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  1. ic

    "Well let's see!" Hyperactive replied. He started off with a few quick laps of the building. The world seemed frozen. He zipped about it at hypersonic speed. Making note of any big bold doors. Then he looked for any other ways in, and made note of the security system. He could probably break in fairly easily, and well not like it would be the first time today. Finally Hyperactive looked out for anything that resembled a way out. These banditos could have all the headstart in the world. If hyperactive knew where they were going they wouldn't get away. Hyperactive stopped at the back door. For him it was a few minutes, in reality it was a few thousandths of a second. He looked it over and pulled it wide open. In a blur of motion he grabbed Weekend Man and had him at the back door before the other hero could blink. "Back door!" He declared as he let the other hero get his bearings. "I can scout it out invisibly gimme a sec."
  2. ic

    Kid Kamehameha leapt in to help his new ally. Ku had given him some instruction in tactics. With a quick bound Kimo was in position. Kid Kamehameha smashed both hands together. He had closed so that the resultant blast wave would catch as many of the masked thugs as well as hitting at least one truck. There was a loud crack and the pressure wave was almost visible as it emanated from the Kid's hands.
  3. ooc

    Kid K will go with a Shockwave! DC 19 reflex save to half damage. He's going for the trucks and as many of the bound guys as he can get.
  4. ic

    Hyperactive rolled out his shoulders and ankles. He wasn't waiting for an answer. "Be right back. There's some ships in the harbor. If we aren't careful they could get thrown inwards." Hyperactive darted out of the hotel. His feet dashed over the water until he got to the boats. One boat was falling through the air off a wave. The world seemed slow. Hyperactive raised his arm and aimed at the falling boat. He felt the kinetic energy change to potential energys he stopped it falling. He dashed up the wave and grabbed the two kids first. In an instant he was back in the hotel. He let them go on the floor and zipped out throwing the parents over each shoulder. Boom. Back to hotel. He grabbed the couple who were on the next boat and dropped them off before draining the kinetic energy out of that boat. He repeated the process on each boat he found. The next boat had an older couple who he gently placed in the lobby. A single man was on the next boat. The last boat was weird. One middle aged lady with three dozen cats had been in the yacht. He had brought her back to the hotel and then made a few trips back and forth for the cats. "Ok that's all the yachts frozen and everyone evacuated!" Hyperactive retracted his lower face shield. He put his hands on his knees and panted heavily. "Why are there so many cats? Where are we putting people? Are there any other heroes here?"
  5. ic

    PC Hyperactive liked neither the ominous skittering nor the way all eight of those spider eyes were on him. If they weren't small those things were clearly gigantic. And if they were small, well he might never look at spiders the same way again. "Those could be fake. Maybe giant robot spiders?" Hyperactive asked as he locked his face shield in place. "I'm gonna kick it and find out." In a burst of speed Hyperactive hit the side of the empty building and darted up it. With a flip he slammed his heel straight into the creature. The blow was solid, there was a thud. Not like hitting metal, or like hitting flesh. It was like, well like hitting a crab. It was almost a click and then a scrape. Hyperactive ran over the Spider and up the building. The spider hissed a bubbling vicious hiss mixed with the clicking of fangs. It aimed it's ire almost at where Hyperactive was, it had better reflexes than your average street thug, but couldn't turn fast enough on the Speedster. "It's real! It's very real! And very angry! Hyperactive shouted looking down from the top of the fake building.
  6. ooc

    Ok so Hyperactive is gonna go for this first spider! Kick that spider: 1d20+10 24 Which means the spider has to make a DC 25 toughness save Toughness save: 1d20+6 25 whelp it takes no damage... Hyperactive is going to run to the top of the building.
  7. ooc

    Ok Hyperactive Initiative: 1d20+12 29 Spiders initiative : 1d20+3 10
  8. Hey so if there's anything that needs changing with that let me know.
  9. ooc

    Bluff check: 1d20+1 21 Ha ha ha! The Hollywood air seems to have not only inspired Hyperactive to try acting it seems to have made him an ok liar just this once!
  10. ic

    Hyperactive glanced over his shoulder. The man in costume approaching was a familiar sight. "You're the Weekend Man right?" Hyperactive smiled. "I'm Hyperactive, you know Waco Warriors? Believe me everyone who's even remotely a Texas hero I keep tabs on hoping they join the Warriors." Anything to make them seem less like a college club and more of a legitimate team of Super Heroes. Not that everyone on the team was happy with that. "I tried to contact you a while back. Don't think anything ever got to you." "Anyways. I think they have blasting charges on the vault door. At least I hope that's what that noise was. Anyway. Bombs. Somewhere. Definitely guns and civilians. I can phase straight through the door, but I'm gonna make a scene. Last thing I want is people getting shot." Hyperactive stopped. Glanced at Weekend Man to make sure he was following. "Any and all help is appreciated."
  11. ic

    "Quiet on the set." Hyperactive whispered as he hushed the phone. He had some good and some bad ideas. This was the best idea he had come up with, but he wasn't too sure how great an idea that made it. "Job's done!" Chirped Hyperactive. "But see about payment." Hyperactive paused. "There was a complication. There was a hero. A super hero." Hyperactive held a finger to his lips for quiet as he flipped the phone to speaker. He turned to Zyte and mouthed: Record this.
  12. ic

    "How far can you call Gabriel?" Hyperactive asked. "Cause I can run people in pretty fast. If you and Grim go in we might have a chance of setting this peacefully." "It seems like it would be a bad idea to have all of us show up at once, especially if some of us won't be able to speak their language at all." Hyperactive added. "But if it does come to blows, if the rest of us are nearby we can come in and be the cavalry. Especially if we're out of sight to begin with it won't seem like we're setting a trap. But all y'all won't be really out numbered."
  13. ic

    "Yeah I'd agree they seemed a bit-" Hyperactive paused and processed at super speed. "Rehearsed. Like they were acting. Even as they were pulling the job." Hyperactive took one of the phones and punched the number in. He didn't call just yet though. Something was off. "Distasteful? The movies, methods, or heroes?" Hyperactive asked Zyte. The guy had pretty good taste. Gaudy? Maybe. Over the top? Definitely. Showboat? Yep. But those last two were Hyperactive as well. He liked big personalities. "Well there's one really great way to find out if she hired them." Hyperactive called the number. "Hi can I speak to Miss Bloom?"
  14. ic

    "Well we definitely do not know they are after Parrot." Hyperactive said as he got down low. "But let's see what this turns up." Hyperactive went through every pocket on these guys. It was as thorough a search as could be done in public. His body a blur as he went over every inch of them.
  15. ooc

    Using quickness 10, gonna take 20 on that. Not sure how upgrades after a thread starts work, so st least 27, maybe 29.