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  1. Couple days early, but things seem sorted on my end. Off to the races!
  2. Taking a week away. Not of sound mental status here.
  3. ic

    Endeavor notes the power that's being sent around. She knew that she was going to need help with this and starts backing up to the more "public" area of the resort. She responds to Queenie. "I think I got some intel on matters I'm heading back to the common area... not gonna tackle this alone. It looks like there's some sort of metahuman plugged into the system here, as I'm seeing a heat signature that matches what happens when a metahuman uses their power. I'd rather not crack this egg without yours and MG's help." Sometimes discretion was the better part of valor... if this resort was the sturdiest shelter, it would be best to investigate it once it could be safely dealt with... or perhaps the storms could be controlled from here? What sort of climatic damage could be caused attempting that? She couldn't lose thought here, she needed to get back to the new batch of survivors. "And I've got one heck of a moral and ethical dilemma to think about..." "By Halley's weather charts..."
  4. Sailor's Postcount Endeavor Dueling Storms (6) I was working in the lab... (2) Torpedo Lass Edison vs Tesla 2k17 (3) If this holds true, Endeavor has just achieved PL 10!
  5. ooc

    Notice, I think I will do Skill Mastery with this and consider it a roll beating DC 20 by taking 10 History Check (Profession(Sailor) +5, INT +2) INT + Profession (Sailor) Check: 1d20+7 16 Sorta lame, but it beats a DC 15... I'll consider that a moral victory.
  6. ooc

    Phew! Also yeah I knew there was a issue of the moss on the trees, but I wager Torpedo Lass is used to rain/water slickened decks enough to keep sure-footed. That and seeing that 1 rolled on that save... yeah... wasn't wanting a sprained ankle or something.
  7. ooc

    Stealth Roll, Barely Made Stealth (+5) Roll: 1d20+5 15 Reflex Check, Critfail Reflex Save (+8): 1d20+8 9 Considering I got Luck 2... I think I'll toss a HP on the Reflex. Reflex Save (+8) - Hero Pointed: 1d20+8 15 As I rolled a 7, that's technically a 17 (Lovin' those HPs) I rolled for a result of 25 but if it's taken nakedly that will also pass as a 15. 2 Hero Points Remaining
  8. ooc

    Am I needed for anything, or am I still in "leggin' it" mode?
  9. ic

    Sakurako leaned against the locker. "Go back to your quarters. I'll have his project moved... thing is I have to report this incident." She turned off her phone and pocketed it again. "But once Dr. Khan is awake... then again I'm sure this whole conversation is on security too." "I'm not completely heartless... that and an incident like this wouldn't get you expelled. Lectured, totally... but in school you get second chances. Think a scientist would take it lying down having their work copied to make your life easier?" "What if I managed to do that? You'd be irate..." She said, sighing. "I'll tell Dr. Khan you changed your mind." She grinned. "Your project makes sense... but a good idea needs time. Time sadly you don't got. Sometimes that's how science works."
  10. I'll keep her in her specialties with the Phys Sci check as she isn't a philosophy type... Knowledge (Phys Sci) +10: 1d20+10 17 That seems too low, gonna HP that one. Knowledge (Phys Sci) +10 (Hero Pointed): 1d20+10 15 As the roll was a 5, I got a 25 (15+10). Lovely thing using a HP for a skill re-roll... bad thing hero points disappear fast when you're a skill monkey. 1 Hero Point Left
  11. Knowledge: Tech to find the source: Kno(Tech): 1d20+15 28 Also messed up, I got a +10 for Knowledge(Tech) not +15... what happens when I operate off of memory, so I got a 23.
  12. ic

    Sakurako swept her eyes over the scene when she caught something odd. Then something worrying. "Umm... something seems off here... very off..." Seeing that everyone dashed off when she noticed something very, very wrong was happening right under everyone's nose was starting to anger her. "Alright if you people would just give me 5 seconds to breathe, you'd know that I think I found an atmosphere manipulation system!" "I'm noticing some atmospheric heating around these antennas scattered across the area that I can see through this rain, and the pattern matches trying to manipulate a storm system. I know, sounds conspiracy theory, but the way everything's moving is telling me I found what's creating one of the storm systems! Thing is these antennas... ARE AT THE DARNED RESORT!" "Thing is you people are just jumping about with no damn organization and we've put survivors right at the center of this whole crisis!!!" Sakurako disobeys Queenie, running into the resort, looking for the means to control the system.
  13. ic

    "I think I saw this in a cheesy horror movie somewhere..." Torpedo Lass said. She grabbed a heavy tree branch as the drone screamed toward her. "Time to see if all that batting practice on the carrier paid off!" She said, swinging. It was a clean hit, as prong parts flew everywhere and the mortally wounded drone laid shaking and sparking on the ground. "Well... if no one knew my pretty face was here... they do now..." Torpedo Lass took to the trees, using her prodigious leaping to go from tree trunk to tree trunk. Hoping she could use the jungle to her advantage. "This is totally against orders, but I'm not a seaman anymore either so... don't mind me, takin' a closer look..." She said with a grin. "Someone doesn't want anyone lookin' at what they're doin' here... Time for me to do a little site inspection."
  14. Here's your checks: Kno(Tech): 1d20+10 30 Notice: 1d20+15 16 - Going to HP this one. Notice (HP Re-Roll): 1d20+15 34 Note that my commglasses grant me infravision. 2 HP Remaining
  15. pc

    I'm starting to think, considering that I have been struggling with this character for a year and things got sort of scattered, I think I'm going to take this character to be scrapped and start over with something else. Sunk Cost fallacy is... well it's a thing. Sorry guys. Aviatrix won't take flight...