electricity crackling around her like a cloak, when she saw something open a hole in space, flashing through with an energy blade to slash at one of these heroes from another planet. She altered her flight pattern, air displacing with a crack and a boom as she crossed the hundred feet or so in a second, her fist hitting the construct's chest in a rain of sparks. It flew backwards... and backwards... and backwards... Galvanic flew back to hover above the group, facing down the oncoming enemies. A small smile formed on her face as she heard the distant clang of the station wall.
  7. Far From Home OOC

    OK, simple enough. Not!Rux is getting charged. Free Action: Turn on Impervious Toughness force field, allocate all Dynamic points to Super-Strength, for a total of SS8, Grapple +32 Standard Action: CHAAAAARGE, all out power attacking for 5 as she does so, for a total hit of DC37. All-Out Power Attack Charge punch: 1d20+9 24 Move Action: Fly back to above where Rev/SFX/etc are.
  8. From Beneath You It Devours: Are You My Mummy?

    Arrowhawk paced slowly after the assembled champions, keeping silent and keeping invisible, cautious of strangers in a situation like this. Some could come seeking to aid, but plenty could also be perpetrating these strange goings on. The blonde woman in a jacket, guns akimbo. The vagrant of a man, this one seemed like a follower of the martyred son. Another man all clad in rags. The man in the coat, this one quieter, more thoughtful than the rest. Stopping to ask before causing damage. But also... becoming a woman? Unusual, although not unheard of. And of course, the god. Of course there's a god. Charging in, battering down doors which could be simply opened. Refusing to just be silent, for one lingering moment. But it seemed their intentions were good. Largely. Even if their actions seemed to be ill considered. Osla didn't normally charge in like this until she'd had at least cause to lose her temper. And these costumed men and women were beginning to fray it. "Haematology?" Arrowhawk appeared, seemingly out of thin air, behind the group, arms folded over her chest, head tilted so that most of her face was shrouded in shadow, blue eyes glaring from under her hood. "Have you not considered tracking the blood that was spilled with your five senses afore you resort to a sixth?"
  9. Greasy Gear (PL10) - Kolohehonu

  10. Interceptors: Echo vs Gecko

    Chris took a step back and rubbed at his forehead. "Look, c'mon, this is a training thing, so really, if you win, doesn't it really mean I won at training you?" He shrugged and went to turn, making as if to concede and pick up a towel he'd slung nearby for afterwards. But in one quick springing step, he bounded backwards, crossing behind Buffy and throwing a loose looping punch, which was predictably easy to dodge. Chris stumbled forwards, tripping on the mat as he appeared to lose his balance, shoulders and head tilting to the ground. Before he suddenly executed an elaborate twisting maneuver, bringing his knee in to bounce off Buffy's left shoulder blade, all in a sudden blur of movement.
  11. Interceptors: Echo vs Gecko [OOC]

    Sorry it took too long to respond, new job has me all in a loop. Move Action: Fast Feint, with a +21 bonus. She can't resist, so. Standard Action: Face punch! In the face: 1d20+16 24
  12. Greasy Gear (PL10) - Kolohehonu

    OK, I like the backstory, but there's a couple of things I'd like to see addressed. Mainly based on time travel, because while this is a kitchen sink setting, some stuff needs more... plumbing? I dunno. I think there needs more fleshing out on how he came across a wounded time master, how none else came after him (or if they did, maybe that's a Complication!). Also just to be aware, we work on X-Men rules where you can only go back and split off a new timeline, yours just stays the same. The maths adds up, although some of the formatting is wrong. You don't have any Dodge Focus, that's a feat which gives you dodge bonus to Defence. Half of your base Defence is dodge bonus, sure, but it's not Dodge Focus. Ergo (also, you accidentally deleted a line break): Defense: +5, +3 Flat-Footed Grapple: +8 Also, you don't need to include the costs of base Attack/Defence, and below, of Saving Throws and Skills. They're just in the template as reminders, not to be kept in the final product. The maths adds up, however, there's a few formatting errors. You should include Skill Mastery in the skills section too as (+x, Skill Mastery), your Toughness is (+4 Con, +11 Protection) [Impervious 5], couple of dropped line breaks and missing + signs. Any particular reason he's got such a speedster-level Reflex save despite having low (by superpowered standards) Dex and low Defence? Also, generally, we don't enforce off-hand rules, so there's nothing saying don't take Ambidexterity, but it won't come up hugely often if you want an extra PP. Maybe take a look at how some other sheets at formatted here. I don't know what the double dots are for, you need to bold the Totals section at the bottom of the sheet, and your Container has a rank (7 in this case) and you should specify it's a Permanent, not Sustained Container. Your Immunity, I'm not sure what it is. All environmental conditions is rank 5 Immunity. Aging is 1. The other 4, I'm assuming is because you meant life support, not environmental conditions. Life support is rank 9, and includes all environmental conditions, suffocation, and disease and poison. So if you meant life support, the maths adds up but the power is wrong. If you just meant environmental conditions, it's only rank 6, not 10. I think you need to move the Multiweapon feat up onto the Device container itself instead of on a power within it, as the grenades and hammer are a different weapon to the pistols and presumably can be disarmed separately. Additionally, without buying Multiweapon on the Device itself, you can disarm the entire thing with a Disarm check because it's Easy to Lose. In your Blaster, I'd note that Power Loss is a Complication, not a Drawback, since it's a perfectly fine way of doing it, but the maths confused me at first. I don't know what the partial Burst means on the Plasma Grenade, or how the maths is working out. Area - Burst isn't a ranked extra, Area effects cap at PL, and I'm not sure if you've bought a partial Extra or really what's going on there. Same with the hammer. Strike is 1pp/rank, Autofire is 1pp/rank and Penetrating is 1pp/rank. So at rank 12, that's a 36pp power. Also you don't need to denote Extra costs. You'd need to clarify what the grenades and hammer do, because as-is the constructions don't make a lot of sense so I can't even tell if they're right or wrong because I'm unsure how a lot of your maths has been worked out so I can help you fix it.
  13. Out of/In to (IC)

    Arrowhawk lowered her bow slowly, watching the magma and flame spill from the portal as the helicopter plunged into it, a feeling of relief washing over her despite the collateral damage to the street. She allowed herself a brief moment of triumph, exhaling a long, slow breath. But the familiar voice behind her ruined her small victory. Osla turned slowly, reluctantly, eyes sliding up to fix Loki with a hard, even stare. She had no idea if he spoke truth or lies. For all she knew, the Hammer was indeed here, but she couldn't sense him, hadn't seen him. Even if he was, it didn't matter. Stowing Orheidr, she pulled back her hood, revealing much of her face but that hidden beneath the domino mask. And she gave Loki a wide, sweet, utterly insincere smile. ""Destroy everything in it. How hardly matters to me"," Osla recited in a snide tone, before raising one hand, fingers spread wide, and closing it sharply into a fist. The portal snapped shut, once more sealing off the realm of the Fire Giants from the realm of Man. "If I've instigated him into doing it himself... I believe I upheld my end of the request, Liesmith."
  14. Out of/In to (OOC)

    Notice the Hammer: 1d20+9 16
  15. From Beneath You It Devours: Are You My Mummy?

    Arrowhawk pressed herself against the wall in the front hallway, arms folded and hood tilted downwards, hiding her face. Or rather, it would were she not already invisible under the enchantment of her magical belt. She was blissfully unaware of the podcast containing the man's assault. And indeed, rather unaware of the very concept of a podcast. Instead, she was here under the assumption that, amidst strange dreams of the people of the Heliopolitans, a museum with an exhibit and researchers on the subject would be as good a place to start as any. But people had begun to arrive. A taxi had pulled up outside, at this late hour. And there'd been something. A flicker, of something briefly appearing in the hallway. So she'd withdrawn to the wall, so she could observe whoever came in, and indeed, whoever may already be here. She kept a hand lightly on her bow and on her axe in case violence was needed.