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  1. ic

    PC “Of that, I’m very sure.” Terrifica was standing at the entrance to the conference room. She appeared so disgusted that she was almost physically ill. The voices of the two were virtually identical; the only difference being the Empress was significantly older. She flicked her eyes over the assembled heroes. “I’m Terrifica. Grim and I have met before.” She returned her hard eyes to the Empress. “I know you, just as well as you know me. You haven’t technically lied. That does not mean you aren’t manipulating them into doing exactly what you want them to do. That does not mean I am not doing the same right now by telling them that. And of course, that doesn’t mean you’re trying to manipulate them into doing something evil. It could very well be good.” She swiveled her head and took in the entire room. “ I know how I would take over a world, and it would be a fractal web of manipulation no one could parse but me.” Indeed, Terrifica was ferociously repulsed by the Empress’s mere existence. “This will not go the way you want it to, unless I see fit to allow it.” The Empress simply smirked that knowing smirk. “I’d expect nothing less from a version of me, even if you are tragically flawed.”
  2. ic

    GM “I’m so glad you understand my position, Gabriel.” The Empress smirked knowingly, a maddeningly familiar gesture to Grim. “I did wonder if you’d ask. The problem with simply contacting your Freedom League is quite simple. I built a dimensional barrier. It wasn’t easy. I spent a decade on the design phase alone. Do you have any idea how much fusion energy it takes to seal off one dimension from another, even just on one side? It’s ludicrous. I’ve only managed to extend it out to the Oort Cloud, with lesser effects the further away one travels. Turning it off isn’t a simple procedure. And seeing as it would have exacerbated the problem, I couldn’t just call for help.” She sighed lightly. “Heaven only knows how many poor explorers have smashed themselves to pieces on it. So instead, dear Gabriel, I brought the mountain to Muhammad.” She was visibly pleased with herself. “I want you to talk to them. I said through whatever method, didn’t I? Violence should always be a last resort, when all else has failed.” She frowned. “However, they don’t appear to speak any language I know. I can write and speak in every living language, and all of the dead ones that had a system of writing besides. I’ve been working on translating the little they have said, however progress is slow. I don’t have nearly enough to work with, for one. Their language doesn’t appear to be related to any of the thousands I know, for another. Well…there’s a vague similarity to High Draconic that I’m hopeful about, but I won’t bore you with linguistics.” The Empress eyed Hyperactive now. “The nearest I can tell, based on body language and the gestures they’ve used is that something’s gone wrong with them. It is possible to be poisoned by entropic energies, but there’s no proof of that. It could be any number of things. I don’t even have enough data to speculate. They’ve simply been stealing food, precious metals, and jewels. Their food preference is uncooked meat, their precious metal preference is gold, and their jewel preference doesn’t exist.” She smirked again. “As I said, I’m hopeful about High Draconic. There’s no real pattern to their occasional raids, or I’d have taken full advantage of them being outside the field. That mage has something that hides them from my satellites, so the only warning we get is a sudden blast of fire. She can’t maintain the cloak and fight simultaneously, so that’s a bonus at least.” Her eyes found Gallant. “Of course. The Jade Dragons are at your disposal for the duration of your stay. Whatever you need they will get for you. However, please do ask Captain Howard for any combat assistance you might require. They cannot fight without her permission. She does require mine, however I’m giving that now.” And now for Chrome. “I do, actually. These aren’t the first Terminus refugees I’ll have taken in. I do, occasionally, send agents to worlds being actively overrun and bring them here. We have the room. Mars is a billion strong and still growing. They just celebrated their tenth anniversary as a society. The four moons of Jupiter and Saturn’s Titan have slipped past colony status in the last year as well. Venus is proving…intractable on the terraforming front, but there are some hardy souls on Mercury and scattered throughout the Asteroid Belt. As for the Lor…” This struck a chord, and she blinked away a pair of tears. Her voice shifted. “They were attacked, about three years ago, by something that called itself the Communion. Galactic society virtually doesn’t exist anymore, much less the Lor. I’d have lent a hand, but I wasn’t contacted. I didn’t have many information sources out there then and by the time I realized something was wrong, it was far too late. I did aid the Last Alliance in their final stand, however…” She shook her head, blinking rapidly. “I’d really rather not discuss it. It isn’t pertinent. The point is, I’m the only one left.” She was affected enough that she barely noticed Grim had spoken. “Well, Grimalkin. That’s why I’ve brought you here. There aren’t any heroes left in my world.” She breathed out heavily and composed herself. “Will that be all? I do have a multitude of things to take care of.”
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  5. Terrifica would have something to say about that, yeah. There's a reason she uses cloth armor and a fancy staff instead of a quarter ton of metal and electronics.
  6. It'd be an interesting change of pace for Miracle Girl to call for Terrifica's help. That is, if you'll have me.
  7. ic

    Terrifica’s smile was almost…impish. Surely a trick of the light. A super serious cowl type was never playful and/or frisky, right? “Murder most foul, my young apprentice. A certain Arthur Campbell has met his end in very strange way. I thought you’d like to tag along.” She glanced at the house. “Also, a roof entry would save me some time and effort getting past the police, whom I doubt want some random heroine interfering with their work.” She frowned with her customary annoyance. “One day, Miracle Girl, I’ll have the regard of Midnight or the Raven and I’ll be able to just walk in. Until then, stealth is required.”
  8. ic

    Samantha Carson, after the abrupt cancellation of her appointment for the day, had simply gone home. She did not, however, stay there. After cooking a fine dinner for her family (and telling husband Stan that her other work beckoned), she donned the fiber armor and cowl of Terrifica and roared back down the highway. Sunset was more or less the perfect time for infiltrating a well guarded building, if you had to during technical daylight hours. The edge of night could dull senses slightly. Long shadows and bright light contrasted each other, making it hard to see someone in dark blue (granted, with a neon orange T on her forehead, but she’d added a flap for that recently) sneaking through. And honestly, the average house in this area had entirely too many points of ingress to be adequately guarded by four people. They were well prepared for someone to attempt the front, but any other angle of approach was loosely covered at best. Which, of course, Terrifica was all too pleased to take advantage of. However…this was a perfect opportunity for Miracle Girl to gain some experience in investigation, and there was something to be said for a high flying approach. People rarely looked up, after all. So, before she’d come to the Campbell house she had left a message for the young heroine, where she’d be sure to find it quickly. Terrifica knew the girl couldn’t resist a mystery, not any more than the supergenius herself could.
  9. ic

    “That’s not a bad price, sunshine.” The slightly Southern twang belonged to a dirty blond woman. She stood just inside the doorway to Jaden’s shop. It was the (in?) famous chef, Maybelle McQueen. She, like Lynn, came to Riverside fairly often. Not so much for the shops and galleries (though one never knew what old cooking gear was buried in the second hand shops), but for the cafes, lounges, and restaurants. She wasn’t spying, exactly. She just adored the art and science of cooking. Everyone had their own spin on even the most basic of dishes, and Maybelle like to sample whenever she could. Sometimes it gave her ideas for the Southern Queen, and sometimes it was just a good meal. Plus, talking shop with other chefs was always interesting, even if they didn’t agree on certain matters. “How much for a dozen loaves, weekly delivery?” That said, today she was here on business. The Queen needed a new baked goods supplier, and Maybelle abhorred the factory made mass market companies. She wanted handmade and local. Granted, that meant coordinating with a dozen different small bakeries (with all the good and bad that owner-operator businesses came with), but she liked the unpredictability of it. It also meant the her customers flocked to her restaurant when she tweeted about a bakery delivery. “Roses Red closed down and I’m now I’m short bread.” She paused for a moment, realizing. “I’m Maybelle McQueen. Head chef of the Southern Queen. I’ve heard good things, thought I might stop in.”
  10. IC OOC Dueling Storms is a go, people. Post away.
  11. This is the place where the rolls go. Also, ask me anything. I mean it. Well, anything thread related.
  12. ic

    April 20, 2017. The Caribbean. Cilan Island. Mid-Morning. Cilan Island was roughly the size of a postage stamp, metaphorically speaking. It was barely in the Caribbean at all, lying right between it and the Mid-Atlantic. Most people didn’t even know it was there. Until today, when a pair of hurricanes (Category 5, the both of them) sprung up almost as if by magic over the course of an hour and a half. It couldn’t possibly be right, but it seemed as if the two storms were fighting each other in deadly earnest. The poor little island was standing right in their path. Maybelle McQueen took one look at the breaking news report and ran out of the Southern Queen. The few hundred people on that island were in serious trouble, and neither of those storms were natural. She tossed command to her sous chef on the way out, and then shot into the air hard enough to rattle windows. Even at top speed, it would take her at least a half hour to get there. By then the storms would be overrunning the island, and people would be in desperate need of help. Fortunately, Queenie was on the job.
  13. ic

    GM The Empress was smoother than silk in replying to Gabriel’s speech. Defiance, even of the ultra polite sort, didn’t appear to ruffle her feathers. “I’m so pleased you approve, Gabriel. The fact of the matter is that I have been quite cautious. Perhaps you did not notice. The Jade Dragons used none of your names.” She indicated Hyperactive. “Until you mentioned yours, Hyperactive.” The words had just enough of a twist to indicate she knew he was lying about the name he used. “They don’t know them. They used my tracking program to find you and then spoke to you exactly as I instructed.” Her eyes settled on Chrome, and he saw the slighter flicker of curiosity in them. “There isn’t anything to worry about regarding your absence, Chrome. I have agents in all of your places. They’re…let’s just say well trained in mimicking people. You’ll have a full report on their activities before you’re returned.” The Empress flicked her eyes at the viewscreen, and it turned on. “I have a dragon magic problem, not to be confused with a magic dragon problem. Those are much more easily sorted.” The screen showed what appeared to be a live feed. There were two massive dragons, and four people. “They’re from another parallel world, it appears. Running from certain doom at the hands of the Terminus. I’ve looked and their world is…well, I’m sure most of you know what they’re capable of. Those of you that don’t should be grateful for your ignorance. Unfortunately, they chose my world to run to.” With a glance, the viewscreen shifted to archived footage. The six of them came blasting out of a ragged dimensional tear, which one of them closed with a word and a gesture. A second video showed them assaulting a small town. It cut to them all battling intensely with IDF agents, though none of them were Jade Dragons. The people apparently all had fire related abilities. All but one showed off superhuman strength and a form of flight. One of the strong ones was a fair hand with a sword, as well. And of course, the dragons acquitted themselves well. The third and final video was of the one who’d closed the tear throwing up a massive force field, and the IDF agents’ best efforts just bouncing off. “None of my agents can penetrate their force field. It is coded so that no one from this dimension can get inside. They’ve been making forays into their own world, apparently trying to save it. It’s a matter of time until someone on that side notices. I’ve taken great pains to keep my world safe from the Terminus. Some of my best agents and the finest people I have ever known have given their lives in furtherance of that goal. These people are endangering my world, and no one I have can stop them.” The Empress was showing emotion. A blend of irritation, old grief, and just a touch of anxiety. “Twenty five years is not so long ago, that panic would not ensue if this became widely known. Captain Howard, you remember that day, don’t you?” Gabrielle was ashen. It was plainly obvious she had no idea what the problem was. “That was a bad day, ma’am. A very bad day.” The Empress continued. “There you have it. Your job is to get past that field and through whatever method, get that mage to lower it. I won’t say that it’ll be easy. Any interaction the IDF has had with them has been hostile. And regardless of what you think of my world, you would be blind not to see that it is a peaceful one. They’re aggressive, mean tempered, and violent towards anyone not their own. So, will you help me? Or do I waste more time finding more likely candidates from your world?”
  14. Happy Birthday, you two.
  15. It would indeed, and that does solve that. I declare Dueling Storms closed for signups. Unless you use the magic word, of course. Queenie, Hyperactive, Sha'ir, Endeavor, Miracle Girl, and Gallant. Gimme a while. Set up is easy enough, but the details, ay yah.