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  1. [IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

    Ak'kar strode ahead of his men, trying to be cautious but also at an urgent pace. Hopefully most of the crew and mutineers started breathing again on their own, but he wanted to get to them as soon as possible. Ak'kar's tentacles whirred and swayed as he walked, the energy projection tentacle glowing in anticipation of a fight. "Keep close men, and be ready. Some of the hardier mutineers and men may be conscious still. Be ready to help the wounded and those that have stopped breathing. I don't want to lose a single one of my men or my passengers, understood?" Ak'kar heard a few "aye"s from behind and saw in his periphery a few nods. Mostly he was repeating previous orders but he felt it did his men good and put them both on alert and at ease to hear his voice.
  2. Better Red than Dead (IC)

    Max's brow furled in actual confusion. "What, you mean yer actually lost? Not metaphorically? Huh, that's a new one. I'm not the best with directions but you tell me where yer headed and I can maybe point the way. Though Lynn here has been here way longer than me so she'd definitely be able to tell you how to get wherever yer goin'. Ain't that right Lynn?" Max winked at Lynn and sipped his scotch.
  3. Gun Run

    "Don't give me the "oh woe is me" schtick. You may have had a bad break but you sold guns to murderers. My sympathy only goes so far in the case of those who are accomplice to killing innocents. That being said, I do know some people with possible connections who could get you what you need in or out of prison, maybe. I ain't without a heart darlin'. So I'll promise ya this: I won't just let ya die okay?" Max really was at a loss on what to do with Snowbird, despite his bravado. On one hand, she was a criminal, on the other, if she was telling the truth, turning her over would mean killing her. Could he do that? Could he sentence a woman to death like that? His gut reaction was that he needed more information to make the right decision but he knew, deep down, that no amount of information would make that decision easier, or righter. Listening to Jann's experience did make it seem like it was a possible mental attack. Spitfire didn't remember seeing any explosives go off, other than the bag he jumped on top of. "Great, so a super powerful psychic who turns anyone he wants into junkies looking to do anything for a fix? That's not at all disconcerting. How do we get close to someone like that? How do we defend against it? I may be over estimating him, but it's better to think worse case scenario and be wrong then assume a cake walk." For the first time of the night Max was at a loss on what to do next. He wasn't even sure what to do with the bad guys he already had captured, let alone how to defeat the one behind all this. Max took a step back, slumping slightly, frustrated and feeling outclassed. What am I gonna do? He thought desparately.
  4. Gun Run

    Max chucked shaking his head. "Lady I breath fire. I don't need a utility belt. As far as making a deal, that you'll have to do with the police when they arrive. I do promise however if you give me all the information you have to put in a good word with the police on my behalf, appear in court as a witness to your cooperation, whatever it takes. Now this "buzz" thing Happy Man hits people with, since your a biochemist I assume you've figured out how it works right? Is it chemical? What's the delivery system? Is there a way to counteract the effects? That sorta thing."
  5. Legends of Freedom?

    I love this idea myself! Don't have anyone to contribute to it, but I'll definitely be reading their adventures! Though I suppose in the future if you're looking for guest stars Spitfire has done more than his fair share of dimension hopping and Prince Ak'kar could lend aid to any space themed stuff y'all do since he has his own ship
  6. Better Red than Dead (IC)

    Max could understand that. For most of his life Max had been a travelling carnie, roaming the country in search of meaning and a fun time. There was a freedom to not knowing what the next day would bring, the road being your home. Journey over destination. He had tried to make Freedom City a home years back, it didn't take the first time but now he had reasons to stay. He had friends here who were more like family, and he felt more comfortable with himself and his place in the world, as a person and as a hero. He'd faced his demons but that didn't mean that the wanderlust didn't hit him occasionally and he had to fight off the urge to jump on his motorcycle and race the sun to the horizon. "Totally get it, Dmitri. Not all who wander are lost eh?" Max nodded to Dmitri's empty glasses. "Need a reload? It's on me from one vagabond to another."
  7. Better Red than Dead (IC)

    Max returned the toast with a wide grin before taking another sip of his scotch. This was the life as far as he was concerned, enjoying drinks with a few ladies who happen to be the most badass women he'd ever met, and two of his best friends who he knew would have his back come hell or alternate nightmare dimension. Max squeezed Moira's hand and gave her a warm smile that he hoped conveyed how much he appreciated her friendship. Max turned to the fur laden man and smiled. "I'd have to disagree with ya there friend. Vodka is great and all but the best for a wintery day is a scotch so peaty it tastes like yer drinkin' a campfire. That or a good hot Gin Toddy. Name's Max. And I hope I don't offend when I say you don't sound like yer from 'round these parts. What brings ya to good ole FC today? Other than of course the famous hospitality of Morley's."
  8. Gun Run

    Max wasn't without sympathy. Hearing the woman talk about needing drugs pained him, but he didn't feel bad for taking her down. Her problems may have put her in a bad position, but there were other ways than turning to crime to deal with them. Max had learned that the hard way himself. At the mention of Flare Max turned his head to look at Jann. "Think you could go tie up our other guest and bring her over here? I don't want her waking up and running off on us." Max wished he knew some of the science type heroes running around Freedom but the only one he knew of was Doktor Archeville and he had met him only in passing during some sort of demon attack years ago before he left. He didn't exactly have his number. His friend Asad might have a contact or two though. "Listen here lady, what yer doin' is wrong, and yer gonna have to pay for it. That bein' said, I may have some contacts that could help you with this... chemical problem. I take it that you aren't talking about drugs? If so there's plenty of ways to help that. But if yer talking about some weird science mumbo jumbo. I might know a guy. First though, can you tell me where this Happy Man is? How many men he has with him? Any intel at all. If me and Tweety are gonna take him down, we need info. Plus I doubt he'd be very pleased with either of you for having both botched a sale and failing to get rid of us. Looks to me like you need our protection from this."
  9. Giving Up the Ghost

    ok so: Sense Motive: 1d20+13 19 He is tricked! and toughness save! Toughness Save: 1d20+12 29 So failed by 1, making him Bruised! Ronin is up!
  10. Gun Run

    okie doke! Intimidate: 1d20+2 10 that's not good enough, I'll HP for a re-roll Initmidate HP reroll: 1d20+2 8 plus 10 from reroll makes 18
  11. Gun Run

    ok edited!
  12. Gun Run

    Wow! Ok I'll edit my last post
  13. Gun Run

    Max heard the shout from Jann and whipped his head around to see the lady with the sparking cold gun run through the doors. He had wondered where the avian had gone off to, and now he saw that he'd been pre-occupied with the back up he had heard through Flare's cell. Max grinned to himself, confident that finding two people immune to fire in the same night was unlikely and let all the anger and pain out in a rapid succession of zipping red fire balls at the Snowbird. "I didn't invite you to this shindig darlin'! I suggest you hot foot it out of here!" Max punned triumphantly. The fireballs all hit the Snowbird about the midesction and shoulders, sending her first flying off her feet, then skidding across the floor to come to rest against the concierge table. "Oh busboy! Take care of this old bag will ya?" Max walked up to the Snowbird then leaned down to get his face inches away from hers. Max kept the fire roiling in his mouth so flames licked his lips with each word. "Now yer gonna tell me all about these high tech weapons, and these cheese-headed gangsters and their leader, or I'm going to show you that I don't need a bucket of water to melt a witch like you."
  14. Gun Run

    Finally! Someone Max can burn down! Let's go with a little of the ole Spitfire Attack roll all out attack 2: 1d20+13 31 So that's Blast 11 Autofire so not sure what the damage is since I don't know Snowbird's defense to know what the roll beat it by
  15. [IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

    Ak'kar had no idea what was going on, but from the man's babbling it seemed like there was some sort of possession happening to them? Either that or, to Ak'kar's horror, they could be Grue. Either option was horrific, and left him with little in the way of choice. His crew was looking to him to make a decision and he had no idea what the right one might be. Whatever he chose, he knew he must display absolute certainty so he stood straight and held his hands behind his back. "Alright men listen up, we are going to take back the ship, but to do so we need to be drastic. I want medical at the ready to resuscitate the fallen crew, security bring all the restraints you can carry. I am going to cut off life support to everything around this room, it will not take long for everyone else on the ship to lose consciousness. At that point we will begin resuscitating and apprehending the mutineers." Ak'kar calmly walked over to the console and inserted his interface tentacle, an audible depowering noise groaned through the ship as the lights darkened and the air was vented into space around the bridge.