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  1. A Whole New World (IC)

    "I'll find a doctor, I'm faster. No one else touch any of the food, we don't know if this a poisoning or sickness. DeMonaco, instead see about trying to get into contact with the Ships chief of security, they'll want to be involved as well, and the faster we get them in here, the faster we can find out what's going on." Mirror said as he grabbed his cane and unsteadily, he had only recently learned to fly, began to float, then turned and shot off, stopping only to open the doors, and flew about midway between the floor and ceiling. Light pulsed around his hands and feet, leaving a afterimage behind him that faded slowly, showing his path. He flew as fast as he could, and still reliably make turns, and dodge people, definitely faster then running normally, and rushed as fast as he could to the Doctor, coming to a halt and setting down once he found them. "Wheeew, that was the first time I've actually had to do that....Not important right now! Doctor, the captain just threw up a large amount of blood, I came to get you as fast as I could, I suspect poisoning, but no matter what, he needs a Doctor ASAP."
  2. A Whole New World (IC)

    Leaning his cane against the table, and straightening his honestly way to purple (and blue) suit, Mirror took his place at the table. Mary, who as far as he knew he was still the only person that could see her, sat on the floor and put her head in her hands pouting. She was mad because they weren't outside in the sun where she wanted to be, though she couldn't tan, she enjoyed a change of scenery from the urban jungle that was, and still is, Freedom City. Mirror had spent most of the first day of the cruise just outside, enjoying the sun, and the ocean. Though he didn't tan much, or burn much for that matter. He left his top hat on, it was apart of the costume, and kept his hair hidden, making it slightly harder to identify him, and his mask sported a feature it didn't usually. A mouth shaped feature that actually moved as his mouth did. Most of the concentration he could spare was going into animating it, so that he could eat without looking (more) strange, or risk revealing his identity. Maybe one day he would go public, but this day was not that day. "I hated stupid formal requirements when I was alive, and I hate them even more now. I want to be outside, I want to be watching the clouds, and the sky, and feeling the heat on my...can I even call it skin? I can't really call it skin can I? My ecto-shell, or whatever your Ghost Hunters call my body, though they never find anything. Hurry up, I don't want to be stuck here all night, I'm already stuck with you for the rest of your life, I might as well get some benefit from it." He couldn't, and wouldn't respond to her. Not right now anyway, one of her little rules, and she hadn't granted him permission, so he ignored her. Harder to do then normal considering his need for concentration on the mask. "Good evening everyone." Mirror said, glass-mask-mouth following his real mouth underneath, slightly uncomfortable. He had never been very good with people, he could tell you the stresses a jet moving at mach three would experience, the kind of forces that accumulated in Earth's orbit being the way it is, or especially the best way to get a steel skyscraper to hold itself up stably, but people? People were a whole nother story. It wasn't as if talking to them crippled him, nor was it a total inability to connect with them, it was simply him being introverted, and most people not being interested in the various physical sciences, of which architectural engineering was his specialty.
  3. Thread Recruitment: Roll My Windows Down and Cruiiise

    Mirror's in, not to high profile, but has a power set you don't see to often, and a very recognizable costume
  4. Character Edits, v8

    REFLECTED BY HGM Spending 2 PP for Mirror 1PP - Add "Flight" Alternate Power into his Light Control Array 1PP - Turned into 4 Skill Points +1 Craft (Structural) +1 Craft (Glass) +2 Knowledge (Physical Sciences)
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  6. Jar of Glass

    "I'm here to do my best to help the law enforcement of the city, not give them a bigger headache in trying to close a case, and I do have a number you can reach me at if you find something. As for the owner, I don't think I ever saw them, when I got here the thugs were already gathering up their ill-gotten gains, and I dealt with them. If the owner was in here, they didn't let me see them, and may have slipped past me when I took off after the thug that ran away. While you're doing what you can, I'll see if I can't find out what, or who was in that mirror, whatever it was, I don't think I should leave it loose for long. Best of luck to you Detective Khan, we're both going to need it." Mirror said as he dug a scrap of paper out of his pocket and wrote a number down on it, and handed it to the detective before stepping up the mirror Mary had pointed at, and taking a deep breath, pressed himself into it, passing through it like it was nothing, and focusing his attention on letting Mary guide him, letting her choose where they emerged, hoping she might be able to track something he couldn't. Regardless, he'd emerge nearby, he just wanted to see if it was possible to track....whatever this thing was.
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  8. Jar of Glass

    "Simple really. There was something here after the fighting was over. It left, but whatever it was, it was dangerous. It was inside of that mirror over there. I told the officers to leave because, if it came back, and attacked, I don't even know if I could fight it." He said with a simple gesture at the mirror, one eye being kept on Mary, who was still sticking close by to him. He straightened his suit, but was obviously nervous. What he had said was true, he had no idea what this thing was, just that it was very, very wrong, and he didn't know if he could lay a finger (or beam of light) on it.
  9. Jar of Glass

    "Okay, Mary, I want you to describe in as much detail what you saw. Even when the detective gets in here, keep going." Mirror said before, hesitantly, pressing his gloved hand against the glass of the mirror, tempted to try shifting through it, see if he couldn't somehow follow whatever was in here. Shaking his head, Mirror turned away and opened the door to the outside to let the detective in, though he kept his eye on the mirror he had just touched, this was something he had never come close to dealing with before. "Detective."
  10. Jar of Glass

    Mirror's brow furrowed beneath the mask as he stepped closer to the mirror to look inside. After a few seconds, he turned to the cops and spoke. "You might not want to hang around here for to much longer. I'm not sure what, but there was something wrong here. Very, very wrong, and likely very dangerous. Whatever it was, it's gone, for now, but you might want to get out soon, once your out, Those thugs might know something, I doubt it, but you might want to ask them about it, or let me." Mirror kept himself between Mary and the mirror quite on purpose, and turned back to it, still trying to figure out whatever it was that was in there, or might come back.
  11. Jar of Glass

    "Alright, tell me what you need from me, I'll give you everything I can." He responded as he looked around the shop. He knew he had seen someone somewhere in there when the thugs were here, but he couldn't see anyone know. "Maybe they're outside in the group of people. Got out of the way. Be a bit boring if that was true, but most people are boring anyway." Mary said as she wondered through the shop, her body just phasing through anything in her way she didn't want to bother with going around. She usually just went around, Mirror had a few guesses as to why, but when she couldn't, or it'd take to long, to Mary, she just went through it.
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  13. Jar of Glass

    Dat notice check though 25
  14. Jar of Glass

    "Hello officers. Sorry about the mess." He said as he gestured at where the one thugs shotgun had broken somethings. "However, that's not why I'm over here. I came over here to talk to you about your confused looks. Whatcha looking for, maybe I can help." He asked as he looked around, not stepping past the door as of yet, waiting for their response. Once upon a time he might have hung back like the rest of the crowd, but now, thanks to Mary, he was actually going to see if he could help. Especially when he was already apart of the entire situation.
  15. "I've been looking into joining Archetech, but right now I haven't been working as an Engineer anywhere near long enough to qualify yet. One day I do hope to work at Archetech, but I don't know when I'll be able to." Alton said as he walked inside, and got them a small table, tucked away in a corner. Mirror didn't really like being at the center of most places. "As for working together, maybe. I think we'd work well together, but I'm not very experienced at all, so I haven't learned to judge it yet. In the meantime, I'll likely continue my work around the city, doing what I can." He was being deliberately vague in case of eavesdroppers. Mary meanwhile was pestering him as to who the people Naomi had mentioned was. Ignoring her, Alton chose what he was going to eat, and smiled at Naomi. "As weird a day as it was, I can't say it was a bad day."