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  1. Deeper Underground

    1d20+12: 28 http://orokos.com/roll/586905 There, see you soon!
  2. Deeper Underground

    Continuing on to subway, hopefully the two meet up soon!
  3. Deeper Underground

    A different emotion dribbled into Lobisomem as she watched the giant insect stumble about, an emotion that forced her teeth into view and her eyes to narrow into slits. Satisfaction. She didn't need to feel sorry for this thing, no doubt it was the dangerous creature...and it did not come from the subway, were there more? Boom! She startled as the truck inevitably exploded, front claws shooting out to catch the concussed human as he finally passed out. Her ears were already ringing, the strange Cream coating her just felt like an extra slap to the face. She shook out her body, tongue instinctively flicking out to clean her face. Sweet, but not in an entirely unpleasant way, thank goodness, she had enough of horrible sweetness for today. Not that she'd be done anytime soon if this encounter was any indication. She snatched up the antenna in her jaws as she carried the human to the entrance of the subway, it'd be useful for scent purposes and, if not, it was a meal. At the same time, her horns glowed toward any humans nearby. "Keep this human safe, it is a head wound. Also, he is scared. Keep eyes on the manhole. I am going in to find the rest, and reduce them to nothing." Confidence flooded her voice, and she desended into the subway, unknowingly ready to help the other hero helping in the depths...
  4. Deeper Underground

    Move Action: Moved as far as possible away from the truck, human is with her. Standard Action: Venom Blast (4 uses left) 1d20+7: 14 (not sure if +2 is added due to accurate feat, if so, it is 16) http://orokos.com/roll/586878
  5. Deeper Underground

    Well, she was prepared, but that didn't mean the bite didn't hurt like hell. She leaned to the side as the crunching sensation rippled through her body, shielding the human before a terrible roar shook the air. The mandiles cut right through her scales with a terrible screech, as if through metal, and her mind went white with pain. As if from a distance, she saw herself, still. Too close. The truck would kill her and the human. Too close. And then the human screamed. She snapped back into the reality of it all, the fire near licking her, and lurched away from the burning ant. Another spark of pain laced through her side, not helped at all by the human she was holding, but she was running, away from the truck, and then suddenly halted, whirling around. Taking care not to let it hit her unwitting rescuee, she arched her head back and forth, a clear burst of liquid zipping toward the ant. It had to stay still, it had to, the truck would hopefully finish the thing off...
  6. Deeper Underground

    Ignore this
  7. Deeper Underground

    Just go ahead for the next attack, no reaction
  8. Deeper Underground

    http://orokos.com/roll/586870 1d20+10: 22 Alright, conditions please?
  9. Deeper Underground

    Move Action: Stands back up Standard Action: Total Defense
  10. Deeper Underground

    Lobisomem shook her head weakly, blinking tightly as the scent of blood cut through the horribly sweet cloud of smell, not even correcting the terrified man, who's voice slashed at her ears like a knife. Instead, she took up the man in her claws, managing with only one. She hoped he didn't struggle too much, the ant was coming right for them, and she'd hate to drop this little troublemaker. Truly. Before the ant could try anything, she was on her feet, side-eying the smoking engine right behind her. That...was a problem, something had to shield it. Well, she hoped this idea was better than nothing. She started to rear onto her back legs, keeping the man clear of the ground and staying startlingly still as the ant approached. Her tail lashed, her claws pressed deep into the concrete, and her frill pressed down until her body was near streamlined...except for the human she hoped to keep safe. She was ready.
  11. Deeper Underground

    Move Action: Moves through Slithering Standard Action: Tries to free man in truck using claws to cut seatbelt. Ignoring ant, still prone.
  12. Deeper Underground

    Literally right above the drama in the subway cars... Lobisomem couldn't help but let loose a shocked yelp as the truck caught her legs and she kept flying to the side! The world spun in the most unatural way, and the impact of the ground felt alien, up until she gave her head a good shake, she didn't even process she had hit the ground yet. It took a second for her to form a diagnosis of herself, and she came to one conclusion, she...was perfectly fine. The driver, not so much. She almost yelled at the unconcious victim, she was so mad at the interference, but even her vision could not mistake the smoke pouring from the truck. "Oh my-shit! Shit!" She hoped everybody was still running, this was probably very bad. She didn't even get up, her tail pressed against the ground and flung her prone body forward. Her legs didn't touch the ground, she appeared to be some serpent as she raced toward the truck and injured ant...and ignored the ant. Instead, she yanked on the door and came face to face with the injured driver. She wasn't small enough to get the seatbelt off, fine, fine, she could just...do...this! Her front claw shot forward and she started attempting to cut through the seatbelt, simultaneously raising her wings to try and shield the man from the no doubt recovering ant. And everything smelled so terrible.
  13. Deeper Underground

    1d20+10: 20 http://orokos.com/roll/586567 Whoop!
  14. Deeper Underground

    http://orokos.com/roll/586536 1d20+5: 7 Aww, no good
  15. Deeper Underground

    Standard Action: Lobisomem attempts to avoid crashing truck with a 8' high jump using her Leaping power