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  1. 9PP worth of edits on Ditra! Skills: 1PP = 4 Ranks of Disguise Modified Diplomatic Shell: 4PP = 4 ranks of Morph with Flaw 2PP = +2 Protection Sensory Package: 1PP = 1 rank of Super-Senses (Infravision) Tactical Package: 1PP = +1 Accurate on Blast Please note her as PL10/10 in the header
  2. ic

    "Spaghetti would be good, with lots of mushrooms and garlic," she said matter-of-factly. "And cheesy garlic bread and red wine." And with that, she abruptly headed for the door. "I need to get back on the floor." This was not intended to be rude; she just felt that they'd covered everything that needed to be discussed, and it was time to get back to work. As she reached the door, she nearly ran into Lynn on her way back in. "Everything okay- oh!" "We're good," Gretch simply offered by way of explanation; this left the changeling standing awkwardly in the doorway. Lynn jabbed a thumb over her shoulder. "She, uh...sometimes she just leaves like that."
  3. ic

    -Please stop.- -Stop what?- -This whole gushy sexbomb act. I know that you think you're 'working', but you kind of make me want to vomit right now. You can suck up to El Presidente without actually, you know...- -I got it. And I'm sorry; Bill and I ran a con or two to catch bad guys back in our day, and it always made him uncomfortable, too. I can take it down a few notches, let a little more of 'me' out.- -Thank you. I'm not trying to cramp your style or anything, but I have to listen to this BS, too.- -It's all good, hon, and thanks for speaking up.- At the mention of her favorite beverage, Lynn brightened up considerably. "Oh yes, please, coffee! I'd love to try the local roast!" A subtle change came over her, one that really only Sam and Gretchen could pick up on; her posture became a bit more relaxed and her gait more of her natural amble as the changeling dropped her mask a bit and let more of her own ease and goofiness peek out.
  4. ic

    The kneeling threw her off, and Gretch took have a step backwards, but to her credit, she didn't bolt for the door, which was her first instinct. Moira was comfortable with her own body (and other people's, apparently) in a way the young barista might never be; all those layers of armor were not so easily set aside. Yet with Lynn, with practice, she'd learned how to carefully strip them off, one layer at a time, until she could make her real self available to someone else, something she'd never in a million years thought she could do. And now this off-putting goddess, so beautiful it made her heart ache, was kneeling before her like some chivalrous knight with eyes that danced with mischief and love, asking her to give her a chance. Moira's borders were blurry; Gretchen could imagine a hundred lovers falling for her without even realizing it had happened as she entered their lives. She was like the sun, so dazzling, bright and warm (and hot!), but with a gravitational pull strong enough to swallow planets. She was a siren asking a sailor to step off the shore because the water's fine. All these warning flags were popping up, telling her there was no going back once you let this woman into your life- "Sure. That sounds fine."
  5. ic

    It wasn't possible; she'd seen him die. Ren had been her first real love; they were two teenagers trying to figure out this world of heroes and villains, and that night they met, that night that would not end, they just clicked. The months that followed were blissful and confusing; they fought as often as they kissed, Lynn's rollercoaster of emotions driving Ren crazy sometimes, but they always worked it out. They were two children, two broken misfit toys that found each in the wreckage of their lives who somehow made it work, against all the odds. Until the night Ren died. "I..." She couldn't find the words, her throat clamped tight with conflicting emotions; finally the changeling closed her eyes and willed herself back into the apartment, her body collapsing in on itself in her office as she stepped out of a conjured poster upstairs. Into the living room (how ironic!) where Gretchen stood staring defiantly at a beautiful young man (him!), her arms folded tightly across her chest. Without turning to look at her lover, Gretchen spoke in a dull, flat tone that only Lynn could hear the anger in, anger and fear and hurt. "So. Who is this?" Lynn spoke very evenly, trying to keep from breaking down as tears welled up in her eyes; my God, he was as beautiful as he'd ever been. "Gretch, this is Renichi Sonada, my first boyfriend. He died eight years ago."
  6. ooc

    Sorry I haven't post in this one yet; I wanted to reread just one or two threads to remind myself what Ren and Lynn were like together, and then school got busy as we're heading into the end of the term. Let's say...Ren and Lynn had been working on finding a cure for his 'condition' for some time. They got a lead that a researcher from a major Japanese nanotech company was going to be in Seattle, and they travelled to meet with them in hopes of pleading Ren's case. The researcher agreed to meet them at a private airplane hanger near SeaTac Airport, but he and his security team were nervous, paranoid and equiped with some very high tech weaponry, and despite Ren and Lynn's best efforts, things went south quickly and the security team opened fire. Ren heroically knocked Lynn clear, and was himself hit by an nano deconstructer, a weapon designed to 'unwrite' technology, capable of reducing a tank to a large pile of metal shavings. As Lynn watched in horror, her love was decontructed right in front of her, his outstretched hand converted into tiny particles of metal and plastic blowing away in the wind... Okay, not bad for just making it up off the top of my head! If that's too much for him to come back from, let me know! Also sending you a cleaned up version of his sheet; it's a lot more legible, but probably not kosher under current site house rules, so it's more of a reference than anything else.
  7. ic

    Gretchen retreated slightly from Moira's extended hand, but it looked more like reflex than a genuine rejection; she really did have a lot of issues. But she seemed to accept what the goddess said, as she nodded a few times. "I accept your terms." Then she sighed. "I'm not a romantic. I don't believe in destiny, love at first sight or soul mates. I believe in chemistry and random interactions. I do not in anyway claim ownership of Lynn's mind, body or soul. She can do as she pleases with whom she pleases. But I do ask that you respect the bond we have created between us, because that is unique in all the known universe." Then she stood up and reached across the desk, her left hand extended. There was a ghost of a smile on her lips, and something harder to quantify in her eyes. Relief? Forgiveness? It was hard to say. "Deal?"
  8. ic

    Lynn smirked and shook her head as she took a seat on the edge of her desk. "Yeah, well, the cosplay thing? That can get a little scary. Maybe just stick to enjoying the coffee." Suddenly she stiffened as her eyes went unfocused. "Uh, it seems...my girlfriend would like to talk to you. In private." She got up and looked around nervously as she dusted off her jeans."You, you guys can...uh, talk back here. Yeah." Just then, there was a gentle knock on the door, and Gretchen poked her head in. "Hey." Noticing the changeling's extreme agitation, she merely shook her head. "Do not freak out over this. This is merely a discussion between two adults. Should take five minutes, tops." "Okay...okay." Lynn gave her girlfriend a quick kiss before nervously waving at Moira and heading out the door. Once she was gone, Gretchen took a seat behind the desk. "Well, then," she said as she cocked her head to one side; she then steadily gazed at the goddess with her dark blue eyes for several uncomfortable seconds. There was no real malice in her eyes, merely curiosity. At length, she finally spoke, and there was almost no emotion in her voice, though there was a hint of concern. "You're going to sleep with her. You know it, I know it and she knows it. The real question is, can we all be mature about it?"
  9. ic

    One of the few things about being a Fae that was problematic for Lynn was food; over the years her body became less and less human, to the point that she was no incapable of safely consuming it at all. She'd come up with a number of clever workarounds (some of which were rather gross), but even so the thought of being invited to a grand dinner at an extreme extrovert's palace was actually a bit daunting. However, the changeling managed to keep all worries off her face, and even rub her hands together in anticipation. "/Wonderful! I'm looking forward to sampling Val Verde's margaritas as well!"// And then she gestured towards her quieter friend. "/Sadly poor Gretchen doesn't speak a work of Spanish! Let's keep the conversation in English, just for her sake."// Technically this was true; now as far as reading Spanish went, well, that was a very different story...
  10. ic

    "I guess we just push on through," murmured Gretchen. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then stepped forward, trusting the 'glass' to allow her to pass. Here's hoping it did. - - - The sudden hug caught Lynn off-guard, but she was quick to respond in kind. "Hoo boy! Another hugger, huh? Yeah, you must be family, alright." She patted the strange creature on the back a few times before letting go. "Look, now that I know all this is in here, I will try to come back soon and explore the place a bit more." Then she gave a Zee a somewhat maternal smile. "Nice to know I've got someone capable to look after the place, and him." She gave the djinn (or whatever she was) a quick peck on the cheek, and then shrugged and looked around. "So, what happens next?"
  11. ic

    Gretchen gingerly pulled off her sopping wet denim jacket and hung it on the hook, and was then hit with a sudden realization: if Lynn were here, she would've conjured up a big fluffy towel and rubbed her down like she was a wet sheepdog, ignoring all the barista's protestations before sending her into a hot shower. And afterwards, there would be a hot soup and a grilled cheese waiting for her. So. This is how it feels to be loved. But then the man had to go and ruin the moment by mentioning 'witchery', and Gretchen got all tense again; just because she wielded magic didn't mean she liked it. She slowly followed after the man, her left hand that bore the Ring of Power at her side, like a lawman in the Old West ready to grab his six-gun. "'Witchery', huh? Interesting turn of phrase. Do you get a lot of witches around here?"
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    I'm here! Need to reread some old threads to rekindle that old flame!
  13. Here are some threads that might help you with Ren; I also cleaned up his sheet in a Word doc, if you want it.


    The Date


    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?


    The first one is really hard to read; I thought I archived it as a Word doc somewhere, but I've yet to find it. If I do, I'll send you a copy!

    1. Heritage


      I found the docs! What's the best way to send them to you?

  14. Toying with the idea of involving Grim in this with her old flame Nanowire, but he was an inorganic being, so...?
  15. ic

    Casey had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing at the barbarian's reaction to their new clownish acquaintance. "Yeah, uh, he gets that a lot..." Seriously, couldn't he do something about that face? The blonde powerhouse tried not to be judgemental, but surely something could be- Suddenly Casey froze and held up her hand "We've got another prisoner up ahead! You guys wait back here, I'll go check." Even though she was a Girl Scout not a Boy Scout, it never hurt to 'Be Prepared'; any of the prisoners could be a trick or booby-trapped, and she felt a lot better about catching a face full of nasty instead of say Warne. Not that I'd ever tell him that. Casey quickly darted forward to take a look, staying in a low crouch.