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  1. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    Yep. Still here.
  2. Active Threads for October 2017

    Nicole In Anticipation of Meaning (1)
  3. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "Built in electro-plasmic refractors," Nicole said, tapping her visor. "Captures a wide broadband of energy and translates the data into coherent images. Mary stands out like a lightbulb." She pointed an armored finger at the ghost. "And I'm not surprised you'd think that. There's some slight fluctuations in your friend's signature even now. Looks like she's undergoing a metanoia of sorts. Could be ontological or a retro-time snap of something but I wouldn't know unless I examine her closely." Nicole looked around and true to the guy's words the library needed some Spring cleaning. Cobwebs stained the dark corners of the ceiling and the furniture was stained at places where liquids had spilled over the years. A sorry state of affairs but one that couldn't be helped and so Nicole pushed it out of her mind. What was disconcerting were the books and all that their paper insides held. What would happen if this library were to be sold off? Lost. All that could be, more precious than gold. "Hmm," she hummed tunelessly, thinking, then shook her head and stepped to the bookshelves away from the duo. "Just looking for a book. Last I heard, libraries were public, though we're both up late tonight." "The pot calls the kettle black. You know how it goes." Picking her way through the aisles, her in-armor speakers and receptors allowed her to converse with Anton as if they were standing next to each other.
  4. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    "I--" Nicole began hotly before she cut her sentence off with a shake of her head. The tension in her evaporated through the steam vents and she planted her boots firmly on the ground, stalling her mechanisms into sleep. Her blood cooled as she looked from Huang to Corinne though her eyes still narrowed at the simmering conflict. Instead of readying for a fight, the two were now bickering against each other and Mr. Tulink. Nicole closed her eyes behind her visor. She was still giddy but it was fading together with the promise of a fight, but she still had to speak up. "They were wrong to trust him," she said with forced calm. "But that's why we're trying to make up for it. I didn't go here or to Archeville to work for madmen and both of you wouldn't too. But what you're saying isn't helping."
  5. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "I was patrolling," Nicole said with a sniff that somehow translated to her external speakers. She said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, and as if by asking her reasons he was stating how he lived under a rock. Yet, her answer wasn't the complete truth. Libraries were filled with dusty old books that took ages to go through but as much as she wanted it to, not everything was transposed into a digital format. There was still a lot of things that was only written down in paper - old histories, names of pets, tidbits unimportant enough to be forgotten by today. Like the particular cloth worn by a man on a particular summer's eve. That could be a start. For one thread. "It's like you've never seen a hero before," she said sarcastically. Then she pointed to Mary at the corner of the room. "But I know why you're here. She's a spirit, and one you're trying to help her by finding her identity."
  6. Halloween Hijinx?

    Same with Salvo. I'm sure her occult magics and technomancy could help really well.
  7. In Anticipation of Meaning

    Nicole plodded along when the ghost rush ahead, the hem of her dress trailing behind her as she disappeared through a wall. It was slow going for the teenager in armor though, fumbling with the knob to the stairwell, and when she finally pulled open the door there was no trace of Mary in her visual receptors. Her armor wasn't bulky - in fact, it contoured itself to her form - but it handled like it was thrice its size and heavier than it really was. Not great walking inside delicate old buildings. Gingerly stepping down the stairs, Nicole idly noted she needed to recalibrate the reflex heuristic models next time she got. She opened the next door with less difficulty than the first but tripped over her legs, bursting inside a room where a guy wearing his hair long, though it only made his thin frame seem even more drawn out. There was no accounting for taste. "Good evening," she said blandly.
  8. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    Actually, I've got a lot on my plate this next few days so I may not post anytime soon. Though since it doesn't affect the fight at all, just feel free to skip me.
  9. A Peculiar Proposition (Open)

    "I'd take that in mind," said Nicole thoughtfully as she took the cake and wheeled to the table to deposit it beside the tea. To say the newest addition was odd was an understatement, made more pronounced by the mysteriously eerie act and a voice like that of a fairy tale witch. The teenager picked up another cup of tea, stronger than the last, and clearly put out said, "Cosmitech and which safety procedures? Don't assume I understand your methodology, but then most people think I can instantly." "I'm not the host here." She sipped her tea, sitting back to watch the conversation between the telephone and laboratory guy.
  10. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "Someone else is here?" Nicole had to admit, her interest was piqued. A magician or a just dabbler of magic maybe, or at least someone familiar with the paranormal, enough to be able to converse with a spirit. It was a start at least and Nicole strode forward, heading for the hatch that led into the library as her visor shut close to activate her radar. She felt the tension descend on the rooftop, cold as the grave, and she turned to allay Mary's doubts. "I just haven't met another practitioner in a while so I'll ." True enough, her radar picked up a figure on the lower levels, surrounded by piles of books. She could have read a thousand times faster online using her interface, but there were tidbits of information unwritten in any database, obscure enough that no one thought to transcribe such things into a cloud, leaving them to be forgotten by the newest era. "Because I think best staying up late. And I'm looking for something." And with that, she stepped forward and dropped down the open hatch.
  11. [Lost Expeditions] Castle Ravenloft

    Her fingers moved as if pulled by invisible strings, circles upon circles without stopping, crying tears and pink, raw matter as they turned. "Hello?" Nicole blinked for the last time, and then she was nowhere and nothing. It wasn't even dark for there was no light to compare it to, no eyes to see. She could feel fingers move but no arms to direct them and no hands to limit them. And so they were at last free, twirling in the void on their own. She knew if they stopped, then everything would fall apart and she would go hurtling back from where she came and her blood would have been spilled for nothing. But there were perils in continuing still, unseen minds that saw her, peeled her apart to savor her innermost thoughts through tongues speaking fire and marrow. "Hello," she said again, with more conviction, and this time something answered. Beyond the nothing and the where the nowhere became conscious of itself, as if creatio ex nihilo. Gods creating gods of creation inside their own creation. But she was not of their creation. Foreign and unwanted, she would inject her being and upon doing so unveil the lie that the gods have spun. So she moved, though she had no body to move in, wading through the nothing to find something, fingers turning everlasting.
  12. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    "This one's a better mage than you'll ever be," Nicole bit out. She stood opposite Corinne, her arms waving around as if to ward away insults, but still almost a marked contrast against the volatile teen. Nicole had no clue what was going on between Jayaman and Huang, and she didn't care. The magic kid was an asshole who loved the sound of his own voice too much, and so Nicole faced Huang even if she addressed the whole group, speakers turned to the max. "Everyone just shut your mouths! No one cares what you're saying so just shut up!" Something stirred inside her inner sanctum and she watched as her minded match the world outside, turning the walls a dark, pulsing red. Beating, restless. Her armored form was still as a statue, but she began to pace agitated inside her interface, wringing her hands in frustration. She wanted to punch something, shove it against a wall, double over laughing. Instead, her armor's engine purred in anticipation, panels sliding open and clicking in multitude, thrusters buzzing, and weapon systems whirring to life. She punched an armored finger at Corinne. "Calm down!"
  13. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "Nicole," she replied. She had a codename of course, but her 'Salvo' was reserved for the mundane world at large, for the media tabloids and the general public had all the self-control of a toddler yet was all the more dangerous for that. But when among the supernatural, a superhero alias was silly, doubly so for a ghost who had no intention or ability to spread a name. They were all special and hiding it, and so there was a solidarity to be found among the witches and wizards, ghosts, vampires, werewolves and changelings. You helped who you could, kept it lowkey, and traded promises in the ritual rooms and the backalleys. It went unspoken but it was an important social assumption that bound people to a responsibility conditioned because of their abilities. "You can call me a witch or a mage or a wizard. The title isn't so important, just that I've got the know-how to help and you're a spirit, so we're both strange." Her visor slid open, letting Mary see her face scrunched up in thought, as if Mary was a problem to be solved. "Why the library then?"
  14. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "I... yes?" Nicole offered helpfully. She closed the space between them, nonplussed yet put at ease by the spirit's excitable demeanor. Up close, it was easy to see that the girl was around Nicole's age, which said little or much depending on the beliefs in contention. The spirit in front of her could have just been a sliver of a deceased's soul, or maybe an amalgam for some symbolic collective, but that she died at such a young age was the simplest explanation and one that sent a shiver down Nicole's spine. It was a thought she pushed back as she waved a nervous hand at the spirit. "This might come as a shock, but you aren't... alive. Only people sensitive to the paranormal can see you and there aren't so many of those anymore." She rubbed the back of her head awkwardly, thinking through the implications before blurting out. "And I haven't heard of any activity here. You're new aren't you?" She caught herself and paused, shaking her head. "That was too forward. Sorry."
  15. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    Nicole says, "Bring it."