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  1. Player Away Thread

    After hearing some comments here I thought I'd never hear on this site, I've decided it's time for me to part ways. I'm sorry to those waiting on me, but this... I gotta draw a line somewhere. Update: I think I'll still need a few days.
  2. Player Away Thread

    Slight update, this will be about a week's disappearance. Just need a vacation in general.
  3. Player Away Thread

    I'm going to be on an indefinite absence. Gotta find what I want out of this place. Either that or just call it quits.
  4. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(IC)

    Torpedo lass grunted... "Nukes... The greatest mistake this country ever invented..." she thought. "Nukes are pretty dangerous for one to mess with, particularly if they're old... I'd wager they're like... late cold-war era I'd assume? But judgin' by the age of that notebook I'd think older... Back when Stalin was still breathing maybe?" She could read the German... but Russian? Not a chance. She stretched out. She knew there was more here than she'd want to bargain with... she could fight the robots but she wasn't even clear what this mad scientist could accomplish if she's distracted. Judging by her theme she controls electromagnetism and electricity. This'd hurt if she decided to get hostile. "Sie lesen nicht Deutsch, Frau?" [Translation from German: You don't read german, ma'am?] "Kid... I fought in World War II... I know a few things about languages spoke by the Axis... falling into a time-rift can change your perspective." If she could secure the island and deal with this girl, she might be able to make things safer off the US coast... maybe getting her to fight her rival while she disarms these things? She's no genius though... maybe there's some more notes... There was no use acting smug now... this weirdo's got her dead to rights... for now. She sighed holding up her hands. "Well... I know when I'm outnumbered. You guys got some way to communicate with each other in regards to the bet?"
  5. Skyjam(OOC)

    Fort save huh? Fortitude Save (DC 10): 1d20+7 21 Levity pulls 9Gs for a living... she can take it.
  6. Children of the Corn Maze

    Mary smirked to Max. "He's good... his Chili is as fine as ever." She stretched out setting down the large bag. "So, I wager I can handle the heavy lifting." She said setting down the bag with a thud. To her it seemed like a feather. "Got my Halloween costume in here... the advantage of being moved to modern times from WWII, is whatever gear you had is mint." "So, talked with some friends and got a few ideas. As for Allergies... none that I know of, but it might be a smart idea to have the more common allergy triggering treats separated from the safe goodies." "I can also do some pretty high jumps if you need someone to take looks at the surroundings as they grow. Particularly the main maze." "In fact if anyone gets lost I can get into the maze super easy... I'll just need a map if I miss my jump. Don't worry about visibility though." She said pointing to her glowing eyes. "I can see in the dark like it wasn't a thing." "Sort of a sad situation that mood-lighting is lost on me when I can read a book during a new moon in the middle of the Pacific."
  7. Player Away Thread

    If people were waiting for an official announce, I'm back.
  8. Player Away Thread

    I'm going to need some time to sort out things in my life. Just had my soul crushed and it's remains dropped in my face in spite. It might be just a week, might be more... but I doubt I'll get over it in one day.
  9. Children of the Corn Maze

    Torpedo lass landed on her feet near the edge of the cornfield hosting the event. Jumping on land always seemed to Mary to be the best way to travel. It beat heavy traffic and using a car. She had a large yellowish waterproof dufflebag worn like a backpack. Looked like something made in the 1940s with yellow rubber... but unlike something of that material from that time, the bag looked brand new. It had "Property of WAVE" stenciled on the side with "Issued to Mary Masterson" written under it by marker. The outfit Mary had on right now though was fully modern. slightly damp too after a short swim... which was from the Gulf Coast to Freedom City before taking a jumping land-route to the farm. The wetsuited woman walked along the dirt road to the meeting location. Her deck shoes scuffed the ground as she reached the doors. After one final look around the seaworthy sentinel of Freedom City knocked before walking in. "Hey hey, answerin' the help-wanted you guys posted up and... heyyyyyy...." She noticed the man with the skull mask in the wheel-chair, as well as the others who had just arrived... "This a Halloween plannin' session or a negotiation?" She quirked an eyebrow, her eyes having their signature phosphorescent sea-green glow. "Then again it is Halloween and some people have strange ideas for costumes in 2017..." "Name's Torpedo Lass... thought I'd volunteer to assist with the shin-dig happening here... if interested... if that's what's happening..."
  10. Children of the Corn Maze (OOC)

    Tagging in, Torpedo Lass inbound.
  11. Halloween Hijinx?

    Sounds legit. Can't wait.
  12. Halloween Hijinx?

    Actually, would you mind if Torpedo Lass volunteered to help with this?
  13. Skyjam(IC)

    Levity quirked an eyebrow as she opened the windscreen... "Actually I think my business is catching this flight over here..." She said, pointing a thumb to the plane she was flying next to. "I'll get us in, the Peregrine will hold course next to us." Something about this seemed convenient, but considering the situation having this mysterious newcomer get a civilian out of harm's way who looked like he might know a few things about this... was welcome. "I'll watch your back, but with the weirdness about, not sure if I'd be effective." She said, standing on the wing on the side the rescue plane was. "Not sure at all what's happening... I'll get the emergency hatch open, get you in, and close up behind us." She gestured to the rescue plane's wing. "After you? And if you got any ideas would be a good time to hear 'em."
  14. Karaoke Night at Morley's Pub

    "Among others, friend... rush seems a bit sad at times, depending on the choice... ohhh yesss... This song is in the system." Torpedo Lass said with a grin. "Seems the new kid's getting the hang of it too." She said leaning on the counter of the bar Gesturing to Miracle Girl... Torpedo Lass moves her finger that was holding her spot in the book over, flipping back to her page and looking up the number for her choice she walks up to the machine entering her number. Seeing the crowd was loosened up as she was nursing her Guinness until the first couple of singers she knew she was going to light things up... or fall flat. Then again on shore leave hitting some bar near Yokosuka she was notorious for putting on a show. "Better to set sail and sink than stay at the docks..." she whispered. She walked up on stage and a couple of the more sauced up members of the audience were cheering. She leaned on the mic. "Didn't think you'd have a legit sea-salt on stage eh?" She said with a grin and there were a few chuckles... "Well let me tell ya... you other guys have been a bit serious man... but it's time to weigh anchor, mates! Time for me to show ya how to have a little fun!" She said pumping her fist... the crowd was starting to get lit up. Then the music kicked in... Her singing was rough war cry, with the bluster of a pirate but the skill of an experienced singer, turning the rare Queen track into a sea shanty and hit the walls of that pub like a hurricane. By the time the song ended with the almost silly song at the end, everyone in the crowd started singing with her. Even after the song ended for at least a minute on the machine everyone reprised it. "Now yer' part of my crew." She said, her voice slightly growling. Walking back to her spot at the bar to applause and laughs, grinning from ear to ear. She put her feet on an empty stool. "Our man over here might be payin' the bills for the evenin' but when it comes to a proper party, you invite a sailor to the show!"
  15. Skyjam(IC)

    Levity clutched her controls... This definitely wasn't no storm she'd ever expected, and hearing the screaming. "Okay... this has escalated drastically." She said... the engines strained in the new environment. The only thing Levity needed to keep her focus in this mess was the aircraft itself... then again the aircraft thought it's airspeed was too low, even though with the molasses of the new environment was causing a high-performance aircraft at full afterburner to move in such a manner. "You still with me, Hakim? Seems we're in the mother of all jello now." She said, using the sole IFF in the area, that of the rescue aircraft as a landmark to fly to. She put her aircraft into a synced speed once it pulled up. "Okay... something tells me the laws of physics and aerodynamics don't mean anything here." She said turning to Hakim. "We're flying as fast as we could walk, yet keeping aloft..." "We could probably safely open the windscreen at this point... I'll pull up to the wing of the plane and put the Peregrine into auto-pilot, to orbit the rescue aircraft at a safe distance once we've disembarked on to that plane's wing." "We can enter through that emergency exit hatch there on the starboard side." She said, pointing to a panel with a red square framing it. One of the evacuation hatches over it's wings. "Judging from the ghostly crowd we might wanna close up that hatch behind us ASAP." "At this point... if you got any answers... would love to hear them... that and any ideas."