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  1. Freedom City Big City Big Problems

    Hmmmm. Well, this seems like the kind of thing that AEGIS would notice, so a certain jackass psychic could be dispatched to take a look. Adept wouldn't find this at all amusing (which could in itself be funny, if Grimalkin and other heroes are there enjoying themselves to contrast his mood), however, so if you prefer someone less grim, then perhaps I can volunteer Leviathan. He (or rather, his civilian identity) actually lives in Midtown, so maybe Tristan gets caught in the crowd without even meaning to. Magic has made him a little nervous in the past, he's had bad luck with powerful interdimensional beings, and he's unlikely to transform in such a crowded place even if he was already Morphed to disguise himself, so it could be fun to watch him panic for a bit. Thoughts?
  2. Psichology [IC]

    GM Looking down, he did indeed see something, so cruelly ironic that it was very likely a quirk of Warne's mind rather than part of the memory: his FBI badge, apparently thrown free by the blast. A red smear partially obscured Warne's face in his picture. Even as he drew back his arm, Presto had another reason to hurry: with his host's unconsciousness, the recollection began to collapse. The walls of the basement were turning dark and fuzzy, then vanished as the sheets of black closed in on him, just as they presumably did for Warne. His evil-looking Id thankfully fell for Sam's trick, at least; as the badge clattered somewhere in the dark, the monster twirled at this unfamiliar sound, recognizing its wrongness, and vanished too into the spreading obscurity. Wherever Berns had escaped to, or the fate of the other agents and officers, or even the caged prisoners, Presto couldn't say. In the short time it took him to race to the ladder, it became a dim island surrounded by gloom so thick that it was nearly a physical barrier. Beside the hole in the floor, Warne continued to twitch for a little longer until he went entirely still, lying there in a larger and larger pool of blood. Some of it dripped onto the upper rungs and made Sam's grip slick as he climbed. He made it several steps down into the tunnel before a shadow among shadows appeared above him. So impossibly dark that he could see it move against its lightless background, the Id looked right at Presto and sent down a murderous scream--and an inhuman, grasping hand.
  3. [OOC] Freedom of Information

    I don't get to use Leviathan's bonus to bribe-based Diplomacy from his Wealth ranks (a whole +6!) very often, so if you don't mind, I wanna roll here. Diplomacy: 1d20+19 23 >.< Well, surely Bonfire can at least get it up to 25 with Aid Another. That's what I get for bragging!
  4. [IC] Freedom of Information

    "And perhaps cause a little Mayhem," Leviathan added with a sly smile. "Just a joke, big man. Let's not have any trouble; I'm sure you can spare plenty for any fool who wants some. It's a hard job, yours, and we're grateful for it. Knowing that you're out here to keep an eye on things, it settles my mind." Because you're just a regular guy who hits the gym and might have a gun, nothing more, and once we make our move, I'll have no problem crushing you. "In fact..." he made a show of rubbing his chin thoughtfully, then dropping his hand--the one without the briefcase--into his jacket pocket. "I suspect not many people properly appreciate all your hard work 'round here. Man like you deserves a little gratitude, wouldn't you say?" His hand came back out with what looked like a roll of hundred dollar bills, before his fingers closed to conceal it. Leviathan raised his eyebrows, hoping this would get the point across.
  5. (IC) Beloved Monster

    Wait, what? Star Knight? Whaaaaat? Leviathan looked back to Sea Devil as she told her story and took on a whole new image in his mind. He tried to keep track of her tale as best he could, and in the process was distracted from some of what he saw around him--but certainly not all. This intimate look at the Deep One tribe tilted his opinion of them yet again until he wasn't sure what to think. Their feeding habits were a little uncomfortable (he had seen his share of aquatic killing before, even in these same waters, but it didn't feel quite the same coming from talking, thinking people, whatever animalistic characteristics they might have), but aside from Leviathan's squeamish stomach, he had a harder and harder time distrusting his hosts, let alone hating them. ...Especially once he saw Naia, and Sea Devil's reaction to her. Leviathan was pretty sure he could make the right connection here. In sympathy rather than attraction, he did in fact reach out for Aquaria, although his hand dropped again when she moved away. When did she have to give her daughter up? he wondered. She must have been very young, to not recognize her mother... He frowned, took a moment to hear and process the translation of his ally's other children, and frowned even deeper. After having lost so much already, Leviathan could see why she was so desperate to save this one. And we'll do it. If the Atlanteans come, then I'll stop them! ...But I'm sure they'll all just be people too, not bloodthirsty savages. I don't think I'll find any easy answers here. Just a lot of old suffering that keeps rippling into each new generation. He turned his big, pale eyes up from the sand and rocks to Naia. "We come because it is not safe. You have a home here, but the Surfacers are close and will find you. Atlanteans as well. We know a better place, where you can be free of both."
  6. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    And so, we're back to Miracle Girl. Who can, obviously, get to Tristan if she wants to take Terrifica's advice...although since I don't see the Move-By Action feat on MG's sheet (very weird; I could've sworn she had it), I'm not entirely sure that she can grab him and then fly away in the same turn. Or, she's also got the movement speed to jet across the West End and intercept Julia, or get to any part of the house/bunker and reach the other hostages, or enemies, or whatever. Options abound!
  7. Lights, Camera, Action! (OOC)

    Works for me! Although if Soph wants to have them answer Warne's last question about whether or not they recognized the Fanatic from one of their movies, before MG flies off, then that'd be cool. Or he can be cruel and whisk these ladies away to build more tension. Either way, I'm good to continue.
  8. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    That works for me! Terrifica can make it all the way to Tristan if she wants to go that far; she already knows the way, thanks to Miracle Girl's eyes and Miss Grue's link from earlier. Gimme an IC post, and then it's Heritage's turn.
  9. (IC) Beloved Monster

    Charming, Leviathan thought dryly--although he had to admit that the meeting could be off to a worse start. On edge though everyone might be, for the moment Sea Devil managed an uneasy truce, and that counted for a lot. Leviathan raised one hand in an uncertain greeting and hoped that he could skip the offered food. Somehow he doubted that the menu would include any of his usual favorites. "We do not start trouble," he reassured--and warned--Sees-in-Darkness. "We are only here to...sing."
  10. (IC) Beloved Monster

    This...did not exactly put Leviathan at ease. He also wasn't sure how he felt about the Deep Ones colonizing the old ship, either. What effect they might have on the often-fragile reefs, he couldn't say--although they'd be hard-pressed to do more harm than his own species--but as a lifelong fan of heroes and aware of how their early culture was tied to the World War, part of him was decidedly uncomfortable. For a monster who supposedly didn't believe in omens, this seemed like an ominous one. They probably don't know. It's not sacred to them, and besides, it's not like they took up residence in Freedom Hall. It's just an old ship. Now, the song, he had a harder time dismissing. Leviathan wasn't a scholar of major religions, let alone obscure cults, but Dagon and Hydra had some bad reputations among surfacers. Doubts began to whisper louder in the back of his mind; what if Aquaria was misguided and didn't really understand the dangers that this tribe actually posed to Freedom City? Could she herself be a threat, not out of malice, but innate nature? If we convince them to move on, then it shouldn't matter. ...Unless I'm just pawning this problem off on someone else further down the line... Sea Devil's laugh shook him from his worries, and after he replayed the joke back to himself, he had to chuckle too, even if it was a bit awkward and nervous. "I will...try to resist." He almost asked what they would do if these weapon-wielding warriors weren't content to just "wrestle," but if Leviathan had anything in abundance, it was confidence in his own resilience. Just what were a few tridents supposed to do against his scales and rapid healing? "But yes, I am ready. Will we try to talk to them peacefully first? If that was what you were doing earlier, then I don't think it worked."
  11. Active Threads for September 2017

    Adept: 1 A Heavy Metal Christmas 1 Leviathan: 11 Beloved Monster 4 Freedom of Information 4 The Grand Tour (Jeremy Clarkson not Included) 3 GM: 4 X 2 = 8 The Doctor Is OUT 2 Psichology 2 All GM posts to Leviathan.
  12. (IC) Beloved Monster

    Leviathan was so dumbfounded by Sea Devil's plan that he could only follow and stare at her, almost certain to overlook his surroundings. Fortunately, he was pretty familiar with the immediate area around his lair, so he could perhaps subconsciously gravitate toward the most likely hiding spots. And I thought faking a cover story with Bonfire was hard. How do Deep One couples behave? Am I supposed to flirt with her? What do Deep Ones consider to be compliments? And didn't she say that her daughter was among the group? That's going to be a fun conversation. I mean, if none of them speak English, then maybe Aquaria can do all the talking...but still. This is weird. Just so, so weird. Yet at the same time, his inner scientist was again intrigued, especially since Sea Devil was closer to his supposed reptilian identity than he actually was. Perhaps he could take note of her behavior and incorporate some of it into his cover. Besides, unless Leviathan had been tricked, this did sound like a good deed--even if Bonfire laughed himself sick over it when they got together later to add the story to their blog.
  13. (OOC) Beloved Monster

    Notice: 1d20+6 7 Yep, that seems about right. Search: 1d20+5 20
  14. Viva Val Verde (IC)

    For once, the tone of the conversation matched his typical scowl, so Warne was able to relax his cover for a moment. He then used the rest of his time in the museum to think. A strong sense of professionalism and duty would've kept him motivated anyway, but worthy causes never hurt. Warne couldn't yet say from personal experience what kind of a leader Gallo was, but clearly Perez was worse. If he and his hired killers tried to retake power, they'd find an unpleasant surprise standing in their way. In all the excitement, Warne almost forgot the main reason he came here in the first place. He still wasn't any closer to capturing Steiner, and while this little tour and history lesson was enlightening, he didn't have real leads yet either. Unless he saw something of interest, he tried to speed along through the museum; once he and his guide looped back around to the entrance, he gave the boy another $20. "/Take care of yourself, little army-man.//" Then it was onto one of the high-class restaurants on his list to see if the menu included some nice, fresh treason.
  15. (IC) Beloved Monster

    Wow, that was depressing. Leviathan's expression stated it plainly, and mixed among his shock were hints of the disgust he felt toward himself. I almost did it again, he lamented. Everyone "knows" Deep Ones are all bad, so why would my stupid self consider otherwise? Better just hurt and scare them without thinking about it, right? Because isn't that the kind of hero I am? For all his size, he seemed weirdly small as he hung his head and clutched his hands together. "...No, I...I'll help. If you're sure they aren't here to hurt anyone, then I'll help."