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    Because I need them. Results 10#1d20: 10 # 10 [1d20=10] 12 [1d20=12] 10 [1d20=10] 3 [1d20=3] 11 [1d20=11] 18 [1d20=18] 4 [1d20=4] 4 [1d20=4] 13 [1d20=13] 1 [1d20=1] The dino is going to leap at Casey and hit her, but it can't actually do damage. I need a Notice check from Miracle Girl while we're at it.
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    Winifred breathed something that almost could have been a soft laugh at the twee shapes Cathy deposited into the cloth she held out before wrapping up the ice and placing the bundle to the base of her skull. Better access to tension points hadn't been on the top of her list while choosing a new hairstyle but it was a fringe benefit nevertheless. Moving to one of the other sinks she silently set the cold water running with her free hand, awkwardly splashing a little on her face while taking calming breaths. She appreciated the other girls not drawing attention to the whole production and focused instead of pulling out of the spiral of self-reproach that could turn a near-miss into a full-on episode. She closed her eyes for a few long moments and focused on the sound of the running water, her thoughts her own. She turned off the faucet and looked up when Raina spoke, a shaky smile spreading across her face again. "Believe it or not, 'kickass' was precisely the overall effect I was seeking. I don't think most ladies could pull that off but you make it rather the jammiest." The alchemist gave a hiccupy laugh before her bottom lip quivered of its own volition. Pressing her mouth back into a thin line she covered her eyes with her freehand. "Eugh. No idea where this is coming from, pardon me. It just... It means quite a bit that you like it."
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  5. Consolidating my notes on the graleen and making them available before I try to bang out a guidebook entry. The Graleen Synopsis The graleen are uniform in their intentions and those intentions allow for only annihilation or subjugation of those who are not graleen. Terrans might describe them as insectoid as their forms have superficial similarities to hymenoptera from earth. There are many slurs for 'the bugs', as the standard galactic response to a graleen infestation is a swift and certain extermination before their colonies can spread. They are voracious in their intentions to expand and respect no treaties and no laws other than their own. It would be easier to deal with any threat posed if they were mindless but the hive mind of the graleen is driven by a fierce, malevolent intelligence. GM Notes The graleen are freely available for go to antagonists in space adventures. For analogs in existing fiction, see the tyranids of the Warhammer 40K series, or reapers from Mass Effect in their behavior, or even echoes of the Borg from Star Trek. They have no sense of individuality, but instead are a networked hive intelligence. There is no 'I', only 'we'. Necessarily, any PCs from the graleen would have to be mutations of one stripe or another, separate from the malevolent group conscious that drives the urges to expand and conquer. Need to create template NPCs for various levels: Scouts: small sub-groups of colonies sent out to scout potential worlds for harvest by the species. Drones: henchmen sorts, for dealing with masses of them at a time Workers: larger scale threats, akin to bosses directing drones Warriors: big threats, designed for a group to deal with a single warrior Thralls: non-graleen species that have been psychically enthralled Also need to flesh out ones that are more focused on honing/using their psychic abilities rather than physical ones. Don't have a good name for those yet. Biology The chitinous plating of the graleen isn't a true exoskeleton although it has been mistaken for such in the past. The graleen have, in fact, an endoskeleton although it is lighter and thinner than their terran equivalents. Due to the peculiarities of their species, there is a wide variety in appearance depending on the role the graleen has in the colony. Scouts, for example, are typically sleek and smaller than the drones, with fully functional wings. Warriors are much more massive, with far thicker plating and only vestigial wing nubs. They are humanoid in size, standing on two legs, with four limbs ending in three fingered hands, capable of fine manipulation. They may or may not have a stinger in their tail which, to be honest, is more akin to a scorpion than a wasp in its make up. Their face is also humanoid, although rounder and flatter than any actual terran, with large compound eyes and antenna sprouting from their brow and a mouth full of very, very sharp teeth. They are entirely carnivorous as a species, although its entirely possible for one to survive on synthesized rations, provided they had the correct proteins.
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    He shrugged, "If you want, I just didn't want to invite you over to my house because there has been a bump crop of tabloid reporters and you don't need those stories." Then came the flash of a smile, "Fortunately, they aren't up this early. As if iniquity waits for any man!" Amir barked out a laugh as he shook his head. "Probably will pick back up after we're done, if you don't have any schedule conflicts more than welcome to tag along. I've already got a couple hours in. No, actually, what I need to discuss is payment. You've been coy, so I thought something up, because... well you gave me the time do so, and that is just unwise. Ask several media outlets."
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    "Sure." Hannah said, concentrating for a moment. She summoned what looked like a disc, roughly ten feet in diameter, with a pair of comfortable looking seats, entirely out of some sort of rainbow energy. The colors shifted constantly in waves, as if it couldn't decide what color it wanted to be. Hannah sat in one of the seats, and pointed Corinne to the other one. "I could pick up a car with this." She said, reassuring. "They're strong." And with that, she gently deposited them on the ground, away from prying eyes, and the platform vanished as quickly as it appeared.
  9. “Only halfway? Just how big did you make this? I mean, it works with the story, and I completely support it, but yeah, add another whoa to the counter. “ He casually strolled towards one of the fruit, taking a single one and giving it a first, careful bite. It was a strong flavour, but a pleasant one. A bit sweet, not unlike some alcohol mixed with whatever juice or soda was available at the time. Not that Cass had ever had any, obviously, he’d … Yeah, no, he wasn’t even going to lie about that one. He’d had tasted his fair share of booze, and this one certainly places higher up than many. Which also meant that his powers got stronger, as the heat around him immediately increased slightly. “This is pretty good. Most the stuff’s gonna burn up, so I shouldn’t feel any negative effect unless this is one of the really strong ones, or I voluntarily turn it off. Pretty good stuff, gotta say. “ He returned to where he’d previously been, and looked down at his camera bag, then up at the room again. “I don’t think I can. I can’t capture this in a way that does it justice. It’d probably just look faked. Maybe of a few of the plans and animals, but that’s gonna be it. “
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    "I... I would need you to fly us down... I mean... that... isn't an other person... that... I don't know how to works. When I get... upset or... stuff, I can do more." She lifted the collar of her jacket a bit, and turned her head to speak into it, "Like a lot more..." She turned to look to her and she frowned still. "Ten years in ballet and every other kind of dance... I am used to control. Hah. This... this is like trying to grab an eel, and it... yeah. Anyway. We can talk later, and I'll probably end up with a therapist or something." She laughed and tried to shift this to somewhere else. "So let's land, and we'll have some food... and get this worked out."
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    Poor Warne! I love seeing this story both from the perspective of the Silberman's group and the agent following them, of whom they're blissfully unaware!
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    In a way, Leviathan relaxed slightly. This seemed like good news, or at least not bad. He definitely wanted to know more about their enemy, and one of Solemn's old crewmates seemed like a perfect source. Furthermore, if Ph0enix was willing to arrange this meeting, then it might mean that she was confident he wouldn't be around again anytime soon. After Solemn's promises of revenge, this subtle sign of hope felt pretty good. On the other hand, Leviathan reminded himself not to trust Ph0enix too easily, and her apparent mercenary nature raised another question: if she felt comfortable selling information about her former boss, then could she do the same to him and Bonfire? What was the price for their secrets? His expression and tone were thus a little uncertain when he asked, "What do you want for it?"
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    Hannah nodded. "Good plan."She smiled. "Uh, well, I can fly us back down, if you'd like. Or make a ladder,, however you'd like to do that." She looked over the building. "I am absolutely starving, myself. I kinda studied through lunch." She was trying to stay calm, trying to stay light, knowing that it would help Corinne the most. She was glad that Corinne understood that her powers weren't inherently evil, some people struggled with that. Hannah struggled with other issues, like how her powers were so shiny and bright, when she herself was not.
  14. "Sure, sure," Leviathan agreed, swinging back to mild embarrassment now, as he reined in his enthusiasm. "And there's still more to see. We're only about halfway down, discounting the roots." He hesitated, searching for what to say next, and then pointed at a cluster of berries nearby. They and their vines and leafs were bright red and appeared pristine, untouched by the insects that nibbled on nearby plants. "Red coloration usually means it's alcoholic," he explained. "So don't be caught unaware. The carpet-clover on the ground is an exception, but it keeps the animals from eating bare patches into the floor. I gave them all deep instincts to avoid the color." The lizard looked around again, and after another pause, added, "You can take more pictures if you want. Nothing down here should cause problems with my cover story, so you can make the shots clearer."
  15. That's fine. No reason that we can't all work together again eventually. Bonfire seems like he gets in trouble often enough to keep drawing attention from AEGIS.
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    GM She simply sat down, and waited. She looked confident, like she knew exactly what she was doing, like she had no fear of any sorts. And then, the two heroes approached. She looked up at Bonfire, and then gave a quick nod to the person accompanying him, most likely Leviathan. “Gentlemen. It’s good to see both of you made it. Or, at least, I hope so.” She added with a glance at Leviathan. “Now, then, let’s do this quickly, I have other business to attend to. I’ve got some things you’ll be interested in. Solemn, and his connections. As I mentioned, some are heating up again. Others I’ve only recently learned about. Some may not seem like much, but run deep. “ “It’s a lot of things you will be interested in, is what I’m saying. And I can give it all to you. Others … not so much. But, there is a price on all information, as the two of you are probably well aware of…”
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    Inside his head, Warne shook with fury. Not only was he met with even more delays, he also just knew that these "foreign guests" were Steiner and his patsies. That damned wizard beat him here, and if Steiner could read the mood of this country as well as Warne, then he'd know to move quickly with his robbery--or even assassination, if Becker was right. But what could Warne do? Tempted as he was to sneak back onto palace grounds and try monitoring Gallo secretly, that was a very high-risk plan. Better to fail this mission than cause a huge international incident by being caught in such a way. He'd simply have to risk it. Hopefully Gallo could survive on his own for another day, and in the mean time, Warne could still get some work done. So, he smiled and nodded to the guard. "Of course, of course, I understand. Now I have a little time to enjoy the beauty of Val Verde! Who could be upset at such a thing?" Assuming that directions were provided and his hosts had nothing further to say, Warne would then be on his way to his hotel. It fit his cover and was as good a place to start as any.
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    Works for me! I'm fine with starting out at the hotel, if that's easier for you, but after that, I'm eager to do some spying.
  19. The conversation is probably about to get pretty screamy, so I expect that soon, he'll want to move anyway. But he should probably realize that if these phantoms are going inside, then he won't be able to clearly hear them from his current position. As a bit of OOC knowledge, he eventually needs to get back in the house either way, since that's where he'll find the bridge to the next memory.
  20. He continued to just take it in. There was so much to see here. It was a shame he’d never be able to really share it with anybody else. But just seeing it, for real, in front of his eyes, that already did it. It was, as he’d said before, like heaven. He turned his head, slowly looking at new parts of the room, to just stretch out the moment as far as he could. And at the same time, he replied. It was an interesting offer. He wasn’t entirely sure how to feel about it, but perhaps it was best to just talk, and to let the thoughts come as he did. “Oh, I’d love to. I’m not sure how often I could get down here in the first place, but, just to kinda .. calm down and relax every once in a while? Totally. Doesn’t even need to be anything more than basic access to the garden. Up to your judgement, really. It’s your work, you decide what to do with it. But I’ll gladly accept anything you offer. “
  21. Short-tempered, Adept thought to himself as he studied his enemy. I can use that. Bring him to a rage so that by the time Upgrade returns, he might make foolish mistakes. At the same time, Warne was very curious about this man's origins. Were Ethan's fears correct? Could this be an ally of Mantis? And why would he come here, looking for the unassuming pilot, whose secret identity should still be very secret? "No, I think not," he let his voice drip down. "Agent Stone is gone. If he was your mission, then you have already failed. Not to worry; I can still keep you company. Before I come peel you out of all that steel and leave you in the snow like a bare turtle, tell me why. What stupidity brought you here, to attack a United States military base, alone, against me? Are you with Mantis? What do you want? Answer me, and then the Grinch will give you a Christmas ride straight to Blackstone."
  22. I personally feel like moving towards conclusion, this has been going on for ages already, and I feel like if we'd wanted to we could drag it out to last another few years, but I feel like wrapping it up might work better.
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    You are free to arrange groups however you like, although I still think it's a good idea to work in at least pairs. Still, if anybody does go off alone, then I suppose Terrifica is probably the best suited for it.
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    Corinne sank down onto her heels, as she closed her eyes, as she was breathing heavy. When Hannah drew in close, and she could hear the grumbling of Corinne's stomach. "I know... I am fine. I am fine..." She pushed herself up to her feet slowly, straightening her legs as she let her hands fall from her face, before she lifted her face and looked at the girl. "Guac soothes many problems. Just... I need work out my powers... Yeah. I am, not, like... Food, then other serious talks. Yes."
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    "Hhrm," Phantom replied which, for those who had worked with the guardian on enough occasion to know was not, necessarily, a good sound. Her eyes glowed white as she took in the tableau balefully. It might have looked like she was judging them when actually, she was seeing far more than mortal eyes ever would, taking in the magic traces of the house as well as the dimensional integrity of the Veil. The fact that this dimensions Fast Forward played with time AND dimensions AND magic made those muddy waters indeed. Finally she answered Will, "Unlikely." Finally she shifted her attention away from dimensional residue and back towards the people in question, in time to take in William's very protective stance. He wasn't all that much older than Huang. Behind the shadows of her cowl, her expression softened from impassive into something a little more empathetic. "I am not going to let any harm come to your family while I am here, young man. Does your mother know where your actual father is?" She turned her attention back to Fast Forward then, "Where did you cross over, if you know? The trail here is muddy."
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    ~Phantom is here. She showed up out of nowhere. Something about alternate dimensions. Makes as much sense as a shapeshifter or whatever.~ In a couple of eye-blinks Will is at the stairs, still facing the living room, seemingly both guarding the stairs and preparing to head up them. ~But I'm not going to let this guy hurt you. Nobody comes after my family, especially not in our house.~ Paige was all but assaulted by a flood of images, all of them memories of Will's desperate fight against high-end mercenaries in this very home, on the night when Paige and Richard had been off keeping the world safe from the Communion. The night Will had almost died. That his sister had almost been taken. ~Do you still want evac now that Phantom's here?~ Finally, he spoke out loud. "This guy busted into our house and started ranting about getting to his wife. Naturally I moved to protect my family from some violent psychopath. Can you just, I dunno, kick him back home, Phantom?"
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    Mali walked up, wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt. "OH, hey, did you want to run, or....because I always keep training gear in my car." It was the truth, too. The generous trunk space of her car meant that she always, always had a few weights, something to change into, a towel, even a little bag of miscellaneous things she might need. "What's up?" She said. His form was fine, for stretching.
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    May 10th 5:30 AM And Amir was still practicing what she had started. It was something to fill the space for him, despite being just practical. Given his wake-sleep cycle was really, really screwed up. And with the revelation of his children, and then them being here in Freedom, or set to be... well it made sense he needed more to distract him, to clear his mind. And he got better. Noticeably. Despite the rep that Amir had in all the tabloids, as a hero and a normal person, he hadn't been anything less than a gentleman, well apart from having a snarky and self-deprecating sense of humor, but then given the nature of these things that was unsurprising. Now this time, it wasn't a training meeting meetup, not ostensibly as the intent was more get to the park and talk a bit. He didn't tell her he was going to pay her, because he was getting annoyed at her being coy and/or mum, and while he could accept an IOU to her, she did not state that was on the table either. So he was dressed in appropriate running attire, black track pants and a dark red shirt as he was stretching.
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