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    Replica had never thought of it that way. She supposed that was natural given what she was. The very idea of feeling sad about something was still an alien concept to her. Mostly. She nodded her head in understanding. "I've never had someone explain it to me like that, but I believe I am starting to understand where I went wrong. Humans always desire to feel happy and content even if there's a possibility, or even certainty, that things might not go as they planned. I suppose my mind was just to inhuman to truly comprehend that... until now anyway." Replica made sure to look Alexa directly in the eyes before she said what she had to say. "For a long while I believed that such optimism was a flaw of the human race, that it was a kind of non-thinking delusion, but perhaps its your most enduring trait instead. Hope in the face of adversity and bad odds, is quite powerful. Or at least that what most Hollywood media has told anyways," she said with smile. "Regardless, you've given me good advice Alexa and I truly appreciate it."
  3. Praetorians: The Eden Program (OOC)

    You know, I had no idea this was even here.
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  6. Pitching In

    Jack breathed out as the change over took him. His skin writhed and his muscles snapped and twisted as his body transformed. Within seconds he stood on all fours, a white Polar Bear in shorts. He sniffed the air to try and pick up a scent.
  7. The Magic of Reading (OOC)

    Will Save: 1d20 = 19
  8. Praetorians: The Eden Program (OOC)

    Hyperslice's scheme as explained in Chat, per possible additional story angles.
  9. Mistaken Controls

    Giggling again Zhu grinned ear to ear, "well... depends who you are fumbling in the dark with on whether that's a price or a bonus." She fanned at her face for a moment as she had suddenly gone red and took a deep breath, her smile fading to a more normal expression. "So... I think that most of us are optimists and also don't like to be reminded of the things that can go wrong with our lives. Like... your comment on the divorce. It was totally true, but, it reminded that person that perhaps happiness is fleeting. That was on a day that she was really happy and excited to be looking forward to marriage. So while facts are good, sometimes it's when we hear about the facts that's as important as to what the fact is." She tried to formulate another example, "oh! Say I get a college acceptance letter in the mail. That's really good news and makes me feel good that I was smart enough to be considered. That would not be the time to tell me that the wage to debt gap is rapidly closing and that I probably will take 30 years to pay it back. That's good information to give, but I probably want to celebrate the moment before having to consider the harsh mistress of reality. So yeah, be careful on giving facts that might contradict someone if they're very excited or happy about something."
  10. Pitching In [OOC]

    That doesn't answer my question
  11. Block Head

    Deoxy ignores smurfette, it would seem Mannaquin has that covered and instead opts to use his molecular manipulation to turn air into rubix cube to show blockhead more. It takes his entire action and leaves him flat footed of course!
  12. Block Head

    "Look upon this blockhead." he says softly as he extends his arm palm upwards "There are materials all around us! to small for me to see unassisted but like a foundation, when you know its there you have ample ground to work with" he explains softly "We know these building blocks of all matter as atoms." he explains as a dull grey outline of a cube springs into his hand, Purple he presumes to most anyone else "First i create the scaffholding, a forcefield to give shape and definition." he explains as it slowly begins to fill "then taking the atoms from the air around me, create from these universal blocks matter anew." more form, more mass, more definition and (for him at least) more shadoes of grey. "It is but a toy." he explains with a slightly winded huff as he holds his hand out, offering the rubix cube to blockhead "but a suitable demonstration of what can be done."
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  14. Skyjam(IC)

    Levity nodded. "Yep, you got a clear signal. Everything in this darned plane is 100% fake... I got a feeling the people in here are too." she thought. She leaned against an empty seat and pulled out a foil-like pack that should contain a life vest, but once she opened it it turned to dust. "The Captain is of the thinking he's been plopped into this situation, but until it's clear he's an unfortunate person caught up in this and not something else I'm thinking this whole thing is nothing but some paranormal facsimile. And a rather Fischer Price one at that... Your assessment only seals the deal." "What flicks my nosecone is we have to be sure we're the only two people here... and I got a feeling if we rattle that cage we're going to be in a world of hurt... or at least me. You're the one who handles this stuff on it's level." "Might be wise if I follow your lead and be your wingman." She looked at the captain, then back to Sha'ir. She wasn't scared... she always seemed to people that she was never afraid at all. But she did have that knot in her stomach... but she processed that differently. She fought through. There was something her mom always told her before she died... "Being brave isn't not being afraid, it's being afraid and doing what ya gotta do anyways." The expression on her face was determination... even if the whole world was getting stranger and more dangerous around her. But she wasn't smiling.
  15. Skyjam(IC)

    Me: One. Dragons: Zero. As it had turned out, being a bit wary of dragons probably was a good thing in this case. The book was helpful, this meant that at least Hakim had an idea what the entire thing was about. Some sort of purgatory, with a big boss at the top. One who was apparently renowned for trickery. There wasn’t much to go on about this exact situation, but maybe the Nezha tale was something he could rely on. For now, he had a different plan. He’d only need to create some sort of mental connection with Levity first. There were a few spells he could use for that, and he just went for the most foolproof one. “Hello, hello? This is Sha’ir, please nod with your head if you can hear me. Quick update, we’re in some sort of trickster purgatory, don’t trust anything. I’m gonna figure out who in here is real. I might have an idea, but it’d take a while to explain.” With that said, he now concentrated on something different. By taking a spell which summoned the resident ghosts of an area and switching a few things over to his enchanted scarf, he could create a sort of ghost-vision, which would hopefully highlight just who was a recently departed soul in this entire mess.
  16. Block Head

    GM "Surrender? Why, I was going to...uhhrrr... offer you that same proposition" replied the woman, still fizzing and sparking. "I have the whole facility infiltrated. Eyes in the sky, watching every move. And Block Head himself will be my champion. You haven't seen my power but for its most crude and unsophisticated fist!" she replied defiantly. "I can bring you all to your knees! But I have no desire to. I just want Block Head back. So if you would be so good as to deliver him. And...uhhh...if not, just wait until I catch my breath...uhhh....."
  17. Hot Shot

    GM "Lined up? Why, of course not. True art is not planned, no! It merely is, in all its glory!" replied Zyte, giving some serious jazz hands to his expression. "One must seize opportunity! And opportunity is everywhere, as long as one seizes it! All you need is a seizure!" he added, flicking jazz hands around so much that it did look very much like he was in fact having a seizure. "I see a reality TV show! Why, let me follow you mentoring Chill Pill as you track down the horror of...The Skull Mask of Ultimate Evil!" he said dramatically, giving a faux horrified face and pointing to the Skull mask now removed from the Thug and looking at them on the bonnet of the patrol car. "Well it does need looking into" conceded the cop bundling the thug into his car. "Hmmm...well we could do with a better name, too" conceded Zyte, muted but not deflated.
  18. Hot Shot

    “Yeah, I remember reading as much. Nice to meet you in person. “ Multimedia Artist? Sure he had the credentials, but that sounded just a bit pretentious. But maybe it was the fact Cass was dealing with actual, for real, competition right now. This guy was in his business. But either way, there was no need for that to make the entire situation turn south. Cass closed his eyes for a second, breathed in and out, and then, having relaxed a bit, replied. “And of all the ways you decided to accomplish that you chose … this? You decided waking up all of the people living in the nearby buildings was worth it? And then recorded it professionally? If any of them heard him announce himself, as a complete rookie, that’s trouble. Plus, professional recordings are worth way less than bystander video. “ Which him announcing himself lightly may have done, Cass had to concede as much, at least to himself. “Run a few dozen blogs and own my own company which specializes in … well, exactly what you’re trying to do here. And so far, it’s worked. So I think the question is who needs whose help, heh?” “A reality show does sound intriguing, though… I imagine you have something lined up if you start talking about it completely out of the blue?”
  19. Arctos PL 10 Redux

    So after some testing of the mechanics, and listening to advice from a few sources, I wanted to tweak Jack's sheet a little, tweak his stats some and make him a lil tougher in base form, as well as tweak his backstory ever so slightly and bring his Shaman side a little more to the fore for RP stuffs. Was instructed to repost here. Vanya "Jack” Davydov Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Jack is an extremely laid back guy with a love for nature and protecting others. Due to the Animal spirit bonded to him, Jack has become a Shaman, capable of changing into a Polar Bear Hybrid. Alternate Identity: Arctos Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia Residence: Clairemont Academy Occupation: Student/Hero Family: Ivan Davydov (Father), Rada Davydov (Mother) Description: Age: 17 (DoB: September 9, 2001) Apparent Age: 21 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Russian, Siberian Ket Height: 6’6” Weight: 300 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: White Jack is a giant among teens, and even among adults. He sometimes gets mistaken for an adult at first glance. Jack has strong Siberian Ket features, softened only slightly by his Russian heritage. He has tan skin and white hair. He is extremely well built, and anyone who saw him would immediately wonder if he was on steroids, which of course he isn't, but being able to change into a giant polar bear gives a person very good genes. Jack is a quiet, laid back individual. His beast’s chaotic nature can often make him quick to show emotions like anger, however, and it is a constant battle to keep his temper in check when he feels threatened, friends are in danger, or his territory is threatened. All of his life Jack has lived with nature and taken care of it. He would often spend the entire summer in a tent in some remote location with his grandparents in Siberia, living off the land and enjoying the unspoiled natural beauty around them. Kids would often make fun of him for always talking about nature and different adventures he had had, but this inevitably bounced off his thick skin. Jack is quick to blame himself for everything, even if it is not his fault, and as a result he has a hard time saying no to anyone, and always feels he has to save everyone. Jack typically wears very little, just enough to be modest in most cultures. He typically wears basketball shorts and a sleeveless hoodie, which is often left unzipped. In most climates his body overheats in warm weather, so the lack of clothing helps to some extent. In colder climates he may wear pants. Jack rarely wears shoes, as he finds them uncomfortable. Push comes to shove he will wear flip flops or sandals. History: Jack has always been at home in the wilds, far from civilization and the comforts of town and technology. While he was raised in the city, his heart always belonged to nature, the solitude of being the only thinking creature for miles in any direction. Jack has always had a keen sense of his surroundings, and rarely has ever gotten lost. Growing up Jack had a fairly comfortable childhood. His father, Ivan, is a respected artist in St. Petersburg. He was on vacation in a remote part of Siberia, painting scenes for a new collection, when he met Rada. The two courted for several months while Ivan painted. When it was time for Ivan to return home, he asked Rada to come with him and they were soon married. It was his mother who encouraged his love of nature, herself coming from a long line of the Ket peoples in Siberia. During a trip to visit his grandparents, Jack and his grandfather went on a rite of passage of sorts, embarking on a wilderness survival journey. During this Journey, Jack was gravely injured by a Polar Bear. His grandfather managed to kill the bear, but Jack was near death and a very long way from a hospital. His Grandfather did not think Jack would make the journey, but he carried him to the hospital, nonetheless. Unbeknownst to Jack, his Grandfather, as a Shaman himself, wove together the bear spirit with Jack's and bonded the two together, so that Jack might have a chance to survive. This changed Jack's life forever. Jack spent the next several months in a coma, awakening as a new man, with little memory of the incident. Doctors couldn't explain how Jack had survived, and at the time, Jack had cared little as to the why, just glad he had survived. About a month after his release from the hospital, Jack began to notice changes. His body had wasted away during the coma, and so he had begun therapy to recover his muscle strength, making astounding progress. His appetite increased, eating nearly everything in the house several times over. As his body healed it grew, gaining several hundred pounds of muscle and almost a foot of height in the span of a month. It was becoming clear that Jack was changing into something different. His parents, fearing for his safety and wanting him to have something of a life, sent him to live with his grandparents, away from the prying eyes of the city. It was here that Jack shifted for the first time, coming across a seal while taking a long walk. The animal spirit inside him Awakened at the chance for a delicious meal, and there was little Jack could do to hold back his inner beast. Over the next year Jack worked hard to learn to contain the beast inside, still only managing marginal control in certain instances, but managing to control himself well enough to feel at ease being around people. It was about this time that his parents sent word to him to come home for a visit. He did so gladly, eager to see his family. His Father worked long hours as curator of a museum in their hometown, making visits difficult, on top of inclement weather and long travel times. When he returned home he was warmly welcomed by his parents and told of something wonderful. His father had been offered a job in America. Jack had the choice of staying with his grandparents, or moving with them to America. While part of him longed to stay in the countryside with his grandparents, something else urged him to go. It wasn't long after they arrived in Freedom City that Jack learned about the Clairemont Academy. He had never told his parents about the shift into animal form, he was scared they would look at him in fear, but his parents had definitely noticed his size increase, as well as increased strength and stamina. His parents thought it a good idea for him to go to a private school, and Jack prepares for his first semester of school in America. Personality & Motivation: Jack is the Epitome of “Don't provoke a sleeping bear”. He is very laid back, until you provoke him, then he can often be scary. Beneath the calm surface he has the spirit of a beast fighting to get out. He can be quick to anger when certain buttons are pushed, but he tries to keep control of himself. Jack is motivated by a love for all things. He understands that there is a cycle of life, and he seeks to preserve freedom in its various forms. He seeks to protect everyone he meets, and doesn't take kindly to anyone messes with someone he seems under his protection. Powers & Tactics: Jack is a brawler by nature, his beastial spirit always seeking to prove itself dominant in any situation. He makes use of his heightened senses when he can, but has a tendency to run into things and start smashing. Power Descriptions: He turns into a giant fuzzy Polar Bear/Hybrid.. His attacks are Bludgeoning or Slashing damage with his fists and claws, and piercing with his teeth. His abilities come from the Bear spirit within him, so his power descriptors would be Spiritual, or Celestial by nature. (Magic in simplest terms) He has Soul Tattoos as part of his shaman magic. These appear as glowing tribal tattoos on his skin in both base and bear form. (Think Last Airbender) Complications: Predator: Jack tends to give off an aura that screams 'predator'. This affects people and animals to some degree, inciting panic in civilians who don't know him in his Bear forms. Beastial Nature: Jack is aggressive in his hybrid form, and finds it difficult to back out of a fight, due to his inner beast wanting to prove it's dominance. Colorblind: In his bear forms, Jack can't really distinguish colors; everything looks grayscale. Growls: In Bear Form, Jack is able to speak, however, the angrier he gets the more his bear spirit will take over, which can sometimes reduce his speech to animal growls. Abilities: 12 + 0 + 6 + 0 + 6 + 10 = 34PP Strength 30/22(+10/+6) Dexterity 10(+0) Constitution 20/16 (+5/+3) Intelligence 10 (+0) Wisdom 16 (+3) Charisma 20 (5) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP Initiative: +2 Attack: +6, +10 melee [+5 Attack Focus -1 Growth] Grapple: +12/+28 Defense: +6, +5 (+6 Base, -1 Growth), +2 Flat-Footed Knockback: -5, -9 including size Saving Throws: 5 + 8 + 5 = 18PP Toughness: +10 +15 (+5 Protection) Fortitude: +10/+15 (+5/+10 Con, +5) Reflex: +5 (+0 Dex, +8) Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5) Skills: 64R = 16PP Climb 4 (+10) Concentration 6 (+9) Craft [Artistic] 8 (+8) Handle Animal 8 (+11) Intimidate 5 (+10, +20 from AF) Knowledge(Art) 4 (+4) Knowledge [Arcane Lore] 2 (+2, Skill Mastery) Knowledge [Theology and Philosophy] 2 (+2, Skill Mastery) Language 2 (English, Russian, Base; Ket) Notice 8 (+11 Skill Mastery) Sense Motive 7 (+10) Survival 8 (+11, Skill Mastery) Feats: 11PP Animal Empathy Attack Focus [melee] 5 Improved Grab Improved Grapple Skill Mastery (Survival, Notice, Knowledge Arcane Lore, Knowledge Theology and Philosophy) Power Attack Takedown Attack Powers: 40+ 5 + 1 + 4 = 50PP Shaman Soul Tattoos (Linked Powers) Immunity 1 (Protective Tattoos; Environmental Condition[Cold]) 1PP (Magic) Protection 5 (Protective Tattoos;) 5PP (Magic) Spiritual Attunement 4 (Detect Magic 2, Darkvision) [4PP] Shaman Magic (Magic) Alternate Form 9 (Werebear Form; 40PP Container) 40PP (Magic) Enhanced Skill (Intimidation 8) [2PP] Enhanced Feat (Improved Critical, Claw Strike 2) [2PP] Enhanced Feat (Improved Pin) [1PP] Enhanced Feat (Iron Stomach) [1PP] Damage 2 (Claw Strike; Extras: Penetrating 5; Feat: Mighty 1, Alternate Power 1) [9PP] AP: Damage 2 (Claw Swipe; Extra: Area, Cone; Feats: Mighty 1, Progression Decrease Area 1 [10']) [6/8] Muscle Mass [Linked Powers] Growth 4 (Bear Size; Flaw: Permanent) [12PP] (Linked with Morph) Growth effects: Strength +8, Constitution +4, Attack -1, Defence -1, Grapple +4, Intimidate +2, Stealth -4, +5' speed, +5' reach, +5 Strength for carrying capacity only [heavy load: 6 tons] Morph 3 (Any shape of same mass) [3PP] (Linked with Growth) Super Senses 4 (Bear Senses; Danger Sense[Olfactory], Darkvision, Tracking 1[Olfactory]) [4PP] Super Strength 2 (Bear Strength;) [4PP] Speed 1 (10 MPH, or 105' per round) [2PP] AP:Leaping 1 (x2 distance: 32' running long jump/16' standing long jump/8' high jump) Drawback: Involuntarily Change (uncommon, Major DC 15 to avoid) Drawbacks: (-3) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed, Base Touch DC 21 Toughness Damage 2 Touch DC 27 Toughness Damage 2 Cone 10' DC 27 Toughness Unarmed Touch DC 25 Toughness Abilities (34) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (18) + Skills (16) + Feats (11) + Powers (50) - Drawbacks (3) = 150 Power Points
  20. Block Head

    His blood boiling from such rage over this tiny woman. How dare she try to take credit for his work. He has spend more blood sweat and tears on his work than anyone. His father died for it, his body destroyed for it, and his company almost collapsing under the stress of losing it. No, this was not her's nor anyone else's. He wanted to destroy her for such wickedness she has brought into his life but he reined himself in before delving deeper into such thoughts. A hero shows mercy and compassion. If he committed violence for the sake of it then he will destroy his promise to his father to bring justice and wanton violence wasn't justice. "I offer you but one chance to surrender. You will pay for your crimes but no further harm will come towards you. I offer you mercy only once. Regardless of what you choose I will make you pay. You and everyone else who stole from me."
  21. Hot Shot

    GM "More than merely professional!" replied Zyte, hand on his chest indignant. "I am ZYTE GUYST! Multi media art - eest!" he declared to infinity and beyond. "Chill Pill, here. He is new on the scene" he explained to Bonfire "and his head moves as fast as a glacier" he explained in hushed tones. "He needed a proper entrance. You know, something to set him on the road to the stars. And Zyte, well Zyte is the rocket ship to the stars, my friend!" "Say, I do know you! Bonfire, right? You run some blog? Blew up some nuclear power stations? Thats slightly not cool, man. You could do with my services!" he said, spotting an opportunity. "Along with Ice and Fire!" he said, framing the event in the ethereal with a wave of his hand. "The adventures of Bonfire and Chill Pill! Down on the streets of Freedom City! A reality show! What do you say?"
  22. Hot Shot

    Chill Pill, no! You recall Zyte is a rising multi media star of considerable fame and/or ability (not sure of the proportion of those however!)
  23. Hot Shot

    Rolling for Knowledge: Current Events to figure out if Cass has ever heard anything about either Zyte Guyst or Chill Pill before: Current Events: 1d20+5 19
  24. Character Backstory - Copycat

    Power Level: 7 (105/105PP) Trade-Offs: -3 Attack / +3 Damage, -3 Defense / +3 Toughness The notes, complications and customisation options are pretty much the same as the PL 10 version. Abilities: 0 + 0 + 4 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 8PP Strength 10 (+0) Dexterity 10 (+0) Constitution 14 (+2) Intelligence 10 (+0) Wisdom 10 (+0) Charisma 14 (+2) Combat: 4 + 4 = 8PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +2, +4 energy blast Grapple: +2 Defense: +4 (+2 Base, +2 Dodge Focus), +1 Flat-Footed Knockback: -1, -8 with Force Field Saving Throws: 3 + 6 + 5 = 16PP Toughness: +2/+10 (+2 Con, +8 Force Field [impervious 7]) Fortitude: +5 (+2 Con, +3) Reflex: +6 (+0 Dex, +6) Will: +5 (+0 Wis, +5) Skills: 28R = 7PP Bluff 8 (+10) Concentration 10 (+10) Notice 10 (+10) Feats: 4PP Dodge Focus 2 Luck 1 Taunt Powers: 22 + 8 + 15 + 5 + 3 = 53PP Energy Control Array 10.5 (21pp array; Power Feats: 1 Alternate Powers) [22PP] Base Power: Blast 10 (energy bombardment, Power Feats: Accurate) [21PP] (lightning blast) Alternate Power: Blast 7 (energy explosion, Extras: Area - Burst) [21PP] (lightning storm) Flight 4 (100 MPH, 1000' per round) [8PP] (electromagnetic propulsion) Force Field 8 (energy shell, Extras: Impervious 7) [15PP] (lightning aura) Immunity 5 (all electricity damage) [5PP] Super-Senses 3 (energy awareness [mental, Acute, ranged]) [3PP] DC Block: ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness (Staged) Damage Blast Range DC 25 Toughness (Staged) Damage Blast [Burst] Range DC 17/22 Reflex (Area)/Toughness (Staged) Damage Abilities (08) + Combat (08) + Saving Throws (16) + Skills (07) + Feats (04) + Powers (53) - Drawbacks (00) = 105 Power Points
  25. Hot Shot

    Well, he seemed to be able to handle his own. So, at the very least, this wasn’t some wannabe who tried to buy his way in. Which totally was doable, Cass had to admit, but required something slightly different. Either way, that was that situation dealt with. He did actually feel a tiny bit less irritated thinking about what he’d have to deal with tomorrow. Mainly because he was irritated about what was happening right now, but in a way it meant he’d accomplished his original goal. Bonfire turned to face the officers and just shrugged, sounding a bit defeated. “Just go along with it. You guys arrest that guy and go on with doing your job, I’ll take over with the rest of the situation. “ Then, he walked up to Zyte. With Cass no longer focused on combat, he could also dig into his memory. Maybe he’d heard something about these two before and just not realized it properly? “Oookay. So you’re clearly doing some PR for the guy. Fair, fair. But like this? Is this really the best way to do it? Professionally recorded footage of an actual fight?”
  26. Block Head

    GM The tiny armoued woman spun to the floor, an inch high in tumbling rotation. One could see sparks flying around her armour, zapping her nervous system. "Uuuugh! Shocking behaviour!" she grunted, on her tiny hands and knees on the floor, shaking her red hair. "I tried to do this politely, you know, after you stole my creation. Well, your creation that I added to" she explained. "You created the materials, but it was I who, like a God of old, breathed life into the clay..." She groaned again. "Gosh that really hurt. Zapped me good, you did! Ill have to resort to more drastic, and subtle, means!"
  27. Block Head

    Mannequin was mad. Even though the villain was small her hate was big. She managed to put a small crack in Mannequin's smooth canvas like exterior. It was always annoying to fix his body as even though it was easy it took time and right now he didn't have the luxury of time. Further more she had duped him. She had managed to not only sneak in and stealth some of his tech but she has made a mockery of his security system. Mannequin was mad. Swinging his fist he prepared to shock her into submission.
  28. Frogman

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