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  2. Turned Every Witch Way

    Raina considered the offer, turning it over in her mind for a moment before tucking it away for later examination. Seeing her parents the once had been good and terrible at the same time, she certainly couldn't have done it without Talya, wasn't sure she wanted to do it again. She definitely wasn't sure she wanted to do this whole venting thing again, but there were worse people than Erik to have a mini therapy session with. And it was a good way to get some free ice cream, she supposed. Tipping her head up to look at him, she gave him what might have been just the ghost of a smile. "i'll keep it in mind," she told him. "But the blue moon here doesn't taste right. Hot fudge sundae next time." Or banana split, Merlin suggested from the bag. "Or banana split. You gonna take some home for the girls?" she asked Erik.
  3. (IC) Beloved Monster

    That bit of news led to quite an uproar among the Deep Ones - not just grunts and croaks and hisses that came too fast for his translator, but rhythmic bobbing and throat-bulging that seemed almost ritualistic. The cries that followed came from a crowd too alien to pick out details from, seeming to come up like voices in a chorus. "We have fought foes before! The Dark Brothers who abandoned us! The Atlanteans who warred on us! Should we let them drive us from our hunting grounds without a fight?" "Yes!" Aquaria bellowed with great force. "Yes! You should move on without a fight! I have seen your tribe, brothers and sisters." She waved her three-fingered hand around the encampment, ship and all. "You are fierce and strong, but you know your weakness. Your warriors fled from Leviathan because they knew that the foes here are too great to face. If you stay here, you will die - as your blood is spilled, or else when you flee into the darkness Below and are consumed by it." There came another call, this one from a female with a squirming child crawling around on her back as she spoke, "If we are consumed by the Darkness, so be it! Should we turn away from the Dark Mother and Dark Father because we fear pain and death?" Despite the shouters, the mood of the tribe seemed to be wavering - though of course it wasn't easy to tell with creatures so alien. Naia seemed to be less demonstrative than her peers, either the ones that were snapping their teeth in defiance or ducking away in submission, folding her arms and watching the two of them closely. "
  4. Turned Every Witch Way

    "It's a weird situation," Erik agreed, resting an elbow on the table and leaning his hear against his closed hand. "I don't think there's any easy answer there but you don't have to decide right now and it's okay if you change your mind down the road. If you do want to visit them one of us will always go with you. If you don't want to see them we'll support that, too." He didn't bother raising the possibility that the Sandersons might not be convicted; they both knew the trail was practically a formality at this point. He gave her a faint smile even if she hadn't looked up yet. "And I know talking about this stuff is pretty much your least favourite thing of all time but if you need to vent or just be pissed without having to pretend for bit I'm not going anywhere."
  5. Player Away Thread

    Let me rephrase what I said on Discord. Any Moira is better than no Moira. Glad to have you here again.
  6. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    C'mon. It's in the name. I'm eternal.
  7. Turned Every Witch Way

    Raina didn't look up but she listened intently, pulling her arms and shoulders in tight as she stared ferociously into her ice cream. She wasn't sure why she'd said any of that to Erik, not really, not when she hadn't been able to say it to Talya or anybody, except that he seemed like maybe he got it in a way that other people didn't. Or at least he wouldn't get judgey or parent-murdery about like like some people might. "They're supposed to be going to trial soon," she muttered in the direction of the table. "It's been taking forever. The prosecutor wanted me to testify, but they ended up taking a deposition instead because... I don't really know. My lawyer wanted it that way." She shrugged. "I didn't really know anything. But I don't have to go to the trial, and if I don't and if I don't go visit them, maybe I'll never see them again. It's a weird feeling."
  8. Turned Every Witch Way

    "Hey. Raina, look at me." Erik leaned forward over the table to try to catch the teenager's eyes as she speared the preternaturally blue puddle. "He was my boss and my friend but he wasn't my dad. Hell, my old man wasn't even my dad." His expression didn't read as pity so much as genuine concern, a sort of frank focus on her body language and reaction as he spoke slowly and carefully compared to his usual rapid-fire. "I told you all that because I think it's similar and I think you and me react to that sort of thing in similar ways but it's not the same. The fact that you've got your life back on track as much as you have is freaking amazing, kid. I'd be more worried if you didn't miss them." Erik's eyes hardened as his jaw set, teeth grinding quietly. "I'm not going to sit here and tell you what I think of your folks but they sure as hell don't have a stupid daughter, alright?"
  9. Turned Every Witch Way

    "I just..." Raina poked her ice cream savagely with her spoon. "I don't understand how somebody can get totally betrayed by someone they trusted, somebody who was supposed to be looking out for them and taking care of them, how they can have their whole lives ruined by that betrayal and then still miss the people who did it." Her ice cream was beginning to melt now, pooling sadly in the bottom of the paper bowl like a melted Smurf. "I mean, you got beyond it, right? You learned your valuable lesson, you got your family back together and now you have to think about it to even know what you'd do if you ever saw him again. That makes so much more sense than missing them all the time. Missing the people who betrayed you and were going to hurt you is stupid."
  10. Turned Every Witch Way

    Erik opened his mouth to reply then closed it again, pressing his lips into a thin line as he considered. "Part of me does," he admitted after a long pause. "A lot of the best things in my life wouldn't have happened without him and it'd honestly be easy to make excuses for him. But... okay, this is going to sound bad but stay with me." He bought himself a moment to marshall his thoughts while finishing the last of his waffle cone. "People are going to let you down. Sometimes people you trust and sometimes in big ways. Maybe they're not who you thought they were or they just do something selfish. And you can decide to just not trust anybody but that leaves you more vulnerable not less." He spread his hands in an apologetic shrug. "But for me what that does is just makes me not want to be one of those people, see? I want to be somebody who's worthy of trust, I want to have my friends' backs and do the right thing even if it's not easier for me personally. Because the only person you really get to control is yourself." The fencer rubbed the back of his head, a little self-conscious about the philosophical tone he was wandering into. "So if it were just about me maybe I'd give the guy another chance. But it's my team now, my people and I'm not willing to roll the dice for them, too. If that makes sense?"
  11. The Nothing From Coming For You (IC)

    In Caradoc's experience, neither science nor magic ultimately mattered - certainly the distinction between them did not. Both could build islands of safety and security in their turn, but all were eventually swamped in the ocean of entropy. What did the foundations matter when the edifice itself would crumble within or beyond human lifetimes? But as was generally the case, no one asked his opinion of these matters - so he said nothing. Once inside the laboratory dome, Caradoc was silent at first, filing in and off to one side as the party from outside (including the two new arrivals) made their way through the airlock. Upon her entry into the room, Tarva hung back as well when confronted with the lair of those who were not her enemies but were definitely not her friends either. Inside his helmet, Steve was staring at her through eyes rendered invisible by the protective plating of his armor and the false 'eyeslits' placed by his holographic disguise. Tarva seemed to sense his gaze on her, though, and spoke abruptly, not quite able to look at Miss Americana. "I am sure you heard all we said. If you let me cast a spell to find Mandragora, we can destroy what remains of him and be on our way - before she finds us." Privacy was impossible in the small dome - but the scientists around them were mostly occupied with packing up their gear and research rather than watching the super-argument. Mostly.
  12. Turned Every Witch Way

    Raina picked at her ice cream, which was not a color that had ever occurred in nature, and listened to Erik's story. "I get that," she finally said. "You can't trust the guy anymore. Even if there were extenuating circumstances, even if maybe he didn't mean for things to happen the way they did, it was still his fault, and he still completely screwed up all of your lives." She flicked a quick glance up at him, then looked down again. "I guess I just wonder... do you ever wish he'd come back anyway? Just so you can see him?"
  13. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(IC)

    Torpedo lass grunted... "Nukes... The greatest mistake this country ever invented..." she thought. "Nukes are pretty dangerous for one to mess with, particularly if they're old... I'd wager they're like... late cold-war era I'd assume? But judgin' by the age of that notebook I'd think older... Back when Stalin was still breathing maybe?" She could read the German... but Russian? Not a chance. She stretched out. She knew there was more here than she'd want to bargain with... she could fight the robots but she wasn't even clear what this mad scientist could accomplish if she's distracted. Judging by her theme she controls electromagnetism and electricity. This'd hurt if she decided to get hostile. "Sie lesen nicht Deutsch, Frau?" [Translation from German: You don't read german, ma'am?] "Kid... I fought in World War II... I know a few things about languages spoke by the Axis... falling into a time-rift can change your perspective." If she could secure the island and deal with this girl, she might be able to make things safer off the US coast... maybe getting her to fight her rival while she disarms these things? She's no genius though... maybe there's some more notes... There was no use acting smug now... this weirdo's got her dead to rights... for now. She sighed holding up her hands. "Well... I know when I'm outnumbered. You guys got some way to communicate with each other in regards to the bet?"
  14. (IC) Pop Quiz: That Long Tongue Liar

    Ardent nodded. She had her "puppy punting face" on, as her swordsman instructor called it, all business while her soulglaive was already out and held loosely in one hand. Her stony demeanor cracked slightly and she favored Frostbyte with a nervous and every-so-slightly cocky grin. "We have this," she declared. "But it would be nice to have Sparkler here, better to have the firepower than not need it, than need it and not have it." She looked around for, and spotted, a skylight that she had hoped would allow them to peer about inside. Unfortunately it was painted over, which caused Ardent to frown. "I can pop inside," she said, tilting her head at the skylight, "And if it's too much Gate out."
  15. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(IC)

    Grunting with pain as the barrage pounded him onto his knees like a rain of searing ballbearings, his eyes watered a little as his nerves frazzled within his flesh like failing fillaments as whatever these projectiles were coursed through him like wildfire. It was fortunate then that his physical conditioning was greater than his somewhat lanky appearance might've suggested, the reason for this was simple, when he'd first created the chrysalis armour the strain on his body had been unbearable, so he'd turned to self administered excercise and slight genetic modifications to push his body's hardiness to greater heights, enough that he could wear the suit without any more strain than one might suffer from wearing particularly heavy clothing. It was fortunate for him that it was now coming into play outside of his beloved masterpiece enough so at least he could force himself back onto his feet, hands still firmly clamped around his ears and march through the rest of the room with his iron will backed up by his hardened physiology and out through the door
  16. Interceptors: Sounds Of Silence

    "What would you have us do?" Steve laid his hand on the pictures, then looked questioningly at Bombshell. The resonant echo of his words and the shadow in his eyes seemed to call forth images of the dead, piled up like so much firewood, in the aftermath of the Terminus invasion - and all the others. He was familiar with beings that imagined themselves to be immortal. There were ways to prove them false. He also knew, deep in his bones, that whatever horrors these people had done could be matched by anything he remembered when he closed his eyes. And so he didn't. Not now, anyway - instead giving his human or closer-than-she-thought-to-human friends a long, questioning look.
  17. (IC) Pop Quiz: All You Have Is Your Fire

    Upon his return, Woodsman slung his crossbow over his shoulder and kept his own counsel. He was reasonably confident Raina wouldn't be leading them into something stupid - and he knew enough of his friend's personal life that there was no reason to pry. If Raina was going to say anything, she'd be more likely to say it to Robin anyway. So he kept up the rear as they headed off-campus, a position that not incidentally let him keep an eye out for anyone who might be following them. Of course, leaving campus did open them up to another potential problem. "We on the Hogwarts Express tonight?" he asked. Flying to the Fens was certainly faster than taking his motorcycle - and it would let him keep up with Nighthawk on the rooftops.
  18. [OOC] Lost Expeditions

    Yep. Still here.
  19. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(OOC)

    1d20+9= 25 Looks like he's made of pretty stern stuff!
  20. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(IC)

    GM Torpedo Lass The younger woman squinted uncertainly at Mary "How could your brother ever be aboard this? That's o'er fifty years ago, he and you'd be olsters-nah, forget it." Waving her own question away, she explained curtly "This place used to be owned by this other American, called himself The Atomic Brain augggggh I will set off all the nukes in the world!" For a second 'Tesla reborn' mimed a zombie-esque creature stomping around. In mid-air. Still stomping, she went on "Didn't want anyone getting too close, so he set up a surveillance system to disconnect the island from this dimension if anything got too close and wasn't following the right approach angles. Me and Opa Ohm decided it'd be perfect for a bet I got with him, that he was the old busted and I am the new hotness." Landing with a thud next to Mary, Tesla jerked a head over at the circling horde of bobbots. "I was going to leave it to my babies while I poked around the island. Found a journal full of stuff in German and Russian, which is lucky 'cause those are my native languages." with a flourish Tesla produced a tattered notebook of a style that was new when Mary was young, flipping through it with a speed that argued strongly that she couldn't possibly read a word "It's got a bunch of "launch site" and "armor aperture" notes in here, was trying to see if I could find a nuke to tinker with when you" she poked Mary in the collarbone with the book "showed up and started smashing my babies!" Nathan The floor under Dr. Deoxy's feet had been sleek marble, black and speckled with grey, resembling the night sky. It also was riven by long, fine cracks and fracture points radiating from collapsed slabs of granite. God only knew what it had sounded like when this place had been trashed. God certainly knew what it sounded like when Nathan stumbled just a little too far off the path. With an almighty SKREEEEEEEch the guns welded to the walls swung as one to converge on him. As one they opened fire, in a roaring hail of crackling cacophony! The barrage pounded against Nathan's skin, hissing and stinging and all but overloading the very nerves-! Wait. Not bullets? Whatever they were, they were all but driving Nathan to his knees, spots and stars flashing and stinging behind his eyes.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(OOC)

    Okay, STR check failure means Nathan doesn't manage to keep his feet long enough to get fully away from the killbox before having to take another anti-Stun check, Fortitude check vs. DC20, with +1 bonus thanks to having just endured just such an assault.
  23. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(OOC)

    Ok so Reflex save! 1d20+5 = 14 Fail. Strength Check 1d20+0 =8 Fail. Fortitude Save vs Stun 1d20+8=23
  24. Edison vs Tesla 2k17(OOC)

    Okay, this will come up in next GM post, but for preliminary details, Nathan gets about halfway through before accidentally nudging into the field of view of the gunnery. Reflex save vs. DC15 and a Strength check vs. DC10. Success on the Reflex halves the rank on the Autorifles' Stun, which is normally DC20.
  25. Gun Run

    GM "I'm sure I can steel myself" retorted Flare. She gave a limber turn of her body and fired another ember glow into the Casino entrance hall. This time, it exploded in mid air, releasing a massive brilliant light in the air that shone with furious incandescence. Once again, the folk of Freedom City were quite blinded, stumbling around. "I can't see!" "I've gone blind!" "By gosh, that was bright!" They said. A British tourist was responsible for the latter statement. With that, Flare ran into the cloud of brilliant light, without any apparent ill effect.
  26. Gun Run

    Thats good for me. So Flare: Firstly, the blast she fired at Bird of Arms has the secondary effect modifier, meaning he must make another save vs Damage 6 and Dazzle 6 (Tough 21 and Reflex 16 respectively). As a move action she will fire a flare cloud into the security guards creating the same havoc as the hospital, and then move another 30'. Note that the flare burst noted above is a cloud extra, which means anyone walking into it (it covers the entrance to the casino) takes a Dazzle 9 effect, which I shall wave as affecting them all. It does not obscure sight however. Bird of Arms is up.
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