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  1. Good Company and Good Cheer [Open]

    Pleasantly surprised by the (relatively) warm welcome, Leviathan gave the other heroes a lopsided grin and moved to join the crowd. He almost immediately turned back to the bar for a drink first. Even though he wasn't cold any longer, a night like tonight was perfect for something nice and hot. "Spiked cider," he rumbled to the bartender. "...In a bigger glass, if you can." The standard cups were much too small for him, and thirst aside, Leviathan didn't want to shatter his beverage accidentally. And so, soon holding a 60 ounce pitcher like it was a beer can, the jolly red-and-green giant sauntered across the bar to the Christmas tune from the jukebox. "Don't think I've worked with any of you before," he said with a gesture that included everyone but Bonfire. "I'm Leviathan."
  2. [IC] Freedom of Information

    Leviathan shared that curiosity. "Yeah, there might be more to their crew..." He chewed his lower lip and still couldn't help but quietly point out that, "We could take them now, and everyone else in the club...but if any of the hackers are safely elsewhere, then they'll go to ground and we'll probably never find them again. Maybe Ph0enix would be satisfied by just driving mAZ out of the city, but I'd really rather put them all away." He glanced around, wary of being overheard. "I guess we should play it safe. Leave, change, and then just follow them like we planned. You'll have no problem with that, I assume. If I try to keep up with you, then we're far more likely to be spotted, so how about you use your various tricks to stalk these guys, and occasionally send up a beacon of light to show me where you are. Something high up above the streets, and not so bright that the whole city sees it--I think that'll be safe. I can watch from the rooftops and follow you at a distance. Then, when the time is right, we can round them all up."
  3. Good Company and Good Cheer [Open]

    Just go in already! Shivering in the cold--his overcoat was real, but the clothes beneath it were just leaf-like fabrications of his own body--and wearing someone else's face, Tristan Delacroix had been spying on Morley's Pub and the heroes entering it for over an hour now. He knew full well that a halfway decent Cowl would spot him if he wasn't very careful, so instead of a traditional stakeout, he kept making loops around the block, cycling through different disguises on each pass. The doctor told himself that he was being cautious, but mostly he worried that he wouldn't fit in here. He missed last year's party for similar reasons; although he had a good excuse of spending most of December at the bottom of the ocean, hard at work, he also just couldn't overcome the intimidation he felt from all the famous, well-established heroes. He just knew he'd get in there, meet one of his idols, and make a fool of himself. Well, if I stay out here, then eventually someone's going to notice me, assume I'm lurking around planning to cause trouble, and kick my teeth in before I can transform or explain. If I blow it, then I'll just have to leave town and change my identity. So, no pressure. He slipped away again and made a final change to his body, more dramatic this time, and retrieved a bundle he had left hidden in case he summoned up the courage to attend. Yesterday, Leviathan thought this would be funny, but now, as he got dressed, he mostly felt like a dork. Moments later, through the pub's doors squeezed a gigantic lizard monster whose head almost scraped the ceiling, dressed in the world's biggest custom-made Santa suit. He couldn't just show up naked, could he? "Ho ho ho," he announced himself, uncertain despite the impossibly deep bass in his voice. Leviathan's curly white beard was so huge that a toddler could get lost in it, and the bell jingling on the end of his red hat was as big as a fist. Almost immediately, Leviathan realized to his dismay that he didn't recognize anybody out of costume except for Bonfire, who probably told him about this party in the first place. He felt even dorkier heading straight for his only friend here, rather than trying to meet new heroes, but for the moment he couldn't help it. "I've been watching you this year, Bonfire," he joked. "The bad news is, I know the sorts of things you get up to. But the good news is that you might actually like coal in your stocking."
  4. (IC) Beloved Monster

    I did iiiiiiiiiit! Try as he might to keep up a grim and stoic expression, Leviathan couldn't help grinning like an idiot when his concentration slipped. This was the first time a crowd had ever cheered for him as a hero, and he didn't much care that they weren't human. Maybe the day got off to a difficult start, and maybe Sea Devil had to push him to do the right thing, but he still did it in the end! And on top of Leviathan's straightforward, honorable victory, he got a trophy too. The crown that the Deep Ones gave him sat less elegantly now, hanging down over one side of his head, because he kept taking it off to look at his prize. Soon as I finish here, this little beauty is going in my trophy room, next to Solemn's gear. Bonfire was right; I'm going to slowly fill my collection out, if I just stay patient. He nearly forgot the depressing reason for his visit, until Aquaria reminded him. "You are faster," he agreed, "But with such a group, spawn and belongings included, will you all be able to travel at top speed? I could at least help guard the tribe for part of your journey." Beneath his elation, Leviathan knew that he was just asking to get wrapped up in a longer endeavor that might leave his base and surrounding territory undefended for who knew how long, to say nothing of his obligations as Tristan Delacroix, but here, surrounded by new friends, he couldn't resist offering more help.
  5. [IC] Freedom of Information

    Unsure of whether the other hacker wanted a gesture of their alliance or his payment, Leviathan gave both by setting his briefcase down--clearly more within the larger man's personal space than his own--and shaking his hand. Did it actually work? This went a lot more smoothly than I thought it would! Which is what worried Bonfire earlier, and I have to say, I can see his point... Or, maybe we're both overthinking this. I'm sure that mAZ still doesn't trust us, but they don't have to. All we need is for this guy to lead us back to his friends, and then we're done. Well, except for the whole Ph0enix issue... "We'll be in touch, then," he said by way of farewell.
  6. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    Sounds like a plan to me. Go for it!
  7. Player Away Thread

    Sorry for being scarce this past week; among other things, a snowstorm knocked out my power for a few days, and I'm still trying to get everything back to normal. Hoping to catch up with my games this week (right before the holidays consume my life again).
  8. Active Threads for November 2017

    Adept: 1 A Heavy Metal Christmas 1 Leviathan: 7 Beloved Monster 4 Freedom of Information 3 GM: 2 X 2 = 4 The Doctor Is OUT 1 Psichology 1 GM posts (not that I had enough to matter) to Leviathan. Now, do Guides get a bonus PP like Refs now too? Because I was awarded one last month, and I think I've seen another Guide (I believe it was alderwitch) including it in the list. I wasn't aware of that perk before, but if I do get one, then give it to Leviathan.
  9. (IC) Beloved Monster

    The well-executed strike did indeed pierce deeper than before, but Ikatare and his supporters wouldn't have long to rejoice. Leviathan grasped the upper shaft of the trident and began to push it back toward the Deep One; his flesh and scales assisted, expelling the sharp, burning edges as they healed. When the glowing weapon reemerged, the audience had mere seconds to see its lingering effects before they vanished beneath the smooth armor of Leviathan's stomach. Perhaps more worrisome, Leviathan locked his gaze furiously with Ikatare...and his eyes were all too clear. He let the trident go, swinging his hand in a smooth arc and bringing the fist down on Ikatare's shoulder with unholy force. "Say what you will about me, but if you continue to disrespect Aquaria, then Dagon and Hydra will search the seas for a thousand years and not even find the scraps of you that I'll scatter to the waves! She loves her people enough to save you from your enemies and yourselves, and once you recover from this battle, I expect you to thank her!"
  10. Beloved Monster (OOC)

    Toughness: 1d20+17 36 I'll take that Bruise, and then toss it away immediately on Leviathan's turn when he regenerates. Now for the Dazzle Fortitude save. Fortitude: 1d20+17 37 Grrrr--I really don't like wasting a 20 on that, but such is the whims of Orokos. In any case, Leviathan will repeat the same tactic as before: full All-Out Attack shift. Attack: 1d20+17 27 Barely! But barely is still enough!
  11. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    Cool. Onto Terrifica, then (although do remember that you can still respond and discuss with one another, even outside of your turn). One question, though, Tiff: has Miss Grue transformed into some giant monster, or just a Huge-sized version of her normal self? I assume you're using the Growth alternate power of your Grue Nature array. Also, is she still flying above the house, or has she landed, or moved, or what?
  12. [IC] Freedom of Information

    What's all that about? Leviathan wondered. I might question this guy a bit once we catch him. That's probably just a good idea anyway; he seems like a good source of information on the local underworld. And maybe the leader of mAZ, since I doubt this is him, will be even better. Leviathan also couldn't help but feel proud of how his fellow heroes had struck fear into Freedom City's criminals. Not enough that they weren't still willing to do business--which, if he thought about it, might cast doubt on the effectiveness of such intimidation--but even so, it was rather nice to see the results from this new perspective. ...Unless he knows who we are, at least broadly, and is only trying to stroke our egos so we become complacent. Unfortunately for you, my new friend, a complacent quarter-ton invulnerable giant lizard is still a quarter-ton invulnerable giant lizard. "We've come too far to back out now, 'least without a serious reason," he answered. "So long as we're smart and subtle, everything'll work out just fine."
  13. (IC) Beloved Monster

    Leviathan's translator started to distract him with its steady stream of unexpected curses from the ladies; perhaps he could blame his poor performance on them, though his own overconfidence was just as likely. "We're not telling you to cower," he protested angrily. "This is a matter of prudence! Why fight when you cannot win?" With a bold grin, he couldn't resist turning that olive branch into an insult: "Then again, that's what you're doing right n-" Then the light tore into his eyes, and everything turned white. At least the pain wasn't bad; Leviathan's body immediately washed it away, but returning his sight would take a little longer. A wiser hero might pull back, temporarily use a defensive style, or try a new tactic entirely, but Leviathan just roared and swung both arms wildly in front of him. He felt nothing but water empty as his vision. Ok, this...isn't ideal...
  14. Beloved Monster (OOC)

    I'll be very surprised if I make that Reflex save. Reflex: 1d20+4 6 Yeah, that tracks. Looks like the main effects for blindness are a Defense penalty (on top of what Leviathan already has) and a 50% miss chance, if I'm looking at the rules right. I'll attack again with the same All-Out Attack shifts as before, which puts his Defense at a hilarious +0 with the Dazzle effect. Attack: 1d20+17 19 Miss Chance: 1d100 43 Not that it matters with that Attack roll (2 2s in a row! Jeeze...), but in this game system, is the upper 50% a hit, or the lower 50%? Meaning, if I had rolled better for my Attack, would that 43 have hit, or missed? Just wondering for my own games if it comes up in the future.
  15. [IC] Freedom of Information

    If Bonfire hadn't signaled his suspicions, Leviathan would've been very proud of himself so far. Instead, his ally's worries made him second-guess the situation; he couldn't entirely hide the concern in his expression, although if he was lucky, then maybe the other hacker would mistake it for misgivings at these (somewhat) personal questions. "...Well, work brings us here, obviously. Don't plan to stick around long after the job's done, not with the sort of trouble this city has. Police are one thing, but I'm not interested in getting thrown through a building by some tosser in spandex. Guess that sort of leads to your other question: our thinking was that someone from these parts should know how the local game works. How to avoid the heroes, especially any who can do more with a computer than melt it with their eyes. We never like interference on a job, but in this city, we especially prefer not to be noticed until after we've legged it."