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  1. Fantasy Realms

    I'm volunteering Nicole if you want more. And I do prefer the first.
  2. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    "Yeah. You too," Nicole said, taken aback by the outburst that greeted her as soon as she stepped into her new room. Then she found arms wrapping around her armor in a hug, and Nicole squeezed back awkwardly, feeling the other girl's warmth as if there wasn't an inch of malleable metal between the two of them. In the span of the hug, the school's file on Faiza Saeed sped by her helmet interface, and then more articles and videos posted on the Internet. She was just about done reading when Faiza released her. She was wearing a dark blue hijab that fit well with her blouse and jeans and warm smile on her face as she considered Nicole. "We'll make a great tram this year, eh? Lot of trouble a girl on her own can get into on this campus, but I'm sure we'll make it work." "Yeah." Nicole trailed off and nodded, agreeing with her sentiment but not sure what else to add. Then Qualia had entered the room and began to make small chat with Faiza. Nicole tuned their conversation out, focusing on her new room instead. It was empty and bare but for Faiza's belongings still packed in boxes stacked neatly one on top of the other. She measured the dimensions of the room and scanned Faiza's belongings, then picturing how the room would look like with all of their stuff in it. Her canvas and tools by the window, Faiza's picture frames on the overhang, her desktop taking the corner space... ***** They had gathered together outside the dorms in a few minutes, and at Citizen's question Nicole had to stamp down the first answer that popped into her head. She ran over the specs of Claremont again, their functions and how they interacted with one and the other to form from disparate parts into a campus whole. She glanced over to the others, waiting for someone else to speak. Jayaman and Qualia were watching Corinne and Koa as well as each other. What do you think so far? asked Citizen through their private channel. Nicole looked at him and shrugged, cliche as it was. Nothing new. I know all of this. "The Doom Room?"
  3. Ferris Wheels and Fishmen [IC]

    Nicole glanced at Koa from the corner of her eye. He was, of course, proved a dearth of interesting tidbits, trivia that no one would care for, but Nicole took those pieces and created snapshots of reality. Individual or not, a word here, an observation there. They were things to be held up and examined with a jeweler's lens. But not now; she had a handle on this. "Your a hundred years late. Replace 'animals' with 'thrill rides' and 'contests' with 'attractions'. Except the bottom of the ocean encourages different means to stimulate adrenaline than the surface. Roller coasters aren't as exciting if you could just swim a hundred feet up and down yourself." "Yet we're here at six-point-nine feet above sea level, and two of us for rides and another two for staying indoors when we could do just that at Claremont." Nicole's voice was teasing but frank, made softer by a quirk of her lips. Seen through the windows, there was a roller coaster rising high on a clear day, the only attraction visible from where she was sitting. But there were foodcourts and booths and stores in the ground; many other activities waiting for them. "Video games aren't worth the time, and we can't stay under the AC forever even with Jann's physiology. We're stuck in New Jersey until we graduate after all, so we better get used to the weather." "Though I'd still like some ice cream."
  4. Ferris Wheels and Fishmen [IC]

    "Well it isn't like we're even trying to keep a low-profile with Jann here, but none of us are wearing masks," Nicole pointed out, attempting to find the middle road. They both made sense, their own way, and she could only dream of flying under her own power, unassisted and enclosed in armor. That was a fundamental symbol of freedom and exceptionalism, to do something no one else could, much less her. And symbols had power, she knew that. They were sweating and uncomfortable. Looking from Selena to Corinne and back, Nicole reached up and touched the shuttle's AC vent, brows knitted and willing what little she could to bend to her understanding. Clearing the grime and debris and replacing the refrigerant anew. There wasn't anything so crass as a spark or crackle of energy, but when she leaned back the air was cooler, enough to beat back the heat that the once broken air conditioning couldn't. "You should have told me something earlier," she said, snapping her fingers experimentally and clearly quite pleased with herself. "Of course, unless you like bathing in your sweat? I could turn it off again." She smoothed the skirt of her knee-length summer dress. "And I wouldn't mind going outside. I did go to get under the sun, even if I wouldn't be able to ride anything."
  5. Summer excursions

    It's cool. Do you mind putting Salvo in there though? I find using tags helps in finding threads in order to have an idea about a character.
  6. Ferris Wheels and Fishmen [IC]

    It was Nicole's first time to visit the beach since she had arrived in Freedom City, which was almost two years ago when she cared to think about it. Not a long time looking back -- those years flew by -- but the last time she had even touched sand was five years ago in the Californian desert, and that didn't count for leisure. It put things into perspective, thinking since when she last did this thing or that, and maybe she was working herself too ragged; always pushing in her internship with Archetech, in improving Bellios, in the first tentative steps as Salvo, in her paintings and graphic design, in front of her desktop or phone, and the bits and pieces that needed fine-tuning that were strewn all over her workbench. Maybe she did need to go out, certainly she wasn't getting tanner spending all her time indoors. So she found herself staring out the window, chin slumping on her hand, from her space in the shuttle van beside Selena. She'd gotten dragged here or let herself be dragged (it didn't matter) by Koa and or Corrine, and she was determined to just relax, even with thoughts swirling around her head. But maybe if she tried to layer the outline second? Create a thinner approach going from the outer-bottom that would help define the middle ground and crysta-- "What's a Ferris wheel?" ... Damn. It. Seriously? This needed to be fixed. Nicole turns in her chair to face the question's owner, which wasn't an easy thing to do because Koa was sitting right behind her. A smartphone appears in her hand, and nimble fingers type smartly on the screen before she passes it to Koa. There's a picture of a Ferris Wheel on the phone and Nicole swipes the display a few times to show a few more. "It's a ride," she says, taking her phone back. "That people ride on. It's supposed to be relaxing so it goes around slowly." She stows her phone away and settles in her chair, choosing to speak over her shoulder instead. All ears. "And I don't doubt that; our rides won't work underwater. So what's public recreation like where you're from then?"
  7. Summer excursions

    Right! Was just wondering since Salvo isn't in the tags.
  8. Summer excursions

    So no pressure and I just want to confirm, but Nicole's deliberately not going to be in the thread?
  9. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    "Jay?" Nicole's visor snapped open, revealing half her face covered in a bright light and spinning runes and letters, undecipherable to anyone but her. They fade quickly as she stepped forward to meet her younger colleague halfway-- or should she call him a friend? She raised a hand in greeting. "Yeah. Finished most of Bellios last week. And your sword? It's working properly now?" "It is." He puffed up with pride, twirling the magical sword with an ease that belied its weight in steel. "Let me tell you, I can't wait to see what this can do. All the things you've put here, I don't even know where to start." As if to stress his point, the tip of the sword crackled with electricity, which began to snake its way down the blade's length. Jayaman had asked her to modify the sword and she took to the task when she wasn't working on Bellios, studying axioms and intricacies based on Hindu occultism. The end product served both of them - Jayaman got his sword, better than ever, and Nicole had applied what she had learned into her own workings. "Glad you like it." Smiling, she nodded at the demonstration and the silly pose he maintained, then snapped her helmet shut. She knew his abilities well. He'd told it to her once on the third night they had both stayed up, working so late that the sun was beginning to rise. Me? I turn into a hawk-man with wicked claws and the eyes and the beak. Keeps the bad guys on their toes. But my sword and training's where it's at. Without them, I'm just some schmuck in the streets who likes to punch people. - June 8, 2017. 4:52AM. There wasn't any need to bring the school databases on him. She knew more than Claremont could provide, those files accessible to the student population at least. But Nicole had done so for Qualia as soon as Jayaman's introductions. The younger girl was a psychic. Standard package: telepathy, ESP, and telekinesis, but also showing an affinity for sensory illusions and skill with her quarterstaff. Both Sophomores. "Hello Qualia," Nicole greeted, then crossed her arms and forced herself to wait.
  10. Summer excursions

    I'd be interested in this, especially if the characters start in their civilian identities. It'd help me put to words how Nicole puts on Bellios, her armor. Among other stuff.
  11. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    "Hello, Salvo. I'm Koa." Nicole watched Koa go through his motions. Awkward, gawky. She shook his hand and even through her gauntlet she could feel a lack of familiarity with the gesture. The Claremont database indicated his status as an Atlantean, but presented little detail of his metahuman abilities beyond personal information. She could guess of course. Most Atlanteans do not possess a mouth set with rows of razor sharp teeth. There were sightings during the attempted Atlantean invasion of soldiers who could turn into monsters to be used as shock troops, and he could have a connection to that, even if he was too young and clearly did not have the bearings of a professional military man. ... Right. He had a hand held self-consciously over his mouth in a vain attempt at covering his toothy grin. And she pursed her lips, lucky to have a lowered visor to hide behind. She wasn't disturbed, not really, by his physiology. There were more unsettling depictions in dusty old scrolls than someone who did his utmost to be unassuming. "It's fine?" she says, unsure on how to go about this. Shaking her head, she steps back, another thread already open and being read. Corrine Conrad or Zenith, as her preferred name in-costume. As to be expected, there wasn't much except basic and public information. Citizen introduces them both and Nicole nods, waiting for Corrine to snap herself awake. Are we waiting for any more?, she asks Citizen through their private channel, tapping her boot unevenly.
  12. Active Threads for August 2017

    Salvo Ferris Wheels and Fishermen (3) Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (4)
  13. You know, if this wasn't a one-shot the Potatoes' killswitch malfunctioning could be an impetus for more adventures with the trio. Who could've been intelligent enough to sabotage Doctor Deoxy's work? More importantly, who would've had the motivation and will to go to such lengths to humiliate hun? Was it really just chance or is there a more sinister hand pulling the strings? What shall they do next when the trio of SCIENCE! heroes is on their trail?
  14. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. ... Nothing would have been simpler, really, than the breathing exercise Nicole had been trying to conduct since she took to the skies trailing after Citizen. But she was nervous. She could admit that to herself, and though it was a normal response, that did not stop her stomach from roiling when she took off, or whenever the winds buffeted her armor or as she focused to keep her flight steady. She remembered having retained enough common sense to initiate regular tests as she worked on her Bellios, her armor, but this was her first real run - the maiden voyage as the sailors say. Still, she felt like retching. Her helmet crackled as Citizen's link came through. It's okay to be nervous. There's a lot to be worried about today. No, it's fine. Just need to work out the kinks. She watched as Citizen accelerated forward, and she matched his speed, their course bringing them closer Claremont grounds. She could see the atrium dome, neo-classical in style, and just beside it, clashing horribly, the high-tech premises that housed the simulation room. Her destination, and she placed a marker over it, bringing up the public blueprints and reports of the Doom Room. Never hurt to be prepared. "He mocks you, you know," her father said from beside her. She ignored him, like always when he was in the mood to monologue, and he choose to interpret her silence as permission to continue. "Or generations worth of our studies, which is close enough. I remember when he rebuffed your explanation on how transfused blood-fiber impulses could generate a far more efficient energy source than the runes arranged in dual orders. Conducted in such a way as to secure a metaphrical link between lifeblood and mankind's most prevalent construct since the industrial revolution? Odd, but brilliant, of course. I don't belittle innovation." Her eyes kept their scrolling down the pages, the forums, and the internet. And when she spied the two figures on the landing zone, her fingers pulled up two more threads. Thaelia or Princess Thalass, also known as The Glamazon, was a well known figure, and her exploits comprehensively documented. The other, reed thin hero that stood beside her though, was just as unknown as Nicole was: Koa Kalehani. Her father withdrew behind her, and sat on the study couch that was his favorite. Gaudy, just like most of his tastes, especially clashing against the white of her mind interface. "Try not to embarrass yourself," he said, pulling out Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and a fountain pen. "Bellios is a work of art beyond the ken of any ignoramus." She gritted her teeth. "I don't plan to." At the same time, Citizen landed, then she following close by. And while he gave an exuberantly waved greeting, Nicole raised her hand in acknowledgement. A more muted opening, but she did not know The Glamazon personally. "Princess Thalass. Koa. Nice to meet you." She nodded to each in turn. "Good," her father said curtly, then resumed his writing. Bellios hummed in anticipation. Her stomach heaved.
  15. Freedom's Finest Featuring...

    A series of mysterious disappearances have been reported near and in Chinatown since the turn of the moon cycle, yet even as unease settles among the populace preparations begin for the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival. It goes off without a hitch; fortune cookies are served, the red lanterns go up, the streets flood with people, and dancing dragons take to the parade! Then a disturbance of some kind jerks several people awake, among them the heroes Reagent and Salvo in their civilian identities, Winifred Wei and Nicole Whitfield-Hall. And as soon as they get their bearings, flying creatures swoop down on the awakened group and snatch all their grasping claws could! The two heroes escape, only to find they are trapped inside a space-dilution bubble, the outside world unaware of the predicament happening just a few blocks away. Nicole's armor, Bellios, is not responding to her summons, and though Winifred still wields her trusted bandolier there are festival-goers everywhere, frozen in place as they once were; a blink of an eye stretched to eternity. The clock nears the midnight hour's zenith. Shadows lengthen as lights flicker and die, and whole city blocks are shrouded in darkness and glowing red eyes. Purple lightning flash across the sky, and the creations of a mad man stalk the streets, hunting those unfortunates who awaken. Forced to rely on their wits and the fast dwindling concoctions of Reagent, could the two young heroes figure out just what is happening and put a stop to this madness before it's too late? Or shall they too become fodder for the creatures that lurk in the night?