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  2. 10th Anniversary Vignette: 10 Years

    Lady Horus 2007 Los Angeles Anna watched, snapping a few pictures, as little Holly went to town with the yogurt cups. The art project had been Paige's idea for a way to keep the two-year-old busy while she and Richard enjoyed some time to themselves while Willie was in school. She had to admit, it really had been a great one. She and her daughter-in-law might not see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, but they loved their families very much. Holly reminded Anna more than a little of Dickie when he'd been that age, full of energy and ready to run around and gabble at the least provocation. Anna was pretty sure that teaching Holly that red, green, and yellow yogurt made great finger-paint was going to work against Dickie and Paige down the line, but the great thing about being a grandma was that you didn't have to worry about those things! She watched Holly smear the yogurt over herself, and the big white sheet she was on, and took more pictures. She'd made sure to dress the girl in a suitably used outfit for the day, the sort of pretty polka-dot dress that she'd have been dressed in herself when she was that age, but nowadays you hardly could ever find except in the sort of dollar stores that were all she could afford to shop in on honest money. The thick head of little girl curls on Holly's head was topped off with a bow that her grandma had picked out for her. It was a public park and it was a lovely day, and she'd been out of stir long enough that she hardly ever woke up thinking she was back in the Women's Ward at Blackstone. "Oh my goodness! Aren't you a darling?!" She'd mostly met other women when she was off showing how cute her bloodline was, and the occasional man that maybe didn't like people of her persuasion - but the guy who'd just stepped off the path looked like just her type. Tall and muscular, his skin was tanned in that slightly artificial way that a lot of men in this city had - but when she coupled that with what had to be a thousand-dollar suit, it meant money. And she liked men with money, especially men who looked to be about a third her real age. "Hello," he said, shaking her hand. "I'm Skyler Green, I do outdoor photography. Who's this precious angel?" "Say hi to the nice man, Holly!" called Anna, getting back a double-fisted wave and a gabble of words. Holly was normally a good talker, but she'd double-stuffed her face with yogurt. "She's so charismatic!" said Green happily, waving back at Holly. He sat down on the grass next to Anna, squatting on his shoes to keep his suit from grass stains. "Is she your first grandchild?" Anna blinked once, twice, then three times. "...no, she ain't." 2017 Bedlam City Things weren't looking good for Lady Horus. Her divinely-created magic armor was bulletproof but not electricityproof, and evidently Hammer of Justice was more of an engineer than she'd thought. The throwing stars had embedded themselves in her linen and gold armor and then blasted her with a whole heckuva a lot of volts of electricity, she'd crashed through the skylight of this Rook Island warehouse, and so here she was! She probably should have been more alarmed but that had been a hell of a lot of electricity. "Was going to kill you," the Hammer of Justice was grunting somewhere like a man with serious constipation problem. Lady Horus heard the distinct sound of a shotgun being loaded, figuring it had to be armor-piercing rounds if he had actually been planning on blowing her head off while the Helm was still on, then the sound of the gun going down. "Realized there was no need." He loomed into her view, a squarer, stouter figure than she'd imagined - it was a form with a wrestler's power rather than a boxer's. "Just take off the Helm and take you in." He laughed, a short, harsh sound. "Never taken a Crime Leaguer before. Thought it would be harder." He moved back, out of her view, guessing that perhaps the heavy steel net he'd dropped on her might not be enough to hold the sun goddess. And he was right, though not for the reasons he'd thought. "Oh, art thou so foolish?" She laughed. "If you know mine true name, fool, then you know what will happen should my name be spoken in this town. Thou have quite a kingdom of filth here - a kingdom that will come falling down if any come looking too closely at your work." It was the upside of a celebrity family on the right side of the law. If Anna Cline was arrested in Bedlam City, or killed there, her family would come looking for what had happened - and even if they might never believe what she'd been doing, they'd look hard enough to expose the Hammer of Justice's scam. "Fooled out-of-towners before," said Hammer of Justice dryly. "Didn't understand what I had to do to protect my city from the likes of you." "Like violatin' little girls?" Lady Horus hissed in reply, Anna's voice usually clear through the Helm's magic. "Esperanza isn't a little girl," said the Hammer with a laugh. "She wanted to be a hero, and I showed her what it was like. You know, from what the judge said at your trial, I'm surprised you'd have a-" Anna screamed in righteous fury - and in 1927 there was no warehouse, and no chains either. Lady Horus erupted up into the air and then down into the present, glowing ankhs held high - and there was no Hammer of Justice. The thought that he'd set the whole ambush up just to see if she could still teleport gave her a sleepless night that night. On the other hand, if he keeps it up, I'll be deada old age by the time he makes a move... " 2027 Somewhere Else The Pharaoh sits on her throne - Hatshepsut reborn! Her treasures are all the treasures of the world - the cedars of Lebanon, the iron of the Hittites, the gold of Nubia, and none has greater treasure than the Lady of the Two Lands! When she stretches her hand armies of the finest warriors in the world march against her enemies; the charioteers of Assyria, the doughty spearmen of Kush, and all the rest fall before Pharaoh and her power! She is a god on Earth, her face and body commemorated in marble and sandstone cubits high across the Two Lands! She is beloved by kings, courtiers, and common folk, as well might a woman with the heart of Horus and the face of Isis! Her bacchanalia are legend and in her golden palaces in Heliopolis, all the luxuries of table and flesh are hers to command. Her harem is stocked with men from the Pillars of Hercules to the lands east of Babylon, and - Hey wait a second! Those old kings and queens just got people killed when they had those wars. And I've been in some harems, honey - that ain't no way to live. She strides the streets of Heliopolis, keeping her eyes from the temples of the false gods. Her people have been held in bondage for four hundred years - but with the blessings of their Lord, they will soon be held no longer. She is foremost among the rebels and a foe of all kings and queens, especially those who grow fat and bloated from the sweat and blood of the innocent, disguising herself as a simple artisan to hide her true nature from the prying eyes of Pharaoh's many spies. By day she labors alongside her people, by night she plans the day of rising. She doesn't have long to wait. They strike when the signs are there - when the river has turned red and foul, when clouds of insects fill the air, and when the plague runs hot among both the oppressors and their animals. The day of rising is a glorious, albeit bloody victory, and when it's done they flee into the - First of all, I don't think you're supposed to be showing me that stuff - and second of all, I really don't think I'd fit in with those people. For one thing, I ain't exactly a follower of their- Her home is grand - at least for a peasant's daughter. A little bit of everything in the quarter paid for this place. The house of pleasure where the Medjay make sure the scribes and soldiers treat the girls with respect. The gold that the temple slaves smuggle from the ships going upriver that pays the Medjay. The priests, plied with wine and girls, who make sure that no one stops the flow of gold to this side of the river - and the spices her friends from the lands of the South bring her in return for favors from the priests who need their temple meat flavored just so. She's dealt with a few enemies by poison or blade, especially in her younger days, but she prefers to let her friends and do such work for her. Men pay court to her, and sometimes she accepts their tribute, but she is content to sit in the cool shade of her home's receiving room and let them plead for her favor. She is no Pharaoh, she is no rebel - but she is monarch of all she surveys! I like the last one best. But I think I'm just going to sleep. Good night.
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  4. Ronin PL 8

    All right, I don't really have a problem with a non-lethal weapon in the hands of a character run by a trusted player. APPROVED
  5. Midnight Run

    GM The pure force ripped out the pilots seat belt, and threw him into Blowtorch. Together, they both rocketed out of the Plane, tumbling through the air, hitting the grown and rolling over and over. It looked like a bone crunching event. One could almost hear the cracking of ribs and skulls as the two men bounced down the runway, leaving the plane unmanned and speeding ... But... Jann caught sight of the pilot wheel, jerking to one side. He felt the Plane start to turn...at far, far to high a speed to turn... And the wings begin to judder...
  6. Midnight Run

    He can't pilot, so he'll just attempt to get outta dodge: Reflex Save: 1d20+10 27 And he surprisingly enough makes it!
  7. Midnight Run

    That is certainly a hit, the pilot is flat footed as he is strapped into his chair. HOwever getting knockbacked it a little more tricky as he is strapped in! Anyway, lets do the damage first: Save vs Damage of Jann: 1d20+1 6...which is not good. Enough to Knock Him out. Ok so I am going to waive the rest and says its sufficient to rip out his safety belt (a bit of a stretch perhaps, but its cool). He will collide with Blowtorch, and give him a damage 7 save: Ill reduce that by 2 points as a generousity due to the cramped quarters and safety belt, and Tough vs Domino Knockback effect: 1d20+6 9 he is staggered, bruised, dazed. He is also knocked out of the plane for another damage 5 effect. Toughness Save vs Thrown out of a plane: 1d20+5 7 and that's it, he is knocked out. And now, the tough part: With the ping ponging of the protagonists, the plane goes into a spin. Getting out is a tough call, Ill give that a Reflex DC 25 to get out in time. Or, Jann can try a Pilot skill roll, trained, DC 15, to regain control of the plane. If neither are made, Plane goes into a spin and its a Damage 10 (TOughness 25) effect. And possibly worse from fire...
  8. Midnight Run

    Jann got hit by the falling thief. He managed to knock him off-balance, a balance which was already difficult to keep up courtesy of the cramped interior of the machine. Jann was beginning to like all of these types of movement less and less, they didn’t work for him. But other than his attacker, he managed to recover before hitting the ground. He spread out his wings, and before the plane managed to get any real distance, flew back to where he’d been before, legs first. He aimed directly at the pilot’s center of mass, if executed correctly the attack, and its angle, would be strong enough to have a further effect, with the second of the thieves lined up directly behind. He connected with full force, a nearly perfect hit by all accounts. As was expected of him. He could feel his feet make impact, as he pushed his wings again one final time, for an extra burst of force behind his attack.
  9. Midnight Run

    Okay, so, Jann, now outside the plane again, will do what he does best, and charge in head-first again. Using Trip 7 (Extra: Knockback) linked to Damage ) + Damage 0 ( Feat: Mighty ; Extra: Linked to Trip ) [15/16PP] At the pilot, in such a way the knockback might hit Blowtorch Attack: 1d20+12 28 That's a hit, so a DC15 Toughness and a Str/Dex check against DC17, and if that fails 7 Knockback, if I understood everyting correctly
  10. Midnight Run

    So Blowtorch will just climb into the plan at this point, and that means Jann is up.
  11. Midnight Run

    I think we waived your last HP point so I think you are ok!
  12. Midnight Run

    Reflex Save: 1d20+10 15 Spending my last (I think you wrote it down incorrectly) HP to reroll that, because that DC20 is scary! Reflex Save: 1d20+10 27
  13. Midnight Run

    Ok not a large push but seeing as it down and from a moving plane, potentially dangerous! I'll give Jann a reflex DC 20 roll to just get his wings flapping in time and maintain his backside of the runway. If he fails, a DC 20 Toughness save. Ill give the same to the Leapfrogger, although for him, its clinging on to the open doorframe. Reflex Save vs Fall: 1d20+8 12 nope and TOughness save vs fall: 1d20+2 16 bruised.
  14. Midnight Run

    Opposed Strength: 1d20+7 16 That's with the 2 from flight, so that goes through. Not a large push though!
  15. Midnight Run

    Ok so I have been a bit slack but roughly speaking I think we are at... Round 5: 24 Final Leap Frogger, unharmed, zoomed. 22 Blowtorch, unharmed 16 Jann - 2 HP - Fatigued 11 Pilot - Unharmed The FLG will zip up to the roof of the plane, and then try to Rush Jann off the plane. Rush Jann: 1d20+5 22 I believe that hits. Therefore, opposed STR checks: Rush STR test: 1d20+2 12 with SPeed 5 active, that is 17. Jann can, I think, reasonably add his flight rank to his roll.
  16. Midnight Run

    Toughness Save: 1d20+6 19 Just makes it! Feel free to edit the rest in!
  17. Industrial Strength

    GM With Arna acting as interpreter, some parley could be obtained. But it was not speedy, and the expedition was already lost to sight. "He says the meteor needs to be removed from this site. It is upsetting the...spiritual balance...or something like that. If it is destroyed, then it must be completely. Burned, he said. Although I don't think he knows how to burn a meteor. Some ritual, perhaps..." "But he says that it does not need to be destroyed, just removed....." Arna bit her lip, speaking in English to Mr. Hale. "But that's what Lord Crane wants to do, doesn't he? Extract the meteor for his own gain? Some industrial purpose? If that's so, Lord Crane, despite his vileness, is actually doing want Midnight Spear wants...." She did not translate this to Midnight Spear of course...this was a grave matter for Mr Hale and Arna. And time was pressing. The snow was falling heavily, and the expedition tracks were slowly fading...
  18. Midnight Run

    GM Jann smashed through the window and the door flew open. It almost came off. If the plane took off it would be a windy journey inside. The pilot looked startled. On one side, he had Blowtorch hanging on. On the other, Jann also hanging on, the flapping wings impeding him in such cramped quarters. "Shoot him!" demanded Blowtorch. The Pilot was rattled, but did not want to go to jail. Or be caught. And this was the greater fear, perhaps multiplied by a furious looking large man to his left. He was already holding his pistol, and he aimed it to his right... Bam! Bam! Bam-Bam! Four shots slammed into the Bird of Arms at point blank range. It was hard to miss, really, and the Pilot knew how to shoot. Not a second later, something zipped overhead. The final member of the leapfrog gang, high on zoom, full of macho desperation, eyes fairly popping out of his head with the buzz. He was always agile, now he was faster than a speeding car. Over the roof of the plane he ran, and then down the other side, landing heavily on Jann. Only when they had collided did an inkling of his reckless folly seep into his drugged brain. He went tumbling, his hands grasping for anything to hold onto... ...but down he went, colliding with the runway beneath them, and in a second he was twenty feet behind the plane, rolling, rolling, like a bowling ball...
  19. Midnight Run

    Ok so the Pilot is armed. And...not particularly dangerous but firing point blank at a flat footed Jann, so I will give him a generous +2 attack. The Pilot is using the Solider Archetype but with Pilot +8 skill. He is less equipped though (Just a light pistol) Shoots Jann: 1d20+7 18 bam bam bam, thats a toughness 18 Save for Jann. Ill post that IC. If you want to do a narrative response to being shot, feel free, other wise let me know and I will edit the last IC and expand...
  20. Karaoke Night at Morley's Pub

    "Among others, friend... rush seems a bit sad at times, depending on the choice... ohhh yesss... This song is in the system." Torpedo Lass said with a grin. "Seems the new kid's getting the hang of it too." She said leaning on the counter of the bar Gesturing to Miracle Girl... Torpedo Lass moves her finger that was holding her spot in the book over, flipping back to her page and looking up the number for her choice she walks up to the machine entering her number. Seeing the crowd was loosened up as she was nursing her Guinness until the first couple of singers she knew she was going to light things up... or fall flat. Then again on shore leave hitting some bar near Yokosuka she was notorious for putting on a show. "Better to set sail and sink than stay at the docks..." she whispered. She walked up on stage and a couple of the more sauced up members of the audience were cheering. She leaned on the mic. "Didn't think you'd have a legit sea-salt on stage eh?" She said with a grin and there were a few chuckles... "Well let me tell ya... you other guys have been a bit serious man... but it's time to weigh anchor, mates! Time for me to show ya how to have a little fun!" She said pumping her fist... the crowd was starting to get lit up. Then the music kicked in... Her singing was rough war cry, with the bluster of a pirate but the skill of an experienced singer, turning the rare Queen track into a sea shanty and hit the walls of that pub like a hurricane. By the time the song ended with the almost silly song at the end, everyone in the crowd started singing with her. Even after the song ended for at least a minute on the machine everyone reprised it. "Now yer' part of my crew." She said, her voice slightly growling. Walking back to her spot at the bar to applause and laughs, grinning from ear to ear. She put her feet on an empty stool. "Our man over here might be payin' the bills for the evenin' but when it comes to a proper party, you invite a sailor to the show!"
  21. [IC] Freedom of Information

    GM The two met again at the agreed upon time and location, a park table not too far from where they were heading later the same day. The sun was beginning to set. There was some activity in the area, but the tables themselves were almost empty, which allowed for a nice degree of secrecy while still not being suspicious. As Leviathan joined him, Bonfire was sitting at the table and, unsurprisingly, drinking coffee. His hair had a natural black colour, and he’d styled it ever so slightly. He started off in the same accent he’d sown Leviathan before. “Ah, mon ami. Great to see you. “ Then, he immediately switched back to his more natural voice, as he pulled out his phone to show a map that had been drawn quickly. “Okay, so here’s the layout. And, well, it’s a mostly empty room. They’re setting up a dancefloor and DJ set in one corner, and a bunch of round tables in the other. No labels or anything so far, gotta figure out who to talk to before you get there, I suppose. “ “Can’t confirm there’s any guards outside yet, but I spent about an hour camped outside on a roof, and some people are walking around the area. Judging from what I saw, they’re connected over a radio, probably wired up to a van that was standing around just down the street. I imagine that’s where they’re running the actual thing from. Chances are more are gonna show up once the thing actually starts. Speaking of which, that’s in a few minutes.“
  22. Ink!

    "My design? Nah, I just bout it cuz it has fire on it. I may with my next bike but I got this one for a steal." The streets were all but deserted to begin the morning and so the time they made was good. Maxie liked having the road to himself, and Moira. He felt her arms around him as they hugged corners and sped down empty streets. Even with the ride blowing the wind away from him, he could smell her. It was a heady mix to him, he couldn't pinpoint it, the soap from the shower, the smell of the morning sunshine, in essence, she smelled like joy. He didn't let his thoughts linger too long on it. He wanted to pay attention to the road. If you start daydreaming on a motorcycle you could get dead fast. When they pulled up Max had to hurry to keep up with her. Her exuberance made him chuckle and he jogged after her. He let her lead him and as she did he watched her intently, now off the bike he could take all the time to daydream that he wanted. A crooked smile played across his lips as he followed her into Morley's. He was curious about what she was going to show him, sure. But he was just happy to see her this excited.
  23. GM The alien nodded, as some others turned their heads. Some were interested in listening in, others probably just wanted to gather information on the two. Which, all things considered, wasn’t a bad idea, in a place like this. They still were in the same spaceship together for some time, and apparently Terrans had a reputation. What exactly that reputation was neither of the two had managed to figure out, though. “I have some knowledge. Many fleeing are of my Native , including my split-mate, what you refer to as a parent. I have collected all the information, no matter how sparse it is, and believe to have some idea. The broadcasts are correct, we are at the beginning of what will be a crisis of historical levels. If large parts of the Asshui and Oog’ol populations are fleeing, it means that the sector we are headed to will be unable to handle the pressure for more than a short time. “ “I have heard some talk, of the Nobles. I do not believe it, I doubt they would be able to mount anything like what is being described. I travel to offer my services as a translator, and to help my split-brood, if any of them have made it this far. It is good to have doctors, but I assume we will primarily need people who can transport groups.” “I can offer you some information, as I believe there still is some time until our arrival.” The statement the two of them were, essentially, scientists, meanwhile got them some odd looks from some of the more muscular and gruff looking individuals in their vicinity, one of them looking somewhat suspicious all of the sudden.
  24. Ink!

    She looked at the helmet and then to him, "ok, your bike your rules," she grinned. The morning air was a lovely scent. It wasn't as late as she thought it was. Apollo bid her good morning as the sun was about to rise. He had tried to reach her earlier, but she and her love were busy in the shower, cleaning. She bid the sun god good morning and asked him for a safe passage into the city. He agreed, as watching the sunrise was one of her favorite things to do if she was up in the morning to see it. The silent conversation ended as she and Max got on the motorcycle, "nice," she said getting on after him, "your design," asked putting her arms around him. Max was all about the safety, but he was right, the helmet cramped her. Then again, it was better to be cramped than skinned up. "Now let's get this ride started," she said playfully bumping his helmet with hers. The view was obstructed by the helmet, but she still watched the sun peaking leaning her head on Max's back as she watched the early morning colors muted by plastic. It was still beautiful. The ride from the southside to the west end was a ways a way. Enough to enjoy the whole of the celestial view. But they made it, in one piece, to Morley's. Closing time was about two hours ago and the clean up crew had done their job. This was only partly her place. She and her mortal father co-owned it. She'd inherit the whole load when he passed on. She felt pride in the business. Even though there were other places in town that had better marketing, Morley's had regulars that were very loyal. "Come on," she said excitedly taking off the helmet after he stopped. She'd pointed him to the back so she could get in through what she wanted to show him in the first place.
  25. [IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

    Akkar did something that he was told most races do to acknowledge another. Akkar nodded his head. It was a lilted thing, not at all natural to him and it was obvious it was not his custom but the message was received. "Thanks are not necessary, you and your fellow passengers have paid, that is sufficient. As for the questions I had they are few. Mostly I wish to know more about this, Zem, and what they did to drive you and yours from your homes. I understand this is a difficult request. Know that my home too was taken from me and my people. The Grue have done much the same to my world as the Zem have done to yours. This is temporary, however, as the Grue will face justice one day for their crimes against Illthus. I pray it is the same for the Zem. You may wonder why I need this information. Suffice to say that this crisis has in the short term supplied me and those like me with a significant business opportunity. However prolonged conflict can prove to be detrimental to me. Knowledge is the best defense against profit loss and loss of life. It may be that I can help more of your kind, and in other ways than transport. It may be I can give vital information to certain interested security forces to prevent this from happening to other worlds. It all depends on what information you can provide. The loss of your home may or may not be permanent. I know as a concerned aggreeable citizen that you would not see the same fate befall others if in your power." Ak'kar paused to ladle the protein paste that was his customary meal into his mouth. He had become much better at navigating the cybernetic tentacles over the years. At times they seemed to have a mind of their own and had spilled much in the way of nutrients onto his uniform in the past. "This information however is voluntary. If you do not wish to recount this story I would understand."
  26. [IC] Diaspora: The Trek Outwards

    GM Balancing between the awaited shore-leave and the increased amount of manpower required on the ship was not easy task, and Ak’kar had to spend some time watching what was happening on the ship himself in order to not create any holes in the coverage. Time passed quickly, the guests seemed to settle in quite nicely, many of them glad to sleep on actual beds for the first time in who knew how long. Others just sat around, spending their time talking, Ak’kar managing to catch some parts of their conversations. It was gossip mainly, or people talking about what they’d left behind. A few talking about what they planned to do once the ship arrived. Others just were content spending their time alone. Evening approached, and people began to set up for the dinner that Ak’kar had invited them to. The Mess Hall probably couldn’t hold everybody, but a few spare crates were repurposed into tables, and soon everybody fit into the cargo bay, as the first food was brought. The Asshui who had first approached Ak’kar sat next to him. “I must again thank you. Now, what did you want to ask of us?”
  27. River Rats (IC)

    GM "Let go of me, you freak!" Toes yelled, his voice breaking in panic as he futilely tried to escape Brigandine's bonds. After a few seconds, he realized he was going nowhere and just slumped, defeated with a glower of indignation in his eyes. For the masked mercenaries' part, he did not attempt to break his hold. In a deep even voice he said, "I am but the first line of defense here. More are coming. You may have beaten me, but the Corinthian is crawling with Scarpias' men. I suggest you get what you came for and flee. Bugbear Declan rubbed the stars from his eyes as he heard the man's words. He knew them not to be a lie. When the lights faded to a manageable level, he got his first look at the small woman in the monstrous psychic armor before him. He reflexively sucked in a breath to lungs that no longer required air but quickly steadied himself. She was holding both Toes and this merc. She was clearly not on their side. "I don't know who you are, lady. But... thank you for the assistance. However the goon is right and we need to leave. You can drop the masked one, he is of no use to me, but Fingers here," Declan pointed a ghostly finger to the the scrawny man out cold on the broken poker table, "And Toes, who you have in your hand, have information I need. I suggest we leave with the prize. I don't know what you're here for and you may stay if you wish to hash that out with the thugs that own this ship, but I am leaving." Declan's hands glowed as he picked up Fingers and glided to the door. "You coming?" The bloody tattered spirit said over his shoulder before entering the hallway.
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