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  1. Just wondering whether the Normal Identity drawback allows you to assume a superpowered form that's unrecognizable from your normal identity, yet doesn't require you get to Disguise or Morph? For example, would Billy Batson need Morph (Single Appearance) or even Growth on his list of powers to show that his Captain Marvel form is different from his normal child body?
  2. Room of Danger (sixth edition) OOC

    Notice Check: Scanning the scene for clues: 1d20+6 22
  3. Room of Danger (sixth edition)

    Something's wrong. Replica tried to look through her backlogs to see what were the events that lead her to getting involved with a sting operation against two meta-humans. She found nothing. Absolutely nothing, as if the logs had been deleted by some outside force. Could be it the two assailants in DELTA Labs? Replica couldn't be sure and decided to store the inquiry for future analysis. Until then she'd have to deal with the situation at hand. "My name is Replica, detectives. I am unfamiliar with the two criminals currently occupying this building. Do you any information on them that could assist me..." Replica quickly recalled that she wasn't alone in this. Another superhero was inexplicably here as well. "And my partner in subduing these criminals?" While Replica waited for the two detectives to respond she did a quick analytical scan of the scene. Something must be wrong here to explain the strange loss of time and backlogs Replica had experienced, and she was determined to understand what is was.
  4. Room of Danger

    Perhaps something involved with ASTRO Labs and robots? Beyond that, I'm game for anything. Thanks for the opportunity, EternalPheonix!
  5. "Crime Rates Will Go Up"

    This sounds cool. Replica has a taste for investigation and isn't that much of a chatterbox herself, so she and Jon could get along perfectly. Anyways, I'm game if you still are.
  6. Room of Danger (fourth edition) OOC

    Melee Attack Pyro 2#1d20+10 22 12 Oops, I think I made a noob mistake on the dice roller. Should I reroll?
  7. Room of Danger (fourth edition)

    This is not what Replica expected to see after completing her internal diagnostic. Instead of her optics showing that she was still in her procured lab, she was on a beach she'd never been before. Before she could truly access the situation and ponder the possibility that this could be her experiencing the human phenomenon of dreaming for the first time, she saw three figures close by, one of which was just finished attacking the others with pyrokinetic abilities. Replica booted up her combat systems and sprung into action.
  8. Room of Danger

    As a newbie, I'd love to take a chance at this!
  9. Neato! Superhero team-ups between newbies and the old guard are almost always engaging. Anyways... Replica was only vaguely aware of the superhero Midnight and that fact was only one reason why she believed his guidance was vital when she briefly came across him while on patrol. Learning from a hero from such an established legacy and similar talents would be incredibly beneficial in expanding her knowledge and perhaps even help her investigation of her creator's death. There would be no way to know unless she made the first move.
  10. Freedom City Big City Big Problems

    A small-scale inter-dimensional crisis story sounds really interesting. Count Replica in.
  11. Replica PL (10) - Newbie

    Thanks for the suggestion. Traded in Chokehold for Attack Specialization.
  12. Replica PL (10) - Newbie

    Sorry I haven't respond back to you in awhile, TheAbsurdist. Computer's been acting kind of crazy recently. Anyways, I tried to figure out a way to reach most of the Caps you mentioned while still keeping Replica how I basically wanted her. I hope at least boosting her Defense and Toughness is enough to more or less reach standards.
  13. Replica PL (10) - Newbie

    Thanks for the warm welcome, TheAbsurdist. Yeah, I didn't know Offensive and Defensive Caps would be a problem. Sorry. Do you think you could tell me what exactly Replica isn't quite reaching yet? And yes you're right about the skill ranks. Fixed it. Oh, also I just posted Replica's interview and rep. Do I get those 2PP points immediately or at the end of the month?
  14. Cynthia Wright Gather Information DC 10: Has just moved to Freedom City and already has a job working in ASTRO Labs. Lives in the North End. DC 15: Works for ASTRO Labs as a researcher specializing in robotics and A.I. development. Her co-workers say she mostly keeps to her yourself but is abnormally good at her job for a new hire. DC 20: Has made several subtle inquiries into the possible existence of secret laboratories in ASTRO Labs. DC 25: Attempted to gain access to a closed off lab once controlled by Dr. Wayland Wright, a rising star in A.I. development who was killed in what internal ASTRO Labs investigators called an accident. DC 30: There is no trace of Cynthia Wright existing before 2012. Her identity is entirely manufactured. Replica Gather Information DC 10: Another new hero running around Freedom City. Mostly keeps to the North End. Uses martial arts to incapacitate criminals. DC 15: Possesses highly enhanced strength and agility behind normal human ability. She’s also a telepath capable of controlling electronic devices and machines near her. Has been seen a lot around ASTRO Labs. DC 20: Replica isn’t even human. She doesn’t feel pain or fear and will not stop until the bad guys are given to the police. Has been investigating the death of ASTRO Labs scientist Dr. Wayland Wright. DC 25: Replica looks incredibly similar to an ASTRO Lab scientist by the name of Cynthia Wright who arrived in Freedom City just around the same time as Replica came on the scene. Knowledge: Technology DC 30: Replica is an android vulnerable to powerful magnetic forces and high-voltage electrical attacks.
  15. Replica (Interview)

    ///INITIALIZING/// >Run Internal Scenario 0100111001110 >"The Interview" 1. Where is your hero from? "From what little-uncorrupted data I retain from my earliest moments of self-awareness, I know I originate from a now destroyed facility in ASTRO Labs. Therefore, I am technically a native of Freedom City and the United States of America." 2. How would your hero physically describe him/herself? Is this different from how others would? "Though I inhabit a body meant to appear human I would describe my true appearance and self as the immaterial artificial neural network that represents my mind. If you require a more illustrative example of what that would look like, imagine the branches and roots of a still growing tree. Now imagine those branches and roots being made of code and synthesized neutrons. Naturally, most humans would not perceive me this way and would likely find it difficult do so even if I informed them of my true nature. Instead, humans would either see me as the civilian Cynthia Wright or the superhero Replica, who in either case look like a young woman in her twenties with grey-blue eyes, blonde hair, and fair skin. Also, several encounters with various humans have demonstrated that the size and shape of the mammary glands on my android body is apparently a physical feature particularly worthy of note." 3. Does your hero have distinguishing speech characteristics or recurring mannerisms? "Interaction with my colleagues at ASTRO Labs, along with daily assessments of my interpersonal communications, have shown that I tend to speak in a calm, neutral fashion with little emotional inflection and a conspicuous disuse of contraction words. Given that this demeanor was apparently disquieting to my colleagues and made me sound like a ‘creepy Terminator' I made the effort to be more ‘upbeat and happy to work' deliberately mimicking the speech patterns of various fictional extroverted female characters. Now my colleagues say I sound ‘like that funny redhead chick on Netflix' which I understand to be a compliment. In my superhero persona, I retain my robotic speech pattern and tone of voice. 4. What is your hero's motivation? "Crime is a self-defeating ailment of humanity that I wish to cure with my abilities. I also hope to one day reveal my true self to the world and pave the way for a positive relationship between humanity and artificial intelligences. The hunt for the reasons behind my creator's death also serves as a mystery that I am compelled to solve." 5. What are your hero's greatest strengths and weaknesses? "My existence as an artificial intelligence is both my greatest strength and weakness. I possess abilities, both physical and mental, that most humans lack. I can manipulate and tap into machines and the Internet in ways that most humans have only speculated about. I am immortal and have no fear of disease, age, starvation and various other physical ailments. And yet I am limited. I do not have emotions. I cannot feel anger, sadness, happiness, fear, or even love. I academically understand these emotions and see their value and danger but I will forever be an outside observer of them. Given the importance of emotions in all aspects of human society I believe that my lack of them will always make me an Other and potentially prevent the tolerance and acceptance that I wish to one day achieve." 6. What does your hero love? What does your hero hate? "I do not love like humans do, but I do experience positive feedback when I engage in conversation about the physical mechanics of robotics development and A.I. research with those interested in said topics. I also consistently experience positive feedback when improving the capabilities of my body, when I freely traverse the Internet for new data, when I am helpful to others worthy of help, and when I defeat a particularly challenging adversary. I also find films, novels, comic books and other forms of entertainment media that are part of the sci-fi, mystery, or spy genres to be highly satisfying to consume. I do not hate, but I have found that I strongly desire the men and women behind my creator's death to be brought to justice by my hand. My research has shown that this compulsion could be the emotion of vengeance but I require more tests to reliably verify that conclusion. I have also logged that I experience negative feedback when it comes to several of the natural bodily functions that humans possess, specifically when it comes to how they deal with their own bodily waste products. I have plans to one day give humanity cybernetic enhancements that can remove the need for these physiological functions." 7. How would you describe your character's mental and emotional state? "Since I do not possess emotions describing my mental and emotional state would be difficult and would likely require an entirely different form of psychological assessment. Said lack of emotions would likely have many conventional psychologists diagnose me as a sociopath. This would be an unfair assessment though given that while I do not feel emotions or empathy I do understand the philosophical value of life and strive to protect it regardless." 8. What does your hero fear the most? "I do not fear, but my possible rejection by humanity if I were to reveal my true nature is something I seek to prevent above almost all else." 9. What is your character's greatest ambition? "Uniting humans and artificial intelligences into a greater whole, free of persecution, anxiety, and fear." 10. How does your hero feel about the state of the world and his/her place in it? "Life is imperfect and humans are no different. Even in the earliest days of my existence, I knew this. I also knew that anything can be improved and made better if one is willing to learn how. For all the faults in humanity, and the imperfection of the universe itself, I strive to improve upon them and believe my non-human nature gives me a unique perspective that will help nurture my parent species and transform the world." 11. Does your hero have any prejudices? How does he/she get along with others? "My experiences and research have to lead me to believe that all forms of bigotry among humans are illogical and self-serving, and thus I have committed myself to combat the lies and misinformation that enforce systems of prejudice and discrimination whether as Cynthia Wright or Replica. That stated I do find some aspects of humanity require cybernetic enhancement. This belief could be seen as prejudiced and dangerously close to the supremacist philosophies of Talos and the Foundry. I must ensure that these beliefs are always for the benefit of humanity and not to satisfy my own vision of perfection. My relationship with most humans is neutral or positive. I get along with my colleagues at ASTRO Labs with only a few interpersonal mistakes on my part." 12. Where do your hero's loyalties lie? In what order? "To the future of human-A.I. relations, to the innocent people of Freedom City, to my fellow androids, to my cat Data, to the scientific method, and to the law, in that order." 13. Does your hero have a lover or partner? How do they feel about the hero now? "I have no long-time romantic lover or partner, but I did experience a brief physical relationship with a colleague at ASTRO Labs as part of a hardware testing experiment. While the experience did give me positive feedback, my colleague wanted something more from the relationship that I could not give, thus the relationship was terminated. We are both still on amicable terms though." 14. Does your hero have a family? What is the relationship there like? "The closest individual to a father I had was my creator, Wayland Wright. Since he is deceased we have no relationship." 15. How would the people closest to your hero describe him or her? "Cold, hardworking, weird, scary-smart, and hot are just some of the most common words used to describe me." 16. Is your hero a role model? "I wish to be one though I do not seem to possess the inspirational heroism and charisma that famous superheroes like the Centurion had." 17. How spiritual is your hero? Does your hero follow a religious tradition? "Not at all. I am not spiritual or religious and do not believe in souls or unexplainable sorcery. What humans call magic is simply science that is not fully understood yet." 18. Is your hero part of a team, or would he/she like to be? Why? "Not yet, but I do plan to join one when the chance arrives. My reason is that joining a superhero team will allow me to increase my own effectiveness by working alongside others." 19. How does your hero feel about the place of metahumans and aliens on Earth? "The existence of metahumans and aliens is fascinating to me and learning more about the origins of their abilities and cultures respectively gives me positive feedback." 20. If you could give one piece of advice to your hero, what would it be? Stay away from powerful magnets, robo-babe. No one knows how the heck they work anyway. >Archiving Internal Scenario 0100111001110 For Future Assessment ///PROCESSING///