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  1. ooc

    Poor Warne! I love seeing this story both from the perspective of the Silberman's group and the agent following them, of whom they're blissfully unaware!
  2. ic

    Casey looked back over her shoulder and grimaced uncertainty. "Okay...here goes..." She slowly stepped into the room, arms at her side; unconsciously, she had the biggest, dumbest smile on her face, almost like she was creeping up on a crib to get a peek at a newborn, her voice as soothing and non-threatening as possible. "Hey there, little fella! Hi! Look at you! You're so darn cute! You like playing with drops of water? I have a kitty back home name Ginger who likes to do the same thing! Yeah!" The young blonde was ready at a moment's notice to bodily pick up her mentor and get her out of the room at the first sign of trouble.
  3. ooc

    Casey doesn't have to go to Blackstone. If need be, we can split the party temporarily for the purposes of investigation; between our characters, I think we have enough communication and movement abilities to reunite quickly in a pinch if one group runs into trouble. I'd be okay with Sea Devil, Singularity and Miss Grue going to Blackstone while Miracle Girl and Terrifica go to the lab, or any other combination of characters.
  4. Okay, finally fixed my post.
  5. ooc

    Whoops, miscommunication here! I had Gretchen currently under the awning on the street, having gotten the extra bag in the past tense. I can change my post to match yours, though.
  6. ooc

    Casey will definitely want to go to Blackstone as well, to act as 'good cop' if nothing else; she hopes to speak with the woman, whom she felt she had at least a bit of a connection with at the time. Forgot to post here, will do so today.
  7. My bad! Will fix it tonight.
  8. Father's Day Most heroes have a father or perhaps a father-like figure (Inventor? Designer?) in their lives; some of them are fathers themselves. What does it mean to be a father in the FCU, or to not have a father? This vignette does not have to be focused on the US holiday or even set on Earth, but it should explore issues of fatherhood from either the parent's or child's perspective.
  9. ic

    "Nice work, Endeavor. I'm going to do a quick sweep, see if I can see any other hot spots. Over." Once she was airborne again, Casey got a little altitude and scanned the area again; right away, she spotted a nearby street market, where several people were hiding from the storms. She was no engineer, but she'd worked on enough Habitat for Humanity projects to recognize a wall that was about to collapse; before she did anything else, she got back on the emergency frequency. "I see a lot of people in the market in danger of being trapped under unsafe buildings. Going to move to their position with the dumpster to commence evac. Over" Miracle Girl easily picked up the dumpster and flew through the punishing wind and rain towards the market; though foul, the container had proven its value as a quick and dirty evac carrier, and she saw no reason to stop using it. Flying as quickly as she could (no easy task), she dropped the dumpster in the middle of the market and called out to the huddled figures first in English, then in Spanish, shouting to be heard over the howling wind. "Ladies and gentlemen, you can't stay here! My name is Miracle Girl, and if you climb into this dumpster, I can fly you to safety! I will be taking the sick and injured first, as well as children and the elderly! No more than ten people per trip, for your own safety!"
  10. ooc

    1d20+10=15 Well, it is pouring rain, after all; might reduce visibility a bit.
  11. ooc

    Miracle Girl's Initiative: 1d20+9=22
  12. ic

    The two heroines silently compared notes, and both came to an agreement: physically escaping from the Presidential Palace, indeed from the entire island itself, should not prove to be difficult, unless the president or his enemies had secret supers or tech hidden out of sight, which was still a possibility. The one kink might be getting Sam out as well, mostly due to loyalty to his friend. -We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.- -And I hope we never do!- -Agreed.- In response to Sam's question, Lynn vigorously nodded. "Oh, absolutely! I'm trying very hard not to judge, and hope we get a good explanation once we meet him. I hope he's still the same friend you once knew." The lovely changeling took the conjurer's arm in hers, and gave him hand an encouraging little squeeze, easily keeping pace with him while Gretchen occasionally had to hustle to catch up. -Just how many inches did you add?- -Three, plus the heels.- -You harlot.- -Yep!-
  13. ooc

    Maybe I'm wrong, but Gretchen was the one checking for technology stuff, and that part sounds like a tevh assessment. Anyway, they can both relay information back and forth mentally, so it really diednt matter who sees it.
  14. ooc

    Am I correct in assuming that the section that starts with 'Lynn, on the other hand' is actually describing what Gretchen notices?
  15. ic

    Up until this point, Grimalkin had been slouched down in one of the seats, legs stretched out, hands folded on her belly and eyes closed. By her slow and steady breathing, one might have assumed she was sleeping, but in fact, she wad conseving her strength and listening to the others. She had nothing to contribute to the discussion about the Four Horsemen, seeing as the Apocalypse was an entirely Christian concept, and her chiming in on that topic wouldn't help anyone. But once the subject turned to the inevitable 'so what do you do' conversation, her eyes popped open and she sat right up, because this stuff was mission critical. The changeling listened attentively to each team member in turn, taking careful mental notes. Once Gabe was finished, she cleared her throat. "Guess I'll go next. I'm a dark faerie, which means I'm good at shapeshifting and deception; I'm also sneaky as hell and pretty scary in a straight-up scrap. I'm good at getting in and out of places, and they never see me coming." She shrugged. "That's about it." Grim avoided going into a lot of details not to keep her own team in the dark, but for fear of showing too much of her hand to the Jade Dragons.