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  1. Room of Danger (second edition)

    “My hair’s all sooty, my outfit is ruined, I’m trapped in a burning building and I just fell through the floor.” Her mood was somewhere between indignant sass and mortal terror. She coughed a little. “I am so far from okay I can’t remember what it looks like." Her eyes abruptly widened, and she moved. Bare instants after she’d cleared the table, a table fell through the hole in the ceiling and smacked into where she’d been lying. Now seated on the floor, she couldn’t help but whine as her mood shifted decidedly closer to mortal terror. “I can’t take thissssss…” And then she was crying.
  2. Player Away Thread

    Let me rephrase what I said on Discord. Any Moira is better than no Moira. Glad to have you here again.
  3. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    C'mon. It's in the name. I'm eternal.
  4. Room of Danger (second edition) OOC

    As I said, Round 2. Just a note that I usually put in the OP for these, but ask me anything. And feel free to voice any and all of your thread related opinions. I do make mistakes, after all. With that said, the woman is a young, attractive blonde. Classic bombshell secretary type.
  5. Room of Danger (second edition) OOC

    Right. So...not doing that. Let's have a round 2 below, eh?
  6. Room of Danger (second edition)

    The highly explosive bolt did exactly what Woodsman expected it to. It blew a hole in the ceiling. Debris fell from the hole and clattered off the table Woodsman was sheltering under. It was fairly light, until a firm thud grabbed the young hero’s attention. The yelp of pain (high pitched, naturally) was a dead giveaway that it wasn’t drywall that had landed on the table. The young woman was dressed in sooty business attire. She lay there on the table, looking surprised out of her shoes. Apparently literally, as she was barefoot.
  7. Room of Danger (second edition) OOC

    I don't see any problem with that, Ex, if that's what you want with it. For the record, I'm not enforcing any air quality issues due to smoke. You may take it as a further sign of "something's not quite right here" or not (IC-wise) at your leisure. OBVIOUS EDIT: Do make a note of the change to your grapple bonus, Ex. Addtional Limbs adds 1 per rank in the power, as does Elongation
  8. Room of Danger (second edition)

    Before the object mimicking hero could answer the young archer, the time honored signal for heroes to leap into action was heard. What was it? A woman’s terrified scream. It echoed through the half open doorway of the room the heroes were in. A desperate cry for help. Barely had the first subsided, before a second desperate (and higher pitched) cry for help reverberated throughout the floor. A quick glance out said half open doorway would show a flaming hallway. To the right, only the stairway was available. To the left, a private office’s door hung off it’s hinges. There were other departure options, but they were well obscured by both smoke and active flame. What was behind them was anybody's guess.
  9. Room of Danger

    http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10026-room-of-danger-second-edition/ http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10025-room-of-danger-second-edition-ooc/ @Exaccus @Avenger Assembled
  10. Room of Danger (second edition)

    The building was on fire, and it wasn’t Facsimile’s fault. It wasn’t Woodsman’s fault, either. Just to set the record straight. The two weren’t sure of a lot of things. Like how they’d gotten inside a burning office building. What floor they were on (spoiler: the second of three). And, oh right, exactly who was the other one in the room (that was just a little on fire). What the two young heroes were sure of is that the building wasn’t empty besides them, there weren’t any sirens to be heard, and above all, there was something slightly…off, about everything. It was like the idea of a burning building from someone who’d never actually been in one.
  11. And here we are. Not quite initiative time yet. As the recruitment thread mentioned, I'm playing fast and loose with plot type things. The building's on fire, you're on the second floor but unaware until you glance out a window of the room you're in, and there's some other folks in there somewhere. How'd you get here? Who knows? Well, I do, but that's for wrapping up. The other person in the room is, well, the PC who isn't yours. If that's unclear. Involuntary training simulation, away... Should probably hold onto these... Burning Swordmaster Archer Paragon
  12. Room of Danger

    Whether or not there's a second PC involved is also entirely up to you. With that said, an exam, eh? I can work with that. If you both want to and manage to rope in another player, please let me know.
  13. Room of Danger

    Okay, so what kind of scenario would you like?
  14. Room of Danger

    Whichever one you'd like, Ex. It is entirely up to you.
  15. Room of Danger (first edition) OOC

    All done. Terrifica just dropped in to help wrap up, there isn't a large plot (yet).