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  1. Ferris Wheels and Fishmen [IC]

    "We have what I guess you would call a fair?" Koa said, not sure if that was the right word. "People show animals and there's contests." it was something Koa loved even if he didn't get to be that close. There was always the chance for bloody noses and worse, so he'd always kept his distance. "I'm from more in the country though, so I'm not sure what the cities are like." Koa listened fairly intently to all the talk of flying. He could not fly, nor did he really see the appeal. It was like swimming in the air, and well he could swim in the water. He was content being able to leap around. He really did not want to get in trouble and it seemed silly to use powers when the point was to ride the rides. "That looks like fun." Koa said pointing at the roller coaster. "We used to jump into rip tides and it was kind of like that. I think."
  2. Ferris Wheels and Fishmen [IC]

    "What's a Ferris wheel?" The Atlantean freshman asked shyly from the next row back. He wiped the sweat from his brow as he asked. He was not handling the heat well. "There aren't amusement parks where I'm from." Koa had found there was only so much working out and combat training he could do before boredom set in. And he was still trying not to get lost in the disorienting reef of buildings that was Freedom. So the opportunity to go to the Amusement park had been one he couldn't pass up.
  3. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    Koa took in the various displays of powers with interest and a twinge of Jealousy. Everyone here seemed to have powers they could show off. On the one hand he had exceptional control for a wereshark, he hadn't eaten anyone well ever. But it wasn't like he could just turn to show off. He would get stuck in that form and he didn't want that to be a first impression. Koa held his tongue as he watched, he didn't have anything to add. Instead, he slipped off to the side still where he could see, but where he would go unnoticed. He melted into the shadows to take in the displays.
  4. Threads!

    Koa would be happy to do a beach thread! Super awkward but happy!
  5. The Greatest Show on Earth (IC)

    The Warriors had been instrumental in riding Austin of Parker's cult. It helped that Hyperactive answered the phone before the first ring had finished. When he had heard who he was speaking to he cracked a huge smile. "Fast Forward, always a pleasure! What can I do for you?" He smiled. "I'm actually..." he paused for a moment still running fast as he left Vegas in the dust. "Well now I'm actually in LA. Working a case, a big one actually." He smiled into the phone. "Could actually use some help, or at least someone who knows this area better than I do."
  6. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    The pond keeps getting bigger. Koa took in the growing throng with something not unlike dread. The others all looked so much more... impressive than he did. Then it dawned on him, that probably meant they wouldn't be terrified when he turned. He looked over the now growing crowd of people again. One seemed aloof, but the other two had said hello, and it seemed rude not to reply. "Hello, Salvo. I'm Koa." The young Atlantean said extending his left hand to shake, (that was how surfacers did it right?) with a wide grin before remembering his teeth even in this form were like razors. He shut his lips while still keeping a now far shyer smile. "But I guess you knew that... I'm Feeding Frenzy!" Oh did that feel good to say. He hadn't actually gotten much of a chance to say it out loud, but he liked the way it sounded. His smile broke back into a toothy grin before slapping his other hand in front of his face embarrassed still over his teeth.
  7. Registration Day: 2 Fang 2 Furious (OPEN)

    Koa heard the surfacers had an expression: "like a fish out of water." He was fairly certain it wasn't usually this literal. The surface world was bright and dry, two things that Koa was not used to. He scratched irritatedly at the collar of his shirt which happened to be almost choking him, he'd rather have it totally unbuttoned but that felt wholly inappropriate in front of the princess. Which was a whole 'nother thing. There was another surfacer expression that came to mind. "Little fish, very big pond." He was meeting a princess. Being helped by a princess. Him. A kid who grew up in the backwaters of the Pacific. He was talking to a princess. Or he would be if he had said anything. When she mentioned the Doom Room, Koa stood at attention. "Yes your Highness." Koa gave an Atlantean salute, as his father had taught him. "I haven't maimed anyone in..." How long had it been? Months. Just say months that's probably true. "Months."
  8. Dream Team (OOC)

    I spent my HP so I'll take that skip.
  9. Dream Team (OOC)

    Isn't Hyperactive dazed? So shouldn't it skip him?
  10. The Greatest Show on Earth (IC)

    Hyperactive spent the next few minutes dashing around gathering information and comforting the crowd as well. He was a familiar face in most of Texas, and a super was always welcome. At least he had found that to be true. But he was piecing together information on that villain. "Good news and bad news." He made his way back to Weekend Man. "When I was a little kid my parents used to tell me about this guy. Well more my parents friends who were other heroes." He said as he looked out at the town. "They would tell me about him when I was little to get me to slow down. 'Don't run off on me or Parker Psion will snatch you up!'" He paused and shuddered. "I mean I used to be terrified of this guy... and now that I've gone toe to toe with him-" a grin spread across his face. "How cool would it be if we got him?" Then faster than anyone could really track. "Actually I'm downright terrified. Let's see if we can't spoil whatever game he has going, but I mean actually beating him may be above what we can do on our own. But we seemed to make him mad which was honestly more than I ever thought I would do to someone like that."
  11. Back and Deader Than Ever!

    GM "An excellent question." Dr. Yang gave a slight nod. "We aren't able to identify magic or evil with science. But we suspect this isn't natural. For one thing the victims all presented with these fungal growths." He aimed a laser pointer at clumps of blackish, green and grey moss that was in the center. "We haven't seen anything like it." "In some of the less advanced cases, which were among the team sent in to recover samples of the vector, we managed to reverse it with antifungal sprays and one of our more religious colleagues used holy water." Dr. Yang continued pointing at a young woman with a bandaged arm. "But we attempted that on one in a similar state to this one and, well the body simply crumbled."
  12. Back and Deader Than Ever!- OOC

    These zombies just from looking at them are kinda weird. They're magical, but youre pretty sure the magic is tied to the fungus growing on them. Not necessarily the corpse being magic, but the fungal mold on it seems to be the actual magic portion.
  13. Back and Deader Than Ever!

    GM From the perspective of the other two heroes they were in their previous location, and then suddenly, they were not. The two heroes found themselves in a laboratory with a dozen beleaguered scientists and doctors. The Speedster had snatched them so fast their minds hadn't been able to keep up. Which was ok. It made for a far smoother ride. "Mr. Daggers, and Woodsman. Good to meet in person by the way." Hyperactive smiled shaking the hand. He gave a nod to Woodsman as well. "I think I should let the good doctor explain what is going on. If anyone needs caffeine I can get my hands on some." Hyperactive said as he opened the third two liter bottle of Dr. Pepper, which hadn't been there before. "Gentlemen." Dr. Yang pointed at a glass tank. Slamming fists against the glass was... a humanoid. There were signs of decay all over the body. The clothes were torn up and damaged. The eyes were glassed over and it repeatedly beat it's fists on the tank. "There's a small town in the Appalachians that we recovered this..." he paused deliberating. "Disease vector. We think most of the town has succumbed to this disease. We want to rescue any survivors and find a way to contain this... situation."
  14. The Greatest Show on Earth (OOC)

    This sounds like a job for some knowledge rolls... well a knowledge roll Knowledge History: 1d20+6 23 thats real good!
  15. The Greatest Show on Earth (OOC)

    Let's gather information! Taking ten to talk around. Trying to see if people are from here, if they remember getting mind controlled, if they know anything about the director. Also so if people need to be taken home Hyperactive will zip them home. And lastly can I call upon a friend, via my connected feat, and get them to effectively cross reference this guy with live feeds etc, to see if he pops up anywhere? Or is that too much for that feat?