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  1. Dream Team (IC)

    "Thanks," Miracle Girl called out cheerfully as El Huracán knocked her opponent into next Tuesday. She had no concept of possessiveness or 'killstealing' in combat; whatever took out the bad guys the fastest was the best option to her. Seeing as she no longer had a dance partner, Casey decided to have a go at the pyrotechnic, whose aim at long ranges was disturbingly accurate. Dropping down in front of her, the blonde powerhouse hoped at the very least to provide a tempting target; regardless of how this fight went, it would keep the flamethrower focused on her, not the President's plane. "Hi there; hope you don't mind getting your costume dirty!" And with that, Casey launched a powerful punch right at her target's face!
  2. Viva Val Verde (IC)

    "There's nothing to apologize for, senor," Lynn began diplomatically as she laid a hand on the president's arm. "To be honest, I don't think we've fully recovered from the long journey here, and the...excitement of our arrival; perhaps it's best if we were shown to our rooms and given a little time to rest and freshen up? Then I think the coffee and bourbon will do their work more effectively." Meanwhile, Gretchen could only look on at the woman she loved in mute admiration, shaking her head slightly in wonder. -How do you do that?- -Do what?- -Make talking to people look so easy.- -I dunno; I guess I get it from my dad? He's always been a charmer. That and literally decades of practice!- -This is true.-
  3. Dream Team (OOC)

    Sorry, I have trouble keeping up with the multi-PC combat threads; working on a post now. Edit: Unarmed strike vs Firelady: 1d20+10=14 Hmm; not sure if that hits, but if it does, that's a DC 25 Toughness save. Let me know, and I will post as soon as possible!
  4. Lights, Camera, Action! (IC)

    When the presence of two 'normal' females was made, Casey tentatively poked her head inside their cell: who locks up their own family? This Fanatic really was a piece of work! "Hi there. I'm Miracle Girl, and this is Se Devil, Punchline, Agent Warne of AEGIS, and our distinguished guests you already know." She chuckled without much mirth. "Yeah, I guess we sort of are he cavalry. Mrs Brown, can you tell us where you're son is? It's vital we find him right away."
  5. See the Universe join the Praetorian's

    You know what, I'm in. Threads are thin in space (just like breathable atmosphere!), so it would be foolish to turn down any offers.
  6. FCU Fall Term 2017

    This is just a general interest thread. Casey Blankenship (aka Miracle Girl) with be entering the Journalism program at FCU, probably starting next month; I just wanted to get an idea if there are any other FCU students among our ranks. I've also considered the possibility of her joining a sorority (probably the same one her mom belonged to), which could be fun, horrific or both.
  7. Viva Val Verde (OOC)

    Can Lynn or Gretchen figure out what's up with Sam via Sense Motive? I'll roll just in case! Lynn's roll: 1d20+5=18 Gretchen's roll: 1d20+10=28
  8. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    Casey can easily fly both Terrifica and her bike anywhere they need to go, if necessary.
  9. Threads!

    I'd like to volunteer Miracle Girl for the charity event; clean up after super-battles sounds like something she'd want to be a part of, and she's familiar with both Tristan and Leviathan. I think she'd also be interested in meeting Asad.
  10. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    I'd be fine with a GM 'reunion' post.
  11. Active Threads for August 2017

    Grimalkin/Shrike () [Maxed] Cat Mother & The All Day Babysitters () Empire of Emerald and Jade () Grim Demeanor () Old Friends () They Live () Viva Val Verde () You Never Get A Second Change For First Impressions () Miracle Girl () Crystal History () Dream Team () Dueling Storms () Honey! I Shrunk The Heroes! () I Believe In Miracles () Lights, Camera, Action! () Once Seen () The Doctor is OUT () The Truth In Our Backyard () Ditra Fifty-Five () Ill Met in CoVic Station () Unsportsmanlike Conduct () Grim's points go to Ditra Fifty-Five
  12. Dream Team (OOC)

    Casey's Will save: 1d20+10=12 Oh boy! Can I blow that newly-minted HP to buy off the Controlled condition? If so, I'm doing it!
  13. Ill Met in CoVic Station

    "Hmm; sounds like politics are truly universal...throughout the Universe." She wrinkled her nose at her silly joke as she fished for more noodles with her tongs. "Tell me, Mr. Sentinel, do you miss your homeworld? You are so very far from it out here." She looked back toward the bench, then indicated it with a nod. "Care to join me?" She raised her arms slightly. "This is rather awkward." The green-skinned beauty headed on over, smiling encourangingly over her shoulder.
  14. Here Comes The General (Open)

    Despite her personal feelings about the election, Councillor Ditra Fifty-Five felt it was important to make an appearance, in part because it's what a politician was expected to do, but also because she need to start developing relationships with the representives of other sentient races if she hoped to get anything done. Fortunately as a Diplomatic agent, she was well-equipped for this sort of work, but she couldn't deny a bit of trepidation as she entered the suite; a hundred phrases in a hundred languages about entering the lair of the beast leaped to mind, and none of the quite captured the feeling of stepping into this world. She'd chosen her look carefully; despite her recent upgrades to her shell, she maintained her normal configuration: light green skin, dark green curly hair, black eyes. She had to embrace her status as a Nameless Diplo if anyone was going to learn to trust her. A white jumpsuit with flared sleeves, with strategic semi-circular cutouts at her shoulders, waist and thighs, highlighted her skin color and showed that she was not ashamed of who she was or who she was elected to represent. Standing just inside the doorway, Ditra quickly scanned the crowd, which yielded a tremendous amount of information from her databanks. One grouping of sentients in particular piqued her interest: Dol-Druth, Speaker for the Dotrae, Sri Kyle Steward of the Star Knights (and a native of distant Terra!), and (of course) a Zultasian journalist named Hro Talak, registered with the Zircon News Service. It seemed as good a place as any to start; adjusting the fit of her jumpsuit, Ditra did her best to relax as she approached the group, a warm smile on her face. "Greetings, gentlebeings! How do you fair this Election Day?" She bowed her head slightly. "I am Ditra Fifty-Five, Coaltion Councilor for the Second Hive. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
  15. June/July Vignette - Patrimony

    Substitute The Shrike Mark McDaniels didn't stay around to witness his daughter's first birthday; all he left her was a stupid name and the bitter lesson that you couldn't trust anyone. All her life, people left Gretchen, or abandoned or disappointed her in some way. At school, the kids called her "Gretchen McDonald's" and made rude jokes about wanting to see her 'McNuggets' or taste her 'special sauce'; it was just easier to pretend she had no father than acknowledge one who'd brought her nothing but pain. Harold 'Butch' Epstein was not like most fathers she'd met. First of all, he was around; when he found out he'd gotten a nice Jewish girl pregnant after a Christmas eve concert near Princeton, he didn't run. He stayed. He stayed and learned to love a woman who was difficult, who was not like other girls, who was smart and sarcastic and even a little mean. He'd been a man. A real man. It wasn't a crush; not exactly. It was more like...wish fulfillment. To a girl who'd never had a real father, Butch was impossibly cool; he was a carpenter and a musician, a man who'd lost the use of both legs and not let it slow him down. A man who struggled with drugs and a gambling addiction, but was still there to raise three very different but amazing children, one of whom, a damaged, sparkling magical soul, had stolen Gretchen's heart. By the end of their first jam session at Christmas last year, she was officially smitten. - - - "Can I...borrow your dad?" Lynn rolled over in bed and stared at her strange and wonderful girlfriend. "Why...?" Gretchen struggled to find the right words, or rather struggled to speak the words she'd already found. "I've never...I've never had a dad. Ever. Not one Father's Day have I had to suffer through dad jokes, or gotten sick from eating too much cotton candy or...done any of that stuff." Her face was hot and her throat was tight. "I'd just...like that. For a day." Tears welled up in the changeling's eyes and ran down her cheeks. "Yeah, you could...I'm sure that'd be fine." "Good. Thanks." - - - Gretch took Butch flying; she made herself invisible as she flew over the skyline of Freedom City, gently holding him with her telekinesis as he whooped and hollered like a big kid, zooming up and down and around on the world's greatest roller coaster. And she laughed until she cried.