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  1. It sounds perfect, yes.
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    Punchline's face fell, momentarily, but then the smile returned and he stuck his tongue out at the hulking warrior. "Boo!" he said, and then laughed. Rhekgar scowled and turned away, clearly disinterested in the antics of the cavorting jester. "Fine," whined the clown. "Be that way. I've got better friends!" He turned, then, to Warne. "Hey, buddy! The dames are fine; I just didn't wanna let the food go to waste; that mom up there can bake a tasty cookie!" His tongue made an exaggerated trek around his lips, lapping up the crumbs and carrying them back inside his mouth. "Mm," he muttered. "Shame you didn't stick around!" He then raised a gloved hand to his face and palmed a cheek. "I've been here before," he mused. "And I think I saw most of it." He pointed down a hallway, the one Miracle Girl would be moving towards momentarily. "There's another cell around there. Is it strange I didn't notice how weird that is?" He grinned. "As for leading the way... I would, but doll-face is already going!"
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    @Blarghy The woman smiled brightly when Warne spoke to her in Spanish, and she responded in kind. /"I'm so glad you're pleased,"// she said. /"And, of course! Who wouldn't want to see more of the island? We have many wonderful restaurants available to satisfy any appetite; theaters to entertain you, and a selection of bars and dance-clubs in which to while away your evenings. Of course, there are also the world-famous beaches, our natural hot-springs, and tours of the jungle -- though I don't recommend them for anyone unfamiliar with hiking. The trails can be rough! If you are a student of history, we have a museum dedicated to the nation's early years from the island's discovery to the rise and fall of former-President Perez and the ascension of President Gallo. As you can see, there is much to do here, and more every day!"// @Heritage Gallo laughed, a booming guffaw that filled the room. "Yes!" he said, in English. "Margaritas! A round of those to start and then, later, perhaps some of our world-famous rum? We grow the sugar here ourselves, in fields once dedicated to another kind of plant." He winked at Sam, who cleared his throat and turned his head to hide a smile. He turned and shooed the guards. /"Go now,"// he told them. /"Secure the perimeter and then back to your posts."// He turned to Gretchen. "I hope my accent is not too bad. I once had many visitors to practice with, but ever since the Second Revolution things have been too busy to entertain so many foreign guests." He smiled, then turned to Samuel. "But now my friend has returned from his long vacation, and he has brought me new friends to entertain! Today is a good day!" He reached out and grasped Presto by the shoulder. "There is so much catching up to do; we'll have to make coffee! We grow that here, now, too!"
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    "I am more human than you, Warne. Despite the metal, I am true to our nature." The cyborg stomped through the snow as he spoke, crushing powder beneath his armored feet. He felt no cold. He felt no wind. He felt nothing. "I am like you," he answered at last. "I am like Stone. I am a soldier..." The voice, buzzing and mechanical, had an almost... wistful quality, trailing off at the end. "Outside influence had radicalized some Uyghurs in Xinjiang. I was one of many sent to dissuade their ongoing protests. A nerve-agent was deployed to break and scatter them. There was an error, a malfunction in the delivery system. It resulted in an explosion, and the gas spread unconstrained. Many died there, but I survived... mostly. My continued survival was expensive, more than my superiors were willing to pay. My condition became known to my benefactors and the rest is now history. What matters is the present, and the future. Will you do it, Agent Warne? Will you face me like a man? Or will you die like a hog at the slaughterhouse?"
  5. Not at all.
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    There was a pause, a consideration of things to come. Then the voice of the armored man hissed through the artificial blizzard. "Consider your words, agent," he said. "Think on them a while. Do I strike you, truly, as an imbecile? As some dumb muscle to be thrown your way?" Another pause, a silent smile. "I was sent here for a reason, American. For a purpose. Stone's assassination, the deaths of his wife and daughter -- all calculated. My employers have learned from your encounter with Mantis; his failure was my benefit. Do you think they would send me here if there was a chance I could be caught and forced to reveal their secrets? Do you think I would come, if such a chance existed? I will not be dissected by the American military; I have been carved apart enough." A rasping laugh, like the scrape of a knife on bone, pierced the air. "Imagine the amount of energy needed to power a suit like Stone's... or a body like mine. Perhaps you are right; maybe I'm out of my league and destined to lose our confrontation. But perhaps my nuclear core has been equipped with a detonator. Perhaps, if I don't get what I want tonight, I kill everyone in Lonely Point!"
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    "Friends, then, all," said the barbarian, and the muscles of his mouth moved in such a way as to approximate the scant shadow of a smile. It did not suit him. "Very well. The others should be nearby. In the beginning, I could hear them shouting in the distance, demanding freedom." The almost-smile faded and was buried in a scowl. "For the last few nights, though... silence." His eyes darkened. "If the worst has happened, we shall revenge them -- in blood and fire!" In the distance, just beyond the range of normal hearing, there is a hissing crackle. And then another, closer now. Miracle Girl's ears can pick it up. Another. A forth. Finally... Punchline appeared in a burst of static, arms outstretched, fingers wriggling in the air as he made his entrance. Yellow eyes wild, red lips caked with cookie crumbs, he addressed the group. "Howdy, gang!" he crowed. Then he noticed the enormous form of Rhekgar and his smile brightened the room. "Hey, you found him already! That's awesome. How're you doing, buddy? Boy, it's great to meet you; I'm your biggest fan!" The barbarian recoiled, taking in the sight of sallow skin, yellow eyes, and blue hair. "By Ulfberht's hammer," he shouted. "A corpse!" For her part, Miracle Girl's miraculous eyes spotted another cell just down the hall and around the corner.
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    "Vines?" But there was no time to dwell on that. Wand at the ready, the magician made his way towards the sound of voices. He was feeling more confident, now. This was a memory, and the memories had ignored him thus far. The danger was in the guardians and the monster that lurked beneath, not in Warne's recollections. This living nightmare, complete with the sounds of murder and madness, drew Samuel forward. He would see it through to the end, and learn more about the man whose mind he was running through.
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    It works in her favor. Gallo is, true to his archetype, a womanizer.
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    The voice hissed, remembering old pain, then spoke. "The spine is mine," said the assailant. "Mostly. Roughly two-thirds." There was a cold, mechanical chuckle. "I work for very smart men. Men smart enough to put me back together, if I fail like Mantis did. But I won't. Mantis, he nearly killed you, and would have if not for Stone. Stone is not here to save you from me, and so this ends only one way. Four corpses instead of three. It makes no difference in the end." There was a pause, a moment of thought. "Will you calm the storm? Will you fight me, man to man? Humor me in this, let me test myself against you, and I'll tell you about Stone before you die."
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    @Heritage President Gallo melted like butter before Lynn's undeniable grace, his smile widening behind his bushy black beard. He reached forward and took her hand softly in his own. It was a large, rough-palmed paw of a limb, scarred by years of labor... but he held her gently. He shook her hand warmly, but did not kiss it. He was either unfamiliar with the practice, or familiar enough to know it had fallen out of style among the more liberated young ladies. /"I hope he's told you only the good things,"/ Gallo responded. /"Ah, but I joke; they're all good things."/ He looked about, taking in the interior of the Presidential Palace, then shrugged. /"This country has done more for me than I could ever repay,"/ he explained. /"But, in my own little way, I try."/ He then turned to Gretchen. /"And hello to you also,"/ he said. /"I know your type; you think the island won't get to you, that you won't enjoy yourself. You will; everyone does -- that's the magic of this place, and why I love it like I do. Everyone loves Val Verde."/ He smiled, warmly, and spread his arms. "Come!" he said, almost shouting. "You've traveled a long way and you must be tired, hungry, and thirsty above all. Presto, I already know what you'll have -- the same every time! But my cooks were standing by just in case you brought company, and so you have. Come! Let us be merry, then we can catch up on old times." @Blarghy The bubbly young woman behind the front desk had lips just a little too red and hair just a little too high, but she seemed friendly enough. "Hello, sir!" she chirped, her English heavy with an islander accent. "Is your room to your liking? What can I help you with today?"
  12. Game Master: Heavy Metal Christmas. (Please allocate points to Upgrade) Lights, Camera, Action! (Please allocate points to Punchline) Viva Val Verde! (Please allocate points to Presto the Preposterous) Presto the Preposterous: Psichology. Upgrade: Irradiated Intervention.
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    A moment's pause, and then an answer. "Agent James Warne," said the interloper. "Adept. The loner. Should have been spending the holiday by yourself somewhere... not here." The agent can hear the high, shrill scrape of metal against metal from somewhere within the snowy maelstrom. "The Stone family. Ethan, Meryl, Lillian. Without his armor, Stone is just a man. It should have been simple. In-and-out. Three corpses, and no-one would ever know why." Another pause, another scrape. "Your presence here was not anticipated. It is, however, surmountable." The voice is calm, collected now. The anger seems to have faded. "Mantis and I were hard men to kill before we died. Now, perhaps impossible. Even know, Mantis is being reborn for the second time. His failure was a painful experience, but an educational one. We learned so much from his defeat."
  14. Heritage, would Miracle Girl care to add anything before we move on?
  15. Please let me know if there's anything wrong with what I'm doing.