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  1. Player Away Thread

    As a few of you know, my scooter was stolen a week ago. I still don't have it back. I...get attached to my things. Somewhere between treating them like normal people do and treating them like people. So I'm not okay. I'm withdrawing from...the world, I guess? I'll be back, eventually. Probably sooner rather than later, but all the same.
  2. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    Just gonna nab the half frozen scientist and book it into the sewers.
  3. Room of Danger (third edition) OOC

    Terreign unleashes an All Out Accurate Attack on Grim. http://orokos.com/roll/573492 And misses horribly with a 19. Neutronica will go for the grab on Shrike, All Out Attack style. http://orokos.com/roll/573498 And somehow rolls even worse for a 16. Leaving Swordheart to attempt to cut Grim again. And because I'm feelin' just super lucky right now, fuil Power Attack. http://orokos.com/roll/573501 18. Wouldn't have hit even if I hadn't done that. Well, gotta roll out those low ones, I guess?
  4. Room of Danger (second edition) OOC

    Yep, Bruised. Go right ahead and have your turn.
  5. Room of Danger (second edition)

    It was Quarrel’s turn to look disappointed. “If you keep running away it makes it difficult to assess your combat skills properly. Still, if that’s the way you want to do it…” She shifted in the air, remaining over the three story high roof but getting Facsimile back in view. “I can instead test your teamwork skills.” She drew an arrow, and took aim with a laser tight focus. “As currently, they appear to be lacking.” She fired the arrow, striking the currently steel hero with enough force to, unbeknownst to the heroes, punch through titanium. “Or I couldn’t have done that. Dawnfire, are you injured?” The groggy fire user shook her head. “He just hits like a truck!”
  6. Room of Danger (second edition) OOC

    You think that's cheating? Wait until Quarrel flies a bit over (remaining above the roof) to get Facsimile in view and then give him an HP as she uses Ultimate Aim to +3 Power Attack with her bow. That's a DC 30 Toughness save, and some smack talk (for Woodsman) to go with it. INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS EDIT: I missed doing the Secondary Effect on that Dex Drain earilier, so: http://orokos.com/roll/573476 21. Nailed it.
  7. Room of Danger (sixth edition) OOC

    24 is plenty good enough to hit him but it does not hurt him. (DC's 22 Toughness, meaning a +7 Damage Bonus) ZB, you're up.
  8. Room of Danger (sixth edition) OOC

    Absolutely. He's not using Stealth at all.
  9. Room of Danger (seventh edition) OOC

    Bev isn't paying any attention, and Dee (who has mental Super Senses) isn't motivated enough to say anything about you. So you're hidden, for now.
  10. Room of Danger (seventh edition)

    All at once, the last of the crowd had gone by. The place was empty except for one spot. Two people were on the small stage with a piano. One wore a little black dress and sat confidently on the lid counting money. The other wore baggy clothes and sat despondently on the piano bench. The former spoke to the latter. “I’m telling you, Dee. Now that we’ve got powers we can do whatever we want.” The club’s bar was in the back, and this was the cover Wayward had found. “You and me, Dee? We’ve got it made now.” Dee looked like she was going to speak…and then didn’t. Then, with visible mental effort, she pushed out some words. “I’m glad you’re happy, Bev.” This was not the voice of a happy young woman. Not at all. Bev hopped down off the piano. “C’mon, cheer up Dee. We’ll get dinner and a movie. It’ll be great. A few moves from me and a little of you, and we’ll not only not have to pay; we’ll have more cash to burn.” Dee pondered that for a little bit. “I’ll give it a try. For you, Bev.” “Thatta girl. Let’s blow this dump.”
  11. Room of Danger (seventh edition)

    Wayward had snagged one of the staggering people. The man was, well, trying not to cry like he’d just learned his entire extended family had died. He was not succeeding. Val actually had to prop him up, as between the sobbing and whatever was wrong with his muscles, he was just about unable to stand upright. The man babbled something about a special concert, with a female performer who danced in terrible ways and a poor young woman with her who was just so sad. So sad. And then he wept anew.
  12. Room of Danger (seventh edition) OOC

    Strangely enough, the fear affecting the ones fleeing is all their own emotion. The cause of all of their sobbing, on the other hand, is not. That utter despair is someone else's and wouldn't (as an emotion vampire would know) normally be there. That'll work somewhat. You have no chance of getting through to the terrified, and others too busy returning to sender/being blind and deaf to communicate. But! One of the staggering folks can lend you some info. I'll put it in a post, after Cool's intro.
  13. Room of Danger (seventh edition)

    The scene…well, actually, neither Valerie Cain (alias, among other names, the heroic Wayward) nor Yamazaki Moe (aka the vetted rookie hero Sensus) quite knew where they were. Or how they’d gotten to this random city street. The street was lined with restaurants, bars, and clubs of seemingly every possible variety, and tonight business was booming. Before either heroine could reflect on what was going on here, a door burst open to one of the music clubs. Sobbing people poured out of it in one of several ways; either staggering as if their muscles wouldn’t work properly, attempting to return their dinners and drinks to sender, fleeing in terror, careening off walls and cars as if blind and deaf, or (worst of all) clutching their ears in clear physical agony. Clearly, something had gone horribly wrong in that establishment.
  14. Well. Here we are. We use orokos.com for the rolls, which will go here along with any thread related questions and commentary if you can't find me in Discord. As Rose already knows. And I'll be holding onto these Mistress of Despair Songstress (note: when I built this one, I was still confused about the difference between Perception Range and Perception Area. I'll be treating this one's powers as if they had the latter, as that was my intent. Of course, if you're not reading the sheets of your foes, you're now very confused. Ah, well.)
  15. Room of Danger

    Well. I'm down two threads with the Fourth Edition coming to an natural end, and the Fifth going bust due to character retirement. So I can pick up another one or two, maybe.