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  2. Sorry I got so behind on posting; Friday was rough at work, and I was busy all weekend. Will attempt to get caught up over the next two day.
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    Casey's Notice: 1d20+14=30
  4. Actually it does sound like Casey placed the call to three people she trusted to help with the investigation; awesome!
  5. ic

    Grim's cheerful smile vanished at the mention of these 'mimicking agents'; the Empress had rather cavalierly replaced several people like it was no big deal. She might be a shapeshifter, but the thought of it made her sick to her stomach. Without the mental link, Gretch will detect the imposter immediately; she's probably pinned her to the wall with her Ring and is making her wish she was dead. Hell hath no fury like a Gretchen deceived. And if she somehow doesn't detect the imposter? Forgive. Understand. Do not accuse or blame. You made that mistake once with Bill; never again. With great effort, the changeling kept her tone civil and polite...as she fought the urge to leap upon this woman and claw her eyes out. "I'm sorry, but 'aggressive, mean-tempered and violent towards anyone not their own'? Congratulations, you've just described humanity; your people would act exactly the same way if they were stranded on a strange world. It's what desperate people do." Shaking her head in disgust and crossing her arms tightly across her chest, she continued. "We'll help you with your problem, because that's what heroes do." Then she waited for the Empress to answer the various questions the group had asked of her.
  6. Ooooooh!
  7. Ooh, pick me, pick me! Blarghy did an amazing job with his first GMed thread, so I have high hopes for this one. Tiff, if you do chose Miss Grue, it would be nice to see to her and Casey working together again!
  8. recruitment

    I have wanted to either play or run a 'shrunken heroes' adventure for *years*; would Miracle Girl be okay, or does flight make things too easy?
  9. ic

    All of Casey Blankenship's homework was already done, as it typically was within the first minute she was back in her dorm after classes, checked, double-checked and triple-checked as well. She sighed as she saved her work and put away her textbooks; now began the to ponder what to do for the rest of the evening. Checking her calendar, she saw she had no long-term projects due and no upcoming Scouting activities, which meant another night of patrolling. Casey genuinely liked patrolling the vast majority of the time, but that didn't mean she didn't have days when she just wasn't in the mood. This evening, the sunset was still gorgeous and the city spread out before her like a beautiful sculpture made of light, but for whatever reason, her heart just wasn't in it tonight. That is, it wasn't before she spotted the glowing message in thermal ink on a Kingston rooftop that set her pulse to racing. Yes, Terrifica needs me! This night just got a thousand times better! Casry quickly swung home to put on a navy blue tracksuit over her usual bright red, white and blue costume (she really had to talk to Sakurako about some camouflage options), then zipped back actoss thr river post haste. The blonde heroine drastically reduced her speed as she approached North Bay, which caused the bioenergy field around her to dim considerably, as well as greatly reducing the sound of her passage; by the time she got to the address in question, she was hardly more than a dark blue smudge in the sky. She landed as quietly as she could next to her mentor, struggling to keep her excitement from bubbling over and overwhelming her attempt at whispered conversation. "Hi, Terrifica! What kind of case are we working?"
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    Don't mind if I do!
  11. Happy birthday, durf and E!
  12. ic

    Lynn has always loved Riverside; other than the occasional cast iron fence or storefront that made her queasy (Lantern Hill was technically worse), it was pretty much her dream neighborhood. The quirky shops and galleries, the street corner cafes and hair in every shade of the rainbow always just made her smile. She used to share an apartment here, many years ago, and she still found herself here at least once a week, looking to see what new places had opened up. She also liked to stop by to visit her 'friendly rival' Andrew Orlando at The Never-Ending Story, to grab a copy of the Riverside Review and talk shop over a cup of coffee. Her tummy now warm with caffeinated happiness, she idly wandered the streets until she suddenly got a whiff of something so utterly delicious, she had to stop and take a long slow breath through her nose to savor it. Oh my God, is that challah? It smells simply fantastic! Using her amazing sense of smell to literally track down the scent of the egg bread, the changeling soon found herself entering Jaden's shop, a lovely young woman wearing Teva sandals, khaki shorts, a No Doubt T-shirt and an ecstatic expression. Hi!" Oh, she was smiling like an idiot. "I was just wandering the streets just now, and the smell of you challah more or less dragged me inside! Can I buy a loaf?"
  13. Trying to use a little Diplomacy to get Rhekgar motivated: 1d20+10=13, 17 with Attractive Man, I should have just stuck with Skill Mastery! I know this will seem dumb, but I almost want to blow an HP for a reroll, because that was some fine Diplomattin' I wrote there! Or would that be something else other than Diplomacy?
  14. ic

    When Casey was about ten years old, she stumbled upon a Will Ferrell movie on cable called Stranger Than Fiction; like many young kids, she thought he was really funny, especially in movies like Anchorman and Elf, so she decided to watch this movie, too. Except it wasn't very funny; it was about a man who found out he was only a character in a story, and his whole life was a lie, and at the end of the story he was going to die. And even though it had a happy ending, Casey thought it was the saddest thing she'd ever seen in her young life. Rhekgar now knew he was fictional, and she couldn't imagine a crueler thing to do to someone; what could she possibly say to someone after they learned that? She landed gently on the floor near his cage, and then crouched down to have a seat. "I'm sorry this happened to you, sir; I can't imagine how you feel right now." She sighed as she tried to think of something, anything that might offer him some solace. "Look, in your tribe or clan or whatever, you tell stories about the great deeds of your forefathers, right? About who slew the most men or saved the prettiest princess? So that means that after a hero dies, that's what they leave behind: their story." She shrugged. "I don't know if this will help or not, but here in our world, millions of people know your story; they can describe your greatest battles and adventures, they're inspired by your courage, and little kids wish they could grow up to be you. Isn't that what every hero wants; to live in the hearts of men and women forever?" The blonde heroine scooted a little closer to Rhekgar's cage. "Now what was done to you was wrong, ripping you away from your world, your life and your loved ones." Then she laid a hand over her chest. "You don't have to believe I'm real, but believe that my desire for justice is real. If you can help me defeat the man who did this to you, I swear to you that I will do everything in my power to get you and the other hostages back to where you belong. Can you help me do that?"