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  1. Frogs Rush In

    The circular elevator was quite spacious, plenty for the three of them, and dropped smoothly. "Dogs are nice," Leviathan agreed, "but I wouldn't really call my animals 'pets.' They live on their own, mostly." Soon enough, the guests saw for themselves: when the elevator stopped at the next floor, they were at an intersection of four connected hallways. Hanging vines with beautiful flowers and fruit draped from the walls and ceiling, though none of it seemed native to Earth--and neither did the weird little reptile that clung to one of the vines, eating pale green berries. Its body looked vaguely like a monkey, but it had fewer fingers, a shorter, stubby tail, a long nose, and of course, scales. The creature's big, dark eyes turned toward them, and it chirped, but didn't flee. "Most things stay in the garden, but they use the stairs to roam around sometimes," Leviathan explained. He led the ladies down one of the hallways and into a domed room similar to the docking bay; this one had lots of golden ivy with a new kind of fruit of the same color. Leviathan plucked a few, ate one whole, and offered the others to his guests. If they tried it, they'd find that the skin was nice and tangy, while the pulp tasted kind of like an orange. There were no seeds inside to worry about. Other than the food, this room also had two human-sized "statues" made of tightly intertwined vines. They stood against the far wall; the first was a skillful depiction of a Deep One and wore the crown of beaten metal that Leviathan had mentioned. The other statue had a suit of futuristic armor made of sliding plates, most of them pretty battered; next to it was an ivory stand with a big, powerful rifle. "Took those from a guy named Solemn," Leviathan bragged. "I was working with another hero, Bonfire--have you met him?--and Solemn tried to kill us. Didn't work out for him, as you can see! He's in Blackstone now."
  2. [OOC] Freedom of Information

    I assume that you've made my Sense Motive roll for me (if necessary), and that Leviathan thinks the hackers are telling him the truth?
  3. [IC] Freedom of Information

    If they're not lying, then it means that Ph0enix was, Leviathan thought with the same mix of anger and dismay. She said that mAZ was new on the scene, moving in on her operations; that can't be true if they have this kind of longstanding agreement with Freedom City's heroes. So, this whole thing was a setup from the start. Maybe mAZ really is her competition, but she had to know what she was sending us into. She was probably never going to give us more information about Solemn even if she has any; I bet she's gone underground already, to hide from us until we're taken out. Well, that's not going to happen. Whatever happens to me, I'll bring that traitor down too. ...But then what? How do I get out of this situation? He almost told the hackers about the original source of their trouble; letting them spread the word about Ph0enix on their own would be the simplest way of dealing with her, but Leviathan hesitated, largely out of spite. He wanted to face Ph0enix himself, if possible. "...If you're the pillar of anything," the lizard said slowly, "then it deserves to crumble. I've made my choice already." Nonetheless, he looked shaken when he turned to Bonfire. "If you want to go, you can," he offered solemnly. "I can handle it from here. You don't have to be involved any further."
  4. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    Correct. Miss Grue has detected strange and hostile minds nearby that seem to be focused on the house you're in (well, below). She told the other heroes, Note that Miss Grue hasn't actually seen any of these individuals yet; she detected them via her mental senses. Miracle Girl does have a line of sight, but she hasn't told the rest of the team what she sees, due to being preoccupied with Julia. Thus, the general state of affairs is that you have about a dozen squishy civilians (some of them friendly, some of them not, many of them injured to some degree) to consider, and now a new group of enemies that may want to harm them and/or you. You also have the Coles, those super-powered "villains," on the lowest level of the bunker (Miss Grue noticed Julia's mental aura arriving and told the rest of the team that she was close, but didn't update you further; Miracle Girl can see and interact with Julia; Terrifica has seen Caleb Cole and informed everyone about him via Miss Grue's mental link about a page ago). There is also one of the hostage-taking teenagers on the middle level of the bunker, alone, who hasn't been dealt with yet. Miracle Girl and Miss Grue have detected him with their various senses, you all saw him before combat started thanks to Miss Grue's mental link (allowing you to see what Miracle Girl saw when she was scouting out the area), and Sea Devil can probably smell him. I expect that your overall objectives are still to rescue the hostages, detain the teenagers who were holding them, deal with the new threat that's currently outside the house but likely to engage soon if you don't rush out to meet them first, and do something about the Coles. How you address this is up to you, though I'll point out that you're currently in a pretty defensible position with only two entrances (via the house above the bunker, and the lower sewer entrance that Terrifica used to get in; it's unlikely that these new enemies know about it), but that forcing your opponents to come to you could potentially endanger the civilians too, and will mean that the Coles are going to be close to the violence. Miracle Girl has so far been able to get both of them to do what she wants, but that might be tougher once things get dangerous. If you do choose to fight in the bunker, Terrifica is aware of some of its special features that she could potentially use to her advantage, though she hasn't done it yet. Lastly, the AEGIS convoy, led by Agent Thornton, is still on its way. A complication may arise concerning them, which only Miss Grue knows about, as she didn't mention it to the anyone. As such, I won't reveal it yet. I will repost the way I described the new enemies in that spoiler box, since Tiff said that Miss Grue was projecting it to everyone else.
  5. The End of the World Job

    Casey got her wish; Leviathan hadn't managed to recognize her in the past just with a change of hairstyles and her civilian glasses, so this latest disguise threw off his eyes very well. That was not to say he didn't notice her, presumably like everybody else in the store. Pretty, in a rockstar kind of way, he thought, and sniffed the air to get an impression of not only the building and its inhabitants, but also monitor the street outside for any surprises. The last time he met another hero in a coffee shop, it didn't quite go as expected. His new olfactory range still took some getting used to; he had to really stretch his brain to pay attention to so much at once. She smells healthy, too. Although not as much as Bonfire's new friend over there; she's downright Amazonian. The reptile's new nose combined with old expertise to give him full appreciation of Blodeuwedd's incredible physical condition. Leviathan couldn't recall much about this hero, much less the dangerous-looking "Hardcase," but he was ready to fix that. Unfortunately, he was a giant lizard barely able to stand up straight without catching his head on the ceiling, so approaching all casual and coy like the others just felt silly. He walked over to the trio, rested one arm on the top of a nearby bookshelf, and tilted his chin toward Bonfire. "I'm with him," he said bluntly.
  6. (OOC) Intent

    Puigo is activating his Elongation ability. And for the moment, he's just trying to escape--I suppose it might not be all that heroic for him to go on a (nonlethal) rampage as well, but if you do want a fight, then I'm down for that too!
  7. (IC) Intent

    Samran-342 was right: Puigo didn't believe this. Oh, it made a kind of sense; he had to admit that, even in his frazzled state. Even so, he could think of...perhaps not simpler explanations to his predicament, but certainly other possibilities. To consider that everything he'd known and stood for was long gone was understandably horrifying, and his mind recoiled from it, just as his body leaned away from the Lor in shock. "...Star maps can be falsified," Puigo slowly hissed. His tentacles were beginning to stretch out; whereas before he curled inward on himself with uncertainty, the captain's claim appeared to be making him bigger and more aggressive. "You are trying to trick me. You have done this--whatever this is. Do the Lor think to take advantage of our glorious Empire's vulnerability? Do you think you can finish what the Communion started? Foolish aliens! We're stronger than you realize! And when the Delaztri learn of how you've abducted one of their agents, their wrath will shake the stars themselves!" With that, he sprung through the air, increased his suit's anti-gravity features to full flight, and made a break for the door.
  8. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    That's who Miracle Girl has been talking to (although the others wouldn't necessarily know that, since I don't believe she's informed anyone).
  9. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    Heritage, you can keep chatting if you want, but let's keep going through the Initiative roster too. Sea Devil and Singularity are up!
  10. The Doctor Is OUT [IC]

    GM "I did more than just take the scientists and hurt some people," she said with a lump in her throat. "I've killed them too. At the lab where they changed us, and then...one of the boys working for me. Upstairs. He was pointing a gun at Delacroix, and I still needed the doctor, so I... He just came apart in my hands, like he was made of wet paper. I get so mad, so fast, and people just break. Is it like that for you?" Many emotions played across Julia's face; she hadn't needed to compose herself for another human in so long that she wasn't sure she remembered how. Now she felt torn between hope, distrust, desperation, deep-set anguish, and numerous others, but when she looked past Miracle Girl to watch her husband, frozen in time, her thoughts focused. She shook her head. "I guess it doesn't matter now. Yes, I'll surrender to you--so long as you find a way to fix Caleb. He hasn't done anything wrong. I don't think he even knows what's going on. If you can help him, then I accept whatever happens to me. It can't be worse than where I've already been." * * * The scene above was perhaps less emotional but a lot more frantic. FCI doctors converged on Tristan and threw around medical jargon and whatever meager supplies they had available; the only first aid kit in the bunker was running low from all the injuries they'd already tended, so the physicians improvised as best they could, tearing their jackets for tourniquets, warming him with body heat, probing for fractures, and expressing thanks and puzzlement that he somehow kept breathing in such a condition. Meanwhile, the heroes had other problems. As Miss Grue had reported to her team, more enemies could be on their way. Thanks to her, they still had some time--but probably not much.
  11. [IC] Freedom of Information

    Until the last bit, Leviathan mostly looked intrigued, but then his prisoner cut to his deepest fear. He worried from the start that his cover story might not withstand hard scrutiny. The hackers themselves didn't worry him; he doubted that online research could do more than reveal just how little evidence there was of his "species," which didn't, by itself, prove anything other than perhaps that his ancestors were good at hiding. If Ph0enix couldn't figure out his secret, this crew didn't have much chance either. On the other hand, a real Cowl could cause serious problems. Furthermore, once Leviathan's anxiety started to simmer, the anger seeped in too. He had entertained the possibility of what mAZ suggested just moments earlier, but now that he really considered it, he felt genuine outrage to think that any other Freedom City heroes might've decided to overlook these criminals, much less come after him for doing the right thing. So, when he moved closer and leaned down toward the hacker who spoke, nose-to-nose, his big eyes were dangerous and hateful. "My kind?" he repeated slowly. "Nnnnnoooo, I don't think so. My kind wants you in a cell until you forget how to work a keyboard. My kind doesn't make the deals you're talking about." ...Ph0enix notwithstanding, he added to himself. "You're talking about rogues and villains--AND I HUNT THEM TOO!" he roared suddenly. "So keep talking! Give me names, so you can see your friends in prison with you. Wearing a mask doesn't make them my kind, and it won't save them either!"
  12. Frogs Rush In

    As it happened, the docking bay was quite well-lit, with faintly blue, glowing nodes positioned along the scaly walls. It did have a nice echo, though. "Yes, I live alone," Leviathan confirmed, which was true for his human residence too, even if he hardly ever went back to his Midtown apartment these days. "Well, at least, there are no other people here. I have animals. Come on; I'll show you. I think you'll like the garden." He walked to the elevator platform at the middle of the room. Leviathan thought that he should probably skip over most of his lair; last time, he gave Bonfire a detailed tour, but that might be a little tedious now. If these guests liked his handiwork, he could always show them more later. "If you want, we can make a quick stop first on our way down. Did you show Jessie the crown that the tribe gave us? I have mine in my trophy room. It isn't too impressive yet, but I'm working on it."
  13. (IC) Intent

    Such an odd question did nothing to put the Praetorian at ease. He looked between the captain and scientist for a moment, trying to decide whether to tell them at all--and then realizing that he wasn't entirely sure of the answer himself. "...I lost track during the war, if I must be honest," he said slowly. "I've been so busy, mission after mission. The Communion is relentless, which is precisely why I must report to my superiors; our last battle seemed to be finally turning in our favor, but I couldn't see its end. After I was shot down, my ship drifted for...a long time." He shook his head in agitation. "How did I even come to be here? What happened to me?"
  14. (OOC) Intent

    Alright, that works for me.
  15. (OOC) Intent

    What would the "current" date be? And how does/did the Delaztri calendar even work? Has that been established already, or are we just gonna make something up?