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    “Well I'm used to the performer's area, you should try it sometime." she rolled her eyes as the two of them tried to out-pedant each other. It was easy to forget that Amir had just met his son for the first time, she reeled herself back in and tried to focus it back on the family stuff. “I'm sorry to interrupt. Me and you father, as you might know from the tabloids, have known each other for a little while. It's easy for us to fall into idle banter. Please carry on telling us all about you family. I'll just stand over here and enjoy the free drinks."
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    Things looked a little grim on the evidence front, she might have been able to read something if she was at height, she could have even do it from orbit if necessary, but right now she wasn't in a position to do that. But there was a bit of luck with one of the neighbors that offered an opportunity to maybe find something out with bending the law. "Look's like one of the neighbors are in" she pointed to the apartment, with a helpful open window "They may know something about their neighbour and if we're really lucky they might even have a spare key."
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    "Did you even pay attention how much it cost to get into this event? We are in the VIP room." His expression was amused as he regarded her, as he spent way too much time at these types of events, and his expression had relaxed back to his more subdued, if genial one. "Fine, fine..." His tone more than a touched resigned as he looked at her. "At least I think my mother counts as the supervillain quotient, so we wont have to deal with that right now." He snorted a bit, as he just let her lead. "So... Dalir, sorry, I know nothing, what do you do?" "Are the rest of the 'family' like that?" Apparently, whatever disdain he might have, he was tabling it after Amatullah's actions. "Besides looking good? I'm a wizard, y'know, magic."
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    As soon as the Empress mentioned the Lor and the Communion, Chrome felt the bottom drop out of his stomach. He sank into the chair, suddenly not caring how it felt against his bare 'skin.' Warren didn't usually feel guilty about the source of his powers but being confronted with the reality of them, at least in this reality, felt like a kick in the nads. He felt like shrinking in the seat, like disappearing, like turning into a slimy thing and crawling into some dark place where no one could find him. Except he couldn't. As bad as Warren felt right now, there was a real problem to deal with. He pulled himself out of the depth of his funk, only to realize someone else had just stepped in. Someone who looked a whole lot like their hostess. He looked back and forth between the two of them, confused.
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    That's fine, I'll just treat it as he fixed the magic, but he still got bit by a snake.
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    For now, yes! I'm adding a few ranks of Slow Fade to the drain to make it meaningful: Recover 1 point every hour. As far as I know the only way to recover from a drain effect is a boost effect. So with extra effort / HP expenditure we could hand waive a recovery as a stunt? As I understand it the healing power does have these limitations by design so that it is not a "ping back from anything" kind of power (which, in array costing 1 PP would be pretty cheesy!)
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  10. Sorry for making you wait so long dude, I think doctor Deoxy will probably go for the attempting to keep things from getting blown out of proportion. Gonna switch to the force field projection power and put up a screen between the laser phaser gun and the ravagers, make it permiable only to himself. ill post as soon as i get a yay or nay on that.
  11. ooc

    But I'm still down at Con 7?
  12. ooc

    Not quite: as per Ultimate Power, Healing allows you to recover damage conditions, which does not include ability damage (or status effects), so you still have CON 3 drain. On the positive side, HEaling gives you a bonus to the Poison effect which would kick in after a minute (another Drain 4 effect) - after which no further saves needed. With a Fort save of +3 and the Healing 10 power giving another +10, a total of +13, means you cannot fail the poison save! Feel free to narrate that as you wish (e.g. the poison pouring out of the bite marks).
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    Healing of Lono: 1d20+10 27 if that's not the right roll let me know!
  14. ooc

    Switched over to Lono and used my healing power. so I guess I make a recovery Check with my heal power added?
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    "Well." How to explain this? He shrugged his shoulders forcing the rage to subside. He dragged the now unconscious witch in and slumped against the wall. So not just a snake, but magic too. Well, he happened to have something for that. "God of the wild medicines, Lono god of the wild lend me your healing." He felt his body strengthen, he felt the flow of the healing magic surround him. He laid a hand on his leg and pushed the healing magic into him. "I stay, one champion of the gods of my people. Power for protect the Hawaiian people. Well all kine people but mostly Hawaiian." "She's some kine kahuna, or shaman." Kimo said. "I tink. Definitely magic and definitely kapu." He'd have words when she woke up but for now he just sat back and let the two magics fight it out across his body. "Get any way for keep her down when she wake up?"
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    GM As Vesper sank into unconsciousness, the snake let out a hisss, like it was deflating. Its black eyes became a little less black. It now appeared, if not benign, at least less determined to sink its teeth into either Rosa or Kimo. Instead, it slunk to the ground, and slithered off. Rosa was whiter than ever, despite her Colombian skin. "What...what happened?" she said, hardly believing her own eyes. "What was she? What are you?" Medical instincts kicked in as she saw the wound on Kimo's calf. "Oh my God! you are bitten! Let me see? are you alright?" she asked, as she moved over to examine the bite.
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    Kimo felt all the muscles in his leg tense. There was a pulse as he felt his blood pressure rise. Ok it was official, he hated snakes and not just eels, and he was certain it was mutual. They were close enough anyways to one another. "Get back!" Kimo shouted to Rosa before leaping over and grabbing the witch, he lifted her up and then slammed an arm straight into her solar plexus he saw her go limp from the impact as he knocked her out. He'd deal with her in a bit. "Eh! Try come at me again!" Kimo shouted at the snake. He was feeling Pele's power flow not just through his body, but also his mind. Maui, Ku, Pele, all of them flowed through him as he sighted down the creature that he felt would try for Rosa.
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    Not in the same round, but if you post IC first, lets see what happens!
  19. ooc

    Snake is still around can I try to grab that thing?
  20. ooc

    That will hit! Toughness Save vs KK: 1d20+0 1 and she is out like a light. No need to roll for a grapple of an unconscous body. Your CON is now 7, meaning a Toughness of +7, Fort of +3.
  21. ooc

    Ok well I'm leaving the viper alone Attack Vesper: 1d20+5 20 so if that hits it's a DC 24 toughness Save and ill improve grab to attempt to grapple her. Fort save against poison: 1d20+5 11 oof... so not feeling great, but definitely feeling pissed off.
  22. ooc

    In accordance with Gears advice, taking an aimed (+4) shot, shifted +2 accuracy, -2 damage. Possibly its flat footed or suprised too but not including that. Fires at drone: 1d20+16 27 I guess that hits (if not, its scary!) so a DC 21 Toughness save. in case its needed Ill throw out an initiative roll too: initiative vs Drone: 1d20+10 22
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    Starshot I guess I am, but those four blasters look pretty handy....he thought to himself. He didn't recognise them, but he was glad Gear had his back. Try not vapourise it....well, easier said than done.... He kept quite still, holding his breath, and took a bead on the drone. Not the hardest thing to hit, but not the easiest either. He took aim, neither too fast, nor too slow, crouched with one knee supporting his elbow. And then, a squeeze on the trigger...
  24. ooc

    So do I make a toughness or a fortitude save?
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    GM The smoke swarmed away, and the wood splintered. If any serpentine God was watching, it would be displeased. Shards of half rotten wood fell down on them all, and for a groaning second, one could imagine the whole shrine would collapse. Vesper rolled away, laughing. "I knew you were sometin'" she cackled as the impact hit her and she tumbled out of the shrine, through the splintered hole, and landed face down in some shallow mucky water. Now the smoke had gone, Kimo could see an asp, or viper, or some such snake, coiled around his boot and poised. It did not delay further, but sank his teeth into his calf...
  26. ooc

    ok we can basically waive the Bluff check. The intimidate check is vs: Sense Motive vs Intimidate: 1d20+13 17 so won't work. However, Vesper is fragile. Also, sitting down, Ill give her a -2 penalty to her reflex. Reflex Save vs Shockwave: 1d20+0 20 which she actually makes for a DC 19 Toughness save. Save vs Toughness: 1d20+1 12 Its still enough to stun and bruise her (I am assuming its non lethal damage) In response the viper snake at your feet will sink his fangs into Kimo. We are using a modified Snake (Viper) statistics, and assuming that Kimo is flat footed and its an "Aimed" attack due to the thing being only felt not seen and having snuck up on him. Attacks Kimo: 1d20+7 12 with +2 for aim makes 14, which just hits him. You can choose to narrate that as kicking the thing of your foot just after it sinks its teeth in. No real damage effect (a little blood but nothing to cause a bruise or injury). But its a Drain Constitution 4 effect for you to roll!
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    GM It took some time to walk back to the flat. It wasn’t too far away considering the size of the city, but it still was big enough a distance that walking took some time. Not many people walked around this early on a Sunday, apart from some church-goers, so Synth managed to get from place to place without much interference. She arrived at her home soon after, and after having made sure nobody was watching, entered. And after about forty minutes, an entirely different face, wearing much more sophisticated clothes, left. She’d looked up the location of K&W’s main offices, only to find out, that, unfortunately, they were a fair distance removed, up in Wading Way. Walking would take at least until Noon, which probably wasn’t preferable. The Monorail stopped close to their offices, but it was an expensive way to travel. Freedom’s bus services were cheaper, but it was the bus services. They’d probably be mostly fine this early in the day, but they did have a certain reputation…
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    PC "Shoot it down, I guess." Gear said as he pulled out the four elegant pistols of his. He hadn't noticed the creature but he trained two guns on it. The other two he tried to get a clear bead on the drone. "My guess is you're the better shot." Gear said. He hated the jungle. Xobron was almost all city, well when he was born. He rarely went into this sort of place. Starshot seemed far more comfortable here, and Gear was perfectly willing to play support. He seriously hoped this trip was worth the 300,000 reward. "Try not to vaporize it, I just need the computer mostly intact though to pull what we need from it."
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