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  1. Consolidated "Happy Birthday" Megathread

    Happy Birthday Ecal!
  2. Consolidated "Happy Birthday" Megathread

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  3. Consolidated "Happy Birthday" Megathread

    Happy Birthday Electra and Durf!
  4. Consolidated "Happy Birthday" Megathread

    Happy birthday Moria and olopi!
  5. The Night Flower (IC)

    Paradigm Paradigm had watched some of the evening portion of the Opera, but was finding herself somewhat distracted by the various problems that had seemingly sprung up around them. After spending a bit of time observing the evening portion of the Opera, she had gotten the few hours of sleep she required and then spend some time talking with Elite and Traveller back on CoVic Station to keep informed on what else was going on in the galaxy. Now that they were back among the other guests, Paradigm had given up on the pretext of trying to appear as if they were just there for the Opera. As such, she was not carrying a drink around with her now as she had moved along with Barrier, listening to some of the comments from the other guests. When Sphere came over to tell them about Sri Klikk's odd behavior, Paradigm quickly focused on the Star Knight, even as Red Spear suddenly appeared. "We will find out." She replied to the bounty hunter. "If you will excuse us." She added before following Barrier over toward the Star Knight.
  6. Consolidated "Happy Birthday" Megathread

    Happy Birthday Gizmo!!
  7. The Night Flower (OOC)

    Well, I had mentioned in chat how Paradigm does not need more than a few hours of sleep at night, but whatever. Paradigm also gets a 19 on her Wisdom check.
  8. Crash on Volturnus (IC)

    GM With the decision made, Starshot and his crew spread out slightly and settle down for a few hours of sleep before they would have to continue the underground trek. The rocky ground was rather course, likely due to past lava flows, but eventually Starshot was able to find a comfortable enough position and drift off to sleep. It had only seemed like he had just drifted of when he was awoken suddenly by loud rumbling and crashing, the very ground below him vibrating. The cause of the commotion quickly became apparent, there was some sort of earthquake taking place. Sitting upright, Starshot saw lots of dust in the air, as he glanced about to see Laark and Soreen waking as well. A short distance away, a massive pile of rocks had fallen in the middle of the chamber, cutting Starshot and his companions off from where the Ul-Mor had been setting up their camp.
  9. Praetorians: Sovereign Right [OOC]

    So just moving things ahead for the sake of story and wrapping up. Moon-Moth is up Ex.
  10. Praetorians: Sovereign Right [IC]

    Aboard the pirate capital ship The Broan that had been attacking Mater Vyrdna seemed very shocked as parts of the bridge shifted and flowed to form a prison around him. The large alien snarled as he slammed his fist against the barrier, but to seemingly little effect. The other pirates present on the bridge had managed to get their bearings, but they did not appear at all interested in attempting to fight the Praetorians that were present there. The other Boran had managed to avoid Cavalier's attack, but as he saw his companion trapped, he seemed to think better of attacking either of the two and instead pushed off a wall and propelled himself toward the door of the bridge. As he reached it, he managed to grab the doorway with one hand, and swing himself out into the hallway and out of direct sight of either of the Praetorians. Surface of Galor III, Yollon City The pirates that had been attacking the city were now in full rout. The barrage of fire from the other mercenaries, combined with the mystical barrier that protected the city's defenders while allowing them to be attacked had broken their resolve. Those still on their feet were running from the barrier, heading back towards the landing ships that had brought them down. Shell took aim at one of the larger pirates, and fired her battlesuit's plasma weapon, knocking the hulking figure off his feet and to the dusty ground unconscious. The three remaining pirates were starting to realize they were alone, facing all the city's defenders.
  11. Player Away Thread

    Take care of yourself Kolo, we will be here when you are doing better.
  12. Consolidated "Happy Birthday" Megathread

    Happy Birthday KD!
  13. Crash on Volturnus (IC)

    GM Laark glanced back toward some of the closest Ul-Mor briefly before looking back at Oskar and Soreen. "They have had ample opportunity to capture or kill us, if such was there goal. There seems little reason to squander limited resources just to keep us alive longer if they only intend to kill us. Although I have not communicated with them as you have, they do seem sincere in attempting to help us. I believe we should continue on this path." Soreen waited until he had finished and the spoke up. "Well, they might look weird, but that alone is no reason to distrust them. Given the situation we are in, we could use all the friends we can get, and certainly do not need more enemies. So might as well see where this gets us, even if we have to face whatever this quickdeath thing is."
  14. The Night Flower (IC)

    Paradigm Amara gave a slight humored smile at Barrier apologized for striking her deal with Red Spear. "Traveller would be proud of you." She said with complete seriousness, although the smile remained a few moments longer. The she turned to look back in the direction Red Spear gone. "We no longer have the unqualified backing of a major galactic empire. Since we were reawakened in this millennium, we have had to form new alliances and make agreements where we can. We have not always been able to be particular about who we have dealt with. While there are some who cannot be held to their word, our adherence to our principles defines us, to both allies and foes. We must honor our commitments, so long as doing so does not compromise other principles." "In any case, I have heard of this Zaul Zeno, although in truth I cannot say I recall much about him. Rightly or wrongly, he has not been a primary concern given other problems we have face." Amara then looked back up toward Barrier. "But I suppose he is a concern for us now. Another to add to the list that seems to be forming." "Now let us go and see how the opera we were invited to observe has progressed."
  15. Revanche: Under the Sword (OOC)

    Okay, that is a bruise and daze, plus she is knocked down. So with Ruby dazed and the Jaas distracted, that brings up to Roulette.