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  2. Skyjam(OOC)

    HP to the both of you, Fiating that despite Levity's successful flying she cannot get them free of the cloud.
  3. River Rats (OOC)

    Yeah she has a chance before he bolts out the door to grab him
  4. River Rats (OOC)

    If Toes is out and Brig grabbed the ninja, does she have to roll to grab Toes?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Industrial Strength

    Hale Put aldonite to work in a flash, cutting clean through the rope, assuming that he was safe in the knowledge that crane would be all to pleased by the thought of himself being lost to the mountain after their reccent personality clash and would be unwilling to divert his attentions from the sword now it was within his reach. "Sorry Arna Looks like things just keep getting more complicated." he says quietly to her as the rope disappears into the flurry of snow ahead of them "Not that I'd prefer to be out in that blizzard with the likes of crane."
  7. Long Way Down(IC)

    Lord Steam Unnerved but unshaken, Lord steam studied the...well, what was it exactly the Speaker was fiddling with....? "Ghosts? Why I am no expert on ghosts. Spirits of the deaday. Stories. Myths. Hallucinations, for the most part. Memories perceived as real. For the most part, that is. I, for one, have never seen one. At least, not since Mr Edwards spiked the rum with amazonian mushrooms at the philosophy club at Oxford. And I am fairly sure it wasn'the real. Pour Edwards, got thrown out of University for that. The Dean was seeing frogs for weeks afterwards..." He was babbling on a bit. He refocused and directed a question at the Speaker. "Why do you ask? And what the devil are you playing with?"
  8. Industrial Strength

    GM As it happened Anna, ever astute, noticed the slackness of rope behind her and turned around. She stifled a gasp as she saw the Hunter. But she recognised the language. She hissed something at him and he hissed back. They clearly understood each other, but what were they saying? Something about being silent? The Hunter put his finger to his lips and shook his head. He had a threatening air but was not violent. Yet. Perhaps Anna could translate but she could not speak aloud and was being dragged away by the rope around her waist...
  9. Industrial Strength

    Ah so there were more players still it would seem, hale mused to himself as he looked the man in the eyes, he wagered that there was no ill intent in the man, or else he would've pressed the advantage and sunk his blade into him, formidable as his armour might be it still had gaps and weaknesses, far to small to be exploited in open combat but more than vulnerable to the precision afforded a sneak attack. He stowed his sword, this time within the dull red physical scabbard he carried on his hip and gestured to his mysterious visitor, extending his hand curtiously out, palm turned up in a gesture he hoped would carry his meaning across the language barrier, he had no tallent for languages sadly, arna had attempted to teach him but his brain simply seemed that it wasn't wired for it.
  10. [IC] Diaspora: Tales of Terran Travellers

    "They are fleeing something, something that can chase them, they wouldn't need to keep moving if it couldn't. follow" he had previously reasoned that such was so whilst listening to the various terrifie4d surface thoughts of the minds he'd touched in his psychic observatory back on earth who or what it was however he couldn't say however, unable and unwilling to push deeper into other sentient being's thoughts, such a violation of privacy into the very essence of a being was too far, even for him. He watched in stoic curiosity as the carapaced alien approached and put the device onto his wrist and galstandard changed in his ears to english "Ahh, intresting machine...im guessing it has a database for such accurate and quick translations as opposed to my own telepathic intuition systems...." he mumbled more to himself than anyone else "And my are you a fascinating being! i'd be very intrested in talking to you about your people if you have time?" he asked, his brain having been utterly distracted from the being's question by its device. "Oh forgive me, I am quite excitable when it comes to new experiences, that is in part why i have journeyed here, but I too have come to render aid where i can, on earth I am considered a leading expert on life sciences, my suit is techno-organic in nature with an artificially accelerated evolutionary process." he explains as his appearance ripples through to its true form, his silvery attire and titanium plates. "I am also qualified to serve as a doctor and though we are not yet a space faring people by and large due to the vast amount of genetic variation amongst those whom call earth home, mutants, Mutates, visitors from other planets and dimensions and hybrids I am experienced and used to catering to extremely different biologies in all fields."
  11. [IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

    Ak'kar leaned back in his chair, digesting the information he had obtained. He was not sure, but this looked to be just the beginning of something both a whole lot larger, and a lot more dangerous. This "Zem" mentioned felt ominous to Ak'kar and reminded him of the stories he was told of the days just before the Grue Unity came to Illthus. A vague, ominous force from outside whose shadow encroaches and threatens the status quo of the galaxy at large. However, worrying about what might be on the horizon had done his people no good, they should have acted. He was not going to do the same and just wring his tentacles. Abruptly Ak'kar stood and hit the communicator on the wall to speak to his first officer. "Mr. Skree! For the duration of this journey increase the security around the guest quarters and all areas of the ship the civilians will have access to. Keep especially close watch on the Oog'ol passengers. They are known for their combative nature. Do not, however, treat our guests unkindly. This is merely a precautionary measure, understood?" "Aye!" came the monosyllabic response of his first officer. Mr. Skree rarely spoke two words when one would do. Ak'kar released the button on the communicator and stared out the porthole of his quarters into the shining lights and bustling activity of the Tethron Commercial Hub. Being alone he did nothing to hide his broiling emotions and so his color shifted from pale blue to a deeper purple. He spent much time staring out that window remembering the battles of his youth, the pain of defeat, and the fear and helplessness of being cast to the stars, utterly alone and unwanted. It was a fate that too many in this system were currently sharing.
  12. (OOC: Professor Peculiar can cast a spell to act as a Star Trek-style universal translator [Comprehend power], if he hears people speaking in a language he doesn't know.) To Exaccus: Peculiar look up from his investigation of the ship's power conduits, his eyes looming large behind their lenses. "Eh? Oh, a man of science... I suppose so, depending on your point of view. What I think of as science is generally regarded as sorcery in this dimension, but I feel the underlying principles remain sufficiently similar that the nomenclature applies nonetheless." He extends a hand to the other Terran, saying "How do you do, Deoxy? I am known as Professor Peculiar, though you may feel free to call me Edward if you prefer." "Do you know much about where we're going? By which I mean, what might be causing the mass exodus?" To olopi: "While I cannot speak for the good doctor here, I am heading to find out about the diaspora, to see if I may be of assistance to the refugees. I have some experience in these matters. Do you know anything about what's going on?"
  13. Worlds of Freedom: The Great Apescape

    "I'm so sorry my attention was elsewhere." she sounded generally upset that she'd missed the question "Would you mind repeating the question?" She really wanted to go right now to go help with what was happening out there, but she also had to make sure everything was also okay here before she left. Facing supervillains was easy compared to the minefield that was High School, and she knew which one she'd rather faced most days of the week.
  14. And All the Devils Here [IC]

    Rosa felt that itch in her throat that suggested she really needed a cigarette, more out of sheer excitement than nerve, even though she'd never touched the disgusting thing before. It was a dalliance that Liam had tried when he was much younger than still reared its head at times like these. <"By the sigil and rules of Solomon, I compel you to identify yourself"> she drew the sigil in the air, briefly considering how the smoke and glow of a cigarette would enhance the effect, and spoke in near perfect Latin. She had a couple of languages to try if Latin didn't work but demon seemed to respond "well" to the language for obvious historical reasons.
  15. Bloody Work(IC)

    Different paths. Great. It meant that no matter what, Hakim couldn’t cover all of them at once. And it also meant that there were at least three vampires roaming the city. Which was enough to be an issue. He didn’t have any necessary equipment to deal with them, and magic only did so much. One he could hopefully handle, two perhaps, but anything above that was an issue. He had to play this smart. He could use some Wisps to track down whichever paths he wouldn’t chose to pursue. But he realized it wouldn’t lead him to much. It would only carry the possibility of alerting whoever had created the path. Public works, sewers, or Apartments. What he’d learned from movies was that either, the boss would be at the most fancy place, or the most run down one. He decided to assume the former for now. He moved forward, walking and hovering. It was not entirely danger-free, so before he’d run into any trouble, he opted for using the NY-Veil. Magical urban camouflage, so to say. He would, quite literally, fade into the background of the city, unable to be seen thanks to the ever-changing urban jungle.
  16. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    GM Catching up with Barrier was not too difficult for Bliss. Even when she hurried, the Lyankan didn’t move as fast as most others. And Barrier did seem to be hurrying somewhat. Still she had time (and lung capacity) to address Bliss. “I believe I know where to find him. Judging by his name, he works for the customs office. It is not far from here, but if he knows, he may flee before we get there. How fast can you make your way there? It is some distance down the street, perhaps 10 minutes of walking” The street, of course, led through large parts of the station. Which also meant it was quite busy. “We cannot raise much attention, so I cannot fly there. But if you can cover the building’s various exits, he will be unable to run. And then, we can bring him in. “
  17. [IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

    GM Immediately, the various refugees began to talk to Mr. Skree. In order to pay their fees, to ask various information, and to figure out their next step. Some moved into the ship directly, while a few others, satisfied with what they’d achieved, went back into the station, probably in order to finish up whatever business they had there. The crew, for their part, did as they’d been commanded. While many of them worked on getting everything offloaded, some began to get the additional quarters ready. They were on the ship, but due to not being used, they often just served as additional storage for smaller items. But with the amount of refugees moving in, probably twice as many as the crew the ship usually had, as much space as possible was necessary. Ak’kar, for his part, began to scour the web. So far, information had been sparse. The entire crisis had only started a few days ago, when an Oog’ol tribeship appaeared inside a quarantined system. Before any decision had been reached between them and the system’s owners, more fleets began to appear all around the Sharahazad Sector, many in a state of barely functioning. So far, little was known. Many of the refugees talked about the Zem, who they were fleeing. Some others spoke of the Nobles. Information was sparse, only that they were the force pushing them out. So far, the refugees were mainly of two species, the Oog’ol and the Asshui. Both were fairly new on the galactic scale, and before the event, the Oog’ol had been essentially unknown outside of their home area. The Asshui were slightly less obscure, with some occasionally wandering into known space. Oog’ol had a reputation of fierce warriors, who bested even the most difficult conditions. Including the vacuum of space. Asshui were known for their natural tendency to take risk, and for their high rate of reproduction. Other than that, most information was just reports of the current events, various refugee camps being opened, many trying to flee even further, and a lot of people from all over the galaxy travelling towards the sector.
  18. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    Miss Grue is using her Detect Minds Sense, if needed her Notice Roll: 1d20+10 15.
  19. The Doctor Is OUT [IC]

    Daphne did follow the other down straight away, the others were just as capable as herself if not more so with there varies experiences. Instead, she concentrated, making sure to keep the psychic link open for the others, as she expanded her mental senses to try and get a feeling of the locations of everyone in the nearby area, including any possible foes that might be hiding away. Once she was happy that she'd prepared herself mentally she began to float down from the position she taken to see if she could again help them with what they had found out.
  20. Stronghold Blues(OOC)

    Scarab's Attack Roll: 1d20+8 25, it that hit's its a DC 27 Toughness.
  21. Stronghold Blues(IC)

    Kamala carefully monitored the fall from her HUDS noting with some pride how the gravitonic field deflects's their counterattacks, though she'd have one hell of a bruise in the morning. At the last minute, she engaged the field to stop her fall flipping up into an upright position, as she did she put one hand on her Scarab's Bite to steady it as she sent a burst of sonics towards one of the nearest thieves. It wasn't quite how she'd planned things but it was quite a good test of the suit's systems as she pushed them to there limits.
  22. Do It Again(IC)

    Above the clouds, away from the Terrans and their cameras, Citizen's demeanor seemed to change. "Come on, come closer!" he taunted Negator and his clones. "I know you, you mistakes of Terran science. I heard about your experiment!" he called. "You were nothing but a child, playing with science you weren't ready for!" As he spoke, Citizen had flipped open the robot body's inner forearm and was frantically making adjustments without bothering to look down. He couldn't have done this on the old-new body that the other Sharl was wearing now - not with its safety system, but the unstable 'magno-vacuum' effects of this body's electromagnetic drive had had some potential side-effects. But side-effects didn't matter this far up in the sky, away from the city of Terrans. "In any dimension, in any universe, you're just a child who burned himself playing with grown-up toys. That's why you couldn't conquer either Earth, you double-dumbass!" he added, calling on words he'd learned from Gina Evans in a particular moment of temper. "You're nothing but a failure! A weak, stupid failure. And you know what else?" The smile he gave Negator was pure Sharl Tulink. "You _know_ I'm distracting you. But you know that if I fly away from here, I'm going to tell everyone how you failed and how I fooled you. So what's it going to be, _Negator_?" Tell them thank you and to get here quickly, Sharl returned the message. Tell them to come prepared for an explosion.
  23. Do It Again(OOC)

    Bluff: 23 Citizen has 32 PP in his Energy Systems array. He's going to stunt the following effect off it. Nullify 15 (Force Field, Extras: Effortless, Nullifying Field [+0] PFs: Subtle [electromagnetic senses], Triggered [when struck]) [32/32] Power check: 22 Completely inadequate! 26 Not great still, but hey, he's got plenty of HP.
  24. [IC] Hot Off the Presses

    Whilst Dancia had been recovering she'd often wondered if she would miss her powers if they did return, and more often than not she'd convinced herself that she was okay without them. But really Dancia had to admit that she'd missed time like this when she really got to let loose with everything she had without a chance of harming anyone. "Are you ready for this? Because this is not going to be quiet or subtle" she looked over at the other hero and gave a little smile "Not that it won't be fun after the kind of day we've been having." After a mutual nod of agreement, she stepped forward to let loose and sort out the vault door in front of them.
  25. Do It Again(IC)

    After checking that her path was clear Emerald Spider lowered herself slowly down behind the giant, her legs tucked under her for a better balance. The thin slice of quantum entanglement that the Spdr Rig generated was thin enough that it hopefully wouldn't be obvious. As she dropped down she kept her engineer eye out for an obvious weak point where she could free the giant from his, or she guessed it could be her, bonds. She's worry about getting them out once they were free to move away from the magma. At the midpoint she attached herself to the back of the giant's restraints, taking stock of what she'd discovered to try and work on her possible plan.
  26. Last week
  27. Midnight Run

    It appeared the flames did not do as much to the machine as Jann had expected. A setback, but not one he could not deal with. His enemies now were concentrated in one spot. The machine’s inside. The machine, which was now heading towards him at a dangerous speed. But still, it was sluggish. Without much in the way of effort, Jann moved to the side, letting the plane pass him by for just a moment, before grabbing onto the pilot side’s door. He dragged himself up close, and then got to action. He wondered just how sturdy the material was. And there was only one way to find out. He smashed the flamethrower’s hardest part into the door a few times. It was a good way to open doors, he’d learned as much. The window was the weakest part, it was where he concentrated his attacks. It would break at some point.
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