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  1. Spiraling Shape (IC)

    SFX Zhu stepped back as Aquaria sprung up, she was looking for a threat and just couldn't find it. When she asked if Zhu was a vegetarian the Chinese girl exhaled in relief. That was a question that she could answer. "No, although I don't eat that much in general. Is it a problem than I am not?" She worried for a moment that Aquaria was asking this as a request. However, looking at the Deep One's sharp teeth, she didn't think that was going to be the case. Then looking to Jessie, "um... are you just going to use Scuba gear when we go underwater?"
  2. Weird Science [IC]

    February 17th, 2018 Science Lab, Claremont Academy Zhu It was Saturday Afternoon and while most students were either still asleep or relaxing as there were no scheduled classes today. Zhu, dressed in black yoga pants and a flowing white thigh length tank dress was the lone occupant in the lab. While she wasn't working on any particular school project, the amazing array of equipment was a dream for her to work on. She was currently trying to revise her nanobots to give them a little more independence. Her latest babysitting adventure had convinced her that she needed to really work on their capabilities. While she was working in the pristine lab, another pair of student was finishing up their tour. Eric VanWitzenburg, a senior, was leading Tony Edwards through the science section of the classrooms. He paused just outside the lab that Zhu was in, "so that pretty much wraps up the tour. We're in the science section and you'll have a lot of classes here. You have the introduction packet, your schedule, and your room assignment. I hate to do this, but I have to head out. You should be able to get back to the dorms through that door." He shook Tony's hand and hustled back to the admin building where there was another person whom he had to give a tour too. Meanwhile an atomic centrifuge made a powerful whirring noise from the lab as it separated some component materials to it's atomic elements. Zhu didn't appear to be looking at the very detailed readouts on the console, but every now and again, a prompt would flash up and it would go away without her even seeming to acknowledge it.
  3. Bounding Dreams [IC]

    Joule That was all she needed, with the man distracted she spun and her foot traced a high arc as it crashed into Blackbeard's collarbone, a blinding flash of electricity exploding out from the hit. Then, to finish him, she grabbed his shirt, pulling her self up and leapt, using him as a springboard, back to the entrance to the gym. There was no way she was going to let any of these thugs through this room. Not while she still had a breath in her lungs. There was something else going on in the room, but she couldn't see what it was, and it seemed to be hampering the thugs so she wasn't about to curse her fate. Instead she gave them a seductive grin, "thinking is making bad choice to come to beat young girls."
  4. Bounding Dreams (OOC)

    Right! Not one to be deterred... try try again! Hitting the same thug if he's still up. Standard Action: Damage 3: 1d20+9=26 which should hit for a DC 17 Hit Move Action: Acrobatics across to be next to the remaining thug, but between him and the door to the Gym 1d20+18=29 Free Action: None
  5. Circumference of Hi [OPEN]

    Alexa often forgot that Rev and Corine didn't get along at all. Zhu had a hard time realizing that anyone wouldn't love the carefree Rev, but the weeks of relative cold shoulders when Rev was around was certainly enough to let her know that Corine was one of them. For herself, Zhu did not hold grudges and was more than a little shy of confrontation. So it was nice that Corine sat down with her and Tony, especially given his obvious interest. "It's good to see you Corine," she said, "...and nice use of alliteration." However, Tony was in the process of showing off one of his toys, which she inspected carefully. Looking at the mechanism and the reagents with her nanites she nodded at the design. As she was about to say something another girl stepped up to the table, "have a seat Mona, we just sat down. Tony is new." Turning to Tony she continued, "we'll probably have some of the same classes I'd think, so I'll probably see a lot of you."
  6. Circumference of Hi [OPEN]

    "Nah, it's okay. Look don't worry, there normally aren't. I'm sure it's just someone's science project," she said with a sly grin that she hoped she hid well. "I mean, it's probably just the biproducts of something from bio." As she was talking to him, she giggled as he ogled Corrine, "hey Corine. Care to join us? I think that Tony would love to say hi." Then quietly to the large man, "you should close your mouth... she is pretty" with humor in her voice.
  7. Circumference of Hi [OPEN]

    Taking his hand, she let him shake hers. Like many of the people at school, her hand disappeared into his and she had to look up to see his face. "Nice to meet you Tony, I'm Alexa. I take it you're new here? I haven't seen you around before..." she paused, then tapped the side of her head, "...good memory. So it's pretty much a sure thing." She walked over to a table, knowing the lunch crowd would be coming in soon enough. Sitting down, she smoothed out her skirt, being as modest as she could. While lots of her classmates liked pants and leggings, she had been raised to wear skirts in school and it just didn't feel right to do anything else. Pointing to some of the many food stations in the cafeteria she explained, "so yeah, you can get pretty much anything you want any time you want it. Omelettes, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, sushi... I mean they really do it all. It's good too. I mean not like my mom's Won Ton's good, but close enough. So where are you from?"
  8. Circumference of Hi [OPEN]

    SFX SFX had just picked up an orange and two pieces of bread. It was a large lunch for her, but she was hungry today. She frankly envied all of the other students with their boundless appetites and their furnace metabolisms. However, in the end, it didn't matter too much, she wasn't here for the food no matter how good it was, but for the learning. She grazed through the cafeteria trying to figure out if she maybe she wanted something else. When nothing jumped out, she headed for the seating area. Straightening out her white blouse, she looked across the room to see if anyone she knew was there. Yet before she could get very far, she noticed a student which she hadn't seen before. He was big and still carrying all of his luggage.as it looked like he was fumbling for money. Walking over to him she flashed a smile, "you don't need that here." Then looking down to his pocket, "the money. You don't have to pay. It's all included."
  9. Far From Home

    Zhu Dodging the sonic attack that washed painfully over them wasn't exactly easy. Thankfully, her nanites were up to the task and formed a reactive barrier, shielding her from the worst of the effects. As it crumbled, she decided to keep things simple and a large column rose out of the ground smashing into the floating Not person. She had hoped to send the woman flying, but it appeared the weathered the attack far better than her partner had! Seeing Rev get knocked back, she turned, "Rev! Tell me you're all right!"
  10. Far From Home OOC

    Right. Don't like the big AOEs... so attacking Not!Sai Standard Action: Power Attack (+2/-2), Damage 10, 1d20+8 = 26 That should be enough to hit with a DC27 save Move Action: Assess 8, Sense Motive 1d20+2 = 11 Free Action: None
  11. Far From Home OOC

    And... down goes SFX. 1d20+15=16 That's over 11... staggered and dazed? I don't think I can use a HP reroll as I did it this round for the attack. Apparently it's a new round! Toughness Reroll = 1d20+15=28 Made the save.
  12. Mistaken Controls

    Zhu nodded, "no, I suppose no one really does. I mean that's why we have bucket lists. Well... I guess most humans do, I can't say whether you have one or not." She looked over at the bench, which had the remnants of the days snow still on it and paused, with a smile she quickly sent some code to the botnet which sprung into action. Behind her a bench slowly formed from the ground, something that was dry and far better looking than the one that had been outside all winter. She sat down and gestured for Replica to join her, explaining, "I don't want to clean the Yoga pants..." Then after sitting down and turning a little to face Replica better, she continued, "I mean, there's lot of places I want to go... but most of my list is pretty simple and immediate so far. So what do you do all day then? Do you have a job?"
  13. Far From Home

    Zhu Zhu had never imagined that she would be in the middle of a super powered battle on an alien world. In fact, she was terrified! It was one thing to learn about being a hero, it was another to have been chased through time and space and find herself in the middle of a war. But, at least there was Rev with a quip as she tossed one of the attackers away from her. It gave her confidence that she could do something to help. Sending the botnet in action, she chose the closest attacker that she could see, which was a warrior with a sword and cybernetic arms. A large ball of earth rose up to the side of him, perhaps inspired by Rev's bowling comments. With a twitch of her mind, she executed the command to send the large ball careening towards the frightening warrior. "Okay... can we play something less physical next time?"
  14. Far From Home OOC

    Okay... long ranged encounter... SFX is getting a complex on her abilities being less than useful! After this thread it's time for upgrades! Standard Action: Blast 10 - 1d20+10 = 12 - Going to spend a HP as she's been so useless she needs a confidence boost! 1d10+20=21 If that hits, then DC25 Damage. Move Action: Assess Feat Free Action: Switch Create Array to Blast Free Action: Switch Illusion Array to Confuse Edit: #8 is the only person in range for her, so that's the target.
  15. Pitching In

    The boy shrugged, "there's supers all over. Enough of them aren't interested in helping people and they end up with people like Leon. Most of his crew are just guns and knives, but you met Mike and there are others. They keep a low profile most of the time. I think you must have just gotten unlucky. Although, best game that I've ever had so I guess that's good for me, right?" His mother bustled her way back into the small family room, he carried a plate of cookies which was matched with a look that could have melted ice, "I brought you cookies baby. For you and your... friends." "Thanks mom," he said not even looking away as the woman was beat down on the screen. "Baby, I don't know why you play that stupid game all the time," she said shaking her head and then turning to the pair, "it's people like you that brought my baby to this!"