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  2. A Peculiar Proposition (Open)

    I have "Well Informed", plus Gather Information (+15) and skill mastery (for a base of 25 on the check). Is there anything I should know about the people gathered?
  3. A Peculiar Proposition (Open)

    OOC for here.
  4. A Peculiar Proposition (Open)

    Edward Peck entered the room like a man anticipating imminent ambush. He stood at the threshold for a beat, leaning into the room and scanning the occupants. He then smiled and allowed the rest of his body to catch up. In his mind he heard Aero speak, "Honestly, sir, you'd think you'd never braced a room full of practitioners before. Were you expecting a duel arcane?" Edward replied, "One never knows, my friend. You recall the Antwird Collective?" "How could I forget? It took weeks to repair the damage their stingers inflicted on my hem." Edward removed one of his rubber gloves as he approached Stavros, and extended the hand in greeting. "Ah, hello! You must be Stavros? I've heard so much."
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  6. Vorik's Great and Terrible Ideas

    Abilities 6 + 10 + 6 + 0 + 4 + 4 = 30pp Strength 16 (+3) Dexterity 20 (+5) Constitution 16 (+3) Intelligence 10 (+0) Wisdom 14 (+2) Charisma 14 (+2) Combat 10 + 10 = 20pp Attack +5 (base), +13 (sword) Defence +13 (+5 base, +8 dodge focus; +3 flat-footed) Damage +3 (unarmed), +7 (sword) Grapple +8 Initiative +9 Knockback -6 Saving Throws 3 + 7 + 4 = 14pp Toughness +6 (+3 con, +3 other) Fortitude +6 (+3 con, +3 save) Reflex +12 (+5 dex, +7 save) Will +6 (+2 wis, +4 save) Skills 72 ranks = 18pp Acrobatics 15 (+20) Bluff 8 (+10) Climb 7 (+10) Language 1 (English, 1 more) Notice 8 (+10) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Sleight of Hand 5 (+10) Stealth 10 (+15) Feats 28pp Acrobatic Bluff Assessment Blind Flight Critical Strike Defensive Attack Dodge Focus 8 Equipment 3 Evasion Improved Block 2 Improved Disarm 4 Improved Initiative Power Attack Taunt Uncanny Dodge (hearing) Weapon Bind Powers 4 + 36 = 40pp Device 1 (helmet of sight, hard to lose) Feature 1 (dark shades; +2 to checks to deal with bright light) Super-Senses 4 (Darkvision, Distance Sense, Infravision) Device 11 (sword of elements, easy to lose; Power Feats: Indestructible, Restricted 2 [blood line]) Damage 4 (vorpal blade; Extras: Penetrating [7 ranks]; Power Feats: Accurate 4, Improved Critical 2, Mighty, Precise) Elemental Manipulation 14 (28pp array; Alternate Power 5) Kinesis: Move Object 13 (Power Feats: Precise, Variable Descriptor [any one element]) Earth: Snare 10 (Extras: Area [Burst, General], Selective Attack; Flaws: Limited [Targets must be touching the ground]) Fire: Damage 0 (Extras: Aura [7 ranks], Duration 2 [Sustained] [7 ranks], Selective Attack [7 ranks]) Metal: Drain 7 (Toughness; Extras: Affects Objects, Linked [Vorpal Blade]) Water: Teleport 10 (1000 feet; Flaws: Short Ranged, Power Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turnabout) Wood: Impervious Toughness 6 (Extras: Reflective [physical]), Create Object 8 (eight 5 foot cubes) Drawbacks -0 = -0pp DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVING THROW EFFECT Unarmed Melee +5 DC 15 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical, Bludgeoning) Vorpal Blade Melee +13 DC 22 Toughness Damage (Physical, Slashing) Earth Burst Area DC 20 Reflex Full Effect or Half Effect DC 20 Reflex Entangled or Bound and Helpless Metal Melee +13 DC 24 Fortitude Drain Toughness Totals: Abilities 30 + Combat 20 + Saving Throws 14 + Skills 18 + Feats 28 + Powers 40 + Drawbacks -0 = 0 Power Points
  7. Ferris Wheels and Fishmen [IC]

    Nicole glanced at Koa from the corner of her eye. He was, of course, proved a dearth of interesting tidbits, trivia that no one would care for, but Nicole took those pieces and created snapshots of reality. Individual or not, a word here, an observation there. They were things to be held up and examined with a jeweler's lens. But not now. She had a handle on this. "Your a hundred years late I'd say. Replace 'animals' with 'thrill rides' and 'contests' with 'attractions' except the bottom of the ocean produces different stimuli for adrenaline than the surface. Roller coasters would aren't as exciting if you could just swim a hundred feet up and down yourself." "Yet we're here at two-point-one meters above sea level, and two of us for rides and another two for staying indoors when we could do that at Claremont." Nicole's voice was teasing but frank, made softer by a quirk of her lips. "Video games aren't worth the time and we can't stay under the AC forever, even with Jann's physiology." "Though I'd like some ice cream."
  8. Fantasy Realms

    Dimensional shenanigans are always good for Erebo (poor guy LoL).
  9. Shadow Matter

    A sigh escaped from Eliseo's lips: "It's not really... it's not Spanish, it's Italian." He covered his face slightly with his left hand, and when he removed it, a back, swirling mass of darkness covered his face. "Is this enough?" He said, his voice slightly distorted but still somewhat recognizable. "I am from a world where there are no... super shenanigans so to speak, and since I was an avid comic book fan this... I wouldn't know if I should define it as amazing or terryfing." He let the shadowy mask dissipate. "Probably some sort of mix of both." "So what do guys like us... with powers I mean, do to socialize here? Should we find somewhere to sit maybe? You seem like an interesting person... mostly because you did not get scared away as soon as you saw me."
  10. Vorik's Great and Terrible Ideas

    Vorpal Power Level: 7 (105/105PP) or 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 All PP must be spent at character creation but unspent points may accrue during play. Trade-Offs: ±X Attack / ±X Damage, ±X Defense / ±X Toughness (or "None") In Brief: 1-2 sentences which sum up the whole character. Catchphrase: (Optional) Example: "Its Clobberin' Time!", "By the Power Cosmic!", "Hulk Smash!" etc. Theme: (Optional) A theme song for the character. Alternate Identity: ??? (Public) or (Secret) Birthplace: Residence: (Optional) Where the character normally resides / lives. Base of Operations: (Optional) Where in the city the character primarily operates or their headquarters' location, if anywhere. Occupation: Affiliations: People and/or groups you work with. Family: Close or otherwise significant relatives. Description: Age: ??? (DoB: Year [Optionally, Day & Month]) Apparent Age: If applicable. Gender: Ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian, Atlantean, Etc. Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair: (Describe what they look like! Cover their physical appearance, typical clothing and of course their costume if they have one.) History: (Remember we are a relatively family friendly site. Your story should be PG-13 at most. If your character wouldn't fit in an episode of Justice League Unlimited, The Dresden Files, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you'll need to rethink it. When in doubt, ask a Staff Member.) Personality & Motivation: (Describe why they do what they do here.) Powers & Tactics: Vorpal is the wielder of the Vorpal Blade and as such uses its many different forms to take down her foes through sheer versatility constantly swapping forms until she finds the right one for the job. She is a fencer by nature so relies more on feinting and focusing on effective parrys into disarming and/or striking her enemy. When she is able to disarm her opponent she will take on a much more aggressive stance trying to press the advantage. Power Descriptions: (Describe the appearance of their powers as applicable: the colour of energy blasts, the shape of portals, the design of a battlesuit. Also give an idea of the Descriptors those powers use: fire, technological, cosmic energy, etc.) Complications: Name: Description Example: Everyone Deserves A Second Chance: The character believes in everyone's better nature, even if it would be more prudent to be wary. Abilities: 4 + 8 + 4 + 0 + 2 + 6 = 24PP Strength: 14 (+2) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 16 (+3) Combat: 6 (2PP / Base Attack) + 8 (2PP / Base Defense) = 28PP Initiative: +8 Attack: +10 Vorpal Blade Defense: +14 (+8 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +0 Flat-Footed Grapple: +0 Knockback: -0 Saving Throws: 4 (1PP / Fortitude) + 10 (1PP / Reflex) + 7 (1PP / Will) = 21PP Toughness: +5 (+2 Con, +3 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +6 (+2 Con, +4) Reflex: +14 (+4 Dex, +10) Will: +8 (+1 Wis, +7) Skills: 84R = 21PP (1PP = 4 Skill ranks Acrobatics 10 (+4) Bluff 12 (+15) Diplomacy 6 (+9) Escape Artist 8 (+12) Gather Information 6 (+9) Investigate 6 (+6) Notice 8 (+9) Search 8 (+8) Sense Motive 10 (+10) Sleight of Hand 6 (+10) Stealth 4 (+8) Feats: 28PP All-out Attack Critical Strike Defensive Attack Defensive Roll 3 Dodge Focus 6 Elusive Target Evasion 1 Improved Block 2 Improved Critical 2 (Vorpal Blade) Improved Disarm 4 Improved Initiative 2 Move-by Action Power Attack Uncanny Dodge Weapon Bind Powers: 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Power Name Rank (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: ???, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Example: Damage 10 (Heat Vision; Extras: Range [Perception, +2], Flaws: Action [Full], Feats: Precise, Subtle) [22PP] (heat, solar radiation, alien physiology) Array Name Rank (2*Rank PP Array; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: Alternate Power, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???)[XPP] (descriptors) Base Power: Power Name (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???; Flaws: ???, ???; Feats: ???, ???; Drawbacks: ???, ???) {power cost/array cost} (descriptors) Alternate Power: Power Name (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???; Flaws: ???, ???; Feats: ???, ???;Drawbacks: ???, ???) {power cost/array cost} (descriptors) Example: Electrical Control Array 10 (20PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) [22PP] (electricity, genetic) Base Power: Blast 10 (Chain Lighting; Extras: Autofire; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Accurate; Drawbacks: Full Power) {20/20} Alternate Power: Blast 10 (Ball Lightning; Extras: Area [50-ft. Burst, General]; Flaws: Distracting) {20/20} Alternate Power: Stun 6 (Taser Blast; Extras: Range [Ranged]) {18/20} Device Rank (Descriptive Name; 5*Rank PP Container; Extras: ???; Flaws: Easy/Hard-To-Lose, ???; Feats: ???; Drawbacks: ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Power Name Rank (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: ???, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Power Name Rank (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: ???, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Example: Device 2 (Mighty Shield; 10PP Container; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose; Feats: Indestructible) [9PP] Damage 3 (Feats: Improved Critical, Mighty, Thrown) [6PP] Force Field 2 [2PP] Shield 2 [2PP] Device 9 (Vorpal Blade; 45PP Container; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose; Feats: Accurate 5, Indestructible, Restricted 3 [Only family line]) [19PP] Vorpal Blade Array 19 (38PP Array: Feats: Alternate Power 7) Strike 4 (Vorpal Form; Extras: Penetrating 5; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Incurable; Flaws: Full Power) {38/38} Strike 4 (Flame Form; Extras: Aura Sustained) {16/38} + Blast 8 (Fireball; Feats: Homing 2 Split 4) {22/38} Strike 4 (Ice Form; Extras: XXX: Feats: XXX) {38/38} + Create X (Ice Shape; Extras: XXX: Feats: XXX; Flaws: XXX) {38/38} Strike 4 (Electric Form; Extras: Linked [Stun]: Feats: XXX) {38/38} Strike 4 (Light Form; Extras: XXX: Feats: XXX) {38/38} + Teleport X (Flash; Extras: XXX: Feats: XXX; Flaws: XXX) {38/38} Strike 4 (Dark Form; Extras: XXX: Feats: XXX) {38/38} + Concealment X (Ghosting; Extras: XXX: Feats: XXX; Flaws: XXX) {38/38} Strike 4 (Glass Form; Extras: XXX: Feats: XXX) {38/38} Note: If all Powers have the same Descriptor (all genetic, all technological, etc.), you can just write that directly under the Powers header. Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP Drawback (Description; Frequency: [Uncommon, Common, or Very Common]; Intensity: [Minor, Moderate, or Major])[-XPP] Example: Vulnerability (Fire; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Major [x2]) [-4PP] Note: You can only have a number of Drawbacks equal to your PL, not including Power Drawbacks. Also, Power Drawbacks, such as Full Power or Power Loss, should be listed on the Power, not here. 141 DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage Chain Lightning Ranged DC 25 Toughness (Autofire) Damage Taser Blast Ranged DC 16 Fortitude Stun Totals: Abilities (0) + Combat (0) + Saving Throws (0) + Skills (0) + Feats (0) + Powers (0) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 (or 105/105) Power Points Report Record
  11. Fantasy Realms

    Sign Gauss up, for either.
  12. Fantasy Realms

    Tentatively a trip to a world where the people are dependent on heroes. What, they already do that here? No no, good sir or madam, the heroes here are of sword and sorcery! Idea one is to have it be a canon, involuntary trip were four heroes have to find their way out of the wilderness while being attacked by monsters. Maybe chased by elves as we are trespassing on their land. Idea two is to have it be non canon, where we play fantasy versions of ourselves. If so, the caps would be lowered to PL8 and all the modern stuff would have to be changed/traded out. Anyone interested?
  13. Threads!

    Amir and Moira, doing the set up date thing. Either as an escort for a fancy event or a blind date. Set up by Amir's people.
  14. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    Lou grunted as the baton struck his ribs, a flicker of anger cutting through the detached expression he'd worn since appearing from the shadows. "I'm about done here anyway," he responded to what must have seemed like the empty air to his opponents just before exploding into action. The closest of the remaining trio received a vicious one-two combination to the jaw that sent him reeling to the left then the right before a third punch to the stomach doubled him over, wind driven from his lungs. The other two made the mistake of standing too close to each other as Lou stalked toward them. He grabbed each of their heads and slammed them together with enough force to lift their feet from the ground then spiked them downward to bounce awkwardly off of the floor before falling into a groaning, tangled pile. Muttering to himself Lou prodded his ribs through his dress shirt for a few moments before retrieving his jacket and slipping it back on with a wince. "You got what we needed?" he asked Sofia, barely seeming winded from his exertions. "Let's go."
  15. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Ah orokos never saw a unbalanced show fight it didn't want to ruin. 26, 23, 26 Xavier will luck control to force rerolls cus that wasn't cool orokos. 21, 10 the last three drop like they oughta.
  16. Knock on the Door Job(IC)

    The 'guards' paused though only briefly as Lou casually disabled yet another of their number and remained unfazed by their attacks. The surprise was however short lived as it became clear Sophia was making off with the goods they were there for as well. Despite losses they redoubled efforts unleashing a flurry of blows with their batons in a last ditch attempt to overwhelm the big man through sheer ferocity. Most of the blows missed or fell harmlessly across the broad of the street fighters back and shoulders but one well aimed shot took him across the ribs with a resounding crack that would have felled a lesser man. Despite their losses none reached forthe radios on their belts or otherwise tried to alert the rest of securty of what was going on, removing all doubt as to their pedigree. If the ink flashing from thier exposed skin as they fell was any indication probably some of the newcomer yakuza that had been putting the squeeze on the newly built up airport district.
  17. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    Lou Toughness Save vs DC 21: 1d20+8 15 Whoop, that won't do. Toughness Save vs DC 21, HP Reroll: 1d20+8 10 Jeez. Still takes a bruise after the +10. Ah well. Attack Guard; Power Attack 3, Master Plan +3: 3#1d20+10 27 27 20 Using the provided Takedown Attack. DC 24 Toughness Saves.
  18. Quarrel in the Quarry

    "Can't swim 'n fight," commented Woodsman with a faint smile. "Not too well, anyhow." He raised the crossbow to his eye, peering through its magnifying sight down into the water. "Still can't see much," he commented. "Just gonna pop one magnesium flare 'n there, see what that lights up." Woodsman believed in coming prepared for any situation, a rule that had never once let him down at Claremont. He took a moment to load said bolt, a compact orange flare with a water-soluble exterior, and painstakingly wound the bow's lever to give it extra power. "Gonna try it there under that overhang, see if it gives us a glow bright enough to make things out." He lifted the bow, shifted so he could actually see the shadows he was aiming at, and fired a single shot deep into the heart of the flooded quarry. The glowing white magnesium flared to life as it hit the water, shooting down into the depths of the clear water. Sure enough, the glow illuminated underneath the rocky overhang under the water, clearly illuminating a dark passageway and odd, vaguely humanoid shapes standing outside said passageway. Shapes that began moving out from under the overhang, stirring up the water as they went, almost immediately making the bottom layer impenetrably murky with stirred-up sediment that gleamed with that same yellow pyrite glow.
  19. Knock on the Door Job (OOC)

    'Guards' will try to thump Lou again because they are minions and not quick on the uptake. 27, 15, 10 one hits so still only a DC 21 toughness save.
  20. Elevator Pitch

    "Oh, the standard line outperforms the, ah, 'drugstore tier' on anyone within the usual human range, it's simply a question of holding oneself to a standard higher than 'good enough'," Winifred clarified. "Everything I'm wearing right now comes from that selection." She quickly indicated each of the containers Raina had opened to do her makeup practically without looking, so familiar was she with her own handiwork. "I have been working on acquiring patents, although the process is... byzantine. Really, the secret is the process more than the ingredients. Which, admittedly, makes mass production past a certain point largely untenable without a considerably investment in skilled labour." She produced her hand-lettered graphs, each one packed with information in neat calligraphy that outlined material costs and the optimal level of production that could be reached without sacrificing quality. Not every chemist was suited to learning alchemical techniques; it required a looser adherence to certain established rules. "What you have there isn't too difficult, the qi distillation is the more delicate step and there's no reason a version couldn't be formulated that isn't also a moisturizer and cleanser, I suppose. It's far more a concern with the special line up." She allowed herself a bit of theatre, raising her eyebrows dramatically in a way very much enhanced by her uncharacteristically bold liner.
  21. Elevator Pitch

    "I don't," Alex said simply, like it was customary for someone to know that sort of detail about themselves. "So do you intend it to be a custom manufacture line? The price point is higher but the labor is more intensive at that point," Alex pointed out as she glanced over the vials before selecting the one closest to her skin tone to test on the inside of her wrist. "Have you sought a patent for your formulas yet? There's a bit of a mixed take in legal about seeking patents for formulas for cosmetic products. Its not the sort of protection that you'd expect - certainly not like our biomedical division enjoys on their patents. Avoiding copycats is a bit more reliant on keeping formulas secret more than anything." Alex offered the information alongside her question as she went to blend the makeup out and check the coverage, tipping her pale wrist towards the light to look it over. Her features were bare of even the light makeup that Alex wore most of the time. "Personally, I think its best to provide a mid-range line - something you'll see at a makeup store like Sephora, and then offer a higher level through a proprietary website. It'll help build your base faster and I think you want to avoid the drugstore brand tier." Alex suggested before adding, "Not that there's anything wrong with the drugstore tier but you don't really see a profit unless you're seriously engaged in mass production and that tends to mean cutting corners somewhere."
  22. Elevator Pitch

    Winifred blinked a few times at the explanation of her options, nonplussed. Raina had made a good point earlier in the day but the alchemist hadn't been expecting it to be reiterated in quite that way. "Er, well," she began lamely only to clear her throat and regroup. "That is, why don't I show you what I've developed so far?" Undoing the latches of the toolbox she lifted the lid and let it unfold itself into tray after tray packed with bottles of nail polish, small pots made from burnished aluminum for eye shadow and blush, similarly crafted tubes of lip colour and more. Some of the trays held risers that looked to have been custom made to accommodate yet more little containers. Each was labeled in neat handwriting with a letter and number though the specific method of organization escaped Alex at a glance. "Probably best to start with the foundation," Winifred suggested with the delivery of someone who'd practiced a joke too many time in the mirror. She indicated a row of colours in a gamut of skin tones. "Everything in the basic assortment is hypoallergenic and resists smudging or perspiration without the need for a setting powder, though naturally the results are best when it can be formulated specifically for the wearer's personal pH level." She paused to give Alex a small frown. "You don't run especially alkaline, I hope?"
  23. Elevator Pitch

    "Everyone is large to a five year old." Alex replied with a chuckle as she sat the tray down on the table and sat down a companionable distance from Fred. Despite the modern setting, and the certainly modern accouterments, Alex settled into her chair, her hands neatly folded in her lap and her posture straight. It wasn't so much that she was going out of her way to set Fred at ease by aping the mannerisms of the era she was raised in, but more that Alex always tried to make anyone feel comfortable in a social setting and those were the expectations that her current guest happened to have. If it had been a different student, the response would have been equally modulated, not with the goal of manipulating anyone but simply to put them at ease. "I'm happy to meet with you, Fred, of course. I was your age when I started AEON, after all," Alex replied with a brief, gamine grin, "You're giving me a chance to pay it forward which I always try to do... and AEON can always use another luxury brand if you decide you want to go with us - which, I should note, you don't have to by any stretch. There are probably a good half a dozen companies in Freedom City that might be a good match for you and half of those have ties to Claremont that you could certainly utilize to get a foot in the door so really, a business meeting should be a chance to get to see if our company is a good fit for your product just as much as the other way around." Alex provided helpfully, despite the fact that she was arguably putting herself at a larger disadvantage for any negotiations down the line, "Which is why we're having the meeting here rather than in more formal settings. I'd like to offer my help in refining your pitch if you do go another route and the CFO tends to have a fit when we're not maximizing the company profits."
  24. [IC] Trade Terminal Trouble

    Bliss laughed. It sounded like a file dragged across volcanic rock, as she started to shack while this was happening, her arms bent a bit, so that her hands were held before her. She staggered a little bit towards a wall, leaning on one hand, as the other pressed to her stomach. "Oh... you don't know who I am, if you did, you'd realize that funny." And she made an exultant face of transcendental glee. And she snapped forward whipcrack quick. Her tendrils shot out, and slapped into the Zultasian hard, battering him against a wall, and then immediately cinching around him, as she shifted and pulled, ready to start batter the other person with the one in her grasp. Why? It was funny.
  25. Elevator Pitch

    Off-kilter as she was Winifred felt her cheeks colour slightly as she put the toolbox down as delicately as its weighty metal allowed. In private moments she might have admitted to herself that there was something appealing about a pronounced height difference between partners but a foot and a half seemed like a genuine medical risk. That was not a train of thought she'd have usually had but trying not to think about things one shouldn't think about around a telepath was proving more difficult than anticipated. Ms. Albright's reputation for not prying with her abilities was sterling but then how would anyone know differently? That probably wasn't a useful train of thought, either. She took a seat on the couch with her legs neatly crossed and back ramrod straight despite the cushions. No, of course. Thank you for meeting with me in your home." The modern American school system was one of the things that had been explained to her as she was being enrolled at the Academy. "That must be a... very large man around very small children."
  26. Elevator Pitch

    As if sensing her discomfort - which, considering who this was might very well have actually been the case - Alex offered a warm smile of reassurance, "Oh, its sturdier than it looks, I promise. Everything in the apartment is," There was a flash of bemusement in her bright hazel eyes as she offered that cheerful adage. After all, the apartment furnishings had been custom ordered to ensure that any unintentional display of Mike's strength wouldn't crumple them. The couch that Fred sat on was large but firm, the pillows softening it from Mike's comfort level to Alex's. "My fiance's a good foot and a half taller than I am," Alex added as she made quick work of setting up a small tea tray with mugs, honey, sugar and milk. Adding a plate of cookies to the side, she continued to make small talk as she waited for the water to heat, "So I had to have most of the furniture custom made so it fits his frame while at the same time, I don't vanish into the cushions. I thought he was going to beat you here but something came up after his work day so he might come home while we're talking - if that won't bother you?" She added with clear pride as she crossed back to Fred, "He's a kindergarten teacher."
  27. Elevator Pitch

    Remembering that Ms. Albright had been a student at the Academy herself only a handful of years prior did not have quite the intended effect when confronted with the towering AEON building. If anything Winifred was glad that the campus was far enough from the city proper that she didn't have to contend with the vertigo inducing view from street level on a daily basis. The high speed elevator was a similarly disconcerting experience and by the time she entered the unexpectedly open 'apartment' her knees were threatening mutiny with each step. Good English manners saved the say as she reflexively responded to the question while most of her concentration went toward walking and not hitting anything with the large red toolbox she was carrying. "Tea would be lovely, thank you." Her hostess' casual attire made her wonder if she's overdressed after all but she took the riot of colour in the apartment as a good sign. That was an aesthetic to which she was prepared to cater. She hesitated near the couches, debating whether or not to set the toolbox down on the coffee table or floor or perhaps simply holding it in her lap; scratching the furniture would be a poor way to start the meeting.
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