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  1. ooc

    That's fine, I'll just treat it as he fixed the magic, but he still got bit by a snake.
  2. ooc

    But I'm still down at Con 7?
  3. ooc

    Healing of Lono: 1d20+10 27 if that's not the right roll let me know!
  4. ooc

    Switched over to Lono and used my healing power. so I guess I make a recovery Check with my heal power added?
  5. ic

    "Well." How to explain this? He shrugged his shoulders forcing the rage to subside. He dragged the now unconscious witch in and slumped against the wall. So not just a snake, but magic too. Well, he happened to have something for that. "God of the wild medicines, Lono god of the wild lend me your healing." He felt his body strengthen, he felt the flow of the healing magic surround him. He laid a hand on his leg and pushed the healing magic into him. "I stay, one champion of the gods of my people. Power for protect the Hawaiian people. Well all kine people but mostly Hawaiian." "She's some kine kahuna, or shaman." Kimo said. "I tink. Definitely magic and definitely kapu." He'd have words when she woke up but for now he just sat back and let the two magics fight it out across his body. "Get any way for keep her down when she wake up?"
  6. ic

    Kimo felt all the muscles in his leg tense. There was a pulse as he felt his blood pressure rise. Ok it was official, he hated snakes and not just eels, and he was certain it was mutual. They were close enough anyways to one another. "Get back!" Kimo shouted to Rosa before leaping over and grabbing the witch, he lifted her up and then slammed an arm straight into her solar plexus he saw her go limp from the impact as he knocked her out. He'd deal with her in a bit. "Eh! Try come at me again!" Kimo shouted at the snake. He was feeling Pele's power flow not just through his body, but also his mind. Maui, Ku, Pele, all of them flowed through him as he sighted down the creature that he felt would try for Rosa.
  7. ooc

    Snake is still around can I try to grab that thing?
  8. ooc

    Ok well I'm leaving the viper alone Attack Vesper: 1d20+5 20 so if that hits it's a DC 24 toughness Save and ill improve grab to attempt to grapple her. Fort save against poison: 1d20+5 11 oof... so not feeling great, but definitely feeling pissed off.
  9. ooc

    So do I make a toughness or a fortitude save?
  10. ic

    PC "Shoot it down, I guess." Gear said as he pulled out the four elegant pistols of his. He hadn't noticed the creature but he trained two guns on it. The other two he tried to get a clear bead on the drone. "My guess is you're the better shot." Gear said. He hated the jungle. Xobron was almost all city, well when he was born. He rarely went into this sort of place. Starshot seemed far more comfortable here, and Gear was perfectly willing to play support. He seriously hoped this trip was worth the 300,000 reward. "Try not to vaporize it, I just need the computer mostly intact though to pull what we need from it."
  11. ooc

    Thinking it through I want to go ahead and make a bluff check to try and Hide the fact that Kimo's hand hurts from doing that, basically to make him seem a lot more badass than he is feeling. And I'm going to make an intimidate check as well. Bluff check: 1d20+7 13 Intimidate: 1d20 16
  12. ooc

    Nope, snakes are similar enough to eels to freak Kimo out when one he didn't notice slides over his foot. Power array Pele I'm using my shockwave so she gets to make a DC 19 reflex to avoid that for half damage.
  13. ic

    "Goddess of the heart of the earth, Pele goddess of the volcano lend me your power." Kimo said aloud and flatly. He was done with the tomfoolery. He was going to make a show of force. He slammed a fist into his palm and sent the shockwave out towards the woman. If she was some mad babbler with little true magic the power of an impatient goddess would put her in her place. If she was more, well it was quite clearly a job for Kid Kamehameha anyways. "Eh no have time for this kine. You know where the flower stay or wut? No stay patient kine no more." He declared, his voice loud and deep as all his muscles burned with the might of a volcanoe.
  14. ic

    She's shifty. Like one Snake... "I like for stand." Kimo stated. He was glad for the toughness of his body from training with the god of war. Last thing he needed was to be drugged out here. He would rather have had this conversation as the Kid. "Snake people?" Kimo asked. He did not like that she had deflected the power of Puenui, perhaps it was the heat of the place.
  15. ooc

    Notice Check: 1d20+5 20 Fortitude save: 1d20+5 12