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  1. Gun Run

    Spitfire looked to the phone, which he somehow heard, and then back to the bike, then to Flare running away, then back to the bike, then grinned devillishly. "Maybe yer immune to fire girlie, but not metal!" With that Max plunged his hand into the molten remains of the bike and pulled out a fist covered in red glowing steel, dripping onto the pavement. "Luuucy! You have some 'splainin' to doooo!"
  2. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    I remain a stalwart presence, an avatar of annoyance that graces the screens with eloquence and persnickety
  3. Gun Run

    Notice at -5: 1d20+5 22 that's for hearing the phone So you tell me if this flies, I was thinking maybe Max sticks his hand in the moltem metal of the bike so next time he goes to punch somebody his hand is encased in metal (effectively adding a rank of damage to his strength damage) I figure that's worth an action
  4. Children of the Corn Maze

    Max laughed at Mark. "Yeah, but it was an alternate dimension maze ran by a demon who fed on the sins of it's maze's inhabitants, so I doubt that's the kind of thing we want our kids running through, and it changed every so often so there's no working your way through it. Don't think that's what we wanna build. Do need to make the center rather large if we're gonna have even a miniature version of the carnival in there. I'll tell Deardra to leave the Elephants and the like at home." Max pulled out his phone and stepped to the side. "Hey Deardra! It's Maxie! Don't hang up, I got a gig!..."
  5. Gun Run

    Max saw that she was headed for her motorcycle and spit, shaking his head. "Nu-uh honey, not this time. You and I are gonna finish this dance!" With that Max sprinted for the bike, laying down fire along the way to glide on, increasing his speed. When he got to the bike he took in a deep breath, asked forgiveness of the gods of motorcycles and all things cool, and spewed liquid virtiolic fire so hot it was white upon the bike, hoping to melt it to little more than a heap of melted metal and rubber. He needed answers in regards to this man in the park and on the video camera, and he wasn't about to let this last lead ride off again leaving him in the lurch.
  6. Gun Run

    ok so charging the bike! Power attacking as well on the Corrosion 11 to make it Corrosion 16! Pow Attacked charge of Flare's bike: 1d20+6 22 That'll hit I assume so it's Drain Toughness 16 and Damage 16
  7. Gun Run

    Max sputtered out a curse before throwing himself out of the car. "Next time, I'm driving!" Max hit the pavement hard, but rolled well with the impact, coming up to a lamp post and bracing against it for support. To someone else it may look like he face planted into the pole, but that's not what happened. Besides, there was no marks on his face or body to prove that it had happened that way. Max thanked his mutant thick skin for that one. Max turned to see Bird of Arms launch himself out of the windshield and at Flare, accompanied by the screeching shriek of tearing metal and busting glass. "I get involved with the strangest people in this gig. And that's sayin' something considering my last gig I worked fer the circus!"
  8. Gun Run

    ini: 1d20+3 20 here's an acro check to avoid eating asphalt Acrobatics check: 1d20+15 28 golden!
  9. I Have Not Yet Begun To Fright!

    It took a while, but eventually the entirety of the Skeleton Crew (minus a few parts) were back aboard the Black Flag, including her Captain. The wounds would heal and the appendages would regrow, but now the main concern was getting the stranded sailors of the fishing trawler back to shore. They were all quite a bit nervous and fidgety, considering they were on a literal pirate ship with a literal crew of undead pirates, but they were at the least aware that these particular undead saved them from the other undead. It was not long before a post went up on twitter: Crabbin4lyfe wrote: Just got saved from an evil ghost ship by undead pirates! Tnx Capt Flintlock! #notallundead The only question for Flintlock was at this point, how much rum could be bought with Aztec bullion before having to get it exchanged into modern currency. Fin.
  10. Karaoke Night at Morley's Pub

    Spitfire turned to the reporter and smiled. "Mic's open to all ma'am, not just us in our halloween get ups. You go on up there and make us all regret lending our sorry voices to this shindig. Afterwards, if ya want, you can interview me. The answer to the first question you'll ask is yes, I'm always this devastatingly handsome." Max gave her a little wink and ordered another shot. He was starting to feel a little looser, now that he was on his third scotch, and as usual his already outgoing personality was heading into "bombastic" or maybe just downright annoying, depending on who you asked. "I myself might do one more afore the night is over. Here's hopin' I don't get all morose and sad before I decide to get up there again. Nobody likes a downer at karaoke night."
  11. Active Threads for October 2017

    Prince Ak'kar Diaspora: The Trek Outwards (1) Spitfire Children of the Corn Maze (2) Gun Run (15) Karaoke Night At Morley's Pub (1) GM I Have Not Yet Begun To Fright! (10)
  12. I Have Not Yet Begun To Fright!

    Moctezuma's eyes went wide for brief instance before the cannon took his ethereal head off his shoulders. Any question of the ghost surviving such a blast flew out the window as a tentacle of the massive kraken came crashing down on what was left of Moctezuma's form. After the gargantuan splash of water all that was left of the spirit was red vapor and a ghostly, distant scream. As the waters settled, the sun finally split the clouds. Mist dissipated leaving a calm sea that showed no signs of the brewing storm and vengeance of Moctezuma. As the rays of the sun lighted upon the deck of the Black Flag there came a glittering rain of bullion of gold and silver upon her decks. Not the angry bullet sped ripping that the crew was used to, but a small tinkling as the La Nochte Triste treasure was freed from the curse of it's previous owner. Soon the deck was covered in gleaming coins that caught the sunlight and lit the deck of the pirate ship as if it was a heavenly sent craft carrying the angels. The day was won, and another treasure had been recovered, as had another shade been put to final rest.
  13. I Have Not Yet Begun To Fright! (OOC)

    toughness save: 2#1d20+6 11 14 If he made the save for reflex wouldn't matter with that low a roll He is now but mist on the wind!
  14. I Have Not Yet Begun To Fright!

    Moctezuma looked confused, like no one had ever actually asked him before what his issues were. "I ruled my people long ago. The Spanish came, took my treasure and my life and the life of my people, then carried it away on their ships. I cursed them and the treasure, and so now my fate is entwined with that of my treasure. None may possess it and not befall the fate of the Spaniards before them. Those souls that do take my treasure I deal with, then they serve me forever. This is the way it has been and always shall be! I was robbed of the ability to exact my revenge on the souls of the Bonhomme Richard, and so I had to wait till the veil was weak, and my strength was gathered to lift her out of the sea. There is nothing you could offer me, no succor that will quench my rage. My people are gone, their lives and impact almost forgotten. I will make them remember us. I will make them fear us! I will make you all pay! You will all know my RUIN!" The sky cracked and a peel of lightning forked overhead to emphasize the last word. The ghost of Moctezuma's eyes flashed a red light and Flintlock could see his legs had reformed to just above the knee. He still looked weak, but his anger fueled his mad spirit even beyond death. There seemed little to no reason left behind those spectral eyes.
  15. Gun Run

    Max's eyebrows shot up to his forehead like a rocket. He'd never been trusted by the cops, let alone given the car keys to a cruiser before. This was definitely odd for him, considering he was just about to be arrested before being given a ride. Looking around he could see that the staff of the hospital was relatively used to chaos and all hell breaking loose. He should have figured that considering it was a hospital, but it was nice to know that they could continue on their merry way without needing to stop to aid the civilians, besides, what was he gonna do? They were already at the hospital. "You drive then Birdie boy, but I'm definitely turning on the lights and the siren. Don't think I'll ever get this opportunity again. To the Carnie Mobile! That doesn't sound good, we'll think of a name for it later."