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  1. Robot Dinosaurs In a Museum

    Replica is totally on board with fighting robot dinosaurs. Thanks for giving an opportunity to the newbies, Thunder King.
  2. Welcome to Crimebusting Monthly! [OOC]

    I think Replica would fit better for Case 2 so I guess she'll sign up for that one. Wish I could help with GM problem but I'm not confident of my knowledge of M&M to run anything yet.
  3. Character Edits 2018

    Replica - Spending 6PP Abilities +2 Intelligence [2PP] New Skill Scores Craft (Electronic) 8 (+15) Craft (Mechanical) 8 (+15) Disable Device 4 (+11)Investigate 4 (+11) Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+15) Search 4 (+11) Saves +2 Will [2PP] Feats [2PP] Evasion Improved Pin
  4. Active Threads for March 2018

    Replica Welcome to Crimebusting Monthly! (2)
  5. Welcome to Crimebusting Monthly! [OPEN]

    Replica scanned all the posts made so far. Good. Things seem to be progressing rather well. Plans are being made and good stratagems are being discussed. #HeroStuff
  6. Welcome to Crimebusting Monthly! [OPEN]

    Replica A quick scan of LittleMissTerrific's posts told Replica that this definitely wasn't the work of a hobbyist playing at being a superhero. It couldn't have been easy to gain such seemingly reliable details about Freedom City's crime scene she thought. She herself had been searching through the darker corners of the Internet for any major criminal activity and hadn't heard anything about this cases. Replica supposed it just be another thing she had to work on. Reaching out with her digital mind to manipulate the chatroom program she communicated with her new colleagues. #General A succinct and focused debut she thought. Giving the essentials of what she was capable of without unnecessary exposing to much about her identity. Replica quickly moved on to the more important topic. #HeroStuff
  7. The Incoming Claremont Class

    I think Magical Girl would up be up for everything involving (you guessed it) magic and figuring out how all that stuff works. Globetrotting and tomb raiding would be cool as well.
  8. Welcome to Crimebusting Monthly! [OPEN]

    Replica Within the sanctity of her lab Replica was finally able to relax her sociability subroutines. Work today had been trying more than usual. Not that the actual work that her job at ASTRO Labs officially required, mind you. Creating logic algorithms and designing software and hardware came naturally to her. It was the sometimes incomprehensible emotional labor when working alongside humans that made her processors work double-time. Today alone there had been three staff meetings, twelve instances where she had to make "small-talk," an impromptu office party for one of her co-worker's engagement, and an incident where she had to soothe the nerves of a new hire who feared he'd lose his job over a simple miscalculation. Replica had gotten better when it came social interactions and mimicking typical human behavior. She didn't forget to routinely breathe anymore and was much better at detecting someone's mood through their body language. Still, besides helping the new hire, which had oddly enough her positive feedback, she was glad her work day was over. Now, she had the opportunity to focus on the mysterious invitation she had discovered earlier in the week. She had found the link while "swimming" through the Internet for data worthy of notice. The link was definitely that and more. It led to a chatroom that had some of the most elaborate encryption that Replica had ever seen. She was impressed and fascinated by it and wanted to learn more. After making certain that the chatroom wasn't some kind of malware trap that would spring on her if she ventured any further into it, Replica had made deeper examinations. That's when she realized that the chatroom was for people in the "crime-fighting" business as it were. A place likely set up a veteran hero of considerable programming talent given its high-encryption. At first, she was, well, nervous wouldn't be the correct term, but apprehensive about the possibility of work with working and communicating with other heroes. The stakes involved with failing to properly communicate with a co-worker was one thing but finally to do so while fighting crime could result in more lethal consequences. She spent most of the work contemplating whether to respond or not, using probability algorithms to determine the likely consequences of doing so. Eventually, she came to her decision. Replica took a moment to glance at her lab's central computer before finally taking the plunge and signing into the chatroom, making her presence known. "Let's see where this takes us."
  9. So let's do a Birds of Prey thing

    Street crime and sleuthing sounds just up Replica's alley, so I'm game.
  10. Mistaken Controls

    Replica considered the offer for a few microseconds before declining. "Thank you for the offer, but I think I'd be out of place there," she said kindly. "Perhaps you could show me around at an another time?" Returning to walking towards the gym, Replica wondered what would it would be like if she attended the school. Alexa seemed to like it there and the school obviously had no lack for technical schooling if she was impressed by it. Replica could have always made a 'younger' body so that she could attend. Perhaps doing so would have saved her some social embarrassment and allowed her interact with other people whose sense of place in the world was just beginning to form. She put those thoughts aside though. She couldn't make a new body even if she wanted to and besides had had grown accustomed to being Cynthia Wright. "I currently in the North End, but plan on moving to Hanover. The North End is closer to where I work, but Hanover is the city's district for high-tech and electronics," Briefly stopping to contemplate her deeper reasons for moving she said, "Plus, my creator used to live there. I'm hope being around the area might turn up some clues about what happened to him." Moving away from that subject quickly she asked, "How about you?" Do you live at Claremont or somewhere else?"
  11. Mistaken Controls

    "I'm glad to hear that you're adjusting to living here relatively well. I was technically 'born' in Freedom City but moving from the digital world to the physical world was a difficult transition," Replica admitted. While walking into Bayview's more populated streets Replica noticed all the other people that were walking along the streets as well. Most were on their phones, but others were seemingly laughing with friends, making small-talk or window shopping. Many of them were younger people, teenagers in fact. Checking her internal GPS, Replica realized that they were near Claremont Academy. She didn't know much about the boarding school beyond what was public information, but there were rumors that the school wasn't all that it seemed to be. Her thirst for knowledge suddenly peaked she decided to ask Alexa about the school. "You mentioned you go to Claremont, Alexa. What's it like there? I've heard some pretty interesting things about it."
  12. Player Away Thread

    Swamped with other projects and school, but probably will be back by next week.
  13. Mistaken Controls

    "Well, now that you've confirmed it, I guess it seems am a real girl after all," Replica said in jest. Or at least she hoped that it came across as such. She started to walk alongside Alexa as they left the park grounds. This was definitely a change of routine that she hadn't counted for but wasn't particularly bothered by. In fact, the whole experience was setting her mind blaze with possibilities. Not only had she perhaps made a friend who know what she was, but she had also found someone willing to help her understand human behavior. That was something of a windfall as Replica understood and her mind tried to estimate what would ultimately come out of it. Not wanting to be too quite while they walked, Replica decided to ask Alexa a question. "Alexa may I ask if you're a native Freedom City? If the question is too personal and you don't want to answer, I'd understand perfectly."
  14. Mistaken Controls

    That was a question that Replica has been wondering about for awhile now. Was she capable of actually feeling emotions? She didn't think she could for a long time. Even the death of her creator and the hunt for his killer seemed to be more of a logical moral obligation than an emotional desire for personal justice. At least that's what she thought anyway. Today was making her reassess a lot of things about what she was. "I believe I am capable of feeling the equivalent of positive emotions. Like I said, whenever I experience certain intellectual stimuli I feel a sort of feedback that I believe is akin to human happiness and joy. Which by the way I have been experiencing while talking to you if case you were wondering." Replica wasn't sure how Alexa would take that. She had only just meet her and history had shown that humans tended to behave oddly when someone admits these sorts of things to them. Looking towards Freedom City's downtown area across the South River, Replica spoke up again. "I rarely go shopping for things that aren't building materials and I don't need to eat, strange as that probably sounds to you. But perhaps we could go to the gym. I'm sure there's plenty of social rituals and interactions I could examine and that you could explain. Besides, I think learning yoga could do wonders for my servos," she said with her best imitation of a chuckle.
  15. Mistaken Controls

    "That actually sounds rather nice, Alexa." It was weird to think about it but Replica knew that she didn't really have any friends outside of work, and even than, they were more like colleagues who would learned to tolerate her "eccentricities". Perhaps this could be a start of a true friendship shethought. "Having someone to coach me on these things would be invaluable. And being able to talk someone I trust sincerely about what I am is...liberating." That last statement made Replica experience something strange. As if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders somehow. Probably just a faculty subroutine she told herself. She hastily went back to talking. "Well, anyways, what do you have in mind for our excursion? I'm 'game' for anything."