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  1. pc

    I'm starting to think, considering that I have been struggling with this character for a year and things got sort of scattered, I think I'm going to take this character to be scrapped and start over with something else. Sunk Cost fallacy is... well it's a thing. Sorry guys. Aviatrix won't take flight...
  2. Heri, I already delivered my survivors to the resort.
  3. ic

    Torpedo Lass stopped for a moment, looking over the details of the scene, and sees the tunnel as she topped off her dive vest. "Well, they wanted a proper recon of the area... But this... doesn't seem like the type of weather you'd expect in the Pacific Northwest this time of year... water's too warm..." She thought as she closed the distance to the beach, using the rocks and other features to shield her approach. Then again it didn't seem for the moment she was watched. At this point she starts to snake through the rocky outcroppings as she gets on land. She started to wonder why she was approaching this like some rescue operation, hiding behind rocks... "Stick to the mission, chief... recon and intel... then again, something like this I swear always ends up makin' me get into a squabble. Like that time back in the Navy... I was getting some info on a camp of pirates holding hostages... that ended up rather interesting." She whispered, verbalizing her internal monologue... Shaking her head so she didn't drift off in thought. "Here and now, sailor. Focus." She thought. Steeling herself she starts heading down the tunnel...She'd have to investigate that plane and the buildings later...
  4. ooc

    I'll take 10 on my notice check for an initial look-see, for a dc 18.
  5. ic

    Torpedo Lass adjusted the lapel collar on her new suit, the superhero life was rather mean to her last two outfits, as she started to look over the intel. She pulled down her goggles. "Technically, yes, you're right on the age assessment, the years I missed out on don't count, sir." She said with a wink. "I don't mind peeping out something if it helps you guys out." "Lookin' forward to solving this mystery of yours." It wasn't long before she headed to a beach, still quiet awaiting summer, and started off with her swim, staying on the surface at first at a slow speed swimming, before letting air out of her vest to get neutrally buoyant and heading about 30 feet down. It was odd as her chest stopped moving as the last bit of air in her lungs headed to the surface. Her whole body adapted like the flip of a switch, she no longer needed to breathe... but she never really got used to it. Her eyes glowed as she readied to hit top speed. It wasn't more than a couple moments before she was moving at super-cavitation speeds even the Navy's experimental technology groups could not fathom. She could be heard on sonar, yes, but there was little anyone could do when she decided to go full speed ahead. "These new fins actually sorta help." She thought, turning and twisting, causing little momentary whirlpools with her wake as she vectored to the mysterious patch. She knew taking a direct route would be a bad idea, so she zig-zagged, taking indirect routes. Eventually she knew she would be coming up on the thing's visual horizon. She slowed down to a more "reasonible" clip... so as she swam at the surface she wouldn't break the speed of sound with the parts of her body above water... 500mph would suffice... She watched for the thing... getting ready for a pass-by.
  6. ooc

    Tagging. Taking a read now. Torpedo Lass ready to set sail.
  7. Well, as long as AEGIS gets some nice new toys, and some supers to boot in their membership... We Overwatch Now.
  8. Endeavor might understand the focus on building a national team. After all I do plan on having her get into AEGIS (the training is also a good excuse for an upgrade/redesign). Endeavor is a bit eclectic, so she's rather neutral. If he cuts funding to science or education she may have to write a letter and poke a few congresscritters. Torpedo Lass still has her Navy roots, and he is the president. So she respects the man to a point, she'll judge him on his policies. His views on defense she agrees with, but thinks treating heroes as a deterrent might lead to a new form of arms race. Aviatrix didn't vote for the guy, but she didn't necessarily hate him. She just thought her candidate could do the job better. like TL, she'll judge him on his policies, and as long as a national team doesn't lead to registration or some form of meta-draft, she's okay with the plan.
  9. I'm with Heri on that one. Might help in separating OOC personal politics from the game.
  10. Well at least Endeavor will have a post-school job in AEGIS that's well funded...
  11. It is our playground. I could get behind a slightly more right Bernie Sanders type.
  12. Reading this over, he seems alright, but how about instead of him being Republican, he's more of a centrist Independent who managed to upset the establishment. Sort of in the vein of Jesse Ventura when he became Governor in Minnesota (and before he went one flew over the koo-koo's nest in terms of conspiracy theories). He seems the type capable of working with both sides, perhaps by making him an (I) he's in the perfect position.
  13. ic

    Endeavor Sakurako started seeing some semblance of land below. And the mayhem these storms created. As she flew she saw down below she could have swore she saw someone with what looked like a red flag attached to their car antenna... And a wall of water held back by what looked like some junk and dirt that somehow formed a dam beginning to give way... Then again the car itself looked stalled, slowly being pushed by water... the difference between a rapids and that slow stream was created by sheer luck and that luck was running out. "MG... I have to investigate that... I can handle getting that car out of the water. Particularly if it's metal... keep an eye on the area heading to the resort, I'll keep you posted over radio. If not I'll meet you at the Resort." Sakurako dashed down as best she could hovering above the water. There was people inside, but they looked quite worse for wear... the inside of the car was flooded, but wasn't gaining any water above the current water line. But if that dam gave way... It was obvious the car was stalled... flooded out. With the way this flood was going they would eventually end up in a large resevoir... a deep one. And if that dam burst it would be a faster doom. Those inside saw her did their best to get her attention. Then she looked closer seeing they were indeed tourists. A couple and a child, all wearing red ponchos from the resort. Looks like the flag was from one of the hoods, torn off from a poncho... This illustrated how fast these storms formed. If these were natural, they would have had time to evacuate. Plenty of time. Endeavor waved and pulled out her EM Wand, activating it to move their small rental car pulling it to shore just as the dam broke. Endeavor opened the door as a water poured out. "Okay... anyone hurt? I don't think asking if anyone was wet would be appropriate." The tourists just shook their head as Sakurako pointed to a dumpster. "Get in, I'll take us to a shelter that's been set up." She helped the kid in, while the others climbed in... ironic the dumpster said people shouldn't get into it. Sakurako closed the lid and using her wand she picked it up as she flew along, although the weight of the dumpster made flying safely even more awkward. "MG, I got some survivors, unhurt but wet... I hope there'll be something dry at the resort." She knew that whoever that was at the resort would be hearing the conversation. "Whoever is listening at the resort I got 3 PAX inbound with me. Two adults, one child." Soon the makeshift sheltering and dams are blocking the floods, and there was a good central landing spot. When she sets the dumpster down she opens it up, after moving over a box to act like a step. "Okay, let's hustle." She looked around for Miracle Girl, glad the time she's taking waiting isn't making her wet... although her sweating isn't helping. She did look around for other heroes, hoping her and Miracle Girl along with the one over the radio were the only ones. "I'm in the large open area in the center of the resort..." She said over her radio, keeping everyone appraised.
  14. ic

    Sakurako quirked an eyebrow. "Wasn't what I asked, but No is No. We've taken the Science Ethics courses before getting clearance to work in the school's labs." Sakurako sighed. "And doing it like this is diluting your talent." She crossed her arms, leaning on the locker, like a guard. "I'm going to be honest, taking this road isn't talent. It's just being a copy machine. A quick out." "This competition isn't important in the long run. Might be to you, but not to the larger scheme of things. You'd be happy... have the praise... maybe even your trophy on the shelf..." "But look 10 years down the line... 20... when you think about this short cut. No... I doubt you thought that far. I do forget there's this whole teenage-impulsiveness thing..." She changed tracks. "Then, there is the question of ethics." "There's scientists out there... not mad ones... ones perfectly sane, who don't care about the consequences of their actions. Ethics only fit where it justifies their actions, and morals? You can toss them out the window." "I was kidnapped by Ghostworks. A group that operates in that sort of manner. And I would not be surprised that they started in their early days out looking for shortcuts." "I also know sometimes all it takes is for someone to stand in the way." Sakurako starts to look a bit more stern, knocking the locker. "This is James' project. His work. Not yours." "I think you know where this will go next. I'm now aware of this, and I know I can't just put this under the rug. Ms. Khan will know about this. The question is if this will lead to a simple apology to James and Ms. Khan, or an expulsion." "And I'm not bluffing." Sakurako says, putting her hand into a pocket... for emergencies she had the lab's emergency contact on speed dial. If she had to, she would notify faculty of this matter and have them resolve it, and being woke late at night... they might not receive well. "As far as I'm concerned, until I know James' project is safe from being copied, I'm standing guard. Whatever happens here... is worth it." "The next move is yours."
  15. ic

    Endeavor nodded. "Can you give us a situation report? Any others in the area assisting as well?" She knew it would be too early for a triage at that resort, would it even be a safe place for shelter? She'd have to see what the situation was when they arrived. "You can fill us in over comms until we arrive and continue at the resort. But the faster we're made aware of the situation, the better, as well as any planning... of course around course adjustments here... this isn't a sunny day in Freedom City."