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  2. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "I don't rightly know how to respond to that, other than that Mary hasn't changed pretty much at all since I met her other than knowing more about the modern world. Has a penchant for wanting to get into trouble though." "That's not true, I don't like trouble, I like interesting situations!" "Which are without a doubt going to be troublesome for someone, usually me." Alton said as he shelved the last book from his pile and brushed the dust off of his clothes. He didn't like this situation one bit, but there was no avoiding it now, and he'd best not do anything to turn it from a feel bad, to an actually bad situation.
  3. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "And you claim I'm the one with the talking prob....wait, you can see her? You're the first person I've ever met besides myself that could see her, at least, that I know of. And no Mary, it's not breaking any rules, she already knows you exist." Alton gives Mary a pointed look as she opened her mouth to object to him talking about her and promptly shuts her mouth, pursing her lips ever so slightly and slumps into a chair. "More I'm trying to find out who her family was, which has the added benefit of me finding out who she is. And of course I've seen a hero before, every square block seems to have it's own, I'm asking what you're doing around an old, dusty library that probably sees less people in a month than your average store does in a day."
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  5. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "Ummmm.....are you okay?" Alton paused book still in hand mid-shelving, looking at the armored girl who had tripped into the room. She certainly didn't seem dangerous, but one could never be to sure. Mary lurked quietly in the corner of the room, head tilted slightly, waiting to see what was going to happen. Mary also failed to stifle a giggle as Nicole tripped, it certainly didn't help maintain an intimidating image, the way sh had seemed on the roof. "Though the better question is what is someone wearing something like that doing here this late...or early as the case may be, around a place like this?" He couldn't really say much about this, but he was going to play it cool as long as possible. He finished re-shelving the book in his hand before turning to the stranger completely. "Always so cautious when not out and about...."
  6. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "No wa....Oh Mary what have you done this time?" Mary jumped down after Nicole, being a ghost she had no worry of being hurt by any kind of fall. She could just walk straight through the walls at least, though she didn't have any ability to float or fly, or at least, none that she knew of. She rushed to Alton, coming through the wall looking a little frazzled. "Alton, there's a girl in armor on her way. She's not hostile as far as I know, but I thought it best you know before a armored mage lady thing, I think, comes bursting into the room." "Wh...did.....what happened?" "No time for that right now." Alton pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. Guess it was time to go, he'd rather not risk a fight if he could help it, and he knew nothing of this woman. Mary didn't think she'd start anything, but Alton was tired anyway, so he started reshelving the books he had gotten out of this room.
  7. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "Ahh...that. I'm just trying to find something interesting to do while the guy I'm with is reading downstairs, something about family histories and trying to find out who I was when I was alive. I tried to be patient, but patience has never been my virtue, and it won't start anytime soon. So, I came up here to watch the city, it all seems so calm from over here, you wouldn't even guess this city is full of powered people that were thought of as flights of fancy when I was still alive....I think." Mary cleared her throat and looked back out over the city, trying not to think about how awkward she was being, and how she had just blurted out sensitive information, after all as nice as this Nicole may seem, she could just be another person seeking to harm Alton or take her power, possibly both...probably. She tried to pretend the silence she had created wasn't awkward, but not even a goddess of beauty could touch that tension, at least, with how Mary saw it. "I have a better question; What are you doing out here so late at night?"
  8. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "I've been dead for at least a century, don't remember most of it, just a few idiots with a thirst for power. And yes I'm new here, I don't like stuffy old libraries all that much, usually I'm over in Kingston or somewhere in the city proper enjoying this life I have. Watching TV, or listening to music, or watching these super people fighting crime. And it's fine, it's not ever day you meet someone like mwah. Where are my manners?" Those last words were spoken with a bit of disgust and a roll of Mary's eyes, as if this was a dog and pony show she'd been through dozens or more times before. "You can call me Mary, and you are?" Mary was having a hard time telling the age of the girl in front of her, especially with all that armor on. Even with what she'd seen with Alton, she hadn't seen armor like that yet, it was a bizarre design, not even in what few memories she still held had she ever seen anything like it before. She tugged mentally at Alton, he needed to come see this girl. Alton, meanwhile ignored the tug, he assumed it was just Mary going to bug him about leaving again, he just had to finish one last book and then they could go home.
  9. In Anticipation of Meaning

    "I'm just watching the d.....wait...wait, you can see me? Finally someone else who can see me!" Mary practically squealed with excitement as she scrambled up from her perch to investigate the newcomer. She patted down her dress, as if straightening it despite there being nothing wrong with it. "How is it you can see me? So far in all the time I've spent here, there's only ever been the one person." No one could say Mary wasn't a curious girl, her eyes sparkled with the intensity of someone seeking an answer. She was smart, just not....interested in most things that required her intelligence. She spent most of her spare time, which was most of her time, watching TV where she could, or wandering around wherever Alton was working at the time. Now though, now she had someone else she could talk to, even if it was just for tonight. She peered at the newcomer waiting for an answer. Meanwhile, back in the library below, Mirror could feel some of Mary's excitement, but he passed it off, she got excited anytime she saw a shooting star. This was nothing to worry about for the time being. The cord connecting them, though he nor she could precisely see it, felt nearly as stretched as it would go though, so he guessed she was outside. He settled down with another new book, intent on getting through at least one more before he had to retire for the night, one had to take breaks eventually.
  10. In Anticipation of Meaning

    Mirror Alton tossed yet another book onto the pile called "things I can't read". Family histories, in languages he couldn't read, some occult books in Latin, and while he could puzzle out some of what was in them, thank you science degree, most of it was gibberish, and if it wasn't for the fact that there were aliens, he'd been stuck in a world conquered by Hellenic gods, and had a freaking ghost bound to his soul, he wouldn't give them any time. As it stands, he was going through the oldest library in Lantern Hill, subsisting almost entirely on books donated to them, or were collected by what few employees it still held. The place was cramped, dusty, and old, thankfully though, Alton had chosen to start in what must have once been a sitting room, he guessed this library used to be a house, that had a large window with a relatively clear view of the sky on one wall. Mary meanwhile, was bored out of her mind. Even though Mirror was trying to piece together the puzzle that was Mary, she didn't seem to care, there was no fun, no games, no action or excitement. There was only endless dusty tomes in a house that while built in a familiar style, was nonetheless nothing of interest to her. She walked through wall after wall, pacing around the entire library, and would, on occasion, go out and pace the grounds, though she was ever conscious of her distance from Alton, she didn't want to accidentally sever her lifeline. Alton had his outfit with him, as he always did, mask in his jacket, and cane off to one side. Mary was, for once, appearing in her Victorian wear, though once again, it was black and red, colors one rarely sees outside of certain circles. Pinching the bridge of his nose, Alton sighed and set aside a book onto the much smaller pile of "might be helpful". This one was rather plain, but it detailed missing persons and bizarre deaths from 1840-1850 in and around London. Small area, small time frame, but it could yield results all the same. Mary's accent placed her as being from that area, but that doesn't mean she was there when she died...or whatever happened to her. Mary had, by now, managed to find a ladder propped up on the back of the library. Climbing up it to get on the roof, at least from up here she could watch the city, and the nearby areas for anything interesting. Anything at all to break the doldrums of research, of a dark night in a old library, or the constant wandering of who she really was. She wanted to know, she just didn't have the patience to wait for Alton to figure it out, as such, she had been trying to get him to do something else, or speed it up all night, to no avail. She'd finally given up, and now here she was, sitting on a dirty, old rooftop. Thankfully she couldn't get dirty anymore, so despite it being dirty, it affected nothing but her eyes themselves.
  11. Character Edits 2017

    Crunch Down, Fluff pending discussion. - Absurdist. Mirror Couple of things here. First off, I believe the math was off on the character as I can only find 153/155PP spent, not 154. The issue seems to be saves which has one point being counted as spent that actually isn't accounted for. Second, I want to get edit a complication, a fluff change here, but something I want to note, and add two more. The edited one is Hates Seeing Others Hurt, which should now be called Echoes of the Past. See below. Echoes of the Past: Whenever Alton witnesses lethal, or possibly lethal attacks against living beings, based on his point of view (If it appears lethal from where he is, even if it's not, ETC), he becomes enraged, and has a hard time stopping himself from focusing solely on the source of the attack. He has come to realize that this isn't something from his past, but a memory and emotion from Mary being shared across their bond, making him feel both her rage, and his own from some primal part of his mind. Spark of Something More: Something has begun to stir inside of Mirror's very soul, something that feels alien, and yet, is not. Some part of his soul, small and forgotten, is not human in it's own right. Since his return after disappearing, this part of his soul has been growing, driving him forward. He fights it, not knowing what it is, or where it comes from, not even entirely sure it's his to begin with. It pushes him to strain his powers, to test his limits, and fling caution to the wind. Moreover, it pushes him to look into his family's past, and Mary's history/family, pushing him into studies he may never have cared for in the past. It swirls golden in the depths of his soul, pulsing, and growing, but into what, who knows? Unseen, or not: Anyone with an active power descriptor of Necromantic, Magical, or Divine (Be it innate, from a device, or temporary matters not) can see, and hear Mary. As her bond with Alton has grown stronger, her form has become ever so slightly more tangible, expanding the number of people that can see her greatly. Finally, I want to spend the 2 pp (Counting the one I believe is counted as spent but not really) 1 PP to skills Language 2 (English (Native), Greek, Irish) Knowledge (Mythology) 2 And finally 1 PP Spent to turn my Glass Control (Move Object 10 ( Feats: Precise, Subtle; Extra: Range [Perception]; Flaw: Limited to Glass ) Effective Strength: 50 Heavy Load: 12 Tons [22PP]) Into an array by adding Alternate Power 1 Glass Control 10 ( (Move Object 10 ( Feats: Precise, Subtle; Extra: Range [Perception]; Flaw: Limited to Glass; Feat: Alternate Power 1 ) Effective Strength: 50 Heavy Load: 12 Tons [23PP]) AP: Glass Weaponry (Strike) 10 (Variable Descriptor (Bludgeoning, Slashing, Piercing), DC 25 Accurate 2, Flaw; Source (Glass; Requires enough glass in melee range to be used, as per the GM) ) {7/22}
  12. A Whole New World (IC)

    "I'll find a doctor, I'm faster. No one else touch any of the food, we don't know if this a poisoning or sickness. DeMonaco, instead see about trying to get into contact with the Ships chief of security, they'll want to be involved as well, and the faster we get them in here, the faster we can find out what's going on." Mirror said as he grabbed his cane and unsteadily, he had only recently learned to fly, began to float, then turned and shot off, stopping only to open the doors, and flew about midway between the floor and ceiling. Light pulsed around his hands and feet, leaving a afterimage behind him that faded slowly, showing his path. He flew as fast as he could, and still reliably make turns, and dodge people, definitely faster then running normally, and rushed as fast as he could to the Doctor, coming to a halt and setting down once he found them. "Wheeew, that was the first time I've actually had to do that....Not important right now! Doctor, the captain just threw up a large amount of blood, I came to get you as fast as I could, I suspect poisoning, but no matter what, he needs a Doctor ASAP."
  13. A Whole New World (IC)

    Leaning his cane against the table, and straightening his honestly way to purple (and blue) suit, Mirror took his place at the table. Mary, who as far as he knew he was still the only person that could see her, sat on the floor and put her head in her hands pouting. She was mad because they weren't outside in the sun where she wanted to be, though she couldn't tan, she enjoyed a change of scenery from the urban jungle that was, and still is, Freedom City. Mirror had spent most of the first day of the cruise just outside, enjoying the sun, and the ocean. Though he didn't tan much, or burn much for that matter. He left his top hat on, it was apart of the costume, and kept his hair hidden, making it slightly harder to identify him, and his mask sported a feature it didn't usually. A mouth shaped feature that actually moved as his mouth did. Most of the concentration he could spare was going into animating it, so that he could eat without looking (more) strange, or risk revealing his identity. Maybe one day he would go public, but this day was not that day. "I hated stupid formal requirements when I was alive, and I hate them even more now. I want to be outside, I want to be watching the clouds, and the sky, and feeling the heat on my...can I even call it skin? I can't really call it skin can I? My ecto-shell, or whatever your Ghost Hunters call my body, though they never find anything. Hurry up, I don't want to be stuck here all night, I'm already stuck with you for the rest of your life, I might as well get some benefit from it." He couldn't, and wouldn't respond to her. Not right now anyway, one of her little rules, and she hadn't granted him permission, so he ignored her. Harder to do then normal considering his need for concentration on the mask. "Good evening everyone." Mirror said, glass-mask-mouth following his real mouth underneath, slightly uncomfortable. He had never been very good with people, he could tell you the stresses a jet moving at mach three would experience, the kind of forces that accumulated in Earth's orbit being the way it is, or especially the best way to get a steel skyscraper to hold itself up stably, but people? People were a whole nother story. It wasn't as if talking to them crippled him, nor was it a total inability to connect with them, it was simply him being introverted, and most people not being interested in the various physical sciences, of which architectural engineering was his specialty.
  14. Thread Recruitment: Roll My Windows Down and Cruiiise

    Mirror's in, not to high profile, but has a power set you don't see to often, and a very recognizable costume
  15. Character Edits, v8

    REFLECTED BY HGM Spending 2 PP for Mirror 1PP - Add "Flight" Alternate Power into his Light Control Array 1PP - Turned into 4 Skill Points +1 Craft (Structural) +1 Craft (Glass) +2 Knowledge (Physical Sciences)