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  2. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    That'll catch the remaining security Near the stage. I'll get a GM post up soon with a result. (rather than rolling for all the minions I'm just having them take ten and get caught as their reflex is not sufficient.) Corriene and Phaedra should roll init and I'll put them in the new round.
  3. Raiment

    Mechanical basis for the Enhanced Charisma isn't clear. Can you elaborate?
  4. Rev

    So the Boost might be problematic, as it would explicitly apply a benefit to Equipment, which nominally can't benefit from Powers.
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  6. It's Saturday

    The pair were sitting at a small table outside, waiting for their pizza to finish, Kat's ankles twined nervously together under the table while Tally sat at ease on the other side, leaned slightly over the table. "—It's pretty boring, really. Sometimes I get coffee, or have to wear some weird new thing until my teeth shake." Kat lied. Tally brushed a stray hair out from in front of her face. "Astro labs sounds way less glamorous than I imagined." Kat looked away for a moment, shrugged. "I'm not really sure. They probably have real exciting experiments I don't get to touch." A partial lie this time. She didn't see everything they made. It wasn't her business. "Probably. I bet they get up to a lot of stuff in there." "They do. Some dimensional portal broke down in Freedom once and a dinosaur came through." Tally let her hands rest on her table and pushed closer forward, her eyebrows rising. "Really?! Did it eat anyone?" "Oh, um, no." Kat rubbed at her neck. "It was more of a scientist dinosaur." Blink. "What's that look for?" Tally had let her head rest on her hand now, her expression so bemused. "You never talk about yourself." She smiled "—But then you do, and you always just drop one of the most amazing things." "What?" Kat tilted her head, her eyebrows knitting together. "—I mean, I know the dinosaur is weird, but what else have I said that's odd?" "A ghost tried to kill you in a theater!" Kat's eyes lit up in realization. That had been a mess. Her powers didn't really mesh well with the insubstantial. "Oh, right! That time." "If you didn't care so little about it all, I'd say you were lying. The stuff you forget are the most amazing things I've ever heard." Kat snorted. "Oh come on, I'm the most boring person in the world." "No." Tally shook her head and looked Kat in the eye. "Lilly. You came here from Freedom and act like it's the most normal thing. You got an internship for Astro labs, for some reason. When you're not sleeping you're gone, and you never quite say where to. You are one of the most interesting people I've ever met." Gosh, she paid attention. Kat's cover was in danger . . . Her last roommate hadn't paid much attention at all to what Kat was up to. "W-well. . ." Kat took a deep breath. "You probably need to find some more interesting people." But Tally was just smiling at her, and it took everything Kat had to not fidget. This is why she tried not to talk much . . . Tally remembered everything. If this was how it was gonna be, then, unless Kat covered her tracks better, it was just a matter of time. A shout from the front saved her. "That's our pizza!" Kat bounced to her feet and did her best to walk to the front without looking like she was running away.
  7. It's Saturday

    Kat had always considered herself a stranger to Freedom. An outsider. Because she was! Superheroes had never seemed real to her, even when she'd become one. When she came to Emerald City, she'd expected to find it something more familiar, more like home. But it still felt strange. Perhaps too much of Freedom had gotten into her blood, or maybe the places were just too different. Freedom was alarming and loud, but it was spectacular in a very different way. It felt like she was sitting at the heart of the world. Here? It wasn't quite the same. In Emerald City, the air was often thick with clouds, always threatening a light rain, a coffee shop around every street corner. It felt strange to live here, but the strangeness didn't come in the form of superheroes or super-science, but from people walking the streets in styles she wasn't familiar with. Styles like Tally's alarming hair. It felt unreal, but this time Kat couldn't roll her eyes at superheroic madness to dismiss it. Maybe she just didn't handle change well? "So, where've you been?" Tally asked, prodding at Kat's side as they walked down the street. "You're either sleeping or gone all the time. You never check in!" She rolled her eyes. "What are you, my mom?" "Ha!" But the smile fell from her face pretty fast. "But seriously. You sleep half the day. You okay?" Kat grabbed hold of her wrist and looked away. "I'm just, really busy and tired, sometimes." Well, Kat had reason to be tired! Being Warp wasn't exactly . . . Bah, but who was she kidding? That wasn't the only part of it. Maybe not even the biggest part of it. But she couldn't tell Tally. "Li . . . You're gonna have to open up someday. You can't do this forever. Whatever it is." No response. A sigh. "Okay then. How've your classes been?" "It's alright," Kat said. "Some guy's been messing with me in some of my classes, but I'll deal. Keeping my head above water . . . You know how it is." "Yeah." Kat glanced over her shoulder. Tally was tugging at her collar, looking at the buildings as they passed them by. Kat looked down and bit at her lip, staring at her hands.
  8. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    Shall I roll Initiative, or just assume last?
  9. It's Saturday

    "Hey." "Heeeey." "Li! Liii! Wake up!" A tug. Warmth fell away and cool air rushed to fill the empty space. Reluctantly, Kat shuddered, slowly remembering she was a person. Groggily, she pushed herself to her knees on her bed, yawned and fixed the chipper young women standing over her with a blanket in her hands a heavy-lidded glare. Who was this person and why she holding her blanket? For a minute, she was a stranger. A tall young woman with a bright smile and bright green hair style in an undercut. It felt like Kat was staring at the sun from her sheer cheerfulness. Or maybe because the woman had thrown open the blinds and let the sun shine into the room from behind her. Kat decided she didn't care either way. "What you staring for?" "Maybe if I stare hard enough, you'll catch fire . . ." Ah, that's right! ". . . Tally." Her roommate in Emerald City. "Why am I not sleeping?" Tally shook her head sadly. Gosh, she was even dressed! "You slept in! It's noon!" "NOON?! I . . ." Kat's eyes startled opened wide, but then quickly irised back into their tired sag. "It's Saturday." "I figured we could hang out together a little today." She said, her face falling a little. "It's been a little bit. Wanted to check up on you." "Why would you think that?" Tally gave a small, knowing grin. "Pizza, downtown. My treat." Kat blinked, sat up a little straighter. Rubbed her eyes. "I hate you." "You love me." "I love pizza." She sighed. "Gimme an hour."
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    Warp Vignette
  11. 10th Anniversary Vignette: 10 Years

    2007 “Today,” the teacher droned. “We'll discuss the descent of Omega and his Omegadrones. Turn to page 349.” She clicked a button and the projector flashed to life, casting a blurry image of a red-and-black figure framed against the sky. In big, capital letters at the top, THE TERMINUS INVASION in huge, garish font. The page number was printed below it, in font so small that it was hard to read from the back. “The Terminus is another world, ruled by 'Lord Omega.' They struck at Freedom City, and from there, aimed to conquer this dimension.” A click, a new slide. Bullet points began to fade into existence. The classroom was one of the refurbished ones, a haphazard mixture of an older, stone building with modern technology Frankensteined together wherever it could have fit, with ceilings full of crisscrossed air vents, with thick wires and outlets drilled into the walls to draw in electricity and internet. “People across the world died during the invasion. Civilians, heroes, villains . . . No one was spared.” Click. Another bullet point. A funeral. There was a sense in the air. A quiet tension. The kids weren't talking, or pretending to take notes. The history teacher had made this space her own. Her supply of inspiration posters was modest. Instead, she had decorated her wall with newspaper clippings. The Berlin Wall falling. Protesters slipping flowers into a soldier's gun. The Centurion standing in front of the White House, holding a trophy. But there was only so much character that she could inspire out of the dour white brick. “I'm going to need a volunteer.” The teacher looked up sharply, eyes sweeping the room. There was a lot of shifting, looking away. Some muttering. A giggle here and there. No one raised their hand. “Congratulations Katharine. You've been volunteered. Paragraph five, page 352. Kat grimiced and shimmied in her seat. Scarcely eleven years old, she her knees came together underneath her desk. It was on the next page, so she flipped eagerly through her book, hoping to get through this as fast as she could.”While the main thrust of the Terminus invasion was aimed at Freedom City, the attack echoed across the globe. The silhouette of the Omegadrone inspires terror wherever it is seen. Pushing back the assault and throwing Omega back into the Terminus our Hero Centurion was . . .” Her throat dried out. Kat swallowed, pushing on in an unsteady voice. “. . . Killed.” No sound. For a long moment, Kat wasn't sure what to do. When she opened her mouth to push onward, their teacher beat her to the punch. “That's enough. Thank you, Katharine.” She held her hand above her clicker for a moment. Stopped. Looked at it. Closed her eyes. Sat the clicker softly down on her desk. When she started speaking again, the rote rhythm of lecture was gone from her voice. “So. Do you know why you're learning this? Why history is important?” A pause. “There are no wrong answers.” “. . . So we don't repeat it?” her nose scrunched up, but the teacher said. “Yes. That's it. But do you know why?” No answer. “Because history is alive.” She said. A deep breath. “It wasn't that long ago. Fourteen years ago. If you'd been born a little earlier, you might have been alive for it.” Her hands clasped together tight. “My sister. She died in the invasion.” “History is important because it's never just history. It's just what we call the present after it happens. Centurion pushed Omega back. But now he's gone. Omega and his drones . . . ? “They're still out there.” 2017 “Hey Li, come over and take a look at this.” It was a little gentle for a command, but Li was keen enough to hear when she was wanted. She hadn't really gotten to know the technicians of the Astro labs yet, and . . . was a little too embarrassed to let him know she hadn't learned his name after these months. Well . . . She'd get a chance to pick it up again, if she paid attention. “What's up?” She followed the tech's voice, pushing through the doors into a room along the side. Her eyes snagged on the object in the center of the room and stopped, her smile dying like a dog traffic. It was a black box, but with too many sharp, sheer edges, lined with red. The tech had opened it up and was sorting through its guts. “The main office sent this in to study. What do you make of it?” Unprompted, her brain answered the question. Whatever that crystal had done to her brain, it was eager to share. She knew, in the same way a bird knows what 'south' is, of the oppressive red sky of the Terminus, the screams of its people, the omegadrones flying overhead. And, dressed in his armor, heart bursting with hate . . . A whistle. Snaps. “Hey, earth to Li.” Kat shook her head sparly and curled her toes. “Steelgrave?” He grinned. “We think so, or at least something inspired by him! Some kind of bomb. A villain was trying to detonate it in Freedom.” “. . . That sounds like a problem.” He could only shrug. “Yeah, but what can you do. This stuff is in circulation and there's not much we can do but deal with what we find.” “I can get rid of it.” “No, no, it was disarmed a long time ago. Couldn't hurt a fly anymore, just metal and wires.” He rapped his hands gently against the metal, as demonstration. Kat bit down on her lip. “I really think we should destroy it.” The tech looked up at her, annoyed now. “You can do what you do with it when we're done studying it. We need to know if there are any signs of multiversal travel on it. And some of this circuitry is fascinating, if we could just . . .” He was off in his own world, now. He'd stopped listening to her a long time ago. Kat let herself fall back, leaning against the wall, as her eyes fell on the machine again. Experiences that weren't hers crawled through her mind, pain, panic and doom. A death march of numberless realities into the cold fire of the absolute end. She looked away. Breathed. Held. Released. Repeat. Until the world stopped spinning. 2027 A hole opened up in the air and a women fell out of it. Rough and scarred, Warp rose to her feet as the cultists fell down in the circle around her. At their head, wearing a deep hood, with a familiar light behind its eyes, there was a figure that radiated a power that Warp had become all too familiar with. There was a book open in their hand, and on the cover, Warp saw a symbol . . . Ω . Omega. As Warp's hands erupted with dark energy, his eyes smiled. “Katharine,” he said, voice smooth, calm and ever-so-sane. “We meet again.”
  12. We should, then collect a guide post regarding the bits we're keeping, being vague on, and outright having our canon supersede.
  13. Some 'Splaining To Do

    Well, that was a hand full to note. Not speaking during Gretchen's story and confession, Moira did not expect this. She expected a long conversation about roommates and boundaries and got very mixed signals. At least one was blunt. Very, very blunt. It was like the lightest fluffiest bit on a pile of rocks. Poor girl had been through so much. Moira felt like a heel, but bow there was interest at least. She looked up into the night sky and wondered aloud, "what would you guys do?" She heard an 'ahem' in her mind. "Dear," Aphrodite spoke to her, "you know I'm not up there. But if you want my opinion." "Sure, why not, mom," Moira said touching her bracer. She didn't need to 'activate it, she just fidgeted with it some time when talking to her divine family and friends. "What would you do that wouldn't get me kicked out of the house. Threesome is out of the question." "For now, at least," Aphrodite said with upward inflection. "But really, you should tell her the truth. That you have that feeling in the back of your mind that makes you think of her like Lynn." "That's kind of changed now, knowing her story," Moira pointed out, "I really don't want-" "Yes, you do," Aphrodite said sternly, "just that you want to wrap her up and protect her on top of the carnal thoughts. She's the type you fight for in this who superhero thing. Right? Truth, justice, yadda yadda yadda." Moira huffed, her mother was right. Though she wanted to learn more about Gretchen. Sex was fine, but connection, that was what she loved. Empty one nighters were fun, but did nothing for her. Spending time with friends, knowing what made them them? That was something she thrived on. "Yeah, something like that." "Good," Aphrodite chimed, "now ask Dionysus for another bottle of wine and go back in there-" "Not right now. Talk to you later, mother." Moira straightened herself to non-wrinkled, at least, and went down the stairs to meet with her roommates.
  14. Some 'Splaining To Do

    Gretchen simply stared at Moira's hand for several seconds, head cocked to one side with avian scrutiny. Finally she rose to her feet, and twisted the Ring of Power, returning her clothes to her normal civilian identity. Now wearing Doc Martens, ragged jeans and an Army fatigue jacket, she turned her back to the former goddess, arms crossed tightly across her chest. "My father left my mother when he found out she was pregnant. She was a college student struggling through law school at Columbia University. Both her parents were gone, and she didn't talk with her only sister, my aunt Caroline. She raised me alone, with the help of a few school friends. Once she passed the bar, she took me home to Portland. She dated here and there, but there was never anyone who stayed around long enough to be a father. We were alone...but we were unstoppable." The young barista paused to compose herself; it was the most talking Moira had ever seen her do in the month she'd lived with her. "The winter I turned fourteen, my mother was killed driving home in an ice storm. It was decided I would move to Freedom to live with Caroline, a woman I barely knew. She's a musician, like me. She introduced me to a lot of great music, but she was never there for me when I needed her. Staying out all night with her boyfriends, every promise broken. She kept me alive, I guess, and for that I am grateful." Finally she turned to face Moira, and took a step closer to her. "Lynn is the one person in my life who's always been here, who kept her promises. That is why I love her, and why we are together." Gretch paused to look her fellow superheroine up and down. "You can stay here, or not. If you give me time, I may forgive you. I cannot say if we'll ever be friends. I usually don't like friendly people, with one notable exception. But I'll forgive her, because I understand." And here she paused to wet her lips, eyes downcast. "I've...wanted to be with you since the first time I laid eyes on you. Who wouldn't? You have an easy sexuality, uncomplicated by guilt or logic. It just...is. So I understand." Gretch took a deep breath, and finally looked back into Moira's eyes. "I need to go. I need to be with her, to let her know it's okay. See you around." And with that, she hopped off the roof down to the patio, and headed inside.
  15. Some 'Splaining To Do

    The was a sigh of relief from Moira. Better to see happy faces than troubled ones. Still, Gretchen had more questions. Valid ones. Moira put her hand where her heart would be, "Gretchen, love, I have a lot of friends. I am friendly. But there are only a few people that I am close to. Lynn is one of them. We go beyond friendship. It's one of those forever bonds. Someone I will think about to the end of eternity. My heart." She offered the hand to Gretchen, not expecting her to take it, "You, dear, however, are someone I am friendly with. Whether you're keen to it or not." Moira did seem sincere in the gesture, then again, she didn't know what was going on with Lynn and Gretchen's mind conversation. "I'm not expecting reciprocation, but since we are roommates..." She let Gretchen fill in the rest of the sentence.
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  17. Room of Danger (sixth edition) OOC

    The scene is as described, however you can't detect anything inside the building due to distance. Sorry about the delay, I was waiting on your thread partner, but ZB has stuff going on. So we'll go with just you for now and ZB will pop in when ZB pops in.
  18. Room of Danger (sixth edition)

    Det. Briscoe pulled a smartphone off her waist and flicked through it. “Stormwarden, real name unknown. Most likely Sunyaa Saddiq. American national. Claims to be a goddess of weather. No idea who’s in the armor, he calls himself Lamellar. According to what we’ve dug up, that armor of his has shrugged off tank shells. And that weapon of his keeps shifting around. Pick a melee weapon, it’s probably taken that form by now.” She looked up. “Mason?” Det. Mason shrugged. “About covers it. Building itself was a robotics lab. One of them has some tech skill. A few robots that were left behind are running loose in there.”
  19. You May Not Believe In Me (OOC)

    Sure, I'll have him blow another HP to shake the daze.
  20. Look What You Made Me Do

    It didn't take much for Klara to work out that the leak was connected to whatever was going down to at the Dojo. But if those involved were ruthless enough to actually cause a leak then she needed to at least check the place out. Plus she didn't want to put at risk any of the brave firefighters, or any of the emergency services, at any risk from whatever was going down here. "Maybe you could show me where the valves are so I can help speed things along a little?" she suggested with a smile "Being outside the system I don't have to follow all the rules." Technically she was working at the embassy and had some Diplomatic immunity, though she really didn't want to test how far it went.
  21. (IC) Pop Quiz: That Long Tongue Liar

    Cathy had become pretty used to the strange and unusual, really it was almost normal to her now. But the sheer weirdness of a demon inviting them to tea was still something weird enough to give her pause. Still, if Phae though it was alright then she'd trust her girlfriend's instincts after all this was her world after all. She slid into a spare chair as far from the head as she could manage, something were still too weird to process right now. "Milk no sugar for me please, and please call me Cathy." she'd considered going for Frostbyte but it didn't seem appropriate considering the circumstances "If it's not too forward may I ask what’s going on exactly that brought you here? It's not like you were popping down the shops and we were just in the area after all."
  22. Interceptors: Handclap

    Just like that it was gone, from the bliss of the moment to the cold hard reality, shaking her head Cathy was tempted to try and recapture the moment. But a quick look around showed that her friends were in trouble, she would almost think by there own actions if she didn't still feel the faint tug of the music. She'd read somewhere that hot air cooled quicker than cold which was helpful as she concentrated on redirecting the hot sticky air to her will. As she did the moisture in the room began to form around the feet of those that were attacking her friends. She managed a quick peck on the cheek of her still dancing girlfriend before moving to see if she could help more physically.
  23. Interceptors: Handclap (OOC)

    I will spend a HP to create the following off of my Ice Control Array: Snare 8 (Extra: Burst Area [General], Selective Feat: Slow Fade [1 minute]) [33PP] As many of the security, I can get in the 40ft radius need a DC 18 Ref Save.
  24. Character Edits 2017

    The Skeleton Crew As per above edit, 15 more PP to spend. The sheet is messy so I will re-post it to eliminate some of the gaps and so on and so forth (and add a picture!) As for the PP spend: 5 PP: Making Toughness Impervious 1 PP: Adding another rank of equipment for a flintlock pistol (as Flintlocks one) 5 PP: Adding feats: Improved Initiative, Attack Specialisation 1 (Unarmed), Favoured Opponent 2 (Marine life, Undead), Teamwork 1 2 PP: Adding Regeneration (Resurrection 1 / day) 2 PP: Adding +1 to Reflex and Will Saves Slightly modifying the individual crewmembers powers / equipment: Thin Lucy uses a sword rather than a club Razor Reznor has Stealth 8 (+9), Attack Specialisation (Straight Razor), and uses spare 3 EP on "Straight Razor" (Strike 1, Improved Critical 2) Sweet Jennie getting Attack Specialisation 2 (Cannons) rather than Improved Critical, plus uses an Axe now, going to her viking roots. The Skeleton Crew Fanatical Minions (10) Power Level: 5 (105/105) In Brief: Undead pirates of the Black Flag Description: The skeleton crew look like mix between a skeleton and a zombie, with rotting pirates clothes. The appearance can be quite frightful. Alternatively, they have the ability to appear as humans (as they were when they were alive), wearing some type of nautical clothing (from pirates to modern day sailors). Abilities: 5 + 2 - 10 + 0 + 0 + 2 = -1 Strength: 15 (+2) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: - Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat: 10 + 10 = 20 Initiative: +5 Attack: +5, +7 Unarmed Defense: +5 (+3 Flat Footed) Grapple: +7 Knockback: -5 Saving Throws: 0 + 5 + 6 = 11 Toughness: +5 (+5 Impervious Protection) Fortitude: Immune Reflex: +6 (+1 Dex, +5) Will: +6 (+6) Skills: 48R = 12 PP Acrobatics 4 (+5) Bluff 4 (+5) Climb 4 (+6) Handle Animal 4 (+5) Intimidate 4 (+5) [+9 enhanced] Language 4 ([Various Native if applicable], English, French, Spanish, Portuguese] Perform (Singing) 4 (+5) Profession (Sailor) 8 (+10) Stealth 4 (+5) Swim 8 (+10) Feats: 9PP Attack Specialisation 1 (Unarmed) Equipment 2 Environmental Adaptation 2 (Rolling Deck, Underwater) Favoured Opponent 2 (Marine Life, Undead) Improved Initiative 1 Teamwork 1 Equipment: 2PP = 10EP Sword: Strike 3 (Feats: Mighty, Improved Critical 1) [5 EP] Flintlock Pistol: Blast 2 (Flaws: Limited [2] One shot only) [4 EP] Powers: 37 + 10 + 10 + 8 + 2 = 67PP Immunity 37 (Critical Hits, Cold Damage, Fortitude Saves) [37 PP] Appearance Array (9 PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 1) [10 PP] Base Power: Morph 4 (+20, One appearance [Alive!], Extras: Duration [Continuous], Feats: Variable Clothing [Maritime]) [9 PP] Alternative Power: Enhanced Traits 6 (Intimidate +4, Fearsome Presence 5) [6 PP] Protection 5 (Extras: Impervious) [10 PP] Regeneration 7 (Resurrection 1/day, +5 to recovery rolls/heals as normal, Feats: Regrowth) [8PP] Supersenses 2 (Darkvision) [2PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 17 Toughness Damage Sword Touch DC 20 Toughness Damage Flintlock Pistol Touch DC 19 Toughness Damage Totals: Abilities (-1) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (12) + Feats (9) + Powers (67) - Drawbacks (0) =118/120 Power Points NB: Each pirate has one extra language (his native tongue, if not already listed above) and 1 more PP in a skill or feat that suits his station. A few have different weapons to Sword (cutlass). Hide contents The crew of the Black Flag Handsome Jack; German, Ships Mate, Tactics 4 (+4), Sailor 12 (+12) One Eyed Pete; English, Gambling Cheat, Sleight of Hand 8 (+9) Ginger Rose, Irish, Parrot Trainer, Handle Animal 8 (+9), Animal Empathy Thin Lucy, Freed Slave, Obese Violin Player, Perform (Strings) 4 (+5), Perform (Dance) 4 (+5) Spike the Monkey, English, Crows Nest Lookout, Climb 8 (+10), Notice 4 (+4) Gaston "Gutboy", French, Cook, Craft (Cooking) 4 (+4), Survival 4 (+4) Billy the Fish, Freed Slave, Swimming 12 (+14), Favoured Environment (Underwater) "Razor" Renzo, Italian, Stealth +8 (+9), Attack Specialisation 1 (Straight Razor), spare 3 EP used on Straight Razor (Strike 1, Improved Critical 2) [3 EP] "Lash", Freed Slave, Carpenter, Craft (Structural) 8 (+8) Sweet Jennie, Swedish, angry gunner, Attack Specialisation 2 (Cannons), Uses Axe instead of Sword (Strike 3, Mighty, Thrown, Improved Critical 1) [6 EP]
  25. Character Edits 2017

    Flintlock 18 PP to spend 3 PP Saves: +3 to Will to make +15 (+8 Wis, +4) 8 pp/32 Ranks to Skills 12 Ranks in Disguise for 12 (+20) 8 Ranks in Knowledge (Cosmology) for 8 (+10) 2 Ranks in Swim for 10 (+10) Reduce 2 ranks in Acrobatics for 2 (+5) 2 Ranks in Survival for 2 (+10) 2 Ranks in Medicine for 2 (+10) 4 more ranks in Sense Motive for 8 (+16) 4 Ranks in Stealth for 4 (+7) 7 PP in Feats 2 PP to add one rank of fanatical minions (The Skeleton Crew) Distract (Bluff) Favoured Opponent (Lovecraft Horrors) Skill Mastery (Swim, Disguise, Medicine, Survival) Quick Change 2
  26. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    Waiting for Nox. But he has marriage duties nowadays We'll see what's happened by Monday. Also, Happy Thanksgiving!
  27. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    Sure, I'm still here.
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