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  1. Hey all, Vorik here. How does the site handle powers that affect a character's ability to be social. The reason I ask is because I've been wanting to do a speedster of sorts but the thing with him is only his senses are heightened. To him everything is in slow motion. His body isnt faster, it's just as slow as everything else making every movement slow for him. I would think his social skill would be hampered since you cant really understand words or speak properly in super slow motion. The power is always on as its part of his backstory so how would you handle the idea of powers that hamper social skills? My guy could understand body language and take a complication where if he cant read their facial and body expressions he is basically deaf to them and carry around a phone where he writes out what he says or some such. I don't plan for him being a mute just hampered.
  2. Active Threads for October 2017

    Hey all sorry for not doing this sooner, this always escapes me Mannequin- 5 Posts Room of Danger
  3. Room of Danger (first edition) OOC

    I think it would be a good time to wrap up. Seems to be drawing out at this point. Besides Im going to be heading off tomorrow for vacation for a few days.
  4. Room of Danger (first edition)

    "Whats the soun-" Mannequin was suddenly interrupted by a large van bursting through the walls, no doubt called in by the girl. Unfortunately for her he was able to move several tons of metal and it just so happens that vans are made out of metal. Wanting this fight to just be over Mannequin went for a W. Separating his body he busted through the rubble holding him down letting the girl gaze in despair over his magnetic mastery as he floated in the air. "I have had enough of you and this pointless fighting! Behold the power I command!" Reaching out Mannequin felt the van move as he sent it flying towards her. He tried to not use this as well throwing full sized cars at people tends to be fatal but this girl was a lunatic who is more than willing to bring the entire building down potentially killing them both. Besides she is a time manipulator she should be fine.
  5. Room of Danger (first edition) OOC

    Sounds reasonable to me, go for it.
  6. Room of Danger (first edition) OOC

    http://orokos.com/roll/558311 17 on the roll if its a hit DC 27 Tough
  7. Room of Danger (first edition) OOC

    Going to use my Anatomic Seperation to free myself from the rubble as a move action then I shall use move object on the van and throw it at you.
  8. Room of Danger (first edition) OOC

    http://orokos.com/roll/558310 20 on the roll but not sure what sort of negatives I would get from still being under rubble.
  9. Room of Danger (first edition) OOC

    http://orokos.com/roll/555432 11 on reflex to half http://orokos.com/roll/555433 15 I am frozen again D:
  10. Room of Danger (first edition) OOC

    Going to release the grapple and have it Shock Punch. http://orokos.com/roll/555235 29 and its a dc 25 Toughness and a dc 20 Fortitude. http://orokos.com/roll/555238 30 for the echo http://orokos.com/roll/555242 9 for the 50/50 on landing the hit while blind.
  11. Room of Danger (first edition)

    As the roof can crashing down on Mannequin he tried to jump out of the way but there was simply too much to avoid and a few moments later he was buried under a mound of rubble too thick to see from. "Are you out of your mind! You could of brought this whole building down on us!" Not wanting to move just yet to avoid a sudden cave in and be crushed by the rubble upon him he used his still free arm grappling the girl and let it shock her.
  12. Room of Danger (first edition) OOC

    Dropping the whole roof on me huh? http://orokos.com/roll/555233 16 on reflex http://orokos.com/roll/555234 33 So I passed the toughness but now I am under rubble
  13. Room of Danger (first edition) OOC

    Going to have it pin ya.
  14. Room of Danger (first edition) OOC

    Grapple check! http://orokos.com/roll/555218 34 which is too high to beat. (Corrections it's a +14 not 16 so the result is only 32)
  15. Room of Danger (first edition)

    Man she must have the willpower of gods to not black out from the voltage! Maybe if I wou- And there is another blast...Oh great she has super spreed now because of course she does. Need to limit her mobility... Maybe a good grab would do. Sending the detached arm after her at max speed like a heat seeking missile Mannequin couldn't help but be glad that he went with the more speedy version than his more bulk form.