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  1. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    MG is Interposing and Diplomasizing! Diplomacy: 1d20+17=25, 29 if Attractive applies.
  2. The Doctor Is OUT [IC]

    I'll deal with the cryokinetic; you get Dr. Delacroix clear. There wasn't much time; that speedster would probably be here in a matter of seconds, so every second counted. Using her X-ray vision once more to double check the relative locations of Terrifica, Delacroix and the man of ice, once again Miracle Girl spun around like a top as she drilled her way down to their level, dropping through the roof a few seconds later. The cold! It was so intense she could actually feel it! But her own safety was irrelevant right now; she stood between Delacroix and his would-be killer, fists clenched and shoulders hunched forward. But she had to give him a chance; she had to. These poor people were as much victims as the doctor was, so she had to give them the chance to come peacefully. "Sir, I cannot begin to understand how much pain you're in, or how much you've suffered, but killing this man accomplishes nothing! Give us a chance to help you."
  3. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    Should be able to post here tonight after work!
  4. Player Away Thread

  5. Player Away Thread

    My brother suffered a very painful leg injury over the weekend, and I've been helping him out with basic needs stuff. Should be back shortly!
  6. Player Away Thread

    Go in peace, Rav! We'll keep a seat handy if you choose to come back.
  7. Freedom City Big City Big Problems

    "Captain, I believe this thread already exists." "Okay, thanks, Isaac." Yeah, maybe I've been watching too much Orville...
  8. Children of the Corn Maze

    Lynn smiled and sighed. "Well, you know us Americans; commercialize and bastardize everything! But I think both Samhain-" (she actually pronounced it correctly) "And Halloween do have a lot in common; they're both a liminal time, when the boundaries between worlds are thin, and we have a chance to peek and see what's on the other side." (You don't own a magical used bookstore and NOT pick up some arcane knowledge) "As to exactly what we're looking for...Shrike, if you would please." Gretchen shook her head and smirked. "Not a problem." Then she held up her left hand, and the ruby on the Ring of Power glowed like captive fire as she looked up to the rafters. Someone (that would be Butch, with a lot of help) had hidden speakers up into the rafters, and at this very moment the opening chords of Carl Orff's O Fortuna could be heard ringing through the barn as the bird-masked heroine lowered a large 1:200th scale map of the corn maze from up in the hay loft. Gretchen couldn't help but throw in a slow lazy spin as it hovered into view, and Lynn conjured a table big enough to support the whole thing, with a good foot and a half on all sides to accommodate cups of coffee and anything else the designers might want to keep close to hand. Gretch actually timed it so it gently landed on the table as the classical movement drew to a close. The model was a wonder; not limited by the need for machining or construction, Grimalkin had conjured up this beautiful piece after she and her partner had spent the better part of a day flying over the property and surveying. One could make out individual trees and thousands upon thousands of tiny stalks of corn, as well as the barn, farm house, tractors and various other structures. The existing maze was visible, with dozens of pathways and a few cleared out areas. "And there we go; take all the time in the world to study it." Then Lynn slapped the sides of her face. "Ooh, I forgot the laser pointers! Shrike, did you-" "I've got you covered." Grim's partner brought out a small shopping bag, from which she dispensed several inexpensive helium neon laser pointers as though she were handing out candy to trick 'r' treaters. "Happy Halloween....Happy Halloween..."
  9. Freedom City Big City Big Problems

    Aladdin is Grimalkin's favorite movie of all time; I'm tempted to bring her in on that basis alone
  10. Crystal History (OOC)

    So is the plan to keep the box with the egg with us while we slip off to the morgue?
  11. Viva Val Verde (OOC)

    Sorry it took so long for me to post; school has been a bear this term. Anything I should roll for my two intrepid sleuths?
  12. Viva Val Verde (IC)

    "/Yes, thank you so much, Camila! That would be lovely.//" The two women began to unpack in their separate rooms, as always using their mental link to stay in contact. -We are not taking separate baths.- -Oh, of course not! You've got enough bits of me that I can join you the minute Camilla leaves.- -Whst about hidden cameras.- -Mmm; you could be right. My gut tells me El Presidente is too much of a gentleman to spy on his guests, but even if that's true, his security team might not be so honorable. We should probably check our rooms; they might not go in for cameras, but a bug or two seems likely.- Once the water was running, Lynn offered Camilla a generous tip (real US dollars, not glamoured) and sent her off. The minute she was out the door, both heroines began their respective searches, checking in with each other mentally from time to time.
  13. Children of the Corn Maze

    Grimalkin grinned and waved at Blod, happy to see the young Welsh heroine, but at the mention of a 'rude woman', she and Gretchen exchanged comically confused glances across the barn. -Don't look at me. I've been with you all day.- -So who- ah, maybe it was Merge?- -Makes sense.- In response to Mark's question, the fae nodded vigoursly. "Yes, I'm a big proponent of having seperate, clearly-marked thematic areas, with the really scary stuff as far from the kiddies as possible; we want to cast our net wide, so I'm thinking G-rated, PG, and probably nothing harder than PG-13. Also wheelchair accessabilty and a well-stocked, fully-staffed first aid station are a must." Butch cleared his throat. "Also to be street legal, we need to pass building code and fire safety inspections, even if you guys are just, y'know, making with the I Dream of Jeanie school of construction." He folded his arms and blinked. Lynn looked up from where she was crouched down, inspecting Mark's 'Grim o' lantern' with smile. "Right! That's one of the reasons I wanted you to be here, Max, for help with fire safety. Also as a possible resource for a carny-themed area I was considering, unless you think that's in bad taste."
  14. Lights, Camera, Action! (OOC)

    Darn it, I forgot Warne wanted to question them! Will need to edit my post. EDIT: sorta fixed it. Let me know if that works for people