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  1. Signal in the Darkness

    Shoving off from the Praetorian vessel was a little unnerving, though she knew neither of her fellow travellers would allow her to drift off into empty space. Ditra's suit also had compressed CO2 jets for additional maneuverability, but she still felt very small and vulnerable as she glided across the void, flipping over to land feet first on 60339-Bixby with another blast of CO22 to slow her down. So strange to be standing in 1g on the surface of the barren rock tumbling through space! The green-skinned cyborg joined the two Terrans at the entrance to the cave, the light of her suit's twin headlamps barely penetrating the gloom. She sighed out of reflex more than anything else. - "Well, we've come this far; might as well see it through. To be honest, at this point, I'd rather not speculate, though it's hard not to. Switching to IR." - With but a thought, Ditra's beautiful mechanical eyes slid up the EM spectrum from visible to infrared, all colors disappearing in favor of simple heat intensities. Her two companions stood out brightly against the black of near-absolute zero. Turning her gaze towards the entrance, the Nameless agent made ready to climb in.
  2. Good Company and Good Cheer [Open]

    Lynn rubbed her hands together at the mention of the free drinks. "Ooh, what should we get, what should we get?" Suddenly she stopped and sniffed the air before turning to her girlfriend with a big smile. "Dude...have you ever had wassail before?" Gretch frowned and shook her head. "I am sure I'd remember drinking something called that." "Oh ho ho, you're in for a treat! Be right back!" The changeling quickly doffed her coat and hat, set them on a chair, and mouthed a quick 'thank you' to Klara before scampering over to the bar, where she did indeed find a great punchbowl full of the potent, fragrant Yuletide delight. "Two wasssils, guv`nah," she chimed in her best Dick Van Dyke Cockney, grinning like a little kid. "An' put 'em the giant's bill, eh?" Noting Bonfire's presence, she turned and beamed at him. "'Ello, luv! Holiday greetin's an' all that!" The elfin girl hopped up to give him a quick peck on the cheek before snagging her drinks and dropping a five dollar tip for the server. "Cheers, mate!" By the time Lynn got back to the table, Gretchen was mutely staring up at 'Leviathan Claus,' barely noticing the drink she was handed even as she sipped it. Somehow Lynn was oblivious, and she frowned at her girlfriend's dazed expression. "What is it, what's wrong?" The young barista merely nodded as she took another sip, her eyes never leaving the amazing sight. "The Kringle from the Black Lagoon." "The Kringle from...oh, holy s###." "Yep."
  3. You Never Get a Second Change for First Impressions.

    Gretchen arched an eyebrow as the fight spilled out into the rest of the shop; the knife in the yuppie's hand was a bit of a surprise, but the guy in the hockey mask was probably still the instigator of the fight. Jumping a step backwards, the young heroine flipped her left hand upwards, causing Mr. Voorhees to be slammed up against the ceiling, hard enough to send trailing spinkles of plaster down to cover things in thin layer of dust. Once she was sure she had the guy well and truly pinned, she turned to look to at Chad McStabby, cocking her head to one side inquisitively. "Well, then. Looks like we're having a bit of an altercation in there. What happened?"
  4. Soup of Human Kindness [Open]

    "Oh yeah," said Casey as she gingerly found a spot for her tray. "You're like the third hero to bear that name, right? That's cool, that you're keeping that legacy alive." Finally with hands free, she beamed as she offered up a firm handshake that spoke to both her confidence and power; it was not hard to sense the energy that filled this young woman. "There we go, a proper introduction!" Surprisingly, the blonde powerhouse seemed less curious about the Scarab and more focused on staying on task as she spoke with one of the soup kitchen's organizers. "Okay, that's the last of the hot stuff until Scorchin' Ray's sends their truck back around noon; any other heavy stuff you need moved from point A to point B?" Then she turned back to Scarab when a thought struck her. "I forget, do you have like super-strength or telekinesis? I can never keep track of everyone's powers."
  5. Signal in the Darkness

    Ditra locked the upper and lower halves of her suit together and double checked her seals before squeezing her curls into her bubble helmet and locking it in place as well. These older Lor EVA suits were somewhat clunky and made everyone look the same, but they offered a decent protection from the perils of hard vacuum. She didn't bother to switch on the O2, saving it for any possible emergency, and fumbled her way over to the airlock, waiting for the Traveller to join her, toggling her radio to speak with her. - "Ready when you are, Sitara." -
  6. [IC] Diaspora: The Gathering Storm

    "Thank you, sri," said Ditra with a formal bow. Aa followed the Oog'ol through the camp, she recorded everything, and her databanks provided a wealth of information about everything she saw; later, when she had time, she could use it to put together a detailed report, or even a good documentary, about their visit that would hopefully shed light on the sentientian crisis taking place here, which she hoped might lead to more resources being sent here. Once they got to the meeting, the Nameless quietly took her seat and glanced around, checking her database for any relevant information about the other attendees.
  7. Signal in the Darkness

    Just want to get of scale on the two craters; are they big enough for us to land in, or should we just EVA over?
  8. Eat at Joe's (OOC)

    Okay, cool! BTW, just fixed a few typos and awkward phrases in that last post.
  9. Legends of Freedom?

    Can we get on OOC thread fof this? I guess I could just start one, but that seems rude, since I'm not the GM
  10. Eat at Joe's (OOC)

    Let me know if I have to change anything due to inaccuracies.
  11. (IC) Eat at Joe's

    Casey nodded at Moe, trusting the waitress to best know her restaurant and its clientele. As far as her earlier display went, she tried to shrug the whole thing off as no big deal, despite her friends' stunned response, which actually left her feeling a bit self-conscious. "It's...I have a red belt in taekwondo; I can take care of myself." But then the old man made his terrible announcement, and her eyes went wide with shock. "What?! That can't be, I just-" The former Scout lunged out of the booth and onto the floor next to the pale boy, and began to rapidly recheck his vitals and start textbook CPR. "No no no, he was out, he wasn't- Come on! Come on!" Anguished tears began streaming down her face as Casey became more frantic in her attempts to revive him.
  12. Better Red than Dead (IC)

    "I can certainly try," offered Lynn in response to Max's suggestion. She rubbed her jaw thoughfully; this might be easier without the language barrier. She switched back to Russian; she knew many English speakers considered it to be an ugly language, as they often did with German, but she found great beauty in both of them. Of course, it helped when the speaker was as lovely as an angel! <"You seem confused, comrade, as though you're not sure how you got here. Are there gaps in your memory? What's the last thing you remember about home, and the first thing you can recall about coming here?"> There was something slightly off about all this; there was more to his being lost than just being in a strange city. Perhaps he was a stranded time traveller?
  13. You Never Get a Second Change for First Impressions.

    Sorry, forgot to roll this for you. Notice check: 1d20+19=25 On the nose!
  14. [IC] Diaspora: The Gathering Storm

    "There are two telepaths onboard," added the Nameless agent. "And we know our kind aren't always welcome; we just wanted to make sure everything is above board." In response to Sur-Gor's querry, Ditra merely shook her head. "No, it's fine, though it's good to know the option is available." Though dealings with the Dotrae were often unnerving, she did not allow the slight shiver she felt to be expressed by her shell out of respect to her fellow ambassador; after all, didn't other races find her off-putting as well? Like the Dotrae, the green-skinned beauty travelled light, though she did turn to their Praetorian pilot. "Do you have any cargo or supplies to unload once we land? I'd be happy to help."
  15. Room of Danger (third edition) OOC

    Okay, Lynn is gonna keep her Concealment, but attempt to Power Attack Swordheart, boosting her Toughness save up to DC 25. 1d20+9=27 And Shrike is keeping it simple with another Blast at DC 25. Oh, and I'll edit in a mention of Terreign's miss, too. 1d20+10=20