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  1. Using my quickness 17 I'm gonna search the whole town for cameras, bombs, etc. And if I can find anything that might lead to this director. So search result 29 on that check.
  2. ic

    "Hello." Hyperactive responded. He took a look over the town. Nope this was absolutely like a movie set. And someone called action. "So we're looking for a director." Hyperactive told Weekend Man. This was weird. Who was in on this who wasn't. "Think he's using mind control?" Hyperactive asked. Hyperactive hated mind control. He tried to run the Baylor fight song in the back of his mind in case someone tried to listen in. He wasn't sure if it would help, but with how much raw processing power his brain had at super speed. It was viable. "Why don't I search the town to see if anything seems really out of place. Cameras, bombs, et certera. Be back." With that Hyperactive was gone, he was moving as fast as he could without jumping into another dimension. He came back back to the other hero. After seeing the whole town. It was uneasy. "ok so first off, cameras everywhere." Hyperactive pointed everywhere. "No bombs either. Which hey an up. And the director has a mansion. Shall we?"
  3. ic

    "Well I guess I'd better get running." Hyperactive started to move. The rest of the group might catch a shimmering after image of him for a brief moment, but then Hyperactive was gone. He ran as quickly as he could while still remaining well invisible. It wouldn't take too long to check these caves, at least he hoped, and Hyperactive made sure to give Gabriel a wide enough berth. While le he wasn't running he turned over the idea of the rebellion over in his head. Would they be doing any good? What if the Empress was just waiting for them to find the rebels for her? But then these were smart people and far far far smarter than him. They'd have a plan for that. Right? Would he even know if it was a trap? Hyperactive shook his head to clear it. He needed to focus on the job at hand, scouting. Seeing where to make a stand or ambush if need be. Places where they might get ambushed in. He could manage this and so he could do the best he could.
  4. ooc

    As per the ic I'm gonna rule that this takes us out of combat, since y'all would pummel her senseless anyways and this is more interesting.
  5. Like My Father, But Bolder- Hyperactive June 30th, 2017 Seasonal, outside Chicago The ball went sailing through the air again. It was kind of a weird experience. The lights and the cameras and the microphones all for a game of catch. But that was what they needed for this shoot. The government had a series of grants running for those supers willing to shoot what amounted to essentially propaganda videos. The Seasonal, the training facility and base for Mr. October and Sunset Speedster, had been more than happy to shoot a video for the government project and their son Tyson, aka Hyperactive, had been willing to be a part of it. They'd settled on a super powered game of catch to show off the young heroes training and skills. Tyson was paying attention, but his mind was in the past. Catch had been the way Tyson and Frederick Masters had connected when Tyson was growing up. Tyson's powers had come piecemeal, his speed first and reflexes much later. Tyson's father hadn't had that problem and so both of them had struggled with the clumsy super sonic youth. Tyson watched the ball as it came in slowly at only about a hundred miles an hour. He held up his mitt and snagged it out of the air. He flicked the ball back into his other hand before sending it off with a flick of his wrist over at one of the kids who now called the Seasonal home. Whiplash, as the young man was known, let his arm stretch out and grab the ball almost a hundred feet away. Frederick Masters, in a limited version of his costume as Mr. October, dropped down besides his son. "Glad you could make it." Boomed the middle aged hero to his son, all for the cameras. The ball went flying towards 2.0 who wasn't paying attention. Neither hero reacted as both watched the ball impact with the girl's jaw. Before it had moved even another centimeter Tyson Masters aka Hyperactive stretched out his hand and pulled the kinetic energy from the ball freezing it in the air. "2.0!" Hyperactive asked zipping forward and grabbing the ball as the teenager rubbed her jaw. "What was your mistake?" "I didn't catch the ball?" She asked and Hyperactive sent the ball whirling at her.her arm snapped up in response. She snatched it out of the air. "Why'd you catch it that time?" Mr. October asked as 2.0 sent the ball back at Whiplash. "I wasn't paying attention." Sighed the young technopath. The game of catch resumed and October hovered near his son. Both men stepped back. They watched the ball streak back and forth as they took in the display of powers. "My base is still cooler." Hyperactive punched his old man before making a show of shaking his wrist out. This was only partly for the camera. "But you know this is all publicity." October said stepping back and waving the mic away. Hyperactive flashed the number five. "Sure. The Seasonal stands ready to keep the streets of Chicago Clean." "Hey J.T. Bought us new toys who am I to argue?" Shrugged October. The new toys had been some much needed renovations to the base. Including a means of rapid transit for slower heroes, much to 2.0's delight. "Yeah Zyte and I will be working on that for Waco in a little bit. Hornet and Vagabond were thrilled with the upgrades." Both men went back to watching the ball fly. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. "Did you ever wonder if your team would last?" "Condor and I butted heads as boys. Your mother and her father didn't always see eye to eye." He paused as he watched the ball fly back and forth. "And the rest, well I'd hardly call us a team. We stuck to those old fashioned rules." Again a pause as both men watched the two up and coming heroes send the ball back and forth. "They didn't." Hyperactive closed his eyes behind his mask. He remembered the video of Mr. October, Sunset Speedster, Condor and Summer Son had protected Condor from the vigilantes Treble and Base. Those two had come to kill the original Drone Master and the four heroes had defended her. It had split the city's opinion. Some had supported the attempt at a public execution while most had been appalled. "You know I'm so thankful for that." Hyperactive said looking at his father. "For all the times you and Condor kept me from killing. It made me a better man." Hyperactive looked forward. "I miss him dad." "I know son." Sighed October. "That run you did for cancer with those other speedsters was great. I'm sure he loved it." The ball flew like a weaver's shuttle between the other two. "J.T. Wanted me to convince you to run for his federal team." "Did he ask you?" "No he wants to leave states and cities with some heroes." October snagged the ball as it came near and sent it long for Whiplash. "Was a little insulted when his request for me was to convince you." "I'm loathe to leave the warriors." Sighed Hyperactive. It was true, but not all the truth. He was thinking of the other teams of Federal heroes and how sometimes they were seen as being wholly ineffective. The ball went wide and he was out and snagging it and lobbing it back into play without a thought. He really hoped they could get enough video for one shoot. He didn't want to do this all again. "I remember the days of state sponsored heroes, and the licensing programs." October said. "I'm happy taking money until they tell me to kill someone." "I don't think that's what they have in mind." "That's not how it starts." October added. "I know I know. Public safety becomes registration, becomes camps, and death squads." Most days Tyson was flippant when he said things like that to his father, but today? It was serious. He'd run across the multiverse, fought world conquerors and seen the might of the Terminus from afar. But he had always had Prime to run home to. "You want to prevent that? Then join them. Let your voice be heard. Stand for what is right." "Like you and mom and Summer Son?" Tyson grinned. "Better than us Son." Frederick said. "But Hyperactive. Remember that no matter what happens, we love you." The two men hugged and Hyperactive really hoped that it was caught on camera. A few hours later, Tyson sat in the Attometer watching the lightning burn across the sky of the Shadow Zone. He swirled the Dr. Pepper in his glass as the communication array stabilized. "Mr. President. I've considered your proposal."
  6. AA and Mafia, Hyperactive will use Air control and speed to move Weekend man to the town where the director is.
  7. ic

    GM Lurlene Spat. Lurlene Cursed. The red light in her eyes flared up. And then it faded. The young woman looked confused and panicked. She struggled against the mighty grip of Stalwart, to no avail. Her grip on her gun loosened for a moment before she caught it, seeming to have presence of mind not to drop the loaded weapon. "Where? Wut?" She asked her head whipping back and forth passed the collected heroes. "Breakneck wut' goin' on?" She asked as she tried to orient herself.
  8. ic

    GM "well then, lets make sure he isn't late and this is all a waste." Gear remarked. Cain for his part was more than happy to lead them to where they needed to go. He seemed to want to continue to exist. The Knot was what anyone would call a rough neighborhood. There was a way people held themselves. They tended to stay together or if they went by themselves they kept their head down and moved quickly. No one was openly hostile as the four arrived but everyone saw and made note of them. "That front stoop." Cain gestured at the front of what was probably a residential building of some kind. There were a few clusters of nameless moving around, but no one paid much mind. "I'm supposed to go there to meet with my contact."
  9. ic

    "You know what, I have absolutely no idea what I did." Hyperactive replied getting back on his feet. He looked between the two of them. This was weird, but as far as he could tell not world ending. Or at least not imminently world ending. Which was good. He had time. "I think, emphasis on think, that I just split the two of you pushed part of you into the Shadow Zone and the background radiation and energy gave you both physical form." Hyperactive paused, looked around at the stillness and quiet. A moment or longer to grab his breath perhaps. "Or I could be totally wrong!" "In any case we should talk this out not fight it out. Come on no one else needs to get hurt."
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    I edited my last IC post to contain the attack!
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    Sure whatever you've got in mind! Lets get crazy!
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    Sounds like a plan Dimension Attack: 1d20+8 10 so a massive miss. Feel free to dump him into the Shadow Zone
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    Ok yeah you got her!
  14. ic

    Hyperactive shot a text to the Warriors. -Super Villain situation. Digital Media gimmick high risk CivColat.- It was a high risk of Collateral damage situation, and they wanted to take on the full power of the Warriors. Which meant this was a very cocky, reckless or stupid villain. "Ok good news. This isn't T.I.A.M.U.T." Hyperactive looked up from his phone. "And that base isn't too far from here. I can give you a ride there. Little worried that this guy might fling his minions at us mixed in with civilians."
  15. ooc

    Oh I'm staying there with him! Which feels like a really dumb idea... Essentially my aim is to take him into the shadow zone and use the wide open space to run circles around him. Of course the Attometer has ways of getting back and having them arrive directly back in the base might be interesting.